How to make a loop for a chainsaw: practical tips

The chain saw grinder: attachments, homemade, modifications. Video reviews and reviews

A variety of removable attachments for different types of devices have always been especially popular. By changing the hinged attachments, you can do the types of work you need to do with the basic devices. Installing a chainsaw cutter turns one type of tool into a completely different type of tool with minimal financial outlay.

How to make a chainsaw cutter.

The combination of the attachment with the saw allows not only to effectively cut a variety of materials, but also to work, regardless of the availability of electrical power. After all, the usual angle machine USM or bolgar, as the tool is also called, is equipped with an electric motor, so it is completely dependent on the power supply.

Demand breeds supply, and devices from the cutter on the chainsaw with various modifications appeared on sale. And craftsmen have mastered these niches of conversion much earlier. The most common tool druzhba, Stihl, Ural serve as remodels.

Creating a handle for the chain – planter is one of the first places in the popularity of such transformations. However, before installing it on the saw, you should understand the peculiarities of transformations and possible mistakes. As a rule, you can buy a ready-made device without problems in the relevant business.

Keep in mind that the nozzle is not a universal device, you pick it up for specific changes in the saw. Often manufacturers do not tell you in the instructions what the nozzle is suitable for or provide an incomplete list. To be sure of compatibility, the saw’s cutting diameter is compared with the nozzle’s pulley diameter after the clutch has been previously removed from the saw.


The nozzles differ in the diameter and shape of the pulley. Installation schemes differ in some nuances.

  • A common variant with a non-dissolving belt with a closed cup fits well with the Stihl versions of motorblocks. The cup is removed before installation.
  • There is another option, a disc belt without cup installation, in which case the clutch is not removed, so installation is easy enough. Depending on the pitch of the sprocket, several variants are sold. Such an attachment is more suitable for Chinese chainsaws, Husqvarna – partner.
  • Special ribbon slices for professional chainsaws that have the ability to replace the drive sprocket.

Installing the factory attachment: a chainsaw cutter

Before the installation work, the saw is cleaned to remove the remains of shavings and sawdust. This is done so as not to contaminate the stock when removing the clutch. Then the spark plug is removed and the movement of the piston is restricted as much as possible.

An appropriate belt disc is installed in place of the drive sprocket, and the clutch cup is removed. Instead of the tire, the nozzle is installed, taking into account the mandatory coincidence of the groove on the cutter with the screw rod. If everything is done correctly, the belt is tensioned easily and effortlessly.

How to create a cutter from a chainsaw and install a ready-made nozzle. You can see for yourself in the video:

The benefits of a do-it-yourself replacement

  • Ability to cut materials – metal, natural stone, reinforced concrete structures, bricks, concrete.
  • Thanks to the nozzle sketch you can effectively do other work as well, for example: B. deburring welds after welding.
  • The use of all types of cutting discs with nozzles – reinforced, diamond-coated – greatly enhances the skills of the tool.
  • Thanks to the drive from the gasoline engine, the homemade product gets extraordinary mobility and complete autonomy.
  • The productivity of the new tool far exceeds that of a standard angle grinder. If the most powerful factory cutters have a capacity of up to 3 kW, then with the attachment you can achieve from 3.5 to 5.5 kW.
  • At the same time, the price of the nozzle is many times less than the cost of the factory cutter. If the price of an angle grinder is about 7 thousand rubles, then the nozzle can be bought for 1.5 – 2 thousand rubles. Self-made version costs even less.
Vesti Chopper - which one to choose?

Limitations on use

  • Because of the toxicity of the exhaust gases of the gasoline engine, it is impossible to carry out domestic work indoors.
  • Since the homemade device is bulky, if you need to perform precise and small works, there may be certain difficulties.
  • The cutting disc produces fine metal dust, which steadily contaminates the saw’s air filter.
  • Self-made grinder certainly has some advantages over a standard angle grinder, but in terms of functionality these tools can not replace each other. To perform any work with a chainsaw with the device is strictly not recommended.

Recommendations of the company

  • Work with the upgraded chainsaw sander with safety in reasonable clothing.
  • Due to the increased fragility of the dividing discs are susceptible to breakage, and if the factory grinder has protection, when working with a homemade product, the risk of injury is high.
  • It is forbidden to work without a safety guard.
  • It is necessary to constantly check the correct voltage of the drive belt.
  • It should be noted that conversions and changes in the design of the chainsaw automatically exempt the manufacturer from any maintenance of the device.

Homemade chainsaw prep grinder

To create a homemade device, you need the proper belt splines, a stock band with a wave, a bar, and a belt. According to owners, it is quite difficult to create such a device with their own hands. It is necessary to create drawings and diagrams, to make appropriate calculations.

It is important that the entire design is very accurate.

If you give up the variant with bars, you can install a separator with an adapter directly on the clutch. However, chainsaw manufacturers warn against using different adapters. After all, the saw produces torque up to 14,000 rpm, and the grinding wheel is designed for 7,000 rpm. With such intensive use, the destruction of the hard drive, as mentioned above, is inevitable. The only way out is to significantly reduce the speed of the chainsaw by installing a gearbox.

This not entirely safe installation method is presented in the video review:

In fact, the main advantages of a chainsaw sander are rational mobility, low cost and high performance. It is very convenient to work with the grinder attachment in non-electrified places. If you choose between a homemade and factory-made nozzle, it is more reasonable to give preference to the latter option, which fully meets the safety requirements.

Before you convert a chainsaw to a grinder, you need to responsibly weigh the pros and cons, really evaluate your technical background and the real need for such a project.

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Grinder attachment for chainsaw, installation and operation



Chainsaw grinder



Makeshift chainsaw bell attachment



Reviews of owners


“Bought a standard saw kit. I have a Huskok, it installs easily. And before that was a Chinese saw 1.2 kW with low power, unknowingly put a large circle, so the motor actually could not go to the limit. This should be taken into account, so that the parameters and specifications are consistent with both grinders and chainsaws.


“It is very important to follow the safety rules, because the modification of a chainsaw is quite a serious matter. Even an old used body is better than nothing. “

Also on our site you can read descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline) of such brands: Bosch, Oleo Mack, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Forester, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Union , union, union, union, union, union, hammer, union storm, parma, coste, champion, champion, huter, echo, patriot, ural, karcher, carver, husqvarna, makita, friendship, kruger, caliber, stihl and also leave reviews about chainsaws of these brands, If you have something to say about the quality of assembly and experience with certain models of these brands of chainsaws, write your review in the comments, it will be very useful to our readers.

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How to make a coffee grinder from a chainsaw with your own hands: take apart all the details

The chainsaw can be rightly called the most versatile tool, which with certain modifications can turn into new devices. Thanks to certain attachments and modifications, with your own hands you can create boat motors, snowmobiles, aerial sleds, winches, etc. But the simplest product from a chainsaw is a bolgar. Such a tool has an extremely high performance and allows the operator to work with artificial and natural materials.

Ready-made nozzle – a bell for a chainsaw

Today, the attachment on the chainsaw, including the “bolgar” type, without any problems can be purchased in any store of gasoline tools. With the installation, too, there will be no problems, as there is a detailed studied instruction, having studied which, you can classify on the chainsaw with your own hands, except in cases where the nozzle is chosen incorrectly.

Important: the nozzle is not universal, it must be selected for a specific model of chainsaw. Manufacturers of nozzles do not indicate in the documents a full list of chainsaw models for which they are designed, which makes it difficult to choose the right one.

How to choose a chainsaw accessory

When choosing a nozzle for your tool, first of all you should read the technical documentation. If your model is not listed in the list of chainsaws for which it is designed, it does not mean that it cannot be installed on it.

To check for compatibility, compare the diameter of the chain saw’s crankshaft to the diameter of the seating hole on the pulley in the accessory kit (this is done by removing the clutch from the chain saw).

The drive pulley of the nozzle can be several types, we will talk more about the type a little later. When selecting, it is necessary that the type of the chainsaw’s drive sprocket and the nozzle pulley are the same, you can not install the pulley instead of the clutch.

Pulley types – Mill

There is no official classification of chainsaw belts and claws by type, but it would be more convenient if there were one. We will try to explain the differences between the belts in plain language and show pictures.

The Stihl 180 type RIP is a closed cup for installation in the regular place instead of the clutch, combined with the pulley. The pulley is unlimited, the diameter of the seating hole corresponds to the diameter of the crankshaft, by which the needle bearing installed on it. It is used in chainsaws Stihl MS 180, 170, 250.

With a cup disc on the chainsaw drive sprocket, without removing the clutch. Depending on the pitch of the sprocket, it can have several variants. The advantage of this type is the ease of installation (for the MS 180 with a closed clutch, in these chainsaws, in which the clutch is open). Such a pulley is universal and can be used in chainsaws Husqvarna, Partner, Taiga and other Chinese counterparts.

For the clutch, which gives the opportunity to replace the drive sprocket, manufacturers usually install on professional chainsaws. Unfortunately, we did not find photos of the belt with this fit, but there are photos of the clutch and replacement link, by which you can understand what it looks like.

Is it worth laying a lawn?

We’ve looked at the most popular belt slings, but it’s anything but what you might encounter on sale.

Now we recommend that you watch the video, in which the master shows and explains how to make a cutter from a chainsaw with a purchased attachment. By the way, this video uses a low and expensive pulley, it can be replaced with a pulley without a cup, which we talked about above.

Installing the nozzle on the chainsaw with your own hands

How to install the nozzle – cutter on a chainsaw not everyone knows, so we will talk about it in more detail.

Strange as it may seem, the work on installation should begin with cleaning the chainsaw. You need to remove the side cover, bar, and chain, and blow compressed air on the chainsaw. Under the side cover, small wood particles are compressed and accumulate, which can get into the stock when the clutch is disassembled.

Next, it is necessary to unscrew the candle and limit the stroke of the piston with a piece of not thick and tight rope, with knots tied on it. To do this, the rope must be inserted into the cylinder through the spark plug hole. These manipulations are needed in order to block the piston stroke as safely as possible, and consequently the crankshaft and twisting of the clutch.

Important! In chainsaws Stihl the scheme of installation and attachment of the clutch cup does not require funding, so the above actions are not relevant for you.

Next, the clutch cup is removed from the crankshaft and, depending on the type of pulley attachment, either replaced or installed in place of the drive sprocket. Reassembly is done in reverse order.

Now we continue with the installation of the nozzle, the bolster. It is mounted instead of the regular tire, there is nothing complicated. You just need to install the nozzle on the two screws of the bracket, close the side cover and tighten the screws.

Important: When installing it is necessary that the adjusting screw should add to the intended hole in the nozzle. If it does not add up, the belt cannot be tensioned.

Tensioning of the belt is the last step. How to check the tension is described above.

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Schematic diagram of the device and the principle of operation

A wide range in stores allows you to buy a special nozzle, which will speed up the process and facilitate the use of the tool. However, you can also use a homemade attachment for chain saw sharpening, which will significantly reduce the monetary costs.

Chainsaw grinder

Having bought or assembled the nozzle with your own hands, you get a universal tool, the configuration of which can be changed depending on the purpose of its application. For a homemade sander, you can use not only a chainsaw, but also an electric saw. Buying such a device, you get a powerful and productive tool, while you save a lot of money. And the replacement process is not particularly difficult.

Advantages of a chainsaw with an angle grinder

Let’s figure out if you need to buy or make your own chain saw grinder attachment, what advantages does it have over a traditional angle grinder?

The main advantage of attachment grinders – mobility. Agree, it is not always possible to extend the wire to the workplace, or it can be done where there is simply no electricity.

The second – is the cost. The average price of electric grinders with disks with a diameter over 180 mm and power over 1.5 kW is 7,000,000 rubles, and the attachment can be purchased for 1.5 – 2 thousand or make their own.

Preparing gardening equipment for spring

The third and final advantage is power. The most powerful electric meat grinders have 2.5 – 3 kW, some chain saws easily give out 3.5 – 4 kW, professional models – more than 5 kW. For example, Calm MS 661 with a capacity of 5.4 kW.

Along with the advantages, there are also negative aspects to keep in mind, namely:

  • The chainsaw cannot be used indoors, as the exhaust fumes produced by the chainsaw are poisonous;
  • A chainsaw with a nozzle is cumbersome and inconvenient, it is inconvenient to make small and accurate cuts with it;
  • when working with a cutting disk, metal dust swirls in the air, which gets into the air filter and greatly pollutes it.

Of course, the grinding attachment loses in functionality compared to the usual angle grinder, because you can not grind with it, it is just bulky, and weighs a chainsaw with a grinder a lot. It turns out that the attachment – the grinder for chain saw, as well as the electric angle grinder, has its advantages, but it can not fully replace itself.

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The correct installation of the “grinder” attachment on a chainsaw

The range of these attachments is quite wide and available for most modern chainsaws.

It consists of a drive drum (pulley), connected to the engine and rotating directly from it by means of a belt transmission, a protective shield and fasteners.

The process of converting the saw to a grinder using a complete auxiliary device is as follows:

  • read the instructions for proper installation;
  • Remove the chainsaw guide and loosen the clutch.
  • Install the pulley on the saw sprocket drive shaft;
  • connect the belt drive with the saw blade to change the torque of the new unit (otherwise a gearbox will be needed).
  • Take the pins that came with the sanding attachment or use the fasteners that were removed with the saw bar and use them to attach the adapter.

As you can see, a series of simple steps and a bolt-on chainsaw attachment quickly adapts to a motorized tool that almost everyone has.

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Which chainsaw is the right one for remodeling?

Before you start choosing a chainsaw, it is necessary to find out what are the advantages of this tool and why it is chosen as the fundamental.

  1. The presence of excellent performance and power.
  2. The compactness of the engine.
  3. The engine does not need to be changed, it is fully serviceable.
  4. It is possible to use the device in any conditions, even of increased complexity.
  5. The peculiarity of the design allows you to use the saw in different positions.
  6. The clutch is made in a special way and protects the main components of the tool from damage.
  7. The convenient output shaft allows the attachment of additional devices.

When choosing a saw, you should be guided by the following parameters:

  • Performance;
  • Simplicity of design and favorable cost of spare parts;
  • It is not necessary to use expensive tools, it is better that they are used.

Based on the above, it is best to use chain saws Ural, Stihl or Druzhba.

What else do I need to know about Bulgarian chainsaw attachments?

Despite the abundance of auxiliary adapters for chainsaws, their use is not always unambiguous. The main reason for this is that the impact of the saw can not withstand the load and flash. After all, the torque of the saw is many times greater than that of the saw, which rarely exceeds the mark of 6-7,000 rpm.

The result of this can be not only equipment equipment, but also an injury to the operator himself.

Bauber - loader Komatsu WB93R 5EO - description and features

To prevent this, it is recommended:

  • Use a protective cover – it should be new, intact, without chips and deformations;
  • Grinding wheels should be chosen with a diameter of up to 11,5 cm. Large elements make the work of the mill faster.
  • The number of adapters for the grinder should correspond to the change in the saw itself – this will not only save you the trouble of installation, but also save the life and health of the user.

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To summarize. It is possible to make a mill from a chainsaw, a special attachment adds such functionality, you can install it yourself. It is not necessary to make a mill on the basis of the saw with your own hands, as there are actual trade crosses, which are designed with safety in mind. Work with such a nozzle can be used where there is no possibility to connect electricity. Otherwise, it is easier and more convenient to use an ordinary USHM.

Factory nozzles and partial rates

The extensive market of spare parts and necessary parts allows the chainsaw owner to buy a ready-made nozzle not only from the cutter, but also from other tools, which makes the chainsaw an incredibly versatile device. Such attachments are simple and easy to install, and if you have any questions, you can refer to the instruction manual.

An important point is that very often the manufacturers of such attachments do not specify for which chainsaws they are suitable. For this reason, the buyer has a high probability of buying a tool that is not suitable for him.

Principle, drawings and instructions for the assembly of cutter heads

The diagram above shows a diagram of a chainsaw with a grinder attachment installed. To do this, first study the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the attachment. Judging by the reviews about the lift made at home from a chainsaw, we can conclude that it is not always convenient to do it with your own hands. The fact is that not every man has sufficient knowledge and skills for this. Below we will consider two ways to replace the nozzles on the chainsaw: the installation of purchased factory and homemade nozzles.

Pros and cons of chainsaw angle grinders from homemade chainsaws

Angle grinders, known as “bolgarki”, can be made from numerous hand-held benzo- and electric tools. However, the variant we are considering is considered the most convenient and lightweight.

The advantages of such household devices are considered:

  • Autonomy – a gasoline tool does not depend on the availability of electricity, for example.
  • High performance, not comparable to the efforts of factory electric bolsters – the performance of petrol-powered machines based on the outflow of household electricity, as a rule, several times higher than the thrust of professional models of electric power tillers.
  • Simple design and assembly – everything you need can be bought at home or at the nearest tool store;
  • Price – a chainsaw grinder costs several times cheaper than its original counterpart.

The disadvantages of home-made tanks at home are:

  • Their sensitivity to metal dust – flight filters dry out quickly and their systems come out. This entails problems with the engine – it begins to stall, does not turn and consumes itself faster.
  • Danger to the health and life of the operator – grinding wheels often burst and fly apart, threatening the operator and others with injury.

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Below is a video review showing a chainsaw attachment

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