Husqvarna 125r Lightweight Gas Trimmer. Model description, operating instructions, operating video, reviews

Husqvarna 125r

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Reviews of Husqvarna 125r

Advantages: it is quite light and not expensive.

Disadvantages: If you treat Husqvarna as a good brand, most of the parts are made extremely gloomy and unreliable. The starter breaks. Everything dangles and twists. The hard drive operation is very striking, it is very noticeable that the engine is hard (the hard drive used to come with it). Oil in gasoline, as a result smokes and smells like a moped, 2 bars is not serious to me.

Comment: Bought in mid-summer, pulled a small house and a small garden along with the hundreds. A year later, when the warranty expired, wanted to repeat the process, but failed. Broke down on the first tank, stalled and that was it. At the service center they say something about Magneto, they say it was bad luck.

Advantages: Bought it back in the day, over 15 years ago. Disadvantages. Mowed down myself and mowed down others. In all time of use not a single discussion, except for the screws fixing the handle. Because of the tremendous loads and the fact that for a year I have not followed the technique, someone has to buy another trimmer, and I’m just looking at Hoskarna, but have not yet decided on the model, because the new 125 R is not everywhere.

Advantages: I’ve been working for over 10 years. Started going to service after 7 – changed carburetor, then the starters burned, the “dog” that the starter clung to fell apart – decided to take it that way.

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Disadvantages: starter sold as parts – sucks.

Cons: Worked for 8 years, did a whole hectare 6-7 times a season.

Comment: Worked on 95 gasoline e-two from lukoil + oil for 8 years. On site hectare. Never used disc, only fishing line. Repeat fishing only one more time, hard drive kills. No breakdowns before this summer. Started smelling burnt and everything stopped. Well, I waited as it should cool down, started it up, and it would not start, I noticed that it had come to an end. I spilt some fresh gasoline and put in some fresh oil. Very bad to start in cold from frost, even if I have to accelerate to make it work. After warming up you just can’t leave it idling, then it won’t start again until it cools down. Figured it out, looked at the cleaning, in general engine wear, but when you take the muffler off, the system first time and pulls well. Bought a 128r for now, haven’t tried mowing yet, and the old 125 I’m thinking of repairing a light and replacing the spark plug seals to refinish the muffler, and I’ll get it through the Hakka bush. By the way, the gearbox on it rattled a few years ago, and it’s still rattling and nothing, at low revs works.

Advantages: Been using it for a few years – in the village, we swept the area around two houses. It is cozy. Hasn’t broken down once.

Disadvantages: The line (2.4 mm) runs quickly, but the thicker line (3.0 mm) puts a heavy load on the motor. Therefore, it is possible to buy a more expensive but more powerful model 128R.

Comment: The mower is of high quality. I recommend it.

Advantages: Unbreakable engine (specific cylinder head).

Weaknesses: everything else. After 5 years was changed:

2 times pinion (balls inside, due to dust (design feature), just ate and jammed with rust.

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1 time a cable. In addition, Hochma in general: the cable literally slipped off at idle, with simple applause. Went to the officers, bought it for 1200. And it got 7 cm longer! The cable that is 7 cm longer after the catalog for this model. In the end, I searched all over, but found it on the market, the man from Gdovodka ran a ring that rolled 500 rubles. With the words, “Turn it on! This will do!”

And it fit, the second year works.

I don’t remember how often the starting mechanism broke down: then a drop in rpm, then the starter paws flew (and the spring was lost in the grass), then the muffler got clogged, then the carburetor was lost from vibration.

Comment: Used once a month on a plot of about 50 acres (grass, hogweed). Every outing with this trimmer is checked. Repairs need to be done before use, and although a few pit stops are required, how can you do without them? I went to the market to choose a replacement for it, and I think I read what I read about my favorite. As expected.

Husqvarna 125r Lightweight Gas Trimmer. Model description, operating instructions, operating video, reviews

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This motor is an ideal option for private use.

Easy starting is ensured by the patented smart start system and fuel pump priming.

The Husqvarna 125R Benzokos engine is capable of maintaining operation at various speeds. It has low emissions and reduced consumption of fuel and lubricants.

Base package

Trimmer head, support cup, 3-blade grass knife, and belt attachment are included in the factory.

Technical Data

Working cylinder volume, cc. 28 cm3
Fuel tank capacity 0.4 l
rated power 0.8 kW/1.1 l
Sound pressure to the operator’s ear 94 dB (a)
weight 5,0 kg


  • The Husqvarna 125r’s slash belt distributes the machine’s weight evenly over both shoulders.
  • HAND HANDS help control the bike and keep it out of your hands.
  • The Husqvarna 125R has an ideal length boom and an improved transmission that allows you to work parallel to the ground.
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Usage Functions

Before you start work, make sure the tool is working properly and that the fuel mixture is present.

Care must be taken while mowing the grass, as the blades rotate at high speed and there is a high chance that they will fly into the distance of stones and other hard objects.


The Husqvarna 125R gasoline trimmer does not run on pure fuel, but on a mixture. You need to use gasoline and a proprietary oil from the manufacturer to make it.

It has been specially developed for the garden tool and prevents the formation of soot on the pistons, which greatly increases the service life.

The oil and gasoline must be mixed in a 1:50 ratio.

Owner’s Manual

Before commissioning the HusqvarNA petrol lawnmower new owners should read the user manual that will help to understand the operation of the lawnmower, its commissioning and safe operation.

Электронная версия инструкция по эксплуатации приведена здесь—>

pros and cons

Husqvarna 125R gasoline trimmer is in particular demand. This is due to the following factors:

  1. Inexpensive;
  2. Low fuel and lubricant consumption;
  3. Lightness;
  4. Ease of repair work.

These include the following:

  1. Rapid operator fatigue;
  2. Impossible to use for a long time;
  3. Length adjustment of belt systems in small areas.

Video consultation of the work

Owner reviews

And here’s what owners of Husqvarna 125r lawnmowers write on thematic forums:


“I use it to keep the area near the private house clean. The engine is good quality and runs smoothly. But there are some issues with the cutting part of the mower. The 2.4 mm line wears out quickly and I have to change it regularly. And when using a 3 mm diameter line, the engine is heavily loaded and heats up a lot.

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