Husqvarna 143r-II chain saw review. Model parameters, video of operation, reviews

Husqvarna 143r-II.

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Husqvarna 143r-II reviews.

Pros: Powerful and well worth the money.

Comments: Bought it a week ago, happy with it, but it has a big vibration and it feels in my hands.

Pros: power, quality of materials, before buying I read in other reviews that the fuel consumption is high, no weed – the head is designed very intelligently, no weed in it and no need to spend time on it all the time.

Comment: I don’t regret a ruble.

Pros: Sturdy big fuel tank

Cons: heavy, noisy, loud start system is not an easy start system

Comments: in addition to my chainsaw I have to buy a lot of accessories and consumables. It is very important to read user manual carefully before using, especially the fuel preparation.

Advantages: reliability, large tank volume

Cons: easy part – starter – drum

Comments: Spent half a year making a cluster pump – air line pulling upgrade. I understand it’s a Travik, but what was given is what we work with (along with 128mi). In six months, pretty hard work, twice flew the starter drum (on which the rope is wound). Can not buy in specialty stores, even to order – the model is discontinued, you have to take apart. If in daily life, do not forget to pour graphite grease in the gearbox once a season, it will serve forever!

Pros: Power, the line already has a bobbin, you fill it up and go.

Tank mixtures for grape processing

Cons: Not very factory made.

Comments: I used to have a 125-shell, served faithfully for 10 years, but died. Everything revolved around the 420 bobbin. Cutter. All in all the 125 is a moped, compared to this bike is worth the sound, and how it lips – mother! The bobbin is tested in thick plastic and has twice the volume of the 125th. Works great with either a knife or a small gas. So if the area is clean but overgrown, a knife for it is a much more economical solution. About the minuses. I could not easily install the throttle cable on the carburetor, I had to tighten a specific screw on the side to move the attachment point. Well, and probably because of that very high idle speed. The Chinese-made predecessor is assembled in the States, so unconscious running time affects it. No easy start, very heavy pulling unaccustomed. I have worked with it only for a few days and discovered the knife for myself.

And realized the knife in the stump of the line in the thicket. I’ll update my evaluation.

Advantages: high volume fuel tank

Drawbacks: heavy weight high noise level

Comment: I have to buy lots of different accessories and consumables besides the chainsaw.

Advantages: power. Very easy to use.

Commentary: It’s a good, powerful tool. I had to choose between the 128 and this one. I decided in favor of this one and I was right.

The good points are: the high power, the ease of use and the comfort in using the device.

The handle is quiet, quiet, comfortable, sturdy handle holder, well enclosed discharge system that comes with it, long life span.

Disadvantages: I’ll be impartial)))) You are not.

Comment: Took a long time researching the internet on what to do. I have it standing and not a gram. I live in the country, I have to mow a lot and often, overgrown weeds, something in the garden, the power is enough with the supply. If you have a lot and often work with this tool, you will not regret it. P. S. Writing after the season’s work, I would like to add the above. So the work ended in the zones. The scythe worked)) on the full program, which burned about 15 liters of gasoline in the beauty zone and no more. The first three liters burned very quickly (enema passed), the next barely waited until the end of the tank and relaxed. Installed an unloader and mowed for several hours straight, only my legs were tired when walking. Nothing broke, nothing changed, only the COX decreased after the run. Tired of talking at all during the day, fell off from 9:00am to 5:00pm), so was humming a bit. Eats more with the fishing line than with the hard drive. Yes, I loaded a syringe of Lithol-24 into the rig before using it. Enough for the season, at the end of the company reducer started up again a little stronger, still had to pump up and the calculation of the service, 12-15 liters. Well, that’s about it, I will be glad if I helped this rating. Thank you for your feedback.

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Advantages: I bought a gasoline trimmer husqvarna 143r-II in the store Papa Carlo Sochi, very pleased with the product. The poster is like a “beast”.

Advantages: powerful. The quality of workmanship. Cozy.

Disadvantages: unpleasant straps and bands.

Husqvarna 143r-II.

Husqvarna 143r-II.

Husqvarna 143r-II

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Husqvarna 143r-II Specifications General properties*
Special width 40 cm
Blade speed Up to 6500 rpm
Trimmer Functionality
no 7500
Engine * Engine speed
Engine position Upper, higher
performance 2 HP.
Engine type Gasoline, two-stroke
Working volume 41 cubic meter
Fuel tank
1 liter Traction
Wheels no
Handle Functionality
Mulch no
only Additional info
gear Shoulder belt, role with fishing line, disk/knife


Special width with fishing line/knife – 40/25

* Check with retailer for exact features.

I chose this special model for the following criteria/reasons: 1st Brand. I have been using this manufacturer’s chainsaw for 10 years and it has never once failed me. 2. Negative experience with cheaper Chinese products. There are several techs in the shed, sorry to throw away. 3. Reviews here, especially mentioning that the starter, if at all, can be purchased on Aliexpress. 4. Challenging conditions of the work to be done and its group. Bought a neighboring plot of 25 years, and there and there boog bushes and prostranil and tall dense grass and the area of all this ugliness 12 acres. So far I have mowed them all in one day – great! Nice machine, powerful, well-balanced. The grass does not get hurt on the roller and does not jam it, what the Chinese product has been known to do. Some remarks on the assembly: screw the gas tank lid all the way and the new cable is optimal. Check the grease in the transmission, it should be 2/3-3/4 of the volume. I had less – added it. Full smooth fishing line was not good, I noticed the difference when I used it up and brought a 3mm sprocket. Here the work went at quite a hurricane pace. In general, for two days, with breaks and breaks for construction, everything that could be mowed with the line, I mowed. Next I’ll put a knife and I’m sure I’ll remove the shoots. Addendum: I bought a sawmill for this scythe. Hurricane! It cuts 5 cm trees easily and effortlessly, everything thinner without me noticing it. Obviously with a hitch. Cleared the place of willow and birch thickets, bushes and tall grass completely cleared, including CIGRE, which I hurt and stopped on the spindle with the other scythes. Overall more than satisfied.

Huter BS-45 chainsaw. Specifications. Assembly, first run-in and running-in

I read the comments, they write complete nonsense. Bought it 6 years ago. It belongs to the category of commercial (professional scythes). No problems with using it. Worth even a local candle.

Nice powerful machine. Was choosing between the 128 and this one. I made up my mind to buy this one and I was right.

I don’t regret a single ruble.

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