How to adapt a garden tractor for winter?

Pay attention in advance, otherwise pay dearly

Winter is a very thankless time for agricultural machinery. Negative temperatures in combination with high humidity with a hundred percent guarantee ensure the occurrence of a number of technical malfunctions. How to avoid unexpected troubles and how to protect the tractor from the upcoming expensive spring repairs?

Preparing the tractor for winter storage

Ideally, safe winter storage of the tractor only provides a dry and best heated garage. Of course, such a luxury is not allowed. Moreover, such conditions are clearly excessive. Most often, the technique is idle under a canopy, which is enough to protect cars from wind, rain and sunlight.

The mistake of the owners is an attempt to protect the car densely, and often impenetrable tarpaulins. This means that in humid conditions the technology will be constantly exposed to moisture. Its accumulation will lead to the appearance and spread of the corrosive process. In such a situation, it is important to remember that it will be much better to leave the car outdoors or use a permeable coating. The usual unraised material used to cover the earth from weeds, and in this case serve as well as possible.

Competent preparation of the tractor for the winter season should be careful cleaning, washing and processing with compressed air of all secluded places and cracks where water can accumulate. This is very important because in places of moisture accumulation, when in contact with dirt and dust, corrosion factors may appear very quickly.

Don’t forget that in the future, a conscientious and thorough approach will pay off in that it will avoid many unwanted and often unexpected costs. After all processing, all kinds of defects in a paint layer on metal elements should be carefully examined.

Methods and means of washing the tractor

When preparing the tractor for the winter, the sink is often limited to well-pressurized water from the hose. There is a common belief that you should be afraid of harsh chemicals that can damage paintwork. However, using the appropriate agent significantly speeds up and simplifies the washing process, effectively removes accumulated dirt and dissolves stains from oil products. It will be much more reliable to use a high pressure cold water sink.

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Do not hope for contactless processing. Washing the tractor really thoroughly requires the use of a soft brush. In addition, you should use a special tool to process special equipment, which mainly ensures the safety of such machines as paint and varnish, rubber, electronic cables and electronic components.

To deal with the existing places of corrosion, first estimate their size, and then remove the layer of rust with a metal brush or grinder. And only then process the element with a primer and paint of the appropriate color. Components with a larger corrosion area, as well as corrosion foci located, for example, in hard places, should be subjected to sandblasting.

Preparing the tractor cabin for the winter

The inner modern tractors and other agricultural devices are equipped with numerous electronic devices. The constantly built electronics is most frequently adapted in hard conditions, even in the cold. Its disassembly for downtime at minus temperatures is not provided. The situation is completely different with external computers that are installed to control the operation of fastening devices. With subsequent storage, these components should be broken down in a dry place.

When working with the cabin, it is necessary to cover all seals and rubber elements with special medication on silicone. Their use extends the lifespan of these materials and also facilitates the opening of the cabin doors frozen in winter, which reduces the risk of damage to the seals.

Special attention should be paid to the spray. Frozen water that increases the volume can damage the pump, filter, valves and hoses. To prevent this, you can take several steps: Pour a spray with glyco l-based liquid and then switch on the wave of performance for a moment so that the liquid is distributed by the system. Or – a complete drain from the water or work liquid system. This is the second, rather reliable way of storing a spray.

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Preparation of the engine, cooling systems and tractor tongue for the winter

Negative temperatures are also a threat to the engine cooling system and the fuel system. It is therefore necessary to control the concentration of the coolant and its condition. The tank should be completely tank – preferably with winter fuel. A small amount of fuel in a metal tank can cause the appearance of condensate inside, which leads to corrosion.

It is also advisable to replace the fuel filters and change the engine oil together with the oil filter. If the machine is equipped with an exhaust gas cleaning system based on the catalytic autocatalyst, think of the degree of urea solution in the tank. Adblue can freeze, but this does not harm the system or the solution itself. The liquid in the tank should be a little more than usual.

The tires should be carefully protected from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. Sunlight causes the rubber to dry and wears cracks on the surface. In addition, the tires are damaged if they are in a deformed state for a long time. Therefore, it makes sense to move the tractor from time to time or to simply make a short trip once a month. Some owners prefer to raise the axes of the bikes so that the tires do not come into contact with the floor. In this case, it is advisable to reduce the air pressure in the tire.

Training of agricultural machines for winter

Preparation of a mini vector, an engine block and an engine manufacturer for the winter

Each technology requires proper care and regular maintenance. Especially when it comes to agricultural machines.

Winter use of the machine has its own properties. Basically, they are that devices cannot be used with the same load level as in summer or spring as well as care and storage. In addition, it is not only important to use the technology correctly in winter, but also to prepare it up to this time of year.

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As with any equipment, min i-actractors and motoblocks are prepared according to certain rules for winter. The preservation of the unit begins with thorough cleaning. You cannot leave the product in mud and land. After cleaning, you have to dry everything thoroughly, as the moisture can ruin the parts on which rust will appear.

Check all parts for wear and general condition. If necessary, replace new ones. If there is water on the elements, it simply freezes in winter and ruins the entire system. All cutting parts of tools must be sharpened carefully.

After the harvest season, a thorough inspection of the min i-tractor on breakdowns and defects is required. Then you have to do the following:

Image of technology

1. Next, the owner should think about the oil change before inserting the cold weather. Just don’t forget to warm the mint actor before watering. Cold oil can damage some parts of the machine. Leave the engine oil and filter – necessary to remove deposits that can later clog the oil filter. Clea n-filtered oil is cast back.

2. The gas tank is emptied and dried to rule out the possibility of corrosion. Another way to prevent rust is to completely fill the fuel tank.

4. The battery is removed and stored in a warm room. It should be fully charged several times in winter.

9. In winter a general inspection of the equipment should be carried out more often. The mud must be drained after every work.

10. It is better to replace the water in the cooling system with frost protection, and the tractor itself must be filled with fuel with a low freezer.

11. In order to save diesel fuel, it is necessary to isolate the engine as far as possible from external cold effects. To insulate the engine, the bonnet is usually insulated from the inside with sack linen or a piece of foam. On the outside, the engine compartment is also lined with a fabric cover for additional insulation. Cooling parts are best insulated with felt.

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The operation of the device depends on the proper operation and storage. By following these simple guidelines, you can avoid a number of problems, such as:

  • The occurrence of corrosion;
  • Constitious oil filter;
  • Manufacture of cylinders.

The winter preparation of a mini tractor is a responsible event that depends on the further operation of the equipment. Regular maintenance and correction of smaller disorders save you unplanned costs.

Be sure to carry out a thorough inspection of the equipment after the end of winter to continue your safe use.

Devices such as han d-led tractors and moto r-grubber require special preparation for the winter camp. The process of preparing for winter consists of several phases:

Image of technology

1. First you have to take care of the oil in the engine and gearbox. Replace it with a fresh or clean the old, but only if it is in very good condition and without any noteworthy deposits. When spring comes, you still have to exchange the oil for a new one, as it loses its properties in the standing state and at low temperatures;

2. Remove the spark plugs and pour about 20 milliliters of oil into the cylinder. Then you only have to turn the crankshaft a few revolutions;

3. There are two ways to maintain the fuel tank. The first option is to completely drain and dry the fuel from the tank. The second is to pour fuel up. The metal does not let the metal rot. You just have to fill the tank completely so that corrosion simply has no chance;

4. Then the device must be completely cleaned. Special attention should be paid difficult to access. Added parts must also be cleaned, which are then also treated with oily rags to prevent corrosion;

6. You can also provide all painted parts with a special protective layer that protects against putrefaction. The coating is washed off in spring;

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7. To prevent the rings in the cylinder, pull the start handle several times a month with an open fuel tank. In this case, the engine itself does not have to be started.

8. If your car works with an electric starter, it is recommended to remove and save the battery in a warm room. In this case, you have to completely charge it several times in winter.

If you adhere to these simple recommendations, you can easily extend the lifespan of your technology. In addition, you avoid a number of problems as corrosion or errors in the system due to moisture, which ultimately replaces expensive repairs or even some elements.

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