How to choose a lawn mower? 9 tips from the expert stig

How to choose a lawn mower: 9 best models

Many owners of dacha plots are proud of their perfect lawn. Lawn mower is a necessary device, because it helps to cut the grass most effectively. In this article, we’ll break down the most important varieties, properties and popular models of lawn mowers.

The most important features and characteristics of lawn mowers: What you should pay attention to

Now on the shelves of hardware stores you can find many lawn mowers of different types, brands and models. To understand this variety is not easy. To begin with, you need to understand what the main differences are and what characteristics you should pay attention to in the first place.

The main features and characteristics of the lawnmower

Lawn mowers are differentiated by the following parameters:

  • Type of engine;
  • Power;
  • Type of wire;
  • Types of movement;
  • Height and width of mowing;
  • Body material;
  • Principle of grass discharge;
  • Handle and radial options.

Engine type

The engine can be electric or gasoline. Electric ones, in turn, are divided into battery-powered and mains-powered; They are simply not self-propelled. But gasoline-powered ones can be self-propelled.

Non-self-propelled lawnmowers need to be pushed to keep them moving forward. The motor is responsible for turning the blade. They weigh a maximum of 18-20 kg and can handle an area of up to 8 hectares. Self-propelled mowers weigh more and can process up to 30 hectares if they move with a certain speed; in addition, they drive themselves (the owner only has to steer).

The most modern cordless mowers are robots. The principle of their work is the same as that of the robotic vacuum cleaners known to us. You only need to set the coordinates of the area and the desired height and width of mowing. Everything else the technique does without its participation; at the end of the work, the mower returns to the charger.

Drive type

There are front, rear and all-wheel drive. The first option – the most maneuverable and the easiest to use, but it works only on a level surface. The main thing is to regularly empty the basket with grass clippings.

drive type

Cars with rear-wheel drive have good cross-country ability, but are difficult to operate and uncomfortable on corners. Some models handle slopes and bumps well (especially if they have large bikes installed).

Maximum capacity and performance is for four-wheelers. They weigh at least 50 kg and cost more than others.


To effectively mow the grass, choose devices with at least medium capacity and pay attention to the class of the engine. A particularly powerful motor is needed if you plan to mow the lawn or if your plot is overgrown. This indicator is most important for self-propelled devices: they have the maximum load on the engine, since it is responsible for mowing and moving the mower.

Mowing height and width

Modern lawnmowers can set the height and width of the cut with special attachments. Sometimes it is necessary to shorten the grass to 3-4 centimeters, and sometimes to 4-7. The levers can be located on the axles of the wheels, in any wheel or on a central stepping system. The mowing width depends on the engine power. As for the ejection of grass, most often it is thrown back or on the side, but on modern devices there is usually a special grass catcher, its volume is from 40 to 60 liters. Some lawnmowers also have a mulching function, that is, shredding the grass.

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As a rule, the body of the lawnmower consists of plastic, steel or aluminum. Plastic is lightweight and needs to be kept warm. Steel is harder and its top layer is easily scratched, which can lead to rust. Aluminum – strong, lightweight and resistant to corrosion, so it is used in the most expensive and most powerful units.

Grass storage container can consist of fabric or plastic. But it is better to choose a combined version (the side walls are made of fabric, and the lid and bottom are made of plastic). Such a container is easy to clean and has air circulation.

Wheels and handle

It is best to choose a hair with wheels rather than outlets. A three-wheeled lawnmower is more maneuverable and a four-wheeled one is more stable. Bicycles need to be large if good cross-country mobility is important to them.

The handle should be adjustable so you can adjust the mower to suit you.

What type of lawn mower is best for mowing the lawn in the countryside

The most budget-friendly option for reducing the lawn area in the countryside is a simple mechanical lawn mower. It weighs little (maximum 10 kg), does not make noise, it has good maneuverability and no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It is also robust and time-tested. However, this option is only suitable for a relatively small and not overgrown area.

What type of mower is best for mowing the lawn

More often than not, people choose gasoline or electric lawn mowers for dacha. Gasoline lawnmowers are considered quite powerful (engine volume from 4 to 133 cm3) and it is reasonable to give them, especially since you do not have to look for a power source. Since you do not have a cable, you can freely move around the plot regardless of its area. The electric method is better to treat a small and relatively flat lawn.

Many people prefer the more expensive, self-powered models, which do not require the participation of people. A robotic lawnmower is considered convenient: it copes with itself and even remembers the area with which it has already said goodbye. These devices can have other useful features: a camera, an alarm, a rain sensor.

There is no right answer to the question of which lawn mower is best for dacha. Much depends on your budget, the peculiarities of the terrain (whether it is uneven surface, heavily overgrown with grass) and your wishes (for example, whether you want to mow yourself or prefer a self-made model; whether you are comfortable pulling the wire or pulling the wire, that the device must be powered by battery; regardless of whether the tank to collect the cut grass; regardless of whether maneuverability is important. Etc.) Next, we’ll review a few popular and well-preserved lawn mowers.

Top 9 lawn mowers: garden equipment and tools

The most popular brands-makers of garden equipment and tools producing lawn mowers:

  • Makita;
  • Al-Ko;
  • Husqvarna;
  • Champion;
  • Bosch;
  • Huler;
  • Garden.

Here are some popular models.

Al-Ko soft touch 38 HM Cormfort

Lightweight mechanical mower for small areas (up to 250 sq. m.) weighs less than 8 kg. It provides a smooth cut due to 5 knives with a working width of 38 cm. The grass height can be adjusted from 14 to 35 mm. The grass catcher box is thrown to the rear, but a container can also be installed. This compact and maneuverable lawnmower costs in the range of 7,000 rubles.

Al-Ko soft touch 38 HM comfort

Gardena 400 Classic

This mechanical lawnmower with two mowers weighs about 9 kg and has a large working width – 40 cm. Reliable, it works quietly and is easy to operate. It is capable of mowing an area of up to 200 square meters with any terrain. Movement height is 12-42 mm. Throws the grass back, you can install a container to collect the grass. Is in the same price category as the previous model.

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Husqvarna 64

Another mechanical lawn mower with two mowers weighing up to 9 kg. Perfect mowing of grass with a working width of 40 cm and a mowing height of 12 to 55 m. It costs a little more than other mechanical lawnmowers (up to 10 thousand rubles).

Husqvarna 64

Makita PLM4628N

Gasoline lawnmower with a gasoline back weight of 31 kg and an average noise level. Engine power – 2.6 hp, the volume – 140 cu.m. See can treat a large area – up to 1,400 sq. m. There is a mulching option. Working width is 46 cm. Reliable and quality model, which costs 30,000 rubles.

Champion LM5347

Powerful machine on the rear frame is easy to handle, with which you can handle even large abandoned areas. Its weight is 45 kg, and the power is 6.5 hp. There is also a mulching function, 8 levels of mowing (20-80 mm). A little louder than the previous model and costs a little less.

Champion LM5347

Huter GLM-5.0 S.

Another rear-drive device, which is suitable for processing a large area. For a gasoline lawnmower, it is not the biggest weight with 39 kg. It has a 5 hp engine, high speed cutting elements and 7 grass cutters. It is easy to handle, has a large handy motor, which is suitable for large plots, including uneven. The price is 15 000 rubles.

Bosch Arm 37

Electric four lawn mower with a 1400-watt motor weighs 12 kg, mobile. Suitable for well-tilled areas up to 500 square meters. 1400 W motor power, works without battery. Provides excellent cutting quality.

Bosch Arm 37

Huter Elm-1800.

Another electric lawnmower, not the easiest (22 kg). It works without battery, engine power is 1 800 watts. Comfortable, maneuverable.

Al-Ko 112856 Classic 3.82

This maneuverable and compact tool weighs 13 kg, has a 1,400-watt motor and a dust and moisture protection system. It makes little noise and is suitable for cutting lawns on flat areas of up to 500 square meters. It has a three-speed cutting height (20-60 mm), the mowing width is 38 cm. The price is less than 10 000 rubles.

Al-Ko 112856 Classic 3.82

Brief conclusions

Here are some tips on working with a lawnmower:

  1. It is recommended to mow the grass in rubber books. The best time to mow is tomorrow or in the evening, in warm weather and with little cloud cover.
  2. If you bought a cordless or electric lawn mower, it should not be used during or immediately after rain.
  3. Before mowing, it is necessary to remove everything (furniture, toys) from the place, and it is advisable to sweep the grass first with a rake.
  4. Grass cutting blades must be well sharpened. Change the direction of mowing each time.
  5. When working on a slope, mow at an angle to the direction of the slope. Do not forget to remove grass clippings from the area if you do not have a grass catcher box.

Use a secateurs or trimmer to trim the edges of the lawn.

There are many types of lawn mowers; they vary in appearance, power, type of motor, availability of a container and many other features. Choose the device that best fits your budget, your desires, and the characteristics of the area you will be mowing the grass on.

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How to choose an electric lawn mower: tips from professionals

How to choose an electric lawn mower: tips from the pros

Do you want your meadow to turn into an elegant lawn? We’ll tell you the difference between gasoline, electric and manual lawn mowers. In addition, here are 10 lawn mowers that are most popular with Amazon users.

Oddly enough, the large selection of models makes it difficult to choose the right device. Therefore, before choosing an electric lawn mower for the country house or cottage, you should get acquainted with the main parameters of the equipment. Not only the manufacturer of the device is important, its performance and type of movement are also of great importance. In this test report, we will tell you what you should pay attention to before buying an electric lawn mower, and present you the best models according to our evaluation.

mode of travel

Before you choose a lawn mower, you should immediately decide whether you will move it yourself around the site or it will move itself. The first have an affordable price, low weight and size. They are easier to store and transport – but to move requires physical effort. Non-propelled lawn mowers should not be used by women and the elderly.

How to choose an electric lawn mower: tips from the pros

Choosing a self-propelled option that moves on its own will allow you to service larger areas. Human intervention in the operation of such a device is limited to the task of controlling the movement.

The equipment is characterized by relatively large size, weight and price, but it is suitable for working on the area u200bu200bup to 1.2 ha and has no significant impact on the operator fatigue.

In addition to two-, three- and four-wheeled mowers, there are air-cushion models. Their advantages are high maneuverability and passability on uneven terrain. But the cost of such mowers is higher than the wheeled versions, and they are more difficult to handle – hovercraft are not in great demand and are rare. One of the few electric models of this type, which can be bought in Russia in 2019 – Flymo Turbo Lite 330 with a 1.15 kW motor and a mowing width of 330 mm.

performance type

Depending on the type of power supply, electric mowers are divided into mains and cordless. Models that require connection to the mains are chosen for the ease of maintenance and long service life. With such equipment, it is possible to mow grass for as long as there is electricity in the network. The only serious disadvantage is the limited service area due to the length of the cable. Although this problem can easily be solved by buying a power extension cord with a spool, which will extend the power cord by 30, 40 or even 50 meters.

How to choose an electric lawn mower: tips from the pros

If we talk about self-propelled electric lawn mowers with a mains drive, the best models start with the BOSCH ARM 37. The device, which has received many positive reviews from buyers, is designed for the effective care of the territory of up to 500 square meters, equipped with a 1.4 kW motor and weighs only 12 kg.

The mower can also run on an electric battery. The advantages of this model are that there are no restrictions on the area. The cord does not get tangled between trees, bushes and other elements of the landscape, it does not need to be extended, it can handle areas with a lack of power.

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The disadvantages of cordless devices can include less power and time. However, the second disadvantage is not so important – most coshes with self-contained power work for at least an hour, in addition, you can use an additional battery.

Among the battery-powered, one of the best is considered to be the Makita DLM380PM2, a non-self-powered wheeled machine with a 4-hour battery. The technique is designed so that they serve 600 square meters of area hang a strip of 380 mm at a height of 250 to 750 mm.

When deciding which electric lawnmower to choose for the cottage, you can pay attention to robotic devices. The robot works silently and excludes the intervention of the operator. Disadvantages – high price, small service area, long charging time, the need to limit the circumference with special cables.

If you look through the evaluation of lawnmowers and robots, you can find a model Robomow RX20U with an electric motor of 200 watts in one of the top positions. The device can handle an area of up to 200 sq. M., is practically silent (noise level 64 dB) and works for at least 1.5 hours.

Electric motor power

How to choose an electric lawn mower: tips from the pros

One of the main questions when buying an electric lawnmower decides on its performance.

Most models are equipped with motors ranging from 500 to 3,000 watts. The more powerful the motor, the faster and longer the technique works.

But do not buy too powerful device – it will be spent a lot of electricity without a noticeable effect. Performance should be consistent with the area of the plot and the height of the grass.

To achieve the result of the standard size (6-10 acres) lawnmower with a motor of 0,6-1,0 kW. The capabilities of the same devices are enough to get action at least once a week. If the grass is mowed rarely (1-3 times per season) or the area of the plot is large enough, you should think about purchasing a lawn mower with a capacity of at least 1.5 kW.

Deepening parameters

How to choose an electric lawn mower: tips from the pros

Before you choose an electric lawn mower, it is worth learning about the recommended compliance with such a parameter as the width of the service area of the plot. The size of the serviced area is related to the properties of the lawnmower as follows:

  • For a dacha with an area of up to 500 m², choose a model with a mowing width of up to 40 cm.
  • If the area is between 5-10 acres, the width should be 40-50 cm.
  • For an area of 1000-2000 m², a technique with a mowing width of 50-60 cm is suitable.
  • If the size is large, mow with a strip of 0.6-1.2 m.

Mowing height is a parameter that can be set in most lawnmowers. The properties are changed by adjusting the axle or wheel by pushing the lever or minimum. The easiest and most advantageous option is to adjust the mowing height manually. The axle is installed in another hole on the frame of the mower.

A model with electronic control costs more. If the grass is always on the same level when mowing, this is not the way, but the limits of height adjustment.

Grass collection container

Almost every modern model of lawnmower is equipped with a grass collector – a container in which the grass is mowed. It can be hard or soft. The first type is stronger and more durable, requires almost no maintenance – but it is more difficult to adjust the filling level. Soft grass collectors need to be washed regularly, they last less – but the amount of grass that fills such a collector is noticeable even when the mower is running.

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How to choose an electric lawn mower: tips from the pros

Capacity is important for large areas. In a small area, the grass catcher box does not need to be emptied more than 1-3 times during mowing. If mulching is required, the bag or tank can be removed and work without it.

deck type

The deck is the part of the lawnmower with the blades. As a rule, the materials used for their manufacture are:

  • Aluminum – the metal that increases the price of the device;
  • Plastic – the most profitable material for the deck;
  • Steel – the middle option.

To increase the service life of the lawnmower, it will be correct to choose a model with an aluminum deck. It differs from the plastic version with increased durability, from the steel part – less weight and resistance to corrosion. The plastic deck is used in the cheapest mowing. But sometimes it does not make sense for the prevention of a plot of land from 2 to 4 acres. The engine for inexpensive and low equipment fails before the plastic deck.


Another criterion that will help you choose a quality electric lawnmower with a long life – the manufacturer of the device. To buy the most functional and reliable model, you should pay attention to the brands Bosch, Oleo-Mac, Al-Ko or Gardena. Such equipment will last longer, and it will be easier to find a service center.

It is possible to find a good legislator in quality and in the budget segment up to 10,000 rubles. One of them is the Makita DLM380Z with a 620-watt motor. However, the u200bu200bt service area is small – only 270 square meters. And therefore, the buyer of the mower must enter between its performance, cost and reliability.

Additional features and functions

How to choose an electric lawn mower: tips from the pros

The list of non-essential, but also noteworthy lawn mower parameters include:

  • A mulching feature that can shred the grass clippings and distribute them evenly over the area to fertilize the soil;
  • The way of throwing grass in the absence of a grass catcher – in most models it is in the back, for work on the edges of the road or railroad tracks is more suitable side.
  • MANUAL MATERIAL – plastic makes the mower lighter and more maneuverable, but metal equipment lasts longer and is equipped with a motor with a higher current.
  • Ability to fold handles – an option that’s convenient for storing or transporting the mower.
  • Smooth running – in budget versions it is provided by bushings made of plastic or bronze of expensive and quality brands.
  • Protection against accidental start and overheating of the electric motor;
  • The starting system can be manual, which reduces the cost of the device. However, a good device is equipped with a self-start function, which starts the motor by pressing a button.

The width, number and diameter of the wheels are important for all electric lawnmowers, except for the version with pneumatic roller. The most common and convenient models are four-wheeled, but you can also find two- and three-wheeled. The size of the wheels affect the passability – the wider and higher, the easier it is for the mower to move over uneven areas.

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