Huler Els-20000 electric chainsaw. Specifications. Owners reviews

Huler Els-20000 electric chainsaw. Specifications. Owners reviews

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The Huter ELS-20000 Heal Pod is designed for landscaping, repair and construction work. This tool will successfully cope with the preparation of firewood from wood, logging and sawing firewood. The Huter chainsaw, which owners note in their ratings, stands out for its performance and reliability.


The saw is equipped with all the modern automatic systems that increase productivity and ensure the comfort and safety of the operator.

  • Metal head;
  • Ergonomic, balanced body;
  • Automatic saw lubrication system;
  • Accidental start-up lock;
  • Low noise level;
  • No hazardous waste.

Basic equipment

Electric saws were developed and manufactured by the world famous concern Hauter Electiertechnik GmbH (Huter). This German manufacturer is known in the market of gardening and agricultural equipment since 1979. In the company’s catalog, we can find a variety of products, including mini-electric power plants, generators, brush cutters, power tillers and different types of chainsaws.

Guardian electrical technology GmbH

At present, most of the company’s production capacity has been transferred to China. The Huter chain saw Hauter ELS-20000 and its modification ELS-20000P are produced in factories under the control of German experts. These two models have almost the same features, but have different engine location and different price.

The ELS-20000 model is characterized by the longitudinal arrangement of the engine, its price starts at 5,200 rubles. The transverse location of the engine, a little less weight and a price of 4,550 rubles are characteristic of the ELS-2000P model.


Purchasing a Huter ELS-20000 electric saw, the user receives in the basic configuration
  • Engine and body in the package;
  • A saw bar (40 cm);
  • A protective case for the bar;
  • The chain (57 left);
  • Sets of universal wrenches;
  • Instruction manuals and branded manuals, warranty card (in Russian).

Specifications and descriptions

All the necessary documentation is available here in Russian:

Getting your chain saw up and running for the first time

Working with the electric chainsaw does not require any special skills or knowledge. There are some points to which both the beginner and the experienced person should pay attention:

  • Observe motor and wiring maintenance. Do not use faulty wires and extension cords, and it is also forbidden to repair the insulation of the electric saw with insulation tape. Do not assemble or disassemble the machine unless the engine is off;
  • Do not attempt to mount the power saw with any care. Observe the correct positioning of the cutting teeth, set the chain tension and adjust it regularly.

Important: A correctly tensioned chain should make no noise when you push it along the bar and should move with light hand pressure without faltering.

  • If the automatic lubrication system works, turn off the brake and start the engine. The sawdust will then be lubricated;

Important: Use only high-quality oils. Monitor the presence of oil in the tank and add oil in a timely manner.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Ability to work indoors;
  • Excellent combination of price and quality;
  • Powerful and reliable engine;
  • Wide network of service centers;
  • High weight;
  • Lack of anti-vibration system;
  • Uses a lot of oil;
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Video review

ELS-20000 presentation:

ELS-2000P Model Test:

Owners reviews

Artem Nikolaev, 47, the Omsk region:

I live in the countryside and stove heating. I have to both make firewood and take care of the vegetable garden. For trees I use a chainsaw, but I do all the sawing with an electric one. Firstly, it is much cheaper, and secondly, there is less noise. I also like it by design, well balanced.

Nikita Sergievsky 31 years, Syzran:

I have been using it for half a year. The section is perfect. The engine is enough for all my needs: I saw wood, do repairs, work in the garden. Of the minuses – it eats a lot of oil.

Electric saw Huler Els-20000. Review, characteristics, reviews

Huter ELS-20000 household purpose is used for works of varying complexity in the construction and repair of residential and farm buildings. You can also use it to saw wood for sawing garden trees and hedges. This tool will be ready for sawing firewood.


On the forums, owners of the unit note their reliability and high performance. Currently, there are two versions of electric saws on the market: with longitudinal (ELS-2000 model) and transverse placement of the engine (ELS-2000P model).


Features of Huter ELS-20000 electric chainsaw:
  • Enterprise efficiency;
  • Does not pollute the environment;
  • Equipped with a metal grain;
  • The possibility of blocking unintentional start;
  • Effective lubrication of working surfaces;
  • Published acceptable level.


Electric saws Hut ELS-20000 were developed by the designers of the German production association Hüter Elektrische Technik GmbH. The first mention of this company dates back to 1979. Since then the company’s products are known throughout the world and have become popular in many countries.


Today hotter chain saws are made in China, as well as other machines. This innovation has not affected the quality of products: they have all necessary certificates and meet modern safety standards. However, it is worth noting that the Huter ELS-20000 model was assembled at the company’s headquarters in Germany, for which it earned good reviews.

We find quite reasonable benchmarks of the manufacturer, which does not overestimate the cost of its goods. Today the ELS-20000 model is sold at a price of 5 620 rubles. The ELS-2000P electric saw can be purchased for 5,000 rubles.

The basic configuration of the Huter ELS-20000 electric machine:

Tank for mixing fuel set of basic tools protective cover

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Advantages of Huter Els-20000 electric saw:
  • No harmful emissions, it is possible to work in non-tolerant areas.
  • The chain speed reaches 13.6 m/sec;
  • The average price for a sufficiently high quality;
  • German assembly.
Disadvantages of electric saw Huter Els-20000:
  • A lot of weight (7.4 kg loaded);
  • Equipped with a chain of poor quality.


Features Huler ELS-20000
Power, W 2000
Busbar length, cm 40
Saw speed, m/s 13.6
Noise level, dB 64
Chain brake Yes
Automatic chain lubrication Yes
Weight (kg 7,4

User manual

You can study the manual, detailed description and technical characteristics of the Huter ELS-2000 electric chainsaw.

Electric saw device

When you buy you get an almost completely assembled unit – all you have to do is to install the saw and pour oil into the automatic lubrication system.

Prepare the Huter ELS-2000 electric saw for operation:
  • Unscrew the fasteners and remove the blade guard;
  • Put the bar on the slots and put the saw chain on the main sprocket and the bar. Make sure the cutting edges of the teeth point in the direction of the chain;
  • Install the chain guard and fasten it with the nuts, but do not tighten it as far as they will go;
  • Adjust the chain tension with the screw on the end of the body of the electric saw.
  • Tighten the nuts as far as they will go and recheck the settings.

HUTER ELS-2000 electric saws are available in two versions with standard and non-standard chain tensioning device. The following is the installation procedure for a saw with a toothed tensioning device.

Preparation of electric saws for work

Preparing for work of electric saws with non-standard tension adjustment:
  • Unscrew the fastener and remove the cover, under which the drive sprocket and tensioning mechanism are located.
  • Install the chain on the hoop and on the sprocket;

IMPORTANT: When installing, do not mix up the direction of the chain teeth – just compare the signs on the teeth with the chain on the voltage of the electric saw.

  • Install the protective cover and tighten the chain by turning the outer nut clockwise.
  • Secure the bar with the inner nut;
  • Check that the saw part is correctly tensioned;
  • Pour oil into oil tank and check oil level.

Important: Use only chain oil, which protects the working surfaces at all temperatures.

  • Check that there are no oil leaks;
  • Check insulation continuity and make sure you have an overrun brake.
  • Wear personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves, headphones, sturdy shoes;
  • We start the engine and proceed to work.
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Video review

Review of the Huter ELS-2000 chain chain with reviews

HULER ELS-2000 ELECTIL assembly and operation review

Owners reviews

Andrey Obnov, 40, Primorsky Krai:

“Took the Huter ELS-2000P as a gift from the reviews. All the time I have to make repairs, clean the garden, prepare wood for the fireplace and the sauna. Three seasons working like clockwork electric saw. It makes quite a lot of noise – and themselves do not strain, and the neighbors do not complain. There are no problems with maintenance – just make sure that the oil does not leak from the tank and the chain in time to bring the sharpness. “

Sergey Kormiltsev, 34, Tver region:

“Very resilient tool. During my work, I cut cubes of 50 wood of different species. With my Huter ELS-2000 this was not the case. Pleasantly pleased with the deep tensioner – perfectly holds the tire, the adjustment process is fast, no need for wrenches. Power of the motor is enough to spare – a great tool. “

Vladimir Kazakov, 47 years old, Vologda region:

“In general, in the network of stores “Electro” saw that the Huther Eles-2000 makes a favorable impression, a lot of reviews about it. Pretty powerful engine, high tensioner, good clutch – at least I kept all the native parts, I have not even disassembled it. With all the pluses, there are also minuses. First of all the weight – seven and a half kilograms – is a bit much, the original chain sits down rather quickly, and in the oil tank there is a cloudy window – it is difficult to track the oil level. Pros: powerful engine, comfortable tensioner, reliable clutch. Cons: low weight, weak chain. “

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