How to make firewood properly? Part I: Choose the perfect saw!

How to make firewood properly? Part I: Choose the perfect saw!

September is a time of intensive care for fruit trees. Careful pruning requires patience and skill with a hand saw or … a good chainsaw that will do all the work for you. Check out what you should choose before you make a buying decision!

Before you look for your dream saw, first think about the diameter of the wood you want to cut:

  • 3 – 15 cm,
  • up to 20 cm
  • up to 40 cm,
  • over 40 cm.

This is not a professional lumberjack, they are not interested in working in height, so they definitely will not cut wood with a diameter of 20 to 40 cm. So the machine you need should be perfect for cutting firewood up to 20 cm in thickness.


Lightweight, comfortable, environmentally friendly – these are just some of the advantages of electric saws. Small size allows you to work freely and accurately when cutting thin beams, boards, twigs and firewood.


Compared to an internal combustion engine, the electric saw’s engine generates much less dangerous vibrations that can cause the saw to “bounce” off the surface of the wood being sawn. For this reason, it is recommended that an electric saw be used by beginners who are not yet experienced enough with modern cutting devices.

The stiga chain saw for maximum safety and working comfort!

Features and equipment

One of the biggest advantages of the electric chainsaw is its extremely quiet operation, so it can be used both outdoors and indoors. When deciding on your purchase, look for a guide that guides your cut accurately and at an angle, and a cable length that allows you to freely do your planned work without getting tangled up. The handy D-handle holds the saw securely in place and gives you more control over the cut.

Burning chainsaw.

Its main advantages are portability and versatility. The chainsaw is ideal for heavy gardening and household chores that require modern cutting equipment (for example, construction and roofing work).


When buying a gasoline chainsaw, pay close attention to the engine. Equipped with an automatically regulated oil pump, it effectively increases efficiency and makes manual oil flow control unnecessary. Also examine the details of the tank capacity and compare the performance to fuel ratio. This is an important issue, as fuel consumption for chainsaws can range from 1 liter/hour to even 20 liters/hour. Knowing the right technical parameters can save you a lot of money.

Features and equipment

The EASY start system makes the chainsaw much easier to use. Thanks to a special valve which reduces the pressure in the cylinder, starting the device is easy and does not expose your joints to possible injury.

Saws from well-known manufacturers are also equipped with air circulation systems. Thanks to this, it is cleaned of dust even before it enters the filter, which goes to a longer and more economical operation of the engine.

In September, most of your gardening time is spent pruning dry or overgrown fruit tree branches. Working with a multifunctional device equipped with a chain on a boom, cut off unwanted branches quickly and accurately without using a ladder or risking a dangerous fall from a height.

Husqvarna 128r Lightweight Gas Trimmer. Features, advantages and disadvantages, videos and reviews

Safe and convenient operation

If you take apart the different chainsaw models, you’ll probably find the perfect one more than once… are you sure? In addition, before you decide to buy, check whether the device complies with the universal principles of safety and ease of operation. To do this, ask the salesperson in detail about the design of the saw in terms of additional features, i.e. N..:

  • Gas locks: Safe operation of the cutting equipment is a priority. The throttle lock feature prevents the saw chain from starting uncontrollably. The chain will remain stationary after the machine has been switched on – only after the throttle and throttle trigger have been pressed simultaneously can you start working.
  • Emergency brake: Left guard above guide bar assembly. As soon as the saw rubs against the guard, the emergency brake blocks the chain. Uncontrolled “jumping” of the unit in a direction other than that planned prevents you from getting into a serious accident.
  • Automatic chain tensioning: If you work with a chain saw with insufficient chain tension, you run the risk of serious accidents. Today’s chain saws have a handy handle so you can adjust the tension easily.
  • Minimize vibrations: Less vibration means more comfort. Make sure the handles are connected to the motor. If not, there is a cushioning system under the handles to reduce vibration while sawing.

Choosing a chainsaw is not an easy task. A satisfactory purchase depends not only on its individual technical parameters, but also on compliance with safety standards. Working with an electric saw, you save a lot of time that used to be spent manually pruning trees and sawing firewood.

Basil for making firewood: how to choose and saw correctly?

Hello dear subscribers and readers of Andrew Noack’s blog! Every summer the dacha owner or villager with a tree has a chainsaw in his arsenal. For example, I at one time sang more than one timber to heat the house. When working with such a tool, it is very important to follow the rules of safety. And my goal today is to tell you how to saw with a chainsaw. I still use the brand STIHL, so I will take its characteristics as a basis.

Although it may seem easy to operate a chainsaw, it is still a dangerous tool and in the hands of an inexperienced person it is dangerous. Careless motions can lead to cuts or more serious injuries.

Working safely

To keep yourself as safe as possible from injury, you need to use personal protective equipment.

The following things can happen while working:

  • The possibility of careless contact with the hands of a sawing headset is high;
  • Branches falling or wood chips jumping on the operator. Flying branches, chips, dust, safety glasses.
  • Contact between leg fabric and work chain. To reduce the chance of foot fabric coming into contact with the work chain, you should wear tight, padded pants. Of course, they will not save you from prolonged contact, but they will be an excellent barrier, and if you quickly remove the saw from your legs, there is a great chance of not injuring them.
  • foot injuries. To protect your feet, you should buy solid shoes that have a metal insert on top. This is done for safety reasons, as this is the part of the body where the saw tends to slip.
  • Head injuries. A helmet will help here, which will protect the head from ricochets of the headset and large branches.
Briggs and Stratton Benzingasmäher - model reviews, owner reviews, instructions

Observe the following rules when using it:

  1. The chainsaw should be held firmly in the hands, the hands can be pressed closer to the body, so they are much less tired. The saw must be checked.
  2. When sawing, never saw several logs at the same time. It is forbidden to saw with the tip of the bar, as this is the position in which it most often slips. The log must be secured and controlled so that the chain cannot be pinched.
  3. The operator’s posture should not be in line with the working chain. Be careful not to bend over too much as you can easily lose your balance, which can have devastating consequences.
  4. Most cases of saw failure occur when working wood, or more specifically, when trimming branches. The kickback area of the bar can make contact with a branch or tree, which can cause the saw to fly off.
  5. The chainsaw is not designed to cut material above shoulder level. This method is strictly prohibited, as the consequences can be very serious. Your safety is in your hands.

How to chop firewood in a car tire

How to chop firewood? At first glance it is simple. You take an axe or cleaver. You put the log on a stump. You hit it, and that’s it! The trunk is broken. All that’s left is to collect the twigs from the ground and bring them to the woodshop. Stop. is it convenient Look how easy, fast and convenient to chop birch firewood in the tire – FORUMHOUSE user under the nickname AndreyPYSH and let the “people’s” tiphack go.

The advantage of this method is that the spreaders do not fly apart, you do not have to bend over for each flying trunk, and the load on the lower back is reduced.

The hoops can be stapled together or the bottom hoop can be stretched over the deck and the diameter selected. The hoop is convenient for stumping thick stumps.

I saw and tried this method of splitting firewood a long time ago. My recommendations:

  • Buy a good axe. A bad one gets stuck in a log.
  • The optimum height of the trunk is 1/3 that protrudes from the tire.
  • Try to split the trunk in one blow.

For stability and to make it taller, I put the deck on the car window.

You can get old tires for free at tire shops.

Health Check and Getting Started

  • To operate the chainsaw, be sure to read the manual, as different models may vary slightly, but I use the STIHL operating rules as a guide.
  • Before starting the unit, you must activate the chain brake, which is on the front of the body. It must be pushed forward. There is a plastic tread on the bar that must be removed.
  • If available, press the decompression valve. This will make it easier to start the chainsaw. If the unit is equipped with a fuel pump, it should be clamped, which will reduce the number of pumps.
  • Behind the housing in front of the Pronar is a combination lever, which should be set to the throttle or cold start position. First turn on the throttle and throttle lock and push the lever down as far as it will go.
  • Immediately before starting the engine, the saw must be positioned on a level surface so that the saw head does not touch the ground. This position prevents unwanted blunting of the chain and injury to the operator. The chainsaw must be held with both hands by the starter cable and the handle. To make sure the machine is firmly on the ground when you start it, you must put your foot on the handle from behind.
  • Grasping the chainsaw firmly, slowly pull the starter cord to the point of resistance. After that we pull hard a few times to get the engine running for a short time. It is important to keep the cord pointing straight up to avoid rubbing against the fan housing.
  • Next to the crank there is a throttle valve, the lever of which must be moved to the half throttle position. Now start the engine and push on the throttle. If done correctly, the combination lever will move to the idle position.
  • You can now lift the chainsaw off the ground. It is very important to do this carefully and not to touch the throttle. The engine is running, but the chain does not move because we have pre-installed the brake. It can be easily removed by pressing the brake until you hear a distinctive click, without releasing the handle with the same hand.
  • To check if the chain is lubricated, we take a white sheet of paper or other light background and press at full throttle. The oil spots that appear indicate a good lubrication system. Now you can get to work right away.
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Domestic chainsaws

The tool of this class has a small volume (≤ 40 cm3) of the power unit, insignificant power and the length of the bar (the latter is defined by a range (230-350) mm. Used mainly by cottagers and private homeowners.

The advantages of the choice:

  • Optimal dimensions that allow for convenient transportation and storage of the saw;
  • fuel economy;
  • affordable prices;
  • small amount of work.


  • The period of continuous use does not exceed one and a half to two hours;
  • To cut a thick tree, it is necessary to make cuts from different sides.
  • When working with hard wood, it wears out quickly.


Only a gutarpin chain comes in handy for quality work. It produces a large amount of sawdust when working with wood, and no force is expended in cutting into the material. You will feel and see for yourself when it blunts, by the characteristic fine sawdust.

Check the tension regularly. To do this, turn the adjuster until the chain is not knocked off the bottom of the bar. Take special protective gloves, lift the end of the tire and tighten the chain. When properly tensioned, it will not come out of the groove, but at the same time it is easily pulled by hand movements.

Chain tensioning should be checked regularly to ensure safe operation of the saw. Often this happens after you run out of oil, and when you set up a new chain, you still need to check more often while it’s not in use.

When you learn how to saw properly, working with a chainsaw becomes a pleasure. And you protect yourself and others from accidents.

Classes of gasoline chainsaws devices

How to saw with a chainsaw correctly? Tips from a chainsaw

Now on the Russian market, all chainsaws can be divided into three main classes:

  • Traditional household appliances designed to do simple jobs. These petrol saws do not have a high output, and you will be able to cope perfectly with the tasks at hand. With the help of these chainsaws you can prepare wood for the bath or cut down additional wood without various difficulties. And the capabilities of these saws are very easily compensated by the low weight and good handling.
  • “Farmer” chainsaws are designed for all kinds of work, from repair and construction to forestry roles.

How to saw with a chainsaw correctly? Tips from a chainsaw

But these saws also have a downside. They cannot be used eight hours a day. Because of this, they are called semi-professional. These devices are mostly used by lumberjacks for sawing knots.

Design options for goats

The traditional material for goats is wood. However, there are metal goat designs available. The following should be kept in mind when deciding what to make wood sawing goats out of.

Metal construction has less weight and has a longer service life than wood. The starting components for such a scaffold are rectangular metal profiles with a minimum side of 5 cm.

In order to disassemble the scaffold in their construction, it is necessary to provide threaded connections in the form of welded connections. After disassembly, the scaffolding takes up a lot of storage space.

It should be noted that the gantry must have considerable weight. Otherwise, they will not be stable enough when sawing protocols. It is also necessary to consider the design taking into account the height of the sawyer.

When making metal scaffolds, the profile segments are fastened at a 45° angle. The three resulting parts in the shape of an inclined cross are fastened together with the same metal profiles diagonally and horizontally for rigidity.

In case of difficulty in the choice of material and design, it is advisable to consult the photographs published on the Internet.

The article I just read convincingly showed that making the trestles yourself is not at all difficult.

No short, expensive tools and materials are required in making the stakes. The main task in creating stability, durability and ease of work.

How to make the trestle with your own hands for sawing firewood with a two-handed saw

Anyone who once a large number of tree trunks with a two-handed saw “Friendship” (that’s right, with a small letter. It is not the brand of the saw, but the indicator of the friendship of the two saws) he cares), he knows well how well the friendship of the two saws work), he knows well how well thought out) the correct height of the protocol on the miter saws is important. It is believed that the most comfortable height of 90 to 110 cm. There is no need to arch your back forward, no need to squat, and the work is comfortable and fast. Finally, a longer work will lead to the fact that the next morning your back will be in an unpleasant position when you chop firewood from rusty iron – the back and knees will bend with great difficulty.

To make the stakes for the firewood rack, we will need:

  • A bar measuring 100×100 mm in length of 1100 mm. It will work on the base of the structure. Even dry and not very thick protocol can be used as a base.
  • Joint 50×50 mm, four pieces of 1100 mm each. They become the “legs” of the goats.
  • Compartment 50×50 mm, two segments of 350 mm each. We will use them to make the “horns”.
  • Compartment 50×50 mm, two segments of 1100 mm for the “legs”.
  • Self-tapping screws 5×100 mm, about 30 pieces in total.
  • Impregnation “Bioat”.

On the bar, which will serve as a base, make cuts. We make 12, two or two for each groove. We need 6 grooves, 25 mm deep, for “legs” and “horns”.

We choose a chisel and a hammer according to the planned kerfs of the grooves. In the grooves with force we hammer the prepared parts of the bar: four “legs” and two “horns”. Screw in the screws. Saw the ends of the timber at an angle with a hacksaw, which serves as “legs” so that the goats stand firmly and evenly on the ground. The base of the trestle is assembled.


On the Russian market, there are products of different brands and brands. The price of the product, comparable in properties, strongly depends on the brand of the manufacturer. This is because each manufacturer creates its own technological solutions aimed at achieving maximum safety, functionality, reliability and performance. He tries to make his products better and increase their competitiveness. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • The Husqvarna brand uses X-Torq technology. In this way, stable torque is achieved even at low rpm. Fuel mixture consumption is reduced by 20%.
  • American manufacturer Stihl equips its saws with 2-mix electric sets, which are notable for their economical fuel consumption and minimize harmful emissions.
  • The trademark of the Japanese Makita brand is its overly strong alloys. This increases the durability of the chainsaw;
  • Use carver products clean 2. This way you can increase torque and performance while reducing fuel consumption by almost 20%.

The cylinder of a chainsaw of this brand is highly wear-resistant because the internal surfaces are chrome-plated. An undeniable feature of the Patriot Home Garden range is the presence of primers. This simplifies the cold start of the device. You can increase the working life due to the chrome parts.

How to properly cut branches from a fallen tree

When cutting branches from a fallen tree, there is a risk of clamping the bar. Therefore, if they are sawn on saws, you need to follow a few rules.

  1. The branches must face the opposite slope.
  2. Branches must not be sawed with the tip of the tire, as there is a risk of back injury with this method of sawing.
  3. Branches pressed to the ground must be filled with weight.

They can often snap off when sawing down pinned branches. Therefore, choose a safe distance if necessary.

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