How to decorate the terrace in the spring?

5 things to do in spring to prepare your terrace for the season

May is a time of intensive preparation for the summer season. And this applies not only to beds and gardening, but also to the house. Together with designer Olga Zubova, we have gathered some practical tips to help you prepare your terrace for summer.

Olga Zubova graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute and has been working in this profession since 1999. She has created the design studio Zdesign Studio from scratch. Among the studio’s most famous projects are a castle in Loire valley (France), a land complex in Volga Country Club (Russia), a penthouse in Monte Carlo.

Spring cleaning

The first step is, of course, the general cleaning of the terrace, which is probably in the best condition after the winter. And if you haven’t lived in the house over the winter, you may even need a light facelift.

Sun Tager.

Hot days are just around the corner, if the terrace is roofless, the first thing to do is to install awnings or umbrellas or stretch a sunshade. So you can easily pass the time on sunny spring and summer days. By the way, this also applies to balconies: For the 2022 summer season, an umbrella or awning is a 100% must-have.

garden furniture.

Get some summer outdoor furniture, tidy up, perhaps update cushions and fabrics, and add new decorations to set the mood. Old wooden chairs and tables can be repainted.


Table tennis, board games and other activities can be arranged ahead of time – all for a fun time with family and friends.

Greens and plants

One sign of the start of spring is, of course, the blooming of nature. Now is the perfect time to green your patio: fill it with flowers, vines, trees and shrubs in buckets and create a cozy, welcoming space full of life and energy.

When should I buy and sow seeds of ornamental plants?

You may find it suitable:

Madeline hanging chair

Material: steel, artificial rattan. Large weight: 120 kg

outdoor umbrella

Diameter 3 m, height 2.56 m. Powder coated steel rod, 6 steel ribs. Material: polyester

Akira patio set

Coffee set made of hand woven natural rattan. Includes: coffee table with glass plate and two armchairs.

garden awning

Garden awning with high sails. Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2 m.

garden furniture set

Material: steel, artificial rattan, tempered glass

Gas chimney, infrared Bogh 15, Ballu

Start, set flame height and switch off manually (via the control panel on the appliance) or via remote control.

Badminton set, Ronin Tiger

Scope of delivery: 2 racquets with tempered steel handle, 3 feather balls. Comes in a soft pouch. A great beginners set!

Soccer game table storm F-1 family, Northern Italia

Suitable for outdoor use

DFC Vortex SB-BT-02LSVT folding pool table

Dimensions: 122 x 61 x 76 cm The set includes two racquets 91 cm long, a set of balls with a diameter of 2.5 cm. 38mm, triangle, brush, two colored pencils.

Portable lamp, Gauss

Powered and battery operated

Outdoor planter with automatic watering Cilindro, Lechuza

With self-draining and drainage hole

Overhead planter, Dälfi

Material: blue and gray concrete. Diameter 25 cm

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How to decorate the terrace in the spring?

Hello! Help with ideas. The construction of the terrace is completed, how can you ennoble it in the spring? The size of the terrace is 3*15 m.

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Julia, hang pots with flowering hanging baskets on the railing, and put patio tubs with exotic and less exotic plants on the ground.

Minitor Chuvashpiller-120. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Sergei, there was an idea with pots, but very often there are strong winds, I’m afraid my pots will just topple over. Do you have any other ideas? What do you think about patio furniture?

And I would fence such a gorgeous patio from below to the railing. Keep the rain out. And you could cover it with colored polycarbonate. And only then you can hang pots.

Tatiana, we wanted a fully open terrace, but because of the wind and nosy neighbors closed it on the sides of brown polycarbonate, maybe right to close it to the railing. And what if we put boxes of creepers below and stretch them up to the railing? But during a rainstorm, would the creepers be flooded?

Julia, I see translucent fencing, more like dark yellow polycarbonate. And on the railing, Sergei is right, you can attach balcony boxes. And put what you want.

I agree with Tanya … I want to close it from the railing – either trellis or colored polycarbonate, the color is suitable … and pots, so that they do not blow away, you can hang them on the railing inside – and watering is more convenient, and the wind will not blow away…. if you plant ipomace in it, but pull ropes, they will quickly tighten the whole space up to the roof… if you pull the ropes often, you get a solid curtain, when less often you get a slit curtain… or tunbergia… some of them can be lowered – like a traffic light, and then the polycarbonate closes…. Putting boxes of loosestrife on the floor is a good idea, but they will just be thoroughly rocked by the wind, although the same morning glory are hardy and strong plants.

Julia, flower pots are also big and you can put them on screws or self-tapping screws. this. Fix it well so they don’t fly away. And as for furniture – decide for yourself – you can buy wicker, you can make it out of wood, and you can hang a hammock.

Miniator Kentavr T 20. review, characteristics, manual

A terrace should act as a connection between the house and the garden. Here are some ideas: It is good if the terrace has 1 or 2 walls. But it is better if these walls are open, so that the garden visually penetrates into the house. In some places where the wind blows, wooden mesh screens are made. And then you can use vertical landscaping with mites and Maines. A hedge can also go up to a terrace. As always, the most beautiful option is a combination of different types of openwork partitions, such as trellis and arch, pergola and arch, etc. … In any case, a certain “verticality” should be added to the terrace. That is, I want to additionally say, so that the terrace does not look too open, but at least the simplest, you need to install another structure. Sometimes an arch is inserted directly into the fence of the terrace. Generally speaking, the more the wind lessens, the more the “stuff” lessens. I wouldn’t hang containers in the wind, vertical landscaping replaces them, but put soil pots. The garden should come to the foot of the terrace so you can admire it while on the terrace. To do this, try to place the most beautiful objects that fit “in context” at the foot of the terrace: bright, lush flowerbeds, rosettes, your collection of unusual plants, the most aromatic plants, the most beautiful shrubs, an alpine hill, and maybe a pond or rock garden. Place lights on the patio and steps. The lamps can be not only on the terrace itself, but also next to it, emphasizing its shape.

Olga, the tiles were laid in front of the terrace, so you can’t put an arch. But there are more and more planted in front of the terrace as we go, there are tulip bulbs and daffodils and hyacinths. Roses and lilies were planted for the first time. Next to an empty lot, geogins and cannes were growing there, already dug in. Next year I want to plant something else in that spot. If you have any ideas, please share. And dahlias I will plant a little further away because they are tall and block the view. I will take a picture now.

Stiga lawn mower: Checking the Minogue mower, technical descriptions and rules of operation

On the left side are 2 bushes of spirea vangutta between them tree hydrangea. Planted it last fall.

Pathway to the garden, along the edges - evergreen boxwood (planted 2 years ago), then along the pathway - iris (planted this fall). A large apricot tree. The smaller tree is a pear tree (I want to transplant it deeper, the young garden is far in the background). Greens I plant in beds of slate. very convenient. Behind those beds, where the peonies are.

Pathway to the garden along the edges of the evergreen boxwood (planted 2 years ago) and then along the pathway irises (planted in the fall). The large tree is an apricot. The smaller tree is a pear tree (I want to dig it deeper, far in the background of the young garden). In beds of slate I plant greenery, very convenient. Behind these beds, where the pens are, are peonies.

In the foreground are junipers (growing for the second year), other recently planted roses. Behind them (in the photo on the left) are P irises. This page is empty for now, I plan to plant dahlias in the spring.

In the foreground are junipers (growing for the second year), and beyond that are recently planted roses. Behind them (pictured left) are p-planted irises. This page is empty for now, I plan to plant dahlias in the spring.

This is another photo of junipers and roses. On the left is a vacant lot, I don't know what to plant. Yes. Juniper along the terrace - 5 pieces.

This is a photo of juniper and roses. There is a vacant lot on the left, I do not know what to plant. Yes, the junipers are planted along the terrace – 5 pcs.

To the left is the turkey house, and there are grapes growing along the fence. To the barrel (which is in the photo on the right) is a flower garden, then a vegetable garden and behind it (barely visible in the photo) an orchard.

There is a turkey house on the left, and there are grapes growing along the fence. Before the barrel (which is right in the photo) is a flower garden, then a vegetable garden, and behind it (in the photo is hard to see) is an orchard.

Behind is the terrace.

The terrace behind the back.

This is what it looks like from the driveway. Together with the house is 22 acres. There is room for imagination, but since I planted flowers this year, it turned out ugly. sorry there is no photo Although in my head was a completely different picture, but it did not turn out. I can't remove these beds from Slate, my husband would be offended. So I asked her. And we have only lived in the south for 3 years, as we have always lived in an apartment and even in Siberia. So I am a novice gardener. There used to be grass growing on the property.

This is what the site looks like from the highway. Together with the house is 22 hectares. There is room for imagination, but since this year I planted flowers, it was not pretty. I wish I had a picture. Although I had a very different picture in my head, but it didn’t work out. Remove these beds of slate I can not, my husband will be offended. I put it like this. And we live in the south only 3 years before that, we have always lived in an apartment and even in Siberia. So I am a novice gardener. Before that, grass was growing on the plot.

These are my spring irises, which I planted only now, planted very densely. However! I really want ideas, I bought a lot of flower seeds, both annuals and perennials.

These are my spring irises that I just planted, planted very densely. Something along those lines! Really looking forward to ideas, bought lots of flower seeds, both annuals and perennials.

Tank mixtures for grape processing

I forgot to write in front of the juniper – tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. And behind the boxwood – a strip of lilies will be planted. It got warmer outside and it even rained, and today I noticed that 2 lilies have hatched. What will happen to them? Maybe, when it gets colder, cover with sawdust (luckily, after the builders left a lot of sawdust, I put them in bags).

I also have lots of slate, but no beds, but it serves as a patio support. Here’s what I came up with. I painted it on a picket fence in the most prominent places: the bulge is white and the “bulge” is green. From afar it looks like a decorative fence. wish there was a photo AND my husband wouldn’t be offended, and there’s beauty near the house, not slate.

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