How can an aerator and a scruster transform your lawn?

What’s the difference between an aerator and a scruster

People who have a lawn, are familiar with such concepts as aeration and squeezing. But what is the difference between these procedures, how often they should be done, what is more necessary – not every specialist can answer these questions. Therefore, it’s time to understand the fundamental difference between the procedures themselves, how to use aerator for the lawn and how it is worth having in personal use.

What is an aerator?

Aeration is the process of oxygenating the soil and root system. But the concept of aeration does not directly answer the question: lawn aerator – what is it?

It is a device that helps the soil become saturated not only with oxygen, but also with nutrients. There are three types of aeration:

  • Mechanical or manual; ; .

What is a blower?

The mechanical one is convenient when the treatment area is small. Otherwise, it takes a whole day to treat.

Gasoline and electric aerators differ in the way of feeding, but the principle of operation and the device itself are the same: the unit, outwardly resembling a lawnmower, only instead of blades a shaft with knitting spokes, which pierce the soil, saturating the root system with oxygen.

Aeration should be carried out once a month, because the access of oxygen and organic matter to the root system is difficult. The grass begins to dry out, and the lawn turns into an ordinary manicured area.

Scenic – what is it?

If “bare patches” appear on your lawn in some areas, that is, the grass is drying out and yet the quality watering and fertilizing is good, it means only one thing – the fear on that lawn has not been done for a long time. Finally, include a way to remove dry grass and separate the root system for better bushiness. So, it’s clear that a lawn rake, by its very nature, removes what the root system removes. But it is an improved rake. Modern rakes are a device with a shaft to which blades are welded. With these blades, the shredder cuts the soil, eating the accumulated straw and excess rhizomes. It should be noted that after scarifying the lawn does not look very neat, but after a couple of days you can see the result of the work done

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Differences between ventilation harassment and scarifier

What is the difference between venting and stressing? Many people confuse a ventilator and a scrubber with each other. And some claim that they are the same tool altogether.

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However, their differences are significant: while the aerator makes only small punctures in the soil, the scarifier works with deeper layers of soil, removing excess rhizomes, thereby preventing the formation of bumps in the lawn. The aerator will not be able to cope with such a task.

The work rollers are also different. The aerator has spokes on the working shaft, and the scarifier has a blade. Therefore, you can buy a device with two interchangeable shafts. Such a solution saves storage space for garden tools and money.

How to use the devices

Aeration and scarification are two different processes that have their own characteristics. Therefore, they must be performed differently.

How to use a lawn aerator is a question that every beginner asks. The technology of working with an aerator is as follows:

  • The day of ventilation should be clearly calibrated: stable, overcast weather is suitable; the sun can harm the plants;
  • The lawn should be well watered two days before aerating so that the floor is soft enough, but at the same time it does not look like dirt.
  • The unit should follow the same movements as when working with grass.
  • The Pünktungs strip should be 3-4 cm with an overlap.

Otherwise the mower is used for lawn mowing. With how to use this device should be familiarized in advance:

  • Scruder should be taken at a 45-degree angle, not as a lawn mower and lower.
  • The scraper should not be inserted too deep, so as not to pull out too large chunks of grass.
  • This procedure should be done twice a year: in the spring, at the beginning of the season, and in the fall, when it is closed.
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There are a large number of devices that combine the functions of ventilation and scraper. They are convenient in their functionality.

Of course, the knowledge of how to care for the lawn with an aerator and scrubber is not enough for complete care. A lawn also needs watering, feeding and appropriate mowing. But all the effort does not go to waste, because a beautiful and well-made lawn is not only pleasing to the eye, but is an essential element of landscape design.

Ventilation and scarification. Differences and treatment time

In order to maintain a lawn in good condition, it is necessary to perform certain measures in a timely manner. To always enjoy the emerald green and lush grass of the lawn, you need not just water it with mineral fertilizers, mowing and feeding. Many gardeners know that lawn care involves some additional measures using special handy tools.

Lawn ventilation: Ventilation of the floor

Despite the most professional care for the grass, the soil under the plantings over time compacts, becomes hard and prevents the free circulation of air. This leads to the cessation of root growth, as they do not get enough nutrients and usually stop breathing. This kind of “hunger” causes the grass to yellow and fade in the sun, and the lawn itself becomes unattractive and unkempt.

Essentially, lawn ventilation is the piercing of the soil with a special tool so that the roots of the plants can further penetrate to air and moisture. As a rule, the process is carried out with the help of various tools – both simple, mechanical, and more complex.

In the first case, on small plots, usually ordinary forks are used, so that it is possible to penetrate the soil to a depth of 9-10 cm. Some gardeners prefer to be equipped with hollow knives. Walking in such sandals on the lawn helps to penetrate the topsoil.

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For large plots, it is desirable to buy specialized technological-vertical tools. Such a fan can operate from a manual drive or with the help of an electric motor. Special massive blades, with which the equipment is equipped, provide in a relatively short time a quality run of the floor over a significant area.

Lawn airing is best done in the summer, when the growth period of plants – then you have the opportunity to recover quickly. In late autumn, during the period of frosts, this procedure is not recommended, as there is a risk of completely losing the lawn due to the freezing of the roots.

Lawn mowing: rejuvenation of the garden plot

This type of procedure ensures that the top of the soil is cut evenly. This is accomplished by using sharp metal knives rather than thin tines, as in aerating. They allow you to make thin cuts in the roots of the grass and thus remove the remains of dry moss and dead parts of the root system. Compaction of the soil is a more effective method of lawn care. After its implementation it is possible to observe intensive growth of new vegetation with evenly increasing density.

The process can be carried out to a given depth, the parameters of which depend on the age and general condition of the lawn.

If it usually takes place in summer, the time of vertigation refers to early spring or early autumn. With all the apparent benefits of this procedure, however, experts recommend carrying it out no more than twice a year.

A few days before scarifying the lawn should be mowed to a grass height of 3 cm, and then well watered, so that later its root system can recover faster. Scarifying is carried out by vertical notches in a staggered pattern. As a rule, these are lawn scarifiers, among a large number of models of which the following can be distinguished:

  • Powered by electricity.
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Designed for small areas and are “tied” at the connection point. Devices do not cope with a large amount of work, so they have to be turned off every 10-15 minutes.

  • Equipped with a gasoline engine.

This type of scarifier has an increased productivity, provides a continuous work process and perfectly copes with the search for neglected land.

After the chaff is cut, fertilizer must be applied to the ground. By removing the moss and straw, air and moisture can flow freely inside, giving the grass all the elements it needs for quality growth.

In addition, ventilation will be ideal after the mulching process. Perform these comprehensive steps:

  • Clean the lawn of dirt, dead plant parts;
  • Loosen the floor;
  • Eliminate bare spots on the surface;
  • Provide air and fertilizer access to the roots;
  • Prevent further rotting processes on the surface of the lawn.

Timely lawn care will result in a perfect lawn for relaxation that will inspire you throughout the summer through late fall.

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