Husqvarna 128r Lightweight Gas Trimmer. Features, advantages and disadvantages, videos and reviews

Husqvarna 128r Lightweight Gas Trimmer. Features, advantages and disadvantages, videos and reviews

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General Information

Husqvarna is a company from Sweden, which is a world leader in the production of various garden equipment. Husqvarna brand products are trusted by customers around the world.

One of the most popular models of trimmers is the Husqvarna 128r.

This is a lightweight lawnmower, which is sustained in the purity of small personal actions.

One of the most important design features of the Husqvarna chain saw is its small weight. The trimmer weighs only 5 kilograms.

This point is very important for future owners, as the lawnmower is carried on the shoulders and over time there is fatigue.

Basic equipment

The package includes:

  • Owner’s manual
  • Washer attachment
  • Four-leaf cutter bar
  • Protective cover for blade
  • Shoulder
  • A number of tools for servicing and troubleshooting the Husqvarna 128R power tiller

Tap ‘n Go adjustable head trimmer

Technical Data

Power output 0.75 kW
Working volume of cylinder, cc 28 cc³
Frequency corresponding to the maximum output 8000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 0.4 l
Fuel consumption (g/kW) 507 g/kW. H
Interelectrode and interelectrode gap 0.6 mm
Guaranteed tone power, dB (A) 114
Sound pressure to the operator’s ear, dB (A) 98
Weight (including sawing equipment) 5 kg


The Husqvarna 128R brushcutter is suspended on a special belt equipment, with which the small weight of the device can be evenly distributed on the spine.

The speed adaptation handle is made of rubberized material and allows you to control the mower as pleasantly as possible.

The Hus Quarna 128R is easy to start because of its special patented air-cleaning technology and booster fuel pump.

Smart Start® fuel pump (easy start system)

Usage Functions

Check that the tool is in working order and that there is fuel mixture before you start.

Be careful when mowing the grass, as the blades rotate at high speed and there is a good chance that stones and other hard objects will fly a short distance away.

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The Husqvarna 128R trimmer does not run on pure fuel, but on a mixture. You need to use gasoline and proprietary oil from the manufacturer.

It has been specially developed for the garden tool and prevents the formation of soot on the pistons, which greatly increases the service life.

Oil and petrol should be mixed in a 1:50 ratio.

Adjustable handle standard pressure device (on both shoulders)

Owner’s manual

Before using, new owners should read the user manual, which will help to understand the principle of operation of power tillers, its implementation and safe operation.

Электронная версия инструкция по эксплуатации приведена здесь—>

advantages and disadvantages

This model has won great confidence among consumers due to its high technical characteristics and long service life.

Let us highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this model:


  • Low consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • Low vibration;
  • Low weight;
  • Easy repair and troubleshooting directly at the workplace.


  • Significant strain on the spine when working for long periods of time.
  • The standard belt length is designed for taller people.

Video overview of operation

Below you will find a video review of the 128R trimmer:

Owner Reviews

Here’s what the owners of Husqvarna 128R chain saws write on special forums:

Arkady: “I have a garden, where there is nothing, and there is constantly growing grass, which over time takes over my land. I have to mow it. For this I bought this model and I am satisfied with the purchase. The build quality is very compact when transported. There is an option for a metal cutter that can be used to remove tall and coarse vegetation. At the same time, it emits a significant sound, and I wish that the volume of the fuel tank was larger, I often have to refuel. “

Husqvarna 128r.

Before you buy a Husqvarna 128r at the lowest price, study the features, video reviews, advantages and disadvantages of the model, customer reviews.

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Husqvarna 128r video reviews

  • All 160
  • Reviews 24
  • Unpack 2
  • Repair 6
  • Tests 4
  • Reviews 2

Husqvarna 128r Properties

General properties *
Type Trimmer
Noise 114 dB
Mulch no
Engine *
Motor position Top, above
Fuel tank Up to 0.4 l
Engine type Gasoline, two-stroke
performance 1.10 HP.
Working volume 28 cubic meters
Engine speed 8000
Vibration control system no
Handle shape T-shape (bicycle)
Wheels no
dumbbell only
Handle height adjustable
More info *
gear Shoulder strap, line part, disk/knife
Dimensions *
Weight 5 kg

* Check with seller for exact properties.

Read a lot of reviews and comments. Until I bought it and tried it out myself, I didn’t understand anything. It’s a good device. If you use it carefully. If you follow the instructions on the contact page. Then everything will be fine. One thing I will say about the advantage of weed. I don’t have much experience. Only 14 years. I’ll tell you one thing. You got to get the hang of it. And every grass won’t be much. I’ve had all kinds of trimmers. And they served until they stopped. Solemn attitude, and then regularly. The Husqvarna 128RV trimmer is a decent model in its class.

I try to use it according to the manual! Maybe that’s why I don’t have any problems with it. I bought a syringe to mix oil and gasoline (I understand that the oil to gasoline ratio is critical). I try to mow at intervals, so the engine has time to cool down, “rest”). I also do not forget about oil in gearbox.

I’ve been using it for almost 9 years now, it has never been oiled, never had anything done, mowing to death! It’s a great mower!

I’ll be getting a second one soon. It’s a good mower.

I’ve been using this trimmer for two years now, since I’ve been mowing my 4 acres no more than twice a month. I work and service it according to the instruction – I fill it up with fresh mix, control the gear gap, do the annual maintenance (clean the spark plug’s grid, check the condition of the filters) with every hour of mowing a fifteen minute pause. As a result – trimmer works without caveats. The engine starts without any problems, runs smoothly. It mows well, both with lines (I use the T25 head, which is included in the kit) and with a hard disk. The standard harness is not very convenient if I’m taller than 190 cm, but this is not critical if the handle is set in the right position. During operation, I use only original consumables (oil, grease from the equipment, fishing line).

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I’ve been using it for five years. I bought it to mow 25 acres. It was a real thicket. First year of heavy use, first with a knife, then switched to fishing line. For the last delays and pebbles had to go to the site. One day a bad person threw a beer bottle in the grass. Moved a little leg with fragments. Friends agonize with their patriots and partners, I know no problem. From the service – adding grease to the gearbox, washing the air filter with soap, threw the muffler net – overgrown with half a meter. Changed the spark plug once and that was because of a missing ring. In the winter I stop at about zero temperature in the garage. Recently used a pair with a self-propelled mower – mowing along fences, under trees and in nasty places. Don’t forget the goggles! )))

Using for the second season quite actively. The first month did not have any problem. Then I noticed it after 10 to 15 minutes of work. I had some vibration while working, which became lingering with time. This season, I have to make obligatory stations for 15-20 minutes. For the trimmer to rest – it is impossible to edit the vibration. I assume it’s due to oil changes (by a company that switched to hammer oil). The best thing is to order gasoline from people I know. No complaints about it.

Kosh for the second season 6 hundred and never changed the fishing.

Disk removed 3mm fishing with fishing. Per pass is worth 2mm Kosh 3 years 12 tomorrow.

Been looking for a long time on how to remove a clutch like that painted on the box. Even thought we might have to return it because of the sub. Then looked at the manual and found that they suggest we attach it not to the hinge nut in the terminal, but through a piece of iron and two self-tapping screws. The photo shows how. And those aren’t even bolts. These are self-tapping screws in plastic. For the job itself. There is one nuance from the factory. The fuel tube in the tank has a filter holder at the end, which should move freely under the bottom of the tank and ensure that every last drop of fuel is sucked in. But either the shape of the tank doesn’t allow it to move freely there, or the length of the hose is long, but if you put some gasoline in there, the mower should run from the factory. This means that the engine is up with an angled line relative to the coil. Otherwise, the fuel won’t get sucked in properly. And it won’t start well. It is not a fact that it will be difficult to pull out and put the choke in. If there is a lot of gasoline or the engine is up, then everything is according to the manual. Seems to be fine, but the previous net was more mushy, or something. Half the grass into the mush, and it just cuts off. So it works, I can’t say anything bad. Time will tell.

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