Husqvarna 365 chainsaw review. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety regulations

Husqvarna 365 chainsaw – professional model

Your professional status can also be determined by the Husqvarna 365 SP chainsaw.

Designed for industrial forestry work, this tool is different from its semi-professional and consumer counterparts:

  • Perfect body design;
  • The original design of the branded bar;
  • Excellent balance, minimum vibration and noise at work and other comfortable working conditions.

The characteristics of the powerful and productive brand saw, which is known for the quality of its products, allow you to use the tool in the most difficult conditions.

Husqvarna 365 chain - an evaluation of the professional model

Photo: Husqvarna chainsaw 365

In all respects, the product is suitable for full work in warm and cold regions of the country, which is especially important for industrial logging, which is mainly carried out in winter.

Features and characteristics of alternative applications

The working time of the tool is not limited except for short refilling and maintenance breaks.

In private households and farms, sawing skills are used:

  • For large-scale wood fuel work;
  • Construction of wooden log cabins for residential and accessory units;
  • Deposition and sawing of old trees.

Because of its versatility and broad functionality the Husqvarna 365 saw is standard equipment for emergency rescue units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Durable hard metal chains allow the tool to cut concrete and non-combustible metal structures.

Husqvarna 365

Design differences

Chainsaw differs in the device features that positively affect its reliability and durability.

On the list:

  • The manufacture of critical crank drive parts from forged steel;
  • Rugged and lightweight magnesium-aluminum crankcase;
  • Centrifugall air cleaning system that extends the life of the air intake filter many times over;
  • Easily adjustable placement of chain tensioning mechanism on side cover;
  • Starter with intelligent starting system;
  • Availability of decompression valve and carburetor heater;
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for a secure grip when working with large-diameter wood.

A detailed and informative instruction manual and a large selection of spare parts will help you with troubleshooting or routine repairs.

Husqvarna 365

Technical Data

Although it belongs to the professional category, the 6 kg unit is small in size. The latest developments in industrial design allowed to place all the necessary internal devices, as well as fuel and oil tanks, in a compact body.

The 365 is equipped as standard with a fuel-efficient two-stroke engine with a displacement of 65.1 cm3 and an output of 3.4 kW. The air-cooled unit runs on a commercially available mix of gasoline and motor oil.

Autonomous operation in areas away from the base city is ensured by a 770 ml fuel tank.

Engine with 3.9 N/m torque, characterized by:

  • Easy starting and stable operation and idle;
  • Moderate fuel consumption, up to 490 g/kWh;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Long service life of components working under conditions of constant and variable loads.

ZAMA C3 M-EL2C carburetor is equipped with a heating system, which ensures stable engine operation at extremely low ambient temperatures.

model Husqvarna 365 SP
Manufacturer Husqvarna
Manufacture (assembly) Sweden
Birthplace of Brand Sweden
Saws class Specialist
Power, hp (kW) 4.6 (3.4)
Engine displacement, cm3 65.1
Chain pitch, custom 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,5
Number of chain members 68
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.77
Volume of the oil tank, L 0,4
Tire length, cm 45 (18)
Noise level, dB (a) 114
Warranty, years 1
Weight (kg 6
manuals Download
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If the engine does not start or does not develop full power, look for ignition system failure, unqualified adjustment of fuel gauges or mismatch of gasoline or engine oil to standard specifications.


The bent-head is part of the layer equipment category. The standard kit consists of an 18-inch guide bar and an H42 model weatherproof chain with a standard 3/8-inch pitch.

The bar and chain are lubricated and cooled by an automatic oil supply to the working area, the fluid for which is taken from a 420 ml oil tank in a housing. The use of a variable capacity oil pump enables oil delivery at 50% savings.

The lubrication system is designed for a certain density of chain oil. The use of substitutes can seriously affect the performance and other operating parameters of the oil pump, the duration of the headset.

Husqvarna 365

Optional equipment

The power of the engine implies the use of an inertia chain mechanism. In the event of injury or other non-standard situations, an emergency brake stops the chain almost in a second.

A design feature of the model is the presence of the original recording, which excludes injury to the operator in case of spontaneous chain breakage.

advantages and disadvantages

By all accounts, Husqvarna chainsaws meet the requirements and demands of operators and service technicians in every respect.

Temporary advantages of the tool include:

  • high power and torque of the electric unit;
  • high level of maintenance and self-care;
  • efficient operation of the vibration chain and precise balancing, which ensures comfortable work for the operator and stable work throughout the shift;
  • original ergonomic configuration of the handles, contributing to reliable detection of the tool in hard-to-reach places.

Users note the excellent quality of the factory module and equipment, easy access to the setting and parking points, the throat of the fuel and oil tanks, the chain tensioner. The design of this model allows immediate troubleshooting of errors and simple malfunctions directly in the working area.

According to an analysis of user evaluations, no significant technical or operational flaws have been found in the saw’s design.

Fake Husqvarna 365XP: How to tell the difference from the original?

Differences between a fake Husqvarna 365 and the original

One of the best versions of the Husqvarna saw was used as the basis for a technically flawed and short-lived Chinese analogue called Husqvarna 365XP.

In China, it is practiced to sell fakes, the price of which is much lower than the cost of the branded product.

It is easy to distinguish the original from the most successful fake:

  • By the low quality of the materials used, in particular the plastic of the body, the inattentive surface of the crankcase and other structural parts;
  • by a non-standard logo in a different color and a distorted name like Husbvarna or Huschvarna;
  • After the sticker is glued on instead of the metal displacer;
  • Only dark gray materials are used in the black color of the plastic body parts on the branded chains.
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The average cost of Chinese fakes is 6-8 thousand less, but the savings do not compensate the high cost of maintaining an imperfect tool in good technical condition.

In the licensed dealer network, the average cost of the 365 model chainsaw Husqvarna is 30,000 rubles. This figure is typical for the main line of professional chainsaws.


The main competitors of the HUSKWARNA 365 chainsaw are chainsaws of leading European and Asian brands. In the domestic market there are models-Echo CS-501SX-15, Oleo-Mac 962/18, Stihl MS 291-16 and others, identical options for electricity and purposes or more expensive segment Stihl MS 660 price over 50 thousand.

Owner reviews

Working and other characteristics of the 365 Husqvarna, which the manufacturer told about, were confirmed in practice. The machine is able to work a full working shift with minimal stops for filling the tanks with fuel mixture and oil. In addition, experienced sawmills with low-temperature chains practice temperature operation of the saws at idle speed. Professionals respect KHuskvarna for high maintenance. Having spare parts from the written tool, in the conditions of dense snow in the field we managed to restore the saw in one night. Ilya Petrovich

After 9 years of using a HUSKWARNA 365 chainsaw, I broke the tool for preventive maintenance. Checked the excellent condition of the cylinder and piston group, easy disassembly of the chain drive sprocket, the working condition of the starter and oil pump. In this condition the tool can last another 6-8 years. I hope that the cost of new models will remain at a level accessible to the mass user. Sergey

After the 180 rod the new Husqvarna seemed a bit heavy and less ass, but after a few hours of work a little discomfort disappeared. The controls are thought out to the smallest detail, the work is really comfortable and even gives a lot of positive emotions. In winter the cold start is done after the 3rd or 4th attempt. The hot engine “grabs” with half a turn. Brand chain is beyond criticism, but even that one can be changed – it needs sharpening often. Brought to the market, so I do not exclude the absorption of bad fake. Nikolay Vasilievich

Husqvarna 365 chainsaw review. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety regulations

We recommend: 100%



The Husqvarna 365 chainsaw is a powerful professional equipment that works with hard wood. The reliability of the engine and moderate weight make this model indispensable for heavy-duty work with maximum loads.

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Husqvarna 365 chain saw

Intended Use

Husqvarna 365 chain saws are used for protocol production, working in sawmills, Tischler workshops, and large farms for cutting firewood. The Husqvarna 365 can be used to build bathhouses, log cabins, wooden houses, scales, and pergolas. The saw is designed to cut trees with a diameter of 20 cm or more. L

YGO with hardwoods such as ash, slab, walnut, gravel, white acacia, TIS, boxwood.

The Husqvarna Shob 365 (4.6 hp) has an engine cylinder volume of 65, cc. This model is one of the most powerful and most popular all over the world.

Basic configuration

The original Husqvarna 365 is made up and manufactured in Sweden. Copies, known by the same name, but with the abbreviation “XP”, are made in China.

You can easily distinguish the original from the fake: a copy of the chainsaw is lighter than the original, the official representatives in the regions (regardless of the country where you buy a chainsaw), the original Husqvarna has a shiny plastic body, and the fake has a matte. The most important difference is the price, the fake is several times cheaper than the original.

The basic package of Husqvarna 365:
  • Chainsaw assembly (the southern part is represented by the bar and chain, the working part is the body with control handles, holder, fuel tank and oil for oil);
  • Documentation for the device (instruction manual);
  • Warranty;
  • Protective shield for the right hand;
  • Muffler.
Cost of the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw

For those who choose a chainsaw, the question is relevant. How much can a new Husqvarna 365 chainsaw cost? The cost of such a chainsaw in Russia ranges from 39,000 rubles and higher. In Ukraine, the chainsaw from 16,000 hryvnia, in the U.S. stands on the official American website of the manufacturer, chainsaw HUSKWARNA model 365 at a selling price of $ 759.95. Original used has in the range of 7 000 hryvnia, Chinese or Polish duplicate, that is, a copy of a chainsaw, is worth about 2-3 000 hryvnia.

Husqvarna 365 chain saw

Technical Data

Technical characteristics of the chainsaw Husqvarna 365:

  • Labor revolutions per minute is 9300;
  • The maximum number of revolutions per minute – 12500;
  • Idle RPM is 2700;
  • Maximum torque 3.9 nm
  • approximate fuel consumption – 490 g/kWh;
  • Spark plug type – Champion RCJ7Y, NGK BPMR7A;
  • The clearance between the electrodes – 0,5 mm;
  • Type of chain – H42;
  • Oil tank capacity – 420 ml;
  • Sound pressure level – 114 dB;
  • Vibration level – 5,7 to 8,0 m/s².

Usage Characteristics

Use characteristics of the Husqvarna 365 chain saw:
  • Keep an eye on the brake strap; the strap agitation should not exceed 0.6 cm at the thinnest part.
  • Always keep the brake handle intact – if you see cracks or other damage, call your service center.
  • The chainsaw is operated according to the diagram in the manual.
  • The manual also provides a diagram of how to attach the vibration elements to the handle and motor of the chainsaw – if there are cracks, you may experience excessive vibration and the risk of overloading your hands with the handle.
  • Be sure to check the sharpness of your saw chain teeth to reduce kickback while cutting wood.
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Instructions for safe handling of the Husqvarna 365 chain saw:
  • Wear special protective clothing (ideally high boots with special face shields, a plastic mask to prevent sawdust from getting into your eyes, protective gloves on your hands, a shield for your right hand, and comfortable clothing made of tight fabric that is not tight or relaxed);
  • Use a safety helmet and noise-canceling headphones;
  • Do not smoke near the chainsaw;
  • Never smoke while operating a Husqvarna 365 chain saw;
  • Leave fire extinguishers in close proximity to the tool;
  • Most injuries, including hand injuries, are caused by operator contact with the cutting part of the chainsaw; To avoid injury, pay attention to the crouch, use the saw correctly, do not try to cut the edge of the chain without the cutting blade to plunge it into the protocol or plank;
  • According to the instructions, do not place the included chainsaw on the floor.

Husqvarna 365 chain saw

Design, service instructions

The construction of Husqvarna 365 chain saw does not differ from the construction of all the latest generation of Husqvarna chain saws. Traditionally the saw can be divided into two important parts: the body with the fuel tank, the engine, the on/off levers, the holders and the brake, and the cutting part that consists of the bar and the chain. The cutting part is marked with the manufacturer’s logo. The chainsaw body is made of bright orange plastic.

To care for your Husqvarna 365 chain saw, follow the instructions:
  • Clean the saw’s surface of dirt and sawdust after each use.
  • Check the chain for damage and burrs;
  • Check chain tension;
  • Make a fresh fuel mixture every four weeks, completely clean the tank of old fuel and fill it up with new fuel.
  • Keep your Husqvarna 365 chain saw dry, free of fuel and oil;
  • Before each use, make sure the chain is sufficiently lubricated for proper operation;
  • Adjust the carburetor every 100 hours;
  • If you change the spark plug every 100 hours, check the condition of the spark plug every 50 hours, clean the surface of carbon deposits;
  • Clean charcoal deposits from the muffler every 50 hours;
  • Check the Husqvarna 365 chain saw body, bar, handle, and saw chain tension.

Fuel and oil, lubrication

The most suitable fuel for the Husqvarna 365 chain saw: Gasoline AI-95, AI-92.

Mixing oil with gasoline: for air-cooled two-stroke engines, Husqvarna or a partner oil.

Husqvarna HP 2-stroke partner two-stroke engine oil

Use a specified lubricant from the same manufacturer to lubricate the bar and chain of your chain saw. Do not use any mining or cheap materials for chainsaw lubrication, this will wear out the tool quickly and reduce performance.

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Chainsaw Service Life

The Husqvarna 365 chain saw has an average operating time of about 60 minutes with an initially full fuel tank. For more even fuel combustion in the chamber, it is recommended to keep the RPM when the chain and rod are cutting to a maximum of 8000-9000 rpm. In addition, maximum idle (no load) speed should be avoided.

Main irregularities and how to correct them

Here are the main irregularities that the owner of a Husqvarna 365 chainsaw may encounter.

Table 1.



How to fix the problem

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Reviews about the advantages of the chainsaw Husqvarna 365:

  • high power;
  • Excellent performance;
  • High quality air filter and quick access;
  • Ability to withstand extreme loads;
  • The easiest and easiest to maintain;
  • Convenient chain tensioning;
  • The engine frame is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy;
  • Has an oil pump that automatically regulates the correct amount of lubrication for the chainsaw chain.
  • Purifying system for blowing air is available;
  • Quick start;
  • Convenient location of the handle, so that the chainsaw operator held ergonomically.

Reviews about the disadvantages of the chainsaw Husqvarna 365:

  • High sensitivity to bad fuel, “refuses to run on old fuel mixture”.
  • Complicated, not suitable for home use;
  • When working on Husqvarna saws, the chainsaw needs to be held by weight, which is completely impractical because of your weight.

Video evaluation of the Husqvarna 365

Chainsaw evaluation video for professionals – Husqvarna 365

How the Husqvarna 365 saws the forest

How big protocols are sawn with the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw – watch the video:

Review of the Chinese chainsaw Husqvarna 365 XP video of an exact replica of the Swedish model

Owner reviews

Nikolay, Poltava:

“I read the reviews that the video watched, I do not understand why I have to buy a Chinese consumer goods, albeit cheaper. About the model 365 XP – this is complete nonsense. Yes, the saw is very similar, all will I noticed, but please note that the Chinese knockoffs will be worse and worse than the original. If you need a professional chainsaw, buying copies will not satisfy the need for a really powerful tool. In any case, either buy the original or don’t throw your money away at all.

The cost of a copy of Husqvarna XP is a value, relative to what you buy from the Chinese for $ 100, in the original it costs 700 from the Swedes. But it’s worth it, because fakes often need repairs!

I’ve used the original Husqvarna 365 – it’s just a chainsaw. Serious. And to the performance, and to the work, components, assembly is really nothing to complain about.

I had a chance to work with a Chinese copy. Yes, it’s similar in appearance. But otherwise … Do not save money, buy the original. “

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