How can you get rid of a mole and is it worth it?

Moles in the garden

Moles in the garden

But for the beginning we find out: And who still harms our landings? Are you a mole? Maybe not everyone knows about it, but Mortovines don’t just create them.

How to get rid of moles in the garden forever

We will immediately say: physically destroy moles and blinds – senseless. In nature, a sacred place does not happen empty – kill some animals, others will crawl. You can only react morally to animals – in every possible way to poison your life, hoping that you will find a quieter place.

There are various options that are widespread among gardeners and gardeners.

Home remedy

In the fight against underground pests, improvised agents are usually used. They can be divided into 3 groups.

Sharp unpleasant smells. Summer residents often use herring heads or rags that have been moistened with liquid smoke with kerosene, diesel fuel, formaline, Vishnevsky ointment – they are laid out in holes and believe that moles and blinds will handle the bad smelling places.

For the same purpose, for example, the hole is placed in the hole in the hole. It is also recommended to give dog droppings to the mole and blind passages.

“Single” bookmark “will not have any effects,” says Svetlana Mikhailova Agronomist. – There are modern means based on odd substances but are used systemically – on the entire website. A few herring heads or foul pieces in the nerz – a dead pink, animals dig new movements to avoid the unpleasant action. As for kerosene, formaline, diesel fuel and other chemistry – this is generally dark. They only poison the floor. They therefore do not experiment.

Noise. Another way to deter underground animals is different noise devices. For example, advise you to glue dry reeds on the construction site – you say that in windy weather, his hollow stems are a whistling noise that is uncomfortable for meals and blinds, and you leave the location. The same effect, it is said, have glass bottles that have been dug in the ground with the neck at an angle of 45 ° – they make a loud howling noise.

For the same purpose, the ceiling of pots and tin cans are often hung on the fences – they thunder in the wind. It is believed that the naked pests are afraid of these noises.

However, the most popular option is the plastic bottles plastic bottles.

“Somehow neighbors arranged a plastic bottle in the entire garden at the beginning of spring,” said Svetlana Mikhailova the supervision of the agronomist. -The design is simple: In a 1.5-liter container, cut the floor, vertically produced P-shaped slots in the side walls and then bow the “sound”. The lids were twisted at the top and the turntables were attached to metal rods, which put them in the ground. Somewhere you read these “loud” moles. The bottles were fermented loudly on windy days, sober, and the moles continued to make piles in the beds. The highlight was a mole that was dug under the turntable for the turntable. So practice has shown that this method does not work.

Fall. Another way to combat moles and blinds are traps that need to be put in holes. For example, an ordinary mouse trap. In addition, they offer homemade traps from the same plastic bottles on the Internet.

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“This method is doubtful in many ways,” says Svetlana Mikhailova Agronomist. – For example, moles bring more advantages than damage. Slovys – yes, they are harmful. However, the destruction of several people will give you a shor t-term effect – other animals will come in your place, since in nature environmental niches are not free. And in general it is always better to drive the animal from the website than kill it. In addition, the process of laying falls itself is not easy to do. You still have to find “hand over” holes and install the device correctly.

Modern means

Various frickers for mole oils are most popular among the means that can be bought in shops and garden centers – they are inexpensive and convenient to use.

Mole in a canister with an ejector Dr. Klaus

It contains castor oil and Qitneella oil, ie these are environmentally friendly components.

The canister with an ejector through the adapter (it is included in the kit) is attached to the hose and watered down the area in which the moles appear. It is recommended to do this early in spring with the appearance of the first moles.

A canist of 1 liter is enough for 300 square meters. m. (3 acres). In order to prevent the appearance of mole, the manufacturer recommends processing the location every 2 to 3 weeks. It is important that the product does not fall on edible plants – they have to be covered with a film.

Mole prevention

This is also a rejection, ie a tool that frightens the moles. It contains essential and herbal oils.

The drug is intended for the processing of the location and the introduction of target pits and holes.

On the lawn, the manufacturer recommends spreading granules evenly over the entire area and filling additional 2 to 4 tablespoons into the mole grall. There is about 1.5 m.

When planting plants, the target pits must be added to the target pits in accordance with the instructions.

Packaging with a weight of 1 kg is sufficient for the processing of 100 square meters. M (1 hundredth). The manufacturer claims the complete security of the drug for soil, plants, animals and humans, is subject to instructions.

Bioging of moles

A repulsive product in the form of granules that comprises a complex of essential oils.

You can use the medicine in two ways: evenly across the entire area (the packaging 100 g is sufficient for 15 square meters) or by the circumference (100 g per section of 10 x 10 m). After that, the earth has to be watered – the medication dissolves and runs into the deeper soil by 10 – 15 cm. The duration of the drug is about 40 days.

The manufacturer claims to be complete security for people, animals, floors and plants.

Stop Kot granulate

The drug in the form of biodegradable granules that are impregnated with natural flavors and does not like the smell of normal animals.

It is recommended to use this tool in spring – as soon as the first moles are displayed. The granules must be filled into holes and also spread around dug boots. Then pour. The consumption rate is 100 g (1 package) per 20 square meters. m.

Mowing is not enough. What do you have to consider in order to take care of the condition of the lawn?

The manufacturer reports that after the first processing of the location, the number of crotes can increase – the animals that try to move away from an unpleasant smell. In this case you have to use the medicine again and reduce the dose around 2 times. Gradually the moles leave the website.

As from the instructions, the drug is safe for soil and plants.

Popular questions and answers

Svetlana Mikhailova answered questions about the protection of the website against moles and blinds.

Are there reliable ways to get rid of moles?

The most reliable option is to include a plot of plot of moles and blinds. For example, dig a metal network by the circumference. However, this is a very costly story, both financially and physically, since it has to be pushed into a depth of 2 to 3 m and the network should rise by 10 cm above the floor surface on the top.

On the other hand, if there are many underground pests near them and they are very annoying, it is probably worth spending again and again to forget the problem once and for all.

Will the dead network help the moles?

If there are no valuable landings on the site, the garden is not broken, the territory is intended for calm and planted with a lawn. Yes, you can cover the property with a metal network of 15 to 20 cm, fill it with soil and sow the lawn above. Moles will carry out their movements in the depths of the soil, but they will not be able to generate molecams – they do not allow them to do this network.

Is it possible to protect valuable landings on site without entering the entire location?

If the underground animals are not very upset, their natural style garden is furnished, then moles can even become part of a natural landscape. And so that the blinds do not eat valuable onions, they plant in special plastic baskets – they are sold in every garden center. The small depth of the planting of onion flowers does not make it possible to get to them from above (they dig holes normally at a depth of 20 to 25 cm), and the basket protects the basket under them.

Large tubers of dahlias and peony rhizomes can be planted in synthetic vegetable networks – they are also too hard for blinds.

How to get rid of moles: from absurd to really useful methods

A mole that has settled in a summer house is not interested in cultivated people who grow on it. His main goal is earthworms, snails, larvae, beetles and other insects. In search of food, however, this animal paves numerous underground corridors and “riders” of the root system not only from garden plants, but also by shrubs and trees. As a result, the harvest is lost, the flower garden is destroyed and the owner of the land ownership panic.

Mole - insec t-eating animal

Mole – insec t-eating animal

If you have to face such an active pest, you shouldn’t give up: this underground animal is not as difficult to grasp as it seems at the beginning. Today there are many ways to save the site from the mole – only the most acceptable option for you remains.

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Means from the store

It is no secret that many want to buy a “magical pill” – a means that wants to solve the problem quickly and effectively. Product manufacturers offer different options.


Only the same unfortunate gardener, who dropped his hands in an endless fight against this pest, will be able to understand the angry harvest “plowing” of a summer resident who is willing to go to anything just to get rid of a harvest problem. And since there are deposits with impressive names such as “Harpoon trap”, “Strangling Trap”, “Traps-Taps” on the shelves of the shops, it is impossible not to say about them.

Falls and traps are set up in active molehills

Falls and traps are installed in active moles

This method for combating mole, maybe the fastest and most effective or twice and ready! It is only necessary to find the active mole line and install a mole according to the instructions. It is not difficult to recognize the active movement: seal the mole on your foot – if after a few days it turns out that you are restored, the animal is constantly visited here. See how you use one of the types of traps.


According to the same principle, poisons are placed in worm holes that can be bought in any garden business. There are many varieties of it, but the result after use is the same: the animal eats a treat with an attractive smell and dies after a few hours.

Smoke bombs

Those who want to force an animal into a more painful death can fall back on more refined sadism – buy special smoke bombs that can generate a dense fog wall even under the ground with a minimum of oxygen. In this case, you have to set up several of these stones, put them in active mole passages and sprinkle with earth immediately. Instead of going to the fresh air, the animal goes into the depth of its tunnel, where it will soon suffocate smoke.


Since people with a fine intellectual organization mainly strive to communicate with nature, summer residents who are impressed by the bitter struggle against moles prove to be a minority. For more humane gardeners, the manufacturers offer mole distributors – ultrasound and vibration.

Mole repeller

Mole repeller

The functional principle of the former is based on the constant reproduction of ultrasound impulses, the latter release lo w-frequency vibrations. The mole reacts sensitively to both irritants and initially begins to “psychchen”, which disrupts its digestion, and then decides to withdraw from such an unpleasant area.

If you choose to use such a device, remember that every repeller only works in a certain area. So calculate how many such devices you have to install on your hectare.

You can familiarize yourself with the selection of sellers and your prices by watching our market, a selection of mole regulators.

Purchased “flavors”

Another possibility for finished humane means to combat mole throws are biological products that are granules or balls that exude an unpleasant smell for moles. Such balls must be dug into the ground in a certain distance (this interval is different from different manufacturers) and take care of other things. At that time, moles begin to pack your suitcases and go on a long journey.

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Flavors must be excavated all over the area. Photo of the website

Flavors must be excavated all over the area. Photo of the website

Folk methods

Sonior summer residents who do not want to spend money on buying read y-made means to deter moles have used their ingenuity and developed their own methods for dealing with animals. Some comrades demonstrated their ingenuity and invented effective and, above all, fas t-acting methods. Other gardeners with a “hind” ingenuity and an excess of leisure have also achieved some results, but their path was more thorny and winding.

“Noise maker”

It should certainly be emphasized that the positive effect of the use of various “noise makers”, which irritate the mole nervous system and make life on the premises unbearable. In this case, everything depends on the imagination of the summer resident: the main thing is to create “disorders”, not as much above the surface of the floor than in its depths. For this purpose, some are building turntables and weather flags, others drive piles and place cans, plastic bottles, beer cans – everything that can clatter and noise from the wind.

& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; laquo; noise maker & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; raquo; From a plastic bottle. Photo by

“Noise Maker” from a plastic bottle. Photo by

The basic rule is: The grip of a turntable or p-pocket on which a bottle-tin is emblazoned not only has to be inserted into a mole hill, but also dipped into a previously 15-30 cm-deep hollow tube.

A more complicated method is to use reeds or at least 2 m high reeds as “noise makers”. Insert a pipe or a thick wire into each such trunk and then dig out the structure so that 60-70 cm above the floor What will remain will make a booming noise and the nervous system of the mole will completely mess up. Rest and reeds have strong hollow stems, so these plants are ideal for this purpose. But piston pistons, which many earlier called reeds, with a dense core, do not allow them to create such a humming structure.

Reedthalms are suitable for the production of noise makers

Reedthalms are suitable for the production of noise makers

The invention of an unknown but undoubtedly outstanding summer resident, who came up with the idea of ​​bury glass jugs with mechanical alarms as a noise attack in the ground. Each of them must be started at a different time.

The loud way you choose to combat the mole (or come up with yourself) do not forget that such “home” devices only work in a small area. And how many such rattling-roaring Gizmos have to be installed on the site to bake your special mole can only be found experimentally.

Numerous record players on the site - the key to success in the fight against the mole

Numerous record players on the site – the key to success in the fight against the mole


This approach is based on the game on the increased sense of smell of the mole, namely the use of sel f-made frightening “flavors” on the website. Some summer residents speak flatteringly of putting rags soaked in kerosene in holes, others insist that it is better to moisten these rags with ammonia, and still others with both hands for smelling tar.

The mole is an excellent sniffer

The mole is an excellent “sniffer”

Some even differ in their imagination – they immerse them lazy eggs and fish into the rest of the site and dig in the rest of the site. It is not known how the owners continue to work in such a fragrant garden.

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This also includes planting plants in the garden and vegetable garden that repel these animals with their flavors-onions, garlic, legumes, castor, Kaiser-Haselhuhn, daffodil, Siberian sprout, capers-euphoric and marig flowers. There is a “but” here: the mole does not play a pranks only in the immediate vicinity of one of these plants. In order to drive away the animals from the construction site, the entire area must therefore be planted with such “flavors”.

Mustache-striped helper

Many residents of private houses claim that moles deal their land because of an indispensable attribute of country life – a cat. Either he catches his moles or forces her to leave his territory under the death penalty (with some do dogs).

Cats are born hunters

Cats are born hunters

If you are ready to accept such a furry helper, keep in mind that you are standing in front of a dilemma: either you will find an adult and skillful “mouthwurfänger” with a great track record, or have patience with a little kitten – wait for it ” Appropriate “age and the instinct for hunting will finally awaken in him. You may have to sit in ambush for hours with your adolescent cat, guard the “wandering” mole hill and then explain understandably why he was included in the household.

Mechanical barrier

A fairly frequent situation: a gardener distributed a mole from his property, and another of his brothers moved into an empty underground palace. At some point the summer resident gives up and decides to stop the endless “fermentation” of the moles on his territory. To do this, he digs a ditch with a depth of 0.5 m along the circumference of the site (the deeper, the better) and places a fin e-meshed metal grille or another protective material in it.

The mole is looking for prey in the upper fertile layer of soil

The mole is looking for prey in the upper fertile layer of soil

Moles hibernate and rest at a considerable depth, but in search of food “furrows” only the upper fertile layer of soil, and after you have come across such an obstacle, turn automatically in the other direction. So if you have free time and have good physical fitness, this tim e-consuming but effective method is just right for you.

It is worth noting that the same method for dealing with moles inevitably finds both supporters and opponents: With their help, some gardeners have expelled the pest easily and quickly from their possession, while others argue that such a technique is completely ineffective. Moles are likely to be equipped with completely different temperaments – one is “on the drum”, while others are nervous before the slightest stimulus.

The mole loves loose, fertile soil and chooses well cultivated suburban areas as shelter

The mole loves loose, fertile soil and chooses well cultivated suburban areas as shelter

If it turns out that your mole is “thic k-skinned” and does not react to your tricks, use the last “advice”: stop cultivating the floor and start with your summer house – this little animal will never be in bad, compacted soil and without life If I think about it twice, I will look for a new refuge next to a more hardworking gardener;).

There will certainly be those who could emerge from the fight against these underground pests as the winner. Be sure to tell us in the comments how you managed to drive out the moles from your website.

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