How to choose the best lawn mower?

How to choose the best lawn mower for dacha: What types and features are there?

How to choose a lawn mower

Today we will find out how to choose a lawn mower to simplify and formalize the mowing of the grass cover as effectively as possible, consider the main types and the most popular models of this miracle equipment, as well as orientate where you can buy it.

Without a good tool, it is impossible to carry out the full care of the lawn. And taking into account the fact that mowing the grass along with watering is a regular measure to care for the vegetation cover, the choice of lawn mower should be approached with due attention.

Lawn mower varieties

First of all, you should know that different devices can be used to cut the grass:

  • Trimmer is a device that is designed to cut grass in small areas and in hard-to-reach places: near buildings, fences, growing bushes and trees. It consists of a boom, carrying belt, handle for driving direction, protective housing, cutting elements and a motor. It has a low output and noise, low weight.

Lawn trimmers

  • Motokos is a modification of the trimmer with a similar, but weighted design due to a more powerful engine and impressive attachments. Thus, the tool can be used on advanced sites with dense vegetation to combat small bushes and trees. They are characterized by their heavy weight, noise and load on the hand. There are two types: electric and gasoline.


  • A lawn mower is a mechanism in the form of a compact machine with a directly designed handle for mowing lawns. It comes in many configurations, depending on the task at hand. It can perform additional functions such as grass collection and mulching. It provides uniform mowing, but not for bulbous areas.

Electric lawn mower

A power tiller or trimmer is indispensable for unequal areas with a lot of plantings. But they have significant disadvantages. First, it is difficult for them to handle large areas, and secondly, the mowing turns out uneven. Therefore, the lawnmower is ideal for a dacha or a private home with a simple relief and a flat surface.

There are a variety of models of these machines on the market. So that you can properly choose the right option, we have clearly presented its classification in the table.

Low noise level,

poor maneuverability due to the presence of a wire,

Limited working time (no more than two hours),

Long service life,

Need for maintenance and fuel and lubricants,

Lack of electricity and fuel and lubricants,

What is important to consider when choosing a lawn mower?

Which lawn mower is best suited to you, depends on the characteristics of the landscape, the type of lawn grass, financial skills and personal preferences.

Such a tool is not bought for one day, and you will work regularly. Therefore, in making a decision, pay attention to the following important characteristics:

If you prefer a technique with an electric motor without a battery, think about where to plug it in and whether the cable length will be long enough to go around the whole site. You may also have to use an extension cable.

Electric lawn mower without battery

For small, flat, neat clearings, you don’t want to buy bulky and clumsy power tools. In addition, it needs somewhere to be stored, and it takes up quite a lot of space. A small electric lawnmower with 1,000 watts is certainly possible. But for large problem areas with dense vegetation and rough terrain, you need to choose something more reliable and powerful.

Here, it makes a big difference who is taking care of the lawn. Women and the elderly are more comfortable working with compact, lightweight and maneuverable models. These include cordless electric mowers with front-wheel drive.

A simple lawn mower

This parameter affects the speed of processing the area. The higher its value, the less time and the number of visits required. This is where gasoline lawnmowers have the maximum index – up to 45 cm.

Mowing width

  • cutting height

It is not bad if there is an opportunity to adjust the level of cutting the grass. For example, when you cut young growth and need to remove only a few centimeters.

The adjustment range can vary from 2 to 50 levels, but for a garden shed or a private home, 10 levels are sufficient. In this case, the center setting is the most accurate.

Mowing lawns at different heights]

  • operating time

Electric lawn mowers need a “breather” every 20 to 30 minutes. The battery lasts for about 2 hours. But gasoline mowers are the most efficient. Take this into account when choosing equipment for mowing large areas.

Daewoo DACS4516 chainsaw: Description, features and rules of use

According to this indicator, devices on the internal combustion engine (ICE) are significantly inferior to other models, because they emit loud, unpleasant sounds during operation.

  • Material of cutting elements and body

It is most reliable when the deck of the mower and the blades are made of steel. In this case, you are guaranteed a long life, and your lawn – quality mowing.

  • Diameter and width of wheels

Lawn mowers with larger wheels move faster and get over bumps more easily. And the degree of grass shredding is directly related to the thickness of the axle.

  • type of grass catcher box

There are two types of containers into which the vegetation falls after mowing: a mesh/fabric bag or a plastic container. The first is convenient because it is lighter in weight and makes it easy to determine its fullness, but the second is much easier to clean. There are lawnmower models without a grass catcher – with rear or side discharge. They cost less, but I do not think that such savings justify the additional time spent on cleaning up the grass clippings.

Lawn mowed with soft grass catcher box

  • mulching feature.

Despite all the benefits of the procedure itself, having this option on a lawn mower can bring more trouble than joy.

First, this technique should not be resorted to often, and second, it should be done properly. Only dry, soft grass can be mulched, so that the mechanism completely shreds it and distributes it evenly over the lawn. Otherwise humus will begin to accumulate on the surface, clogging the root system of grass, and the result will be the opposite of the expected – the supply of lawn plants with oxygen and nutrients will deteriorate, which will certainly affect their growth and appearance.

Lawn mower with mulching

Gasoline-powered machines require refueling and regular oil and filter changes. At the end of the season, before long-term storage, you need to drain the remaining fuel from the tank and wipe the metal parts dry to prevent corrosion. With electrical equipment, things are much easier in this regard.

Observe safety precautions when using lawn mowers! Do not operate an electric lawn mower in wet weather or on wet grass without rubber boots!

The most popular lawn mowing laws

With a wide variety of manufacturers, brands such as ::::

  • Al-Ko,
  • Makita,
  • Husqvarna,
  • Bosch,
  • Champion,
  • Garden,
  • Huler.

After studying the reviews and reviews of the models of these companies, we have compiled a list of the best lawn mowers in different price categories and equipment options.


Rotary lawnmower weighing 7.9 kg with grass ejection to the back. It is developed for the upkeep of areas up to 250 sq. M. It has a 38 cm clamp and 4 levels of cutting height – from 14 to 35 mm. The cutting system consists of 5 blades of grass, which provide a perfectly even cut. Cycle diameter is 220 mm. Optionally, a grass catcher box is available. Light, maneuverable and compact.

The average price is 5 000 rubles.

The drum with two lawnmowers with a weight of 8.9 kg with an increased grip – 40 cm. The direction of grass ejection – to the back. It is suitable for processing of lawns with the relief of the area not more than 200 sq. M. It allows to get the height of mowing from 12 to 42 mm. Equipped with a folding handle for space-saving storage. Grass catcher box for easy storage. Moderately controllable and reliable.

On average, the cost of this model is 6,000 rubles.

Two-wheel lawnmower with a rotary mechanism of mowing system Novo, which provides a perfect mowing even of high grass. Lightweight – 8,7 kg. It has 4 cutting heights from 12 to 55 mm and a cutting width of 40 cm. The device does not contain a grass box, but can be installed on its own.

Approximate price – 8 000 rubles.


Self-propelled rear-wheel drive model with a four-stroke engine rated at 2.6 hp, with a working volume of 140 cc. Sm. The area of processing can reach 1400 sq. m., mulching is provided. Weight – 31 kg, working width – 46 cm, the size of the mowing is set from 25 to 75 mm with a central setting. There is a soft grass catcher box for 60 liters. The machine has an average noise level – 87 dB. View, good quality components, high performance.

October in the garden: calendar of works

The cost is about 30,000 rubles.

The machine with a rear cyclist weight of 45 kg with a capacity of 6.5 l. C. and a working volume of 196 cc. cm. is equipped with a soft grass catcher box – 70 liters and a mulching function. Has a central mowing height setting, consisting of 8 steps – 20 to 80 mm, and the border width is 53 cm. The generated level is 98 dB. Powerful, easy to use, suitable for large neglected areas.

The average price is 25 000 rubles.

Rade rear-drive device, designed for lawns up to 1,000 sq. m. weighs 39 kg. The capacity of the four-stroke engine is 5 hp. P., and the speed of the cutting elements is up to 2,800 rpm. The central mowing height setting has 7 steps from 20 to 85 mm. Handle width is 46 cm. The model is equipped with a rigid grass catcher box with a capacity of 60 liters. Wide wheels – 15 and 20 cm – practically do not cut the grass. No mulching function. Ideal for large uneven areas. Easy to control.

Costs on average 15,000 rubles.


Lawn mower with four lawns without a battery weighing 12 kg. An excellent option for well-maintained areas. Motor power – 1 400 W. Recommended for use on plots up to 500 sq. m. Working width 37 cm, height 20-70 mm with central 5-step adjustment. Grass catcher box for hard grass of 40 litres. The noise level is 91 dB. Lightweight, mobile, good cutting quality.

The approximate cost of this model is 9,000 rubles.

N e corker-wine cutter with a power of 1 800 W and a weight of 22 kg. Blade speed – 3 200 rpm, border width – 42 cm, mower height – from 28 to 55 mm, 5 levels of adjustment. The end of the grass rises into a soft grass catcher box with a capacity of 45 liters. Powerful and at the same time maneuverable.

You can buy such a machine for an average of 7,000 rubles.

Compact and simple tool for mowing the lawn – 13 kg, works from the mains cable. The engine – 1 400 W, 3 200 rpm – has protection against dust and moisture, and is also equipped with a cooling system that prevents its overheating.

Recommended for flat, well-tilled areas up to 500 sq. m. Working width is 38 cm, cutting height is axially adjustable in 3 stages from 20 to 60 mm. Equipped with a rigid grass catcher box of 37 liters. Low noise level – 84 dB. Due to the special location of the bikes – under the body, this mower is very convenient to mow the edges of the lawn.

You will have to spend about 6,000 rubles.

Where can I buy gardening and parking equipment?

To simplify the task of buying a machine for mowing the lawn, we offer a list of specialized stores with branches and delivery throughout Russia, where you can buy a lawn mower for every taste and wallet:


Modern mechanisms noticeably simplify our lives, so they do not neglect their skills. Devices such as a lawn mower or Caroli system will help you keep your lawn in perfect condition throughout the season and greatly extend its life. They make lawn care seem less of a chore, and the soft, lush grass will inspire the whole family and beautify their garden.

Write in the comments what lawn mowers you’ve used, what advantages and disadvantages you’ve had. Stay tuned for more helpful articles!

Top 15 best electric lawn mowers from 2022

Regardless of the manufacturer, all models of the best electric lawn mowers have three features in common:

  • No harmful emissions, as with a gasoline engine.
  • Quiet operation. Your neighbors will appreciate this if you want to start work at 7 a.m. on a Saturday.
  • The ease of operation is not a delight with gasoline.

Rated the best models from Electric Lawn since 2022, for large lawns and for small lawns that are not self-propelled and self-propelled lawn mowers – for any size wallet, for large lawns. Estimated by both experts from CNET, PROTOOL reviews, and other specialty sites, as well as by all-inclusive and Yandex.Market users.

How to choose the best electric lawn mower

Versus conventional self-propelled bikes

Self-propelled lawn mowers have a drive system that eliminates the need to push the unit forward. They are more massive and more expensive than the non-powered ones themselves, and are designed for large areas (up to 20-30 acres). If you do not need such “open spaces”, it is better not to splurge on a self-propelled model.

KAMAZ 43118 - description and characteristics

If you choose a self-propelled implement, pay attention to the polypropylene platform, which helps reduce weight, as well as bikes with storage and low rolling resistance, which makes your work easier.

Grass catcher, mulch or weed thrower?

Many customers choose lawmakers with mulch to bring nutrients back to the lawn and not have to stop every 10 minutes (literally) to destroy the grass box.

Sometimes, however, the weather doesn’t permit mowing as usual. That’s when a side (or rear) discharge becomes useful. Also, a side discharge will help you move forward when the grass is long so you can effectively control the mowing process.

Find a mower that gives you at least 2 of the three options.

Mowing width and height.

Cheap electric lawn mower models have a mowing width of 32 to 40 cm. This is enough for a small area of 4 acres. The wider the width, the faster you can mow.

For a small, decent lawn, a mowing height of 3-4 cm is enough. Out of town, you should give the greenery an authentic, authentic look – 7-8 cm. Modern lawnmowers allow you to change the mowing height.


The best electric lawn mowers are:

  • Low power – up to 1.5 kW. They are chosen for their compactness and maneuverability, enough for a small area of their skills.
  • Medium power – up to 1,5-2 kW. They take care of grass with a stiff and thick stem, but can be difficult for the hands of a teenager or a woman.
  • Powerful – more than 2 kW. They are taken for large areas with old and tough vegetation. A loud, heavy, truly brutal lawnmower.

15. Patriot Pt 1634e


  • Mowing width / height: 34 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Weight: 13,5 kg
  • Electric motor (1600 W) with mains cable
  • Grass end in rigid grass catcher box, backwards
  • Mulch

The quality and reliability rating of electric lawnmowers opens up an inexpensive model equipped with a mulching nozzle in addition to a 35 litre rigid grass catcher box and rear grass catcher box function.

The cutting height can be adjusted in 6 positions, and the high maneuverability and compact size allow this mower to be used both outdoors and for beautifying areas with many trees and shrubs.

14. Stiga Combi 48 ES 295487078/S14


  • Mowing width / height: 46 cm / 27 – 80 mm
  • Mowing area: 1000 m²
  • Weight: 29 kg
  • Electric motor (1800 W) with mains cable
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box, rear
  • Mulch

The first, but not the only self-propelled lawnmower in the 2022 evaluation. It has a powerful and reliable asynchronous motor (they have a long lifespan of up to 5,000 hours), and the large mowing width and height allow you to quickly create a large and overgrown area.

The drive of the lawnmower is self-propelled, the grass bin is huge (60 l), there is a mulching function, the mowing height is adjustable in 5 positions, so you need Stig a-Combi 48 with maximum comfort and usefulness.

13. StAVR GKE-1700


  • Mowing width / height: 38 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Weight: 10.6 kg
  • Electric motor, 2.28 hp (1700 W) with mains cable (0.35 m)
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box, rear

If you need a very quiet electric lawnmower so as not to disturb family members or neighbors, then listen to the model StAVR GKE-1700. The noise level of this model is only 78 dB, while the competitors have up to 96 dB.

This model has no mulching function, the grass either goes into the small, soft 35-liter grass catcher box or is thrown back. But there is a five-step mowing height adjustment, so that StAVR GKE-1700 will suit fans of short lawns and fans of landscape design. Users who have tried this device in action say it rides well on level ground and bumps.

12. Champion EM3313.


  • Mowing width / cutting height: 33 cm / 25-65 mm
  • Weight: 8.8 kg
  • Electric motor (1300 W) from power cable
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box, rear

The second most popular electric lawnmower in the 2022 rating. Even a teenager, a frail woman or an elderly person can cope with it.

It has a collapsible motor and a small 35 liter grass catcher box, the upper part of which is made of plastic and the lower part of which is made of fabric. It is easy to use and does not take up storage space.

Bosch Arm 3200 Lawn Mower. Overview, features, owner reviews

The handle is traditionally foldable and height-adjustable for both a teenager and an adult family member.

The Champion EM3313’s small wheels and light weight allow you to move quickly and effortlessly through tight and winding areas.

11.Schwarz+Decker LM2000


  • Mowing width / cutting height: 48 cm / 38-100 mm
  • Cutting surface: 800 m²
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Electric motor (2000 watts) from power cable
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box, rear
  • Mulch

Among the best 2022 lawnmowers, the LM2000 has only a few competitors in terms of mowing width and height. Therefore, if you are considering buying a lawn mower for a garden cottage or a large yard and its cost does not exceed 30,000 rubles, Black+Decker LM2000 is the best option.

The device is equipped with a brush drive with a brush motor. It has a large 50-liter basket for collecting grass, a mulching nozzle and a rear loosening function. The seven-step cutting height adjustment, combined with high output, helps protect the area from tall and dense plants.

10. Worx WG713E.


  • Cutting width / height: 34 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Mowing area: 300 m²
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Electric motor (1200 W) from power cable
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box, rear

One of the cheapest choices in the rating of electric lawnmowers. Thanks to its compact size and maneuverable bike, the WORX WG713E can quickly handle a small lawn. But this model has surprisingly many mowing height adjustments for a “people’s toiler” – up to 6.

The combined grass basket (soft floor, plastic top) of 30 liters allows the lawnmower to throw away the cuttings. World WG713E also has a safety button against accidental switching on, like more expensive models.

9. Husqvarna LC-141C.


  • Mowing width / height: 41 cm / 25-75 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Electric motor (1800 W) with mains cable
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box, rear
  • Noise level 94 dB

If performance and quality are important to you when choosing a lawn mower, consider the Husqvarna LC 141c with its steel body, steel mower, and 1800-watt motor. It cuts tall, tough grass like a knife through butter, and a second pass is rarely needed.

Although a mulching attachment is not included, it can be purchased separately. And a 50-litre grass catcher box is standard.

Cutting height of Husqvarna LC 141C is 10 steps more than other models of this top-15. The driving principle is pushing.

8. Hyundai Le 4600S Drive


  • Mowing width / height: 46 cm / 30-75 mm
  • Weight: 26.1 kg
  • Electric motor (1800 W) with mains cable
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box, rear

If you need a self-propelled powerhouse and want to save a little money on the brand, you can buy a quality mower from Hyundai.

It costs less than the Makita (7th place in the ranking of electric lawn mowers for dachas), with the same power, width and mowing height. And it weighs less. However, this model has no mulching.

Drive Hyundai Le 4600S has a powerful direct asynchronous motor, seven-step adjustable cutting height and an impressive volume (60 l) grass catcher box. Users love this model for its ease of use and powerful blade that can handle both dense weeds and small wood.

7. Makita ELM4621


  • Mowing width / height: 46 cm / 20-75 mm
  • Mowing area: 1000 m²
  • Weight: 32,2 kg
  • Electric motor (1800 W) with mains cable
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box to the side, backwards
  • Mulch

One of the most powerful self-propelled electric lawnmowers in the ranking. Has a large mowing area, there is both grass ejection and collection in a roomy (60 liters) grass catcher box, and a mulching attachment.

Height adjustment is up to 8, so the Makita ELM4621 cuts tall weeds and mows short lawns with equal success.

And since the mower itself is self-propelled, you just need to point it where you want it to go, and it will do the rest.

6. The Stiga collector 35 e


  • Mowing width / cutting height: 33 cm / 25-65 mm
  • Mowing area: 300 m²
  • weight: 13 kg
  • Electric motor (1000 W) with mains cable
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box, rear

This lawnmower is quieter than its “counterparts” (87dB). It has an asynchronous brush motor with direct blade drive. The assembly is of high quality – the model is made in Slovakia.

How to breed croak and Easter grass?

The grass catcher box is small – 30 liters, there are three adjustments of the mowing height. By its characteristics, the Stiga collector 35 E is suitable for small areas. Thanks to its lightness and maneuverability, it easily bypasses trees and bushes. If your plot is overgrown with thick and lush grass and a thick layer of weeds, it is better to choose a more powerful version.

5. Al-Ko 112856 Classic 3.82 SE


  • Mowing width / height: 38 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Mowing area: 500 m²
  • weight: 12 kg
  • mower
  • Electric motor (1400 Watt) with mains cable
  • Grass end in rigid grass catcher box, backwards

I gave the fifth place in the review of electric lawnmowers to the popular and inexpensive model with a brush motor. Its features include a 37-litre capacity rigid grass catcher box, three-level cutting height adjustment and a folding handle with adjustable height. Also in the body there is a pin for easy transportation of the mower from place to place.

Users praise the Al-Ko 112856 Classic for its lightness, walkability, high-quality plastic and confident movement even on uneven terrain. This mower is designed for gentle grass and dense weeds. The only complaint is that the high adjustment feathers fly off frequently.

4. the Bosch Arm 37 (0.600.8a6.201)


  • Mowing width / height: 37 cm / 20-70 mm
  • Mowing area: 500 m²
  • weight: 12 kg
  • Electric motor (1400 Watt) with mains cable
  • Grass end in rigid grass catcher box, backwards

One of the best lawn mowers of 2022 is the golden mean in quality and functionality. It has a large 40-liter plastic collector that’s easy to clean, a powerful overheat motor that allows the unit to handle tough grass, and a 5-speed mesh height adjustment.

A convenient folding handle with height adjustment allows both low and tall people to operate the mower.

The Bosch Arm 37 blade is removable, so it can be retightened regularly. It is better to give this lawn mower as a gift. We are talking about plots, even if it is on a tubercle, the knife can bend.

3. DDE LME3313.


  • Mowing width / height: 33 cm / 20-65 mm
  • Mowing area: 400 m²
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Electric motor (1300 W) from power cable
  • Grass end in rigid grass catcher box, backwards

The lightest and most affordable lawn mower in this ranking. It is ideal for small lawns that need to be kept in acceptable condition and not cleared of tall and dense grass.

On the budget model indicates only a small grass catcher box of 27 liters and manual mowing height adjustment (3 levels). As for the rest, the owners have no censure: the mowed grass is collected tightly, the knife withstands even collisions with branches and stones.

2: Ryobi RLM 13E33s


  • Cutting width / height: 33 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Mowing area: 300 m²
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Electric motor (1300 W) from power cable
  • Grass end in soft grass catcher box, rear
  • Mulch

With this mower, you don’t have to choose between price and features. It’s everything you need to quickly and effortlessly transform your area from overgrown to well-groomed. It has a mulching plug, mowing height adjustment (5 levels) and the possibility to eject the grass to the rear.

Maneuverability and lightness of the Mowal allows it to cope with both a child and an elderly gardener.

Ryobi Rlm 13E33s has a small volume of 35 liters and a small mowing area. Therefore, for a large dacha, it is better to take care of something more powerful.

1. the Makita ELM3320


  • Mowing width / height: 33 cm / 20-55 mm
  • Mowing area: 400 m²
  • Weight: 10,2 kg
  • Electric motor (1200 W) from power cable
  • Grass outlet in soft grass catcher box

Top 2022 lawn mowers are headed by an inexpensive model from a well-known brand. According to Russian users, the Makita ELM3320 has good features, lightness and ease of use.

It does not have as powerful a cutting power as other electric non-powered models, but it is quite suitable for a small lawn (up to 4 acres).

The Makita ELM3320 is equipped with a 30-litre soft collector with hopper, a folding handle with adjustable height and a three-stage mowing height adjustment. Collective motor with belt transmission.

Due to its compact size, the lawnmower easily passes between the beds and confidently collects the grass without rushing, even with an almost completely full grass catcher box. It mows both dry and wet grass after a rain.

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