How to take care of a terrace?

Tips for treating wooden terraces: A complete guide

A wooden terrace looks luxurious, makes a house cozy and adds useful space. If you take proper care of such an addition, it will serve you and your children well without losing its look and durability. What can outdoor wooden terraces be and what compositions are ideal for them?

Natural wood is a durable and not too moody material. If you want to dedicate time to it in the future, start choosing wood.

How to choose wood for a terrace?


The seller can rarely answer the question of how wet the wood is and how it has been stored. The correct moisture content for construction is 9 to 15 percent. If the material contains more water, the board you bought may change in the heat or after drying (for example, a 150 mm board will shrink by 5 mm). A perfectly matched floor or roof may develop cracks. Too dry wood is not good either. After a rain, the boards may pull out, there will be no water left on the floor. The wood begins to rot, and nobody wants puddles in the middle of the terrace. When buying patio building material, measure its moisture content with a humidifier.

Measuring the moisture content of wood

A humidifier (hygrometer) determines the moisture content of wood. If you are building a patio for your own home, don’t spend the money to buy a device and rent one,


Building sites offer a choice between perfectly smooth (treated) boards and boards that have received the natural texture of wood. Intuitively, many people choose untreated boards because they retain their natural look, cost less and look classy. But let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of these types of material.


This kind of wood is easier to wash and dries faster. In addition, smooth boards require less frequent treatment, as they do not have gaps and voids, in which mold or moss can appear.

But it doesn’t look as pretty, and it’s not as pleasant to run barefoot on and slightly slippery.

Textured boards

A naturally textured board is more comfortable to walk on barefoot, difficult to slip on, and looks great.

However, on an uneven surface, mold appears more often, it is faster and more thoroughly you need to use treatment products, which increases their consumption.

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Now let’s define the products for regular wood treatment.

Why do you need oil?

Manufacturers and technologists recommend renewing the oil coating on wood at least once or twice a year. Oil is used to maintain the longevity and renew the appearance of wood. Why is it necessary?

All wood becomes gray and faded over time. This is a natural aging process that is hard to stop. But sometimes wood looks brownish or yellowish, even after many years, as fresh, with a soft sheen.

To keep the wood looking better, you need to treat the patio once a year. Once the wood has shrunk, you should use a special Chardier acid-based product, such as OSMO wood shingles, to clean the top and remove residue from previous compounds. The patio will then look as good as new.

Some experts advise applying oxalic acid over a large area to avoid destroying the structure of the wood and reducing its strength. To remove the gray tone, it is advised to apply darker shades of oil.

  1. service life

A wooden plank terrace will not last longer than 20-25 years if it is not treated. With proper care, you can extend its life for another 25-30 years.

It is enough to apply oil every 3-5 years. The compound stays in the wood and prevents moisture from being absorbed. It also works well on old boards that have not yet been straightened.

Oiled Terrans boards

Oil does not give a strong shine and does not make the surface slippery, it is convenient and easy to work with such compositions.

But because of the oil treatment the wood does not look the best, it is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the surface, prevent the accumulation of moisture and protect it from mold and mildew.

When to treat wood with oil?

Wood turns over time, layer after layer is erased, creating a non-uniform pattern. If fresh wood is oiled immediately, then in the first winter or after a long rain stains may appear on the surface. This is due to uneven drying of the plate. In addition, many types of wood contain components that prevent oil penetration, so it is better to wait until they evaporate.

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How to properly oil a wooden patio?

There are several options:

  1. Build a patio and let the wood “sit” for two years. Then apply a high-quality oil. You can remove the top gray layer of wood before treating.
  2. Oil both sides of the planks before building the patio. The oil must not be thick and well-distributed. Remove the excess product with a dry cloth 30 minutes after application. The top of the boards should then be treated every year. Ideal choice for regions with high humidity or homes located near water.
  3. Oil the underside of the boards before assembly. Leave all exposed wood untreated for a year and then apply an oil that penetrates the wood well.

To apply the oil, choose a day that is not too sunny, without rain or fog, when the patio surface is equally dry in all areas. It is best to carry out the treatment in late spring, as the wood should dry well for a few days and absorb the compound.

How do I apply the oil?

Carefully read the instructions, the manufacturer has taken into account all the nuances of applying a particular composition and gave detailed recommendations. Then test the selected oil on a small piece of wood. If after a few hours you see a satisfactory result, continue to treat the entire terrace area.

Here are the standard recommendations for the treatment process:

  • Choose a brush according to the width of the board, so that you can more easily control the process of tidying up. It is better to use brushes with a long stem so that you do not have to bend or crouch down.
  • Depending on the base of the chosen oil and its absorbency, apply it either in a medium layer (water base) or as thinly as possible (natural oils and solvent-based base).
  • Do not use colored oils that differ in color from the base color of the wood, otherwise you will get a “dirty floor” effect.

Oil on the lower patio

You do not need to crawl on your knees or use special devices for this kind of work. Apply with a regular roller or a brush with a long rod

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A common mistake when applying formulations is to apply a too thick, oily layer. Therefore, manufacturers recommend wiping the treated surfaces after 60 minutes with a dry rag or soft brush. With a thick oil layer, the compound remains on the surface, it will eventually disappear and a darker stain will appear in this place. A film may also appear, which is washed away by mechanical action or rain. This part of the surface does not remain protected and quickly changes color and texture. The patio will look sloppy.

What oils are on the market

There is a wide range of wood treatment oils on the market. Most often they have a certain color that can change the color of the wood. The formulations also contain UV filters that make the material more durable.

Sometimes cans of oils specify a specific wood species, such as “Garapa Terrace Oil.” This is not a product for a particular species, but an explanation of what color and texture can be achieved with the treatment. In this case, the boards look like an exotic terrace garapa.

The effect and peculiarities of oils

Today, wood treatment oils with biocides are actively advertised. These are active substances that should only be used in emergencies. If your patio is not under a constant current of water, there are no field bugs or mold in the house, then biocides are not necessary.

How do I care for oil-treated wood patios?

Normally, it is recommended to remove wooden patio with a high-pressure vacuum cleaner. However, if the wood is treated with oil, this method is not suitable, you can damage both the wood and the oil film. What to do?


Tools, implements and materials

Small patios can be washed in the usual way, that is, neutral cleaning agents without acid or alkali are added to the water

Special washing equipment with rotating brushes is suitable for larger terraces.

The disadvantage: this equipment is expensive and is only required for the regular cleaning of large areas

Treatment with special acids

No serious chemical treatment is required for regular cleaning. However, if you see dark spots or scuffs appear on the wood, use a product with acidic stamper acid, such as B. Osm o-fetter. The compound will soften the wood, but the structure will not be damaged. After using acids, the wood should also be treated with a protective oil.

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If you decide to build a wooden patio yourself, it is better to stock up not only with patience, but also with quality wood treatment compounds in advance. Carefully consider all aspects of the choice of materials and care products, and the terrace will inspire you for at least 50 years.

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How to take care of your terrace

How to take care of your terrace

A terrace is the most important element, which adds a special zest to the architectural style of a modern house. But its main purpose is to be a paradise for relaxing with family, friends in the fresh air. It can be equipped with any material. The most popular are wooden terraces, namely terrace shoes made of hardwood, thermo wood or wood composite materials.

If you chose a wooden terrace, you did not do it for nothing! It is wood, with which you can create a unique atmosphere of comfort, stylish coziness and unity with nature. Terraces made of wood in the original design is very beautiful and presentable.

However, it is important to understand that the favorite paradise corner for relaxation for many years to enjoy its beauty, practicality, reliability and perfect aesthetic appearance, without the competent, regular maintenance of the terrace can not do! Today many companies that specialize in the construction of wooden terraces, in the range of their services offer also professional care of the terrace. This is ideal for those who do not want to burden themselves with problems. And systematic care of this beloved area of the house is essential. In addition, saving money in this matter is extremely irrational.

What happens if you save money on terrace support?

Without systematic maintenance of the terrace, many problems arise. Elements of the wooden structure lose their original shape, there is destruction, rotting of the wood, fungus, mold, loss of the original color, strength.

Moisture, frequent fogs, ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, all these atmospheric and natural changes lead to the deformation of the material, the integrity of the terrace.

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This is an area with a high intensity of use. Therefore, if you do not want your luxurious terrace to turn into a worn, unaesthetic, creaking plywood boards in just two or three years, it is necessary to regularly follow the basic rules of care for it. Neglecting necessary care, cleaning and the use of protective products will result in an expensive major patio revision or rebuilding.

What does quality patio care include?

  • The patio needs to be cleaned as it is soiled, with a special detergent that does not destroy the properties of the wood. It is important to rinse the solution thoroughly and not allow it to dry on the board.
  • Keep the cracks clean, otherwise debris gets clogged in them, which leads to poor air circulation and water runoff under the floor.
  • Silicone seals should be installed under furniture legs, decorations, grills.
  • Dirt of all kinds (grease, oil, drinks) should be cleaned immediately, but only with special cleaners and a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Traces of cigarettes, varnishes, paints – a decent removal of the surface is required here.
  • Scratches – light sanding.
  • Snow should be cleaned with a brush or plastic spatula.

How to treat a wooden terrace?

Maintenance should be carried out twice a year. To prevent the board from sticking, to restore its original color, there are several solutions:

  • Protective oil – applied in several layers after thoroughly cleaning the board.
  • A special graying agent is applied for 20-30 minutes and thoroughly washed off with water from a hose.
  • Saturator (liquid pink pump), it is better to use after cleaning the gray plaque. Returns the original shade to the board.

Vertical surfaces should be treated with an oral antiseptic or oxide base or color impregnator. Repairing the weatherstripping at the top is highly recommended. This will protect the patio from rot, vermin, and blueness. After the antiseptic, the ground should be covered with a special oil varnish.

The arguments in favor of building a terrace are more than enough. And to make it always shine with novelty and freshness, it creates a special atmosphere for relaxation and takes care of the proper care of the terrace.

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