How to choose a lawn mower for a small garden?

How to choose a lawn mower for a small garden?

A small garden is not only a charming place to relax in the summer, but also an obligation that, among other things, requires caution. The most recurring of these is mowing, which can be problematic even with small lawns. Find out how choosing the right lawn mower can make a difference.

Small garden = not much work?

It’s nice to have a garden on your property: in the summer you have a place to barbecue and spend time with friends, and in the winter you can make a snowman or build an igloo in front of the house. On the other hand, there is often a lot of work to be done, at all times of the year, to keep the garden tidy and properly prepared. Of course, the most common duty is mowing the grass, regardless of the size of the plot you have. It is worth choosing the best devices that are adapted to your needs. We offer a large selection of electric, gasoline and manual mowers. The right mower will save you time and effort.

Electric – versatile machines for any conditions

You can choose from a variety of devices presented in catalogs. So by spending a little time you are sure to find a mower that meets your requirements. For small gardens, which often have many winding alleys or alleys, electric mowers are ideal. They generally have a relatively high output that tackles tall grass quickly and efficiently. A good example of such a model is the 34 Collector. The mower is equipped with a 1000-watt electric motor, and due to its low weight (only 8.7 kg) it is very easy to operate.

An important advantage is also the 25 liter basket in which grass cuttings are collected. Storing it in the garden can lead to an inhibition of lawn development and a lack of air circulation. You will also save time that would have been spent mowing. What’s important for mowing small areas, if an electric mower runs quieter unlike a gasoline mower, doesn’t emit exhaust fumes, and is more convenient and easier to maintain.

Maybe more environmentally friendly?

Many small garden owners decide to buy a manual mower, which is much smaller and lighter than its electric counterpart. The main advantage of such a device is that it does not require a power source. The cable should be carefully stored in the immediate vicinity of the working equipment. The manual mower we offer works very quietly, which distinguishes it from most mechanical models.

It also guarantees the most precise cut and the best mowing results. The body is made of steel, and the nylon wheels provide a smooth and easy ride. You can mow up to 40 cm wide. You can also freely adjust the grass cutting height – from 15 mm to 32 mm. The cutting blades are driven by your muscles when you push the machine. So it works best when your garden is relatively flat.

With Stiga’s advanced technology, you take professional care of your lawn.

Concluding remarks or mini-thesis

If your garden is very small or full of nooks and crannies that a classic electric mower can’t reach, a small trimmer is the perfect solution. With the SG 600 electric trimmer, every bit of lawn is within reach. It only weighs 2.74 kg which, combined with a comfortable ironing handle, guarantees maximum mowing comfort. The adjustable blade head angle allows you to cut all kinds of edges accurately, and the 30 cm wide blade makes it easy to cut tall grass quickly.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a lawn mower. Of course, mobile and productive lawn mowers – electric, hand-held and trimmers – are the best solution for small lawns. When choosing, you should also consider the planned frequency of mowing and terrain relief. All these parameters will allow you to choose the best model that best suits your needs and will allow you to make a beautiful and evenly mowed lawn. …

How to choose a lawn mower

Remember what an English gardener answered when a visiting tourist asked how to get that well-maintained lawn in front of his house? The son of misty Albion calmly replied: “You need to sow good grass and, when it grows, mow it. After a week, mow it again. The next week, cut it again. And so on for three hundred years.” That joke, as always, is only part of the joke. To get a good lawn, you really have to take regular care of it. Fortunately, there are better tools for that today than there were three hundred years ago. And if you’ve stopped by our store to find out which lawn mower is best to buy, this article is especially for you.

The choice of devices for lawn care is very extensive. This family includes both lawn mowers and trimmers, which were designed for small lawns or areas where large lawn mowers can’t reach. You can read about choosing trimmers in a separate article, and here we will tell you in detail how to choose the right lawn mower.

Types of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers on the market can be divided into five main types:

  • electric
  • petrol
  • horse
  • robot
  • mechanical .

To decide which lawn mower to choose for a cottage or professional lawn mowing, first familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages characteristic of each type:

Electric lawn mower

They are most often used in relatively small areas. The reason is obvious – the range of an electric lawnmower is limited by the length of the power cable. It is not very pleasant to drag a long dick, and still make sure that the lawnmower does not damage it. Nevertheless, electric lawn mowers are practical for working in the garden, wherever there is a possibility of connection.

Advantages of electric lawn mowers:

  • Noise- This does not mean that the electric lawnmower is completely silent, but a comparison with a gasoline lawnmower will certainly not be in favor of the latter. The maximum recorded sound of an electric lawnmower is barely 50 dB, while a gasoline engine is 90.
  • Profitability. No gasoline, no motor oil, no spark plugs. Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline.
  • Eco-friendliness. Complete absence of harmful emissions.
  • Price. The most expensive electric lawnmower costs about 5 or more times cheaper than a similarly equipped gasoline lawnmower.
  • Lightness. This makes the devices much easier to transport.
  • Humble. Electric lawn mowers require minimal maintenance. No inspections or repairs to the piston system. And if a burned-out electric motor needs to be rewound, it will cost much less than repairing an internal combustion engine.
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Disadvantages of electric lawnmowers:

  • Dependence on the mains. As mentioned, you won’t get any farther away from the outlet than the length of wire will allow. Or you are forced to use extension cords, which also does not fit with the work process. But it’s not just the length of the mains cable that limits the range of the area to be handled.
  • weak current The electric motors installed on such lawns are much weaker than internal combustion engines. The approximate operating power range of such motors is 900-2000 watts. However, they are prone to overheating, so you have to stop periodically to let the motor cool down. Prolonged overheating can lead to serious malfunction. However, most modern models are equipped with a special thermal attribute that prevents the electric motor from reaching a dangerous level of overheating.

Gasoline lawn mower

Perhaps the most popular type of lawn mowers. Almost all professional units belong to this group. As a rule, gasoline lawnmowers are used on plots of more than three acres, but they are also used in small areas, when there is no possibility to connect to the electric network. If you are interested in how to choose a gasoline lawnmower, read about the disadvantages and advantages of this type:

Advantages of gasoline lawn mowers:

  • Autonomy. Independence from external energy sources.
  • Productivity. Gasoline models copy much more complex ranges than electric ones.
  • Working session duration. The engine does not need to stop for cooling. Working session duration is limited only by fuel tank capacity.
  • Maneuverability. Due to the lack of a mains cord, gasoline lawnmowers are actively used in landscapes with complex design (alpine hills, trees, bushes).

Disadvantages of petrol lawnmowers:

  • Low environmental friendliness. The most obvious and significant disadvantage. Exhaust fumes, which are an integral part of the internal combustion engine, can cause discomfort.
  • Noise- Here again, the operation of the gasoline engine is associated with noise in excess of 90 dB.
  • Strange maintenance. The internal combustion engine requires regular, you have to spend money on fuel and lubricants, regularly change spark plugs.
  • Large weight, due to which such lawnmowers are impractical for transportation.

Choosing a gasoline lawnmower, pay attention to the engine power.

For domestic models, 2.3-5 hp engines are used. C. with an approximate volume of 110-190 cc. Such models are usually used to handle areas of no more than 8 acres in size. For such an engine, a service life of about 700 hours is usually specified. This means that after seven hundred hours of work, it will have to undergo a scheduled repair.

Semi-professional lawnmowers are equipped with engines of 5-7 liters. C. with a working volume of 160 to 200 cm³. Such a device allows you to process a graph from 5 to 20 acres. The operating time of the vehicles reaches 1 200 hours.

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Finally, professional lawn mowers are equipped with an engine with 7 horses or more. At that, the engine volume usually exceeds 200 cc, and the engine life reaches 2500 hours or more. Such devices are used not only by utilities, but also by private professionals who want to buy a lawn mower with a good durability. In addition to a powerful engine, such models are characterized by increased functionality. They usually have on board additional trimmers, mulchers, etc.

Except petrol lawnmowers there are so-called riders.


In a nutshell, the rider is a lawnmower, equipped with a saddle, steering wheel and pedals. That is, it does not need to be pushed, it does not even need to walk behind it. The driver himself will drive you on the road and cut the grass.

In addition to mowing the grass, you can perform a number of functions with the help of the driver. On some models, instead of a mower deck, you can install a snow removal attachment at the front. In addition, there is a bracket at the back, on which you can also attach additional equipment (seed drill, plow, trailer with a small load, etc.).

It is worth noting right away that riders come not only with gasoline. There are also battery-powered riders, but they are still quite rare and not very popular.

The main purpose of the rider is to process large areas of turf. At the same time the maneuverability of these devices is very high, which allows you to thoroughly treat even areas with a complex configuration. The most common application of riders – mowing sports lawns (stadiums, golf courses), they are also actively used by utilities. But also private owners who have large garden plots, often buy a rider for their needs.

The benefits of the rider basically repeat the same list of benefits of other gasoline lawnmowers. To this you can add the obvious: the work with the rider is less tedious than with any other lawn mower.

The only drawback is the relatively high price. However, it is more than compensated by the performance, ease of use, versatility and speed of lawn preparation.

Speaking of power. The power of the engines, which the drivers are equipped with, reaches 20 hp. C. at a working volume of up to 650 cm³. The operating time of such engines starts from 4-5 thousand hours, and in some models it reaches 10 thousand hours.

Robot lawn mower, lawn mower

This type of garden equipment has not yet had time to fully conquer the market, but it seems that everything is going to. The robotic lawnmower differs from other types in that it requires minimal human intervention. In general, this device looks like an ordinary lawn mower, the only difference is that it does not have a handle. But it is not needed – the work of the robotic lawnmower is carried out by one of the built-in programs, and it is controlled either from the remote control or from a mobile device, thanks to a large number of sensors that allow you to cope with the site yourself.

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Power comes from a battery for charging, which the lawnmower can return to the charging station on its own. The robot is able to bypass obstacles, stop the rotation of the blade in case of collision with a stone or make another pass over the area where the grass has already been mowed to the desired height.

Its advantages are obvious, but there are also disadvantages:

  • Price. For obvious reasons, these devices are still quite expensive for the average consumer.
  • No grass catcher. All robot models without exception are not equipped with a grass garbage can. The grass cuttings always remain on the lawn, which does not have an optimal effect on the lawn (see below in the section on mulchers).
  • site requirements. The site should be level and, if possible, free of stones. In addition, it must be properly prepared. For the operation of the robot in particular, the working area must be delimited by a special cable which is run along the perimeter of the mowed area (the cable is powered by the charging station when the batteries of the robot are discharged). An area cluttered with flowerbeds, paths or rock gardens is not a good training ground for a robotic lawnmower.

All robotic lawnmowers are divided into devices for mowing small (up to 500 square meters), medium (up to 2000 square meters) and large (over 2000 square meters) lawns. The battery capacity and the maximum mowing width depends on this parameter.

This type is one of the most affordable options. The blades that cut the grass are driven by the rotation of the wheels as the mower rolls across the plot.

Mechanical lawn mower

The advantages of mechanical lawn mowers:

  • Absolute autonomy. Neither electricity nor gasoline are needed for operation. A mechanical lawn mower is always ready to work.
  • Profitability. No operating costs other than your own time.
  • Easy care.
  • Environmentally friendly. No emissions.
  • No noise. No noise during operation.

Disadvantages of mechanical lawnmowers:

  • Poor performance. Used mainly for small areas.
  • Specificity of work. It is necessary to get used to this lawnmower.
  • Limitations on the height of the mowed grass. Mechanical lawnmowers can not cope with long and thick grass.
  • Small grass catcher box or no grass catcher box. Typically, mechanical lawn mowers leave the grass clippings in place, some models may be equipped with a small grass collector.
  • Physical strain on the user. Since muscle power is the only source of energy, working with a mechanical lawn mower is very tiring.

Despite the abundance of electric and gasoline models, mechanical lawn mowers are in demand among small plot owners due to their cheapness and economy. Also among professional gardeners there is an opinion that the mechanical models are more gentle to the mowed grass.

We have described the characteristics of different types of lawn mowers. But there are some characteristics that are common to all types.

Criteria for choosing a lawn mower

Here we will look at the individual elements of lawn mowers that have, or can have, both gasoline and electric units.

Freshforex types of work

Lawn mower housings and decks

Sometimes the two are confused, but the housing and deck are different structural elements.

The deck is called the supporting part of the structure, the frame to which all the other units and assemblies are attached. The body usually covers the top of the lawnmower and covers the mechanisms from external influences.

The following materials are used to manufacture the deck and body:

  • Plastic is the cheapest option. Not susceptible to corrosion, but very susceptible to mechanical stress and temperature fluctuations;
  • High-impact ABS-plastic withstands shocks, is fairly resistant to abrasion. Even a few deep scratches will not affect the operation of the device;
  • Steel is strong, reliable, not very expensive. But it is very important, and if you damage the anti-corrosion coating, it can be destroyed by rust.
  • Aluminum is the most practical, but also the most expensive option. It is lightweight, not prone to corrosion, durable. Professional models are most often mounted on aluminum decorative elements.

Lawnmower wheels

It is preferable to choose a lawn mower with a large diameter and width of the wheels, as well as with a fairly rough profile pattern. This provides easier handling and the ability to overcome difficult terrain. In addition, larger wheels are less traumatized by lawn grass and soil.

There are also bikes that are mounted on spare or sliding boards. The former are more expensive, but more durable, reliable and economical due to the lack of friction.

Meadow mowers.

There are no homemade or self-propelled lawn mowers.

In the case of non-self-propelled lawn mowers, all the power of the electric unit goes to rotate the cutting mechanism, and the movement is done by the user’s muscle power. In other words, you have to push the mower yourself. This option is better suited to areas.

Self-propelled lawn mowers drive, you just have to drive them. Under self-propelled, a distinction is made between front-, rear- or all-wheel-drive lawn mowers. Each option has its own advantages:

The elements of adapting a lawn mower

Half lawn grass catchers, mulching feature

When the grass catcher box is not in use, the grass clippings can be tossed to the back or to the side. Some models allow both, and the mulching function mentioned above may be available.

The mulch is dragged into a fine dust along with the grass clippings, in order to use it later as an organic fertilizer. It is recommended to leave the mulched grass on the lawn from time to time. This has a positive effect on its condition. However, it should not be carried away. Experts advise not to leave the lawn with mulched grass more than once a week, otherwise it will not have time to rot, and the growing grass will have access to sunlight.

As you have probably already realized, there is no universal recipe for the user. The choice depends entirely on the properties of your site, your preferences and budget.

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