How to choose an electric snowman?

Competent choice of an electric snowthrower: what the buyer needs to know

Obesity and snow drifts, accumulated during the winter, cause a lot of inconvenience, and it is difficult and problematic to cope with them manually. Automate the snowfield and significantly reduce the time of cleaning areas after a snowfall will help electric snow blowers – lightweight compact devices that are ideal for home use.


Unlike bulky diesel models, electric snow blowers benefit from:

  • ease of maintenance;
  • noiseless operation;
  • low weight;
  • low cost;
  • efficiency;
  • high maintainability.

The only disadvantage of the device is the dependence on the power supply, which somewhat limits the range of its movement and range. However, the power and functions of electric models are quite enough to clean sidewalks, paths, lawns, areas near private benches and commercial facilities.

The experts of the portal “Garden Helper” will tell you how to choose an electric snowplow to take full advantage of this type of equipment.

Parameter #1: engine power

The performance of the machine should be evaluated in conjunction with the area to be cleaned and the thickness of the snow cover. Only a high-performance machine can cope with dense bowls, ice, and large snow banks formed during heavy snowstorms.

Take into account the peculiarities of climatic regions with high humidity. Wet snow often falls, sticking to sidewalks and inherently weighing more because of its high density. If you focus on inferior equipment, you risk spending more time snowballing with less efficiency.

The most powerful electric snow presses (2 kW or more) are designed to remove snow drifts up to 30 cm thick. For mid-level models, the maximum thickness of snow is 15-20 cm.

As for the cleaning area, small electric snow blowers are effective on areas up to 50 m2. Powerful installations can be used on larger areas, if the length of the cable and the availability of a power source allow.

Important: To connect the snowthrower, only use a cable braided in frost-resistant rubber.

Carver Ste 2346

1 Schnitzer Ste 2346.jpg

  • engine power – 2,3 kW;
  • cleaning system – one-stage;
  • snow collection height – 25 cm;
  • throw distance – 6 m;
  • working width – 46 cm;
  • Chute rotation angle – 180°;
  • The weight of the device – 13 kg.

Cost: 8,990 ₽.

Powerful snow blower can easily cope with the snow cover of 20-25 cm in thickness and qualitatively cleans the territory close to the structure. Thanks to the rubberized edges of the blades, the device is safe for paving stones, tiles and other delicate types of pavement. No serious physical effort is required to operate the machine – it is easy to manipulate even with one hand.

  • Rubberized blades for safe cleaning;
  • high maneuverability;
  • light weight;
  • high power;
  • shock absorber.
  • small snow band width;
  • small wheel diameter;
  • relatively short mains cable.

Parameter #2: Snow grip size

This is a characteristic that is selected strictly individually – depending on the landscape and properties of the area. On narrow paths, a too wide handle will not work, and it will be more difficult to manipulate the machine in front of the shovel because of the growing snowball. However, choosing an electric snow blower with a wide handle is justified for cleaning large flat areas – the work is faster, and only one pass is needed instead of 2-3 passes.

Care in the hot summer.

Sibrtec ESB-20000

2 Sibrtech ESB-20000.jpg

  • Engine power – 2 kW;
  • Snow cover height – 30 cm;
  • working width – 46 cm;
  • Range of snow removal – 9 m;
  • Type of snails – smooth, rubber;
  • Snow clearing system – one-stage;
  • Net weight – 15 kg.

Price of the device on the website of “Garden Helper”: 12.290 ₽.

The electric snow snail with single-stage cleaning system is designed for clearing freshly fallen snow at close range. It works effectively on paving stones, asphalt paths and creates a clean swath up to 46 cm wide. Snow clearing at a distance of up to 9 m greatly facilitates cleaning and increases its own maneuverability.

  • High performance;
  • visibility and compactness;
  • low noise level;
  • Combination of quality and price.
  • Limited length of the mains cable;
  • Plastic bucket, which must be handled carefully.

Important: Models with plastic can only be used to clean crusts and ice cream if this is specified in the instructions.

Option #3: Cleaning System

The type of snow blower system is determined by the number of steps. The disposable system (snail) is characterized by a small range of throwing snow – this type of equipment is considered simpler and is suitable for cleaning small areas. When choosing such a device, pay attention to the width of the cleaned path – it should not exceed the route of ejection by more than 2 times. Otherwise, during the work you will have to remove not only the freshly fallen snow, but also a new layer formed as a result of the snow blower.

Models with a two-stage system (auger rotor) are more versatile. The rotor accelerates the snow mass to the desired speed and easily throws the clumps to a distance of 8 meters or more. These devices show the best results economically, even at lower outputs.

Greenworks Ges13

3 Greenworks Ges13.jpg

  • The power of the device is 1.8 kW;
  • Snow clearing system – one-stage;
  • recording strips – 51 cm;
  • snow collection height – 25 cm;
  • Area of fall – 6 m;
  • Snails – smooth, combined (rubber + plastic);
  • Noise level – 101 dB;
  • Weight – 15 kg.

Cost: 8,990 ₽.

The single-stage device has decent working parameters – it throws snow at a distance of 6 m and leaves a clean path with a width of 51 cm. Clever design allows you to install a throwing shaft with a diffuser and safety. Include.

  • Ergonomics – support wheels and folding handle for compact storage;
  • Snail made of durable reinforced plastic;
  • Nozzles effectively handle deep snow
  • Performance comparable to gasoline counterparts.
  • High noise level;
  • Short power cable.

Parameter #4: Direction and range of snow throw

A good electric sweeper should provide a large selection of discharged snow. Otherwise, additional snow drifts and snow drifts are formed, which reduce performance and worsen cleaning. The device should leave behind a smooth and clean path, so the optimal throwing rate is 6 meters or more. Models in which both the area and direction of snow throw can be adapted are an added advantage. In some Snowpock machines, the user has the ability to change the angle not only horizontally, but also vertically.

Feeding hungry plants after winter!

Al-Ko Snowline 46e

4 Al-Ko Snowline 46e.jpg

  • Engine power – 2 kW;
  • cleaning system – one-stage;
  • Area of snow removal – 10 m;
  • Bucket width – 46 cm;
  • The maximum height of the snow layer – 30 cm;
  • Setting the position of the channel – is from the control panel;
  • The weight of the device – 15 kg.

Model price: 12,710 ₽.

The Al-Ko-Schneelinus 46e electric snowman is one of the most popular in the world. It is appreciated for its optimal combination of basic technical characteristics, quality with high assembly and decent efficiency of efficiency. The model is well adapted to the conditions of harsh climates and perfectly copes with the cleaning of areas, parking lots, pedestrian lifts and roadsides. High speed and snow area are provided by the auxiliary bike.

  • High maneuverability and passability;
  • wide range of applications;
  • Large selection of settings;
  • Large selection of snow emissions;
  • Frost resistance.
  • relatively high price;
  • A power cable is not included.

Parameter #5: The weight of the unit

The overall weight of the structure is crucial if people with poor physical fitness are involved in cleaning. Women, young people and the elderly may find it difficult to cope with a bulky snowmobile. Difficulties may arise already at the preparatory stage – the device must be delivered to the place of work, and then returned to the garage or other utility room.

Important! All electric snowplow presses are small, but even in this class you can choose miniature models with good efficiency.

Huter SGC 2000

5 Huter SGC 2000e.jpg

  • The type of snow blower – single-deck;
  • Single capacity – 2 kW;
  • The width / height of the snow flowers – 46/20 cm;
  • Ejection area – 3 m;
  • Type of auger – combined material (rubber + plastic);
  • Weight of the network – 10 kg.

Cost in our online store: 11 590 ₽.

Huter’s compact snow net will become his reliable helper in the winter season. It easily manages to clean up an area of up to 150 m2 without making annoying noises. Thanks to its low weight and comfortable maneuverable wheels, it is easy to operate, no more difficult than a lawn mower. Rubberized inserts in the contact zone with the surface provide soft responsibility. However, it is not recommended to use this snow blower on uneven areas with flooring.

  • light weight;
  • compactness;
  • noiseless operation;
  • ease of operation.
  • small power;
  • small selection of emissions;
  • short cables.

General recommendations for choosing an electric snow blower

If you need a completely self-contained unit that works independently of the mains, choose battery-powered cleaners. They are charged similarly to appliances, and the operating time depends directly on the capacity of the battery.

When choosing a unit, pay attention to additional parameters:

  • Mobility of design – wheels, folding handles, handles, stands, holders make it easy to store and transport the devices;
  • Lighting system – the built-in headlight facilitates the process of cleaning in the dark.
  • Type of gutter control – the ability to set the level and direction of snow runoff is a big plus.
  • Heated handles – appropriate in very cold weather;
  • The possibility of installing a brush – suitable for more thorough cleaning of the surface.
Defeat the gasoline hedge trimmer or electric trimmer

We have highlighted 5 main criteria that will help you choose an electric snow blower for budgetary needs. First of all, pay attention when buying to the characteristics of the yard area – the total area, the width of the trails and the type of coverage. And only then decide on the strength, size of the snow colors, throwing distance, mass, design and additional features.

How to choose a snow blower for a private home: tips zoom zoom

Snowplow machine greatly simplifies the cleaning of the site in winter: you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on manual clearing of paths. However, choosing the right device – a difficult task, because on the market there are many models with different features and in different price categories. The editors of zoom.cnews tell you what you should pay attention to when choosing a snow blower.

How to choose a snow blower for a private house: tips zoom

According to the principle of operation, the snow blower something like a lawn mower, only without the sound: they push them in the right direction, the bucket grinds the snow, which is bound by an auger, and then the goss – it is also called a pipe.

However, snow attacks have many different variations. Which device fits these factors. By the way, we recently announced what snow blowers in the price category tend to choose up to 60,000 rubles.

Self-propelled or non-self-propelled device

Self-propelled snow blower Mecker goes independently, it only needs to be guided, and non-self-propelled – to push in front of you. Electric and battery-powered 10 to 20 kg are most often not known.

Huter SGC 46/20ee non-self-propelled electric snowmobile

Self-propelled snowmobiles are made heavier, as moving a device weighing 50 to 100 kg is a challenge.

Patriot PS 603 self-propelled gasoline snow blower

For a small yard, a self-propelled machine is suitable for cleaning paths. However, if the area of action exceeds 10 acres, it is better to look at the self-propelled model.

Engine type: gasoline, electric or battery

Depending on the type of engine, snowplows are divided into electric, battery-powered and gasoline-powered machines. The most productive are gasoline-powered, they are usually equipped with engines rated from 3 to 11 hp (that’s about 2 to 8 kW) and therefore cope with large areas, snowdrifts with a height of about 50 cm, on which the snow and even ice.

MTD Smart Me 61 petrol snow blower

For large areas and in areas with snowy winters, it is better to buy a snow blower with a gasoline engine. But remember: These machines are quite expensive to maintain – in addition to the cost of gasoline and oil, you will have to pay for regular inspections.

Elitech SM 2E Electric Snowcat

Most electric models have a power of 2-3.5 kW and are designed for small areas (15-20 hectares). These machines are designed only for fresh snow height no more than 20-25 cm, the range of their work is limited by the power cable, the length of which is usually 50-60 m – this must be taken into account when choosing equipment.

Greenworks GD40 Cordless Snowblower

Cordless snow blowers usually have a capacity of about 2 kW and are only suitable for clearing thin snow. But they are self-sufficient, easy to use and maintain, and are not tied to a power outlet. Therefore, if you plan to remove freshly fallen snow in a small area, it makes sense to choose an electric or battery-powered machine.

T-180 bulldozer - description and properties

Traction: on wheels or tracks

Electric and battery-powered snow throwers are wheeled only because they are designed for light snow and light terrain. But gasoline-powered machines can have both wheeled and tracked traction.

Tracked models are less slippery in drifts, better able to cope with difficult terrain and do not slide on ice. There are few such snow blowers on the market, they weigh 100-120 kg and cost considerably more than wheeled models, but they are indispensable in heavy snowfall and ice.

Honda HSS655ET1 – gasoline snow blower with crawler engine

Gasoline-powered wheeled snow blowers weigh less (about 50-80 kg), are more maneuverable than tracked ones, but can get stuck in deep snow or slip on ice. When choosing a wheeled device, buy a snow blower with winter tread on the tires – it is more passable and less sloshing.

bucket width and height

On average, the width of the bucket can range from 20 to 100 cm. For electric snow blowers, a good indicator is 40 cm, and for gasoline-powered – 50-70 cm, a maximum of 115 cm. A device with too small a bucket cleans the yard for a very long time, and too large a bucket reduces the maneuverability of the snow thrower. For example, it is difficult to remove snow from a narrow driveway.

Hyundai S 7066 gasoline snow thrower with a shovel width of 76 cm and a working height of 51 cm

In addition to the width, the height of the handle is important – it depends on it, whether the machine will be able to remove a high layer of snow. For electric snow blowers the normal value is 10-20 cm: this is enough if the site does not accumulate snowdrifts. A gasoline models can easily “eat” snow with a height of 40-75 cm.

It is good if the bucket has a guide skids to adjust its height above the surface. They are needed in order not to scratch the coating under the snow (for example, wooden floors) and not to damage the bucket itself and the snow blower, if it accidentally gets a stone.

auger material

The snow shredding auger can be plastic or metal.

Plastic does not tolerate ice, crust and dense snow, but does not scratch the surface and is suitable for cleaning porches or terraces. More often it is put on electric snow blowers for cleaning fresh snow.

Denzel SBM 610 with scalloped auger

The metal auger can be smooth or embossed. It is equipped with gasoline models for shredding dense clumps of snow or ice. However, in this case, you risk damaging the paths, especially wooden and tiled. To avoid this, choose a model with a rubberized auger – this will protect the surface from damage.

snow throwing distance

An important advantage of the snow blower compared to the shovel is that it mixes the snow by the “snail” system and throws it through a metal or plastic slide. As a result, the snow is evenly distributed on the site and along the paths do not form drifts that need to be scattered in the spring.

Keeping gardening equipment in working condition before winter

Champion StT1170E gasoline snow blower with metal shaft with a throw distance of up to 17 m

We recommend choosing a model with a metal snow throwing shaft, it is more durable than the plastic one, although it costs more.

As for the width of the excavation, 3-5 meters is enough in a small room. It makes sense to throw snow over large areas: Choose a snow thrower with a throwing range of 10-15 m.

Additional options

Gasoline snow blowers can also be equipped with an electric starter, headlights and heating handles.

Electric starter allows you to start the device faster than a conventional system with a cable. True, there is a nuance: the starter may not work in severe frost.

Interskol SMB-650E with an electric starter, headlights and heated handles

As for the headlights, the snow can be cleaned at night, as the snow blades are quite loud (about 100 dB). On the other hand, it gets dark early in winter, and the lights certainly come in handy.

And a heated handle is necessary so your hands don’t freeze while working – it increases your comfort while working.

The alternative: a sweeper

If you have a small plot and in winter there are no meter-long drifts nearby, you can buy a sweeper instead of a snow blower. In addition to a brush to sweep up freshly fallen snow, you can install a blade shovel to clear away snow drifts.

Champion GS5562 sweeper

The device is powerful (5-7 hp) costs about the same as a gasoline snow blower link with the same capacity, but can be used year-round: in winter to clear snow, in summer to sweep Because .

Results: Which snow blower to choose?

For a small area of up to 20 acres or for cleaning because of low-snow winters, choose an electric or battery-powered snow blower 2-3 kW. It’s cheaper than a gasoline-powered one, easy to use and wait for, and suitable for cleaning a porch or patio.

If there is a lot of snow, get a machine with a gasoline engine rated at 4-7 hp (3-5 kW). The width of the excavation may not be very large – 5-10 m, but it is better to choose a metal pipe. Also check whether the bikes have a good winter profile.

For a large plot of 20 acres, especially in regions with snowy winters, you need a gasoline snow blower with a capacity of 5 to 10 hp. It is better to take a device with a wide bucket (about 60-70 cm), a handle height of 40-50 cm and a metal snail. If you have a wooden patch, the snail should be rubberized, and if you want to fight with the ice crust, it should be shaped. Also, ideally you need a guide ski for the bucket. Choose a metal nozzle and a big enough throw of snow (from 10 m) to distribute it evenly over the area.

In most cases, machines on wheels will suffice, but if the area is difficult or ice crusts form, you should consider tracked snow throwers.

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