Huler Els-2400 electric chainsaw. Technical specifications. Owners reviews

Huler Els-2400 electric chainsaw. Technical specifications. Owners reviews

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Household electric planer Huter ELS-2400 – the most powerful tool of its kind in the line of Huter. The device is designed to perform construction and repair work, can be used for logging and sawing wood, as well as for the care of ornamental and fruit trees. Powerful high-speed motor and a long bar of 45 centimeters make it easy to cope with most household tasks.

The ELS-2400 SAW meets all modern safety standards and has a number of features that have made it popular and earned good reviews from its owners.

  • Toothed chain tensioner;
  • Ergonomic body;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • No harmful waste;
  • Low noise level;
  • Powerful, reliable engine;
  • Display with oil stand.

Basic equipment

Huter was founded in Germany in 1979 and has since been known as a manufacturer of high quality gardening and agricultural equipment. Now the main production facilities have been moved to China, which does not affect the quality of goods, which are produced at the highest level. All Huter products are certified in Europe and meet all modern safety requirements.

Today you can buy Huter ELS-2400 electric saw in Russian stores at a price of 5,300-5,500 rubles.

However, during various promotional events and sales you can buy this product much cheaper. For the Ukrainian consumer ELS-2400 model costs 2,400-2,700 hryvnia.

The basic package of the Huter chainsaw includes:
  • Instruction manual and operation manual;
  • The device device with the engine;
  • Tires for the saw;
  • A protective cover;
  • A chain;
  • Set of universal keys.

Technical features and description

For Huther Elex 2400 model descriptions, technical features, and proprietary instructions, visit the manufacturer’s website:

Preparing to work with the company

After purchasing your power saw, read the manual and instruction manual carefully. We recommend focusing on the following nuances:

  • Check the integrity of the motor insulation and wiring.
  • Ensure that all parts are securely fastened if necessary, and tighten screws and nuts.
  • When installing the saw, pay special attention to the proper positioning of the chain and adjust their tension.
  • Only fill the automatic lubrication system with high-quality oil;
  • When working outdoors, use extension cords that have been designed for outdoor use.
  • Do not work in rain or snow.
  • Always engage the circuit stop brake when work is complete.
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Huter ELS-2400 chainsaw

advantages and disadvantages

  • Powerful motor at high speed;
  • Toothed chain tensioner;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • Adapted to work in enclosed spaces;
  • The successful combination of high quality and reasonable price;
  • Relatively high weight;
  • Requires high-quality oil;
  • Low quality “local” network;

Power Saw Video Overview

Chainsaw presentation:

Getting to know the tool, owner’s inspection:

Reviews of owners

Gleb Nikolsky 28, Moscow:

I’ve been working with Elektro Huter for two years now. The saw performs its functions perfectly. I use it for construction and repair. Advice – buy a quality extension cord right away.

Artyom Nikolaev, 47 years, Omsk region:

Reliable, powerful saw. Completely vibration-free in operation, economical in oil consumption. Perfectly cuts. I have cut down trees up to 50 cm in diameter, but I can’t say anything about the branches and boards. As far as I know, it is made in China, not in Germany.

Huter Els-2400 reviews

The price! I took it in a large store for 3,999 rubles. Powerful. If you believe the pass, it is 2.4 kilowatts. A huge bar – 45 cm! Wood diameter of 50 cm cuts without hesitation. The installation of the chain without tools (there is a special winglet on the body).

The cord is too short, how much I fought with it. Hands grabbed, case opened up, 3 x 1mm2 replaced with a 10 meter old extension cord.

Normal, solid saw for the home. I mainly cut firewood (logs, deadwood I order from the forestry), it’s cheaper to buy than readymade firewood. Oil is not dripping yet. I haven’t changed the chain yet, I’m sharpening it with a file. In the store advised that the Oregon of the partner fits a 63-member, the old one is better to take with you.

The first electric saw was bought for sawing firewood for the winter (for my parents in the village). Also came in handy for sawing boards and firewood, felling old trees. Very handy, not heavy, which is important for prolonged work. It’s a great saw for the low price. Even though it’s electric, it cuts well. And it is not necessary to look for oil and gasoline for refueling, of course, this is a plus. But it is necessary to connect through an extension cord, this is a minus.

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The chain tensioner does not always sit, it is made of duralumin, the weakest link in the whole construction. And it is very logical – the failure of such a fragile part, finding, as well as finding the right chain, a long and expensive thing.

The reviews here seem to be written by amateurs. Here is a report from an experienced logger, overall a good device, only the chain and its tensioner mar the impression. There are similar models where everything is done by default.

Used it for sawing boards, chopping firewood, now mainly for making firewood for the sauna. Handy saw, light weight. Good adjustment of the chain tension. I haven’t found out the oil consumption. The only disadvantage is the short connecting cable.

Unrealistically powerful tool, which is enough to cut wood trunks for the barn on the edge, without the agony of fuel and smoke in the door

– Performance (as good as benzo) – affordable price – clean use (no gasoline, disassembly, maintenance) – even women in our family use it (with benzo did not work, too difficult)

In general, the model is satisfied, I recommend it. I consider it ideal for home use. I have everything I need – oil, chain and mains voltage. In use for almost 2 years. After the first week of active use (ripped the old barn and sawed for firewood), there was a little noise when braking the chain. Visible causes did not see, and breakage for 2 years, although there is a knock. Sounds like some kind of brake mechanism. To the chain reviews. I didn’t find a chain right away, but later bought the same brand directly for this saw and no problem. By the way, later saw that my uncle had upgraded the chains and bought the style size chains in a package. When I’m in the country, I look at the chain model directly and discard it. So I don’t think it’s a problem.

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Stylish, reliable, easy to use, practical for use at the cottage, indoors, no harmful exhaust

Gajals pay twice. After looking at the prices of electric saws from well-known manufacturers, I decided to save money. I bought this Chinese one. The main task – felling small trees at the cottage, firewood and a huge birch stump (but once). Packaging: cardboard, broken, motor, tire, chain and a pretty detailed instruction manual. Installation with the magic of “common sense” is not difficult. I immediately bought chain oil for the saw, a chain sharpening kit (Husqvarna 5mm.) and tried to buy a spare chain. The chain thickness for this product is 1.3 mm, and the division is 3/8. The manufacturer’s side says “72 left”. Calm and Husqvarna have no such consumables. Found an Oregon chain, everything I needed fit, as it turned out – the chain is very long. Went and changed to 64 left, again long. Thought, took a bag under the chain, it said 63 members, counted the links on the chain – 61. I remembered some strong words. I couldn’t find pre-made chains with that many limbs, but they indicated that such chains must be assembled by a roll somewhere on site. I figured the chain from the kit should be enough for at least something. Experience: 1) The oil on the chain does not get on immediately, you need to shake it properly (only my copy goes). 2) The chain is blunt and reluctant to saw. After sharpening it was better. 3) After ten minutes of use, the chain stretched a lot, but sawed bluntly, then finally stretched and it became dangerous to use. At the same time I did not press the saw, kept it cool, in general, it took an hour and a half. (Diameter of the stump is 60-70 cm.) Conclusion: I am not satisfied with the device. The thickness of the chain is too thin, and the chain in the kit is too low. It is difficult to find a new chain, only together with the old one and in a special place. Not worth its money.

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Great performance, practical chain tensioner, good safety system, reasonable price, modern design.

Bought two years ago, sawed all kinds of wood, tree trunks, branches, rot with nails. The design was very helpful. Only changed chains and topped up oil. Quality, reliable and unpretentious tool.

I bought the saw to cut hedges around the garden plot. I already had an extension cord, so there was no problem with extending the cable. The saw did the job in one day. I managed to cut off quite thick branches. I do it in the fall.

This is the easiest and most powerful for the village, sawed everything from trash to tree trunks for a log cabin – no complaints about the quality of the saw, the product material is of high quality.

According to Bosch at 1800 watts it seems unreal. When sawing for about two hours, almost without stopping, the chain stretched a little, although overall saws well, although not sharpened. I do not know where to look for chains.

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