How to design a garden for children?

25 garden ideas that will inspire every child

Want to compete with iPhones, computers, tablets and other achievements of civilization that use all the free time of children? Then create a fascinating world for yourself at the cottage or in the city with unusual swings, sandboxes, sports fields, slides and houses.

HOMEWORK for children.

In order not to complicate the task, we have chosen absolutely real options.

1. A wall for little climbers

A bald lodge wall can be a training base for little climbers.

A wall for a climber

2. Unusual house.

It’s not just a house anymore. It’s also a hut, a gypsy wagon, and a stove that will protect you from evil swan-feathers. The trunks are held on steel arcs.

Children's playhouse

3. rope netting.

Who wouldn’t want to try their hand at being Spider-Man?

A rope net

4. Under the Scarlet Sail.

Green’s Dream’s simple design. A child’s imagination does the rest.


5. Playing Heaven and Hell.

Use bright concrete tiles for children’s play classics.


6. Role of the slingshot.

The first lessons of “What’s Good and What’s Bad.” This sports slingshot consists of plastic pipes and fittings.

7. Fun Bus.

You will need: a chaise, old plastic chairs, and a steering wheel cover.


8. A princess corner.

All made from old pallets and cable reels and painted in bright colors.

Corner for a princess

9. Raceway for children’s cars

You can build a toy race track for remote-controlled cars on the lawn. No constructor can replace this miracle.


10. Slide or Lookout Tower

An old tree will continue to serve for the benefit of children.

Tower or hill

11. on top of the world

Children will feel on top of the world when they learn to balance on the trunk of such a tree. Great training for the vestibular apparatus. With children’s skill, the balancing beam can “grow” (if you set the bars at different heights).


12. Health track.

To prevent flat feet, it is not necessary to buy massage mats. A real path of health can be equipped from various improvised materials.

Health lane

13. grounded trampoline

The edges of the trampoline are attached to the wooden cladding of the pit.


14. A fabulous playground

Green playpen for the child in the center and couches for sitting on the grass in a circle. Such a clearing is sure to please children’s company.

Don 680m forage harvester - description and characteristics

Playing field

15. “Live” tunnel.

“Building” such a tunnel can spark a child’s first fascination with growing plants.

Tunnel of willow

16. Barricade of twigs

Winter fun in the “summer” version. “Snowballs” can be made from Styrofoam or hay bales.

Barricade of branches

17. A house on a tree

With or without a roof – little “Moguls” will look forward to these dwellings.

tree house

18. A real attraction.

This is how logic and intelligence are developed. Children can watch the entire path of a tennis ball.


19. Children’s kitchen

Interesting mini kitchen from an old cupboard. Such wonderful transformations will never be forgotten!

Old closet

20. chair swing

A royal skate on a comfy chair. Fits any chair.

Chair swing

21. Hobbitaus

What a cutie! Cute hobbit dwellings seem to have been created especially for children. Behind the round door is a chimney covered with rocks and earth.

Hobbit house

22 playground fencing.

A friendly community, appealing to adults and children, eagerly awaiting your friends.


23. A sand box with a solar sail

Oddly enough, an ordinary children’s sandbox gives the most room for imagination.


24. Mini Store

The product range of this children’s pallet store is extremely interesting. Everything is handmade.



25. Activity and play corner

Getting exercise outdoors is much more enjoyable than at home at a desk. During breaks, you can play or draw with colored pencils.

Corner for games

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My little granddaughter Tanyusha is growing, she just turned one year old, but she loves to play. Constantly hides, gets into cabinets, under tables and other places. I want to show some of the ideas you suggested to my son and spouse so they can think and build interesting places for the baby. I would really like a wall for little climbers. Tanyusha does a great job of pulling herself up by holding onto a table or pulling out the cabinets in the kitchen and climbing up the ladder to the table. And a wall like this will give her plenty of climbing to do. We also thought about a cabin, but I envisioned it a little differently. The rope netting is interesting, but we’ll leave that idea alone for now. I’m afraid that a small child would get tangled in it. But for a 5 year old, it would be just right. Great idea with the fun bus! Our neighbors have kids too. So we can make a deal with them and make these seats for the little ones to have fun. Also, if the seats rotate so you can rotate them, that would be awesome at all. The princess corner looks great! Bright, colorful! Lots more toys and the girls won’t be able to get you out. The trays are there, no reels, but we’ll definitely figure something out! I thought the trampoline was great too. Who didn’t love jumping as a kid? Only my girlfriends and I used to jump on an old featherbed that stood in our yard. How many times we fell. And here the trampoline was anchored low and made the kids jump! The Fairy Glade playpen is a much needed idea to complement the green of the playpen with toys, and the child will play outdoors for a long time. You can also build rides. I have seen such developmental boards on the Internet. And we have already made such a move. It closes in the front for now. a very well equipped sandbox. Ours is half the size and we haven’t put anything on top yet, but next year we are thinking of making a roof for the sandbox. Thank you for such an abundance of creative and necessary ideas to keep the children occupied.

How to take care of Far Eastern sultanas.
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No waste - all in this business No waste - all in this business No waste - all in this business

After all the construction work, as a rule, remain scraps of boards, fittings and other leftover materials. Throwing away or burning is a pity. Here are a few ideas. A bench made of scraps of planks I saw an idea somewhere in a photo. I wanted the same one.

The summer beauty of the garden stimulates the imagination, I want to do something sublime, decorate shady corners under apple trees with sculptures, do needlework, draw pictures and write poems, plant flowers and collect them in huge hands, enjoy the singing of birds.

Old pallets in a new role: 15 gift ideas Old pallets in a new role: 15 gift ideas Old pallets in a new role: 15 gift ideas

Is there a cheap, convenient and natural material in the world to make everything affordable, eco-friendly and yet easy to work with? Yes! It’s old pallets or pallets that, after some processing, make real pallets.

How I love unusual things for the cottage and home How I love unusual things for the cottage and home How I love unusual things for the cottage and home

10 cozy ideas for land style 10 cozy ideas for land style 10 cozy ideas for land style

Basically, it’s a rustic home style decorated in a national flavor. This version of the interior is just perfect for wooden buildings, wooden and brick cottages. The main characteristics of the country style are unobtrusive and simplicity, the absence of.

If you don't have lights. If you don't have lights.

Hi all, love seven years! I got my dacha in 2000. It was 6 acres of land on which stood an unfinished 2 story box with a wonderful flat roof and with planks and a water tank protruding in different directions.

Do-It-Yourself Summer

It is always a pleasure to look at the photo reports of colleagues about the improvement of the action. And it is possible to be only amazed, how perfectly the playgrounds are made. We have problems with it. From the new stationary equipment we have only one hill. All the rest is made by hands of teachers and parents of pupils.

Every year we puzzle over how to get out of the situation and equip the place.

Mostly we use plywood, boards, protocols and improvised material for fixtures.

For several years the train has been a good service, than it is a developing center for the development of fine motor skills. At first it was like that in our house.

Mini-tractor Bulat t-12 - description and properties

DIY Summer.

Over time, the mechanisms of the locomotive have fallen into disrepair. This year we renovated it. And the train became like this.

Details are bright and interesting.

Next to it, there are homemade devices for the development of fine motor skills. A few years ago, the back of the crib came in handy for such devices. But it broke, not serving us for 3 years.

Now this equipment is new, made of solid wood, metal – no. We want to believe that it will serve us for a long time.

The center for water games is a boat from a child’s bath. I have already told about it in a previous post.

Nearby is Moydodyr, where children can wash their hands with a howler.

The center for playing with sand is a sandbox and a mini sandbox “Cow”, which has served us for several years.

We have an airplane for role-playing games.

We also have a gas station for cars, a car, a motorcycle, which I also told you about.

We have a creativity center.: A desk, a bank, a creativity booth.

And then there is a table in the form of RAM for drawing with semolina and sand with its functionality for a year.

When the children are engaged in creativity at the table, the rest of the children at the same time playing outside. So that the building games were organized at the same time, came the idea to make another table. And do you know what we got? From a wooden coil with wires wound on it. A part of the coil was dug into the ground, the top part was painted with colored self-adhesive paper to match the color of the table. Our table turned out big.

There is an opportunity to gather everyone who wants to play board games. The plan is to put a jar so we don’t have to take up group chairs every day.

Flowers in our swan-shaped flowerbeds have already grown, they are pleasingly beautiful.

Trimmers and lawnmowers - model reviews, descriptions, owner reviews

The path of health, which I also talked about. We have reached the end of summer.

We have sports equipment “apple and pear” made of plywood. They are used for rolling balls. We have been using this equipment for several years.

We have scored colorful gates for climbing. Etna sheet, plastic – colorful balls are worn on it. We put the gates where there is at least some green soft grass.

This year, to organize the game “Carousel” on the veranda hung a manual of several tires of different sizes and colorful satin ribbons.

To organize a game for the development of breathing, made a manual in the form of the opposite umbrella and a butterfly.

We are already building Pan next summer. I pass ideas to you, colleagues. Thank you very much.

I wish all of you creative success!

“Dwarves.” D o-I T-Yourself Decorations for a kind of kindergarten section In my house “” a few kind gnomes “settled”. I made these fairy tale men to decorate the cribs in our children’s seats.

“Summer Fantasies” – update site with their own hands in the kindergarten “Summer Fantasies” – update site with their own hands in the kindergarten. Author: Molchanova Zoya Nikolaevna, teacher Mdou “Kindergarten №24”.

Make-your-own flowers to decorate the place. Master Class

D o-I T-Yourelf flowers to decorate the location. Master class Hello, dear colleagues, I open for you a master class on making flowers from improvised material with my own hands.

Site design with their own hands

D o-I T-Yourself Design Design With the beginning of warm days the stay of children in the fresh air increases and teachers face the problem of interesting organization.

Summer design of children’s corner with their own hands “Matryoshka” The long-awaited summer will soon come. We really want the summer kindergarten teacher to look easy, lively and interesting! View of the kindergarten.

Summer design of the site of preschool with their own hands

Summer site design for kindergarten kindergarten is a special object. Practically it is a second home for its staff and children. And you always want to make your home cozy and warm.

MT Z-82 Belarus - description and properties

Summer site design with their own hands “Childhood Country” Childhood Country is a special object. In practical terms, it is a second home for its employees and children. And one always wants to make their own home.

Summer site design with their own hands

Summer site design with their own hands “You can not grow a complete person without him out of the beautiful…” R. Tagore I have been working on this theme for two years. This direction.

Decorating the summer department with their own hands “Summer fantasies” “Summer fantasies” Author: Evseyeva Elena Nikolaevna – teacher of MBDLE “CRC – D/S № 15”.

Diy website design

With their own hands The design of the site with their own hands can only be a teacher who is deeply convinced of something. “We are convinced that it is necessary to surround children with beauty.

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