Honda self-propelled lawn mower review. Reviews, characteristics

Honda Lawn Mower. List review

Honda has developed a wide range of lawn mowers that can meet the needs of consumers, taking into account different technical features, for domestic use and for professionals.

Honda lawn mowers are characterized by an easy start, which consists of steel or plastic with a high plastic content. Gasoline models are equipped with a fuel tap. The controls are ergonomic, mulching technology is available for all models, and the cutting height is simply adjustable. Some machines are equipped with hydrostatic drive, automatic air damper.

Honda Brand Description

More than seven decades of successful discoveries and high performance are the mi r-dle of the Japanese Honda Corporation: from piston rings and general shooting machines at the beginning of the business to the largest range of devices today. Cultivators, pumps, snow removal equipment, environmentally friendly internal combustion engines, cars, motorcycles, airplanes, robots – this is not a complete list of Honda products. Production facilities of the brand are located in many countries around the world.

Electric models of Honda

Honda lawnmowers with an electric motor are represented by units that provide a working width of 33-41 cm. The basket for collecting the grass consists of a special network material.

Honda HRE 370 Ple.

Non-driven model is ideal for mowing grass on small plots. The engine power is 1,3 kW, working width – 37 cm, the height of cut can be set centrally from 18 to 65 mm in 5 modes. The mower weighs only 11 kg.

HRE 370A2 mower has several parameters: grass cutting height 22-55 mm with 3-step adjustable, emergency stop is possible. The HRE 330 PLE version has a lower capacity of 1 kW and offers a cutting width of 33 cm with a cutting height of 25 to 57 cm.

Honda FM 3815 electric mower

A fairly simple unit is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 1.5 kW. Due to it, the weight of the machine is only 15 kg with a cutting width of 38 cm.

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Honda lawn mower with gasoline engine

The line of petrol models is represented by machines with autonomous operation and without drive. For those who use only handy tools and do not want too much fiddling with high technology, Izy models were developed, equipped with automatic shock absorption control. Thanks to this innovation, the engine speed is always correct. There is no need to wait for the engine to warm up, adjust the lever position and check the throttle.

In general, gasoline lawnmowers Honda are divided into groups, differing by the width of the mowing width: the usual 41-46 cm, the premium 42-53 cm and tractors Gazonocille.

41-46 cm mowing width.

Simple lightweight models for small to medium-sized areas. There are models without drive and self-propelled machines with 1 speed or intelligent drive.

Honda Hand 416 PKE lawn mower

Non-self-propelled model with intelligent drive that allows you to enter corners gently and avoid obstacles. The machine has a power of 3,5 hp, can record a 41 cm wide swath, the cutting height can be adjusted in 6 positions from 20 to 74 cm. The HRG 416 SKE version has an additional 1 gear.

Honda HRG 466 Pkeh lawnmower

The model is equipped with gasoline engine 3,7 hp, provides 46 cm of mowing width, the grass cutting height can be adjusted in 6 variants to the height of 20-74 cm, the cut grass is in the 55-liter basket Catch and can be thrown back. Optional mulching system is available.

The HRG 466 SKE version is equipped with a less powerful 3,5 hp engine and has a comfortable driving speed.

Mowing width 42-53 cm.

HRX series is a high-tech machine, which is presented in different models: self-propelled and non-propelled, with different mulching schemes, the body of this Honda lawnmower consists of durable polymer, which constantly resists UV rays and corrosion.

Honda hrx 426 pde gasoline lawn mower

This non-self-propelled model is equipped with a 3.3 kW four-stroke gasoline engine. The height of mowing is adjustable in 6 positions at a height of 21-73 mm, the width of mowing is 42 cm, the device can work 2.1 hours without refueling. The differences are the optimal price in the premium segment. The mulching system is an option.

The Honda HRX 426 SDE differs from the basic model by the presence of 1 speed.

Honda HRX 537 Hyea gasoline mower

The powerful self-propelled 5,2 hp mower with hydrostatic drive of rear wheels. In one pass it can mow a strip of 53 cm. The cutting height is adjusted centrally from 2 to 10 cm. The Mulchen, which ejects the cuttings.

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The cutting speed can be adjusted. Due to its high technical features, the model is very popular – large lawns can be mowed in a short time. The Honda HRX537C4 version differs from the basic model by more power – 6,5 hp. Honda HRX 537VKE self-driven lawn mower has several speeds.

Honda HRX 476 C1 lawn mower

The device refers to petrol lawnmowers with mulching function. It is equipped with a manual starter and an emergency clutch system. When mowing the lawn, it captures a 42 cm wide strip, the cutting height is adjustable between 25-79 mm in 6 steps. The grass catcher box is soft with a capacity of 69 litres.

Version HRX 476 C1 VYE differs in several features: the start from the hand starter, automatic throttle is installed, the grass cutting height is conveniently adjusted from the handle, gear – variator, there is a system of emergency operation with a knife switch. Power of the petrol engine is 5,6 hp.

Honda lawn mower with seat

Powerful professional models are designed for mowing grass on large areas. Equipping the machines with innovative systems makes the operator’s work effective and uncomplicated. This group includes Honda lawn mower models: HF 1211 He, HF 2315 HME, HF 2417.

Honda HF2622 lawn mower garden tractor

Honda’s line of gasoline lawn mowers includes a remarkable 17.4 horsepower multi-purpose device that is designed to handle large areas. The tractor can grab a 122 cm strip in one lap, and the cutting height can be set between 30-90 mm in 7 steps.

This model belongs to the highest class. Professionals estimate their exemplary technical properties and high ergonomics: excellent maneuverability, comfortable lever for height adjustment of mowing, pneumatic blade outlets, sound signal when the grass catcher box is full, operator’s seat with support, big tires, automatic when turning on headlights.

Honda lawn mower recommendations

Let’s take a look at the Honda Honda 416, HRG 466 lawn mower operating instructions. Since this type of equipment is classified as an injury hazard, it can hide a potential threat to the operator and others while working. The manufacturer recommends adhering to safety rules, strictly using the equipment only for its intended purpose and mastering the techniques of effective grass cutting.

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In addition, the design of lawnmowers allows you to mow not only grass, but also fallen leaves. To do this, set the mowing height so that the front of the deck is 1-2 steps higher than the back of the mower. Fallen leaves can be mulched if necessary.

Maintenance, Oil

The combustion engine of the Honda GCV160A lawnmower consumes at least Ai-92 gasoline. Do not use fuel with more than 10% ethanol or methanol content. If problems occur with the engine during operation, it is recommended to use only pure gasoline without alcohol.

It is recommended to use SAE10W30 oil, which is suitable for temperature conditions. In any case, you can use the table based on the temperature in your area. Thereafter the oil should be changed every 50/100/150 hours of continuous operation.

Check the condition of the blades, rear sign, integrity of the grass collection system, engine oil and air filter before each operation. To get the equipment, get reliable operation, follow a preventive schedule.

  • The air filter should be cleaned after the first 25 hours of operation.
  • Systematically check the sharpness of the blades and their proper balance.
  • If the break in operation is more than 30 days, prepare the Honda lawnmower according to the instructions.


Idle power is unacceptable for an air-cooled 4-stroke engine. Therefore, after starting, you should warm it up quickly for 1-2 minutes. Then restart directly during operation. At this time, the Honda lawnmower should run at 50-75% of maximum power in economy mode and watch how the mode is observed: 20-25 minutes work/break 15-20 minutes . At this rate, the engine should run for 4-5 hours, according to which it is necessary to change the oil.

Main violations

  • When colliding with a stationary object, the blades stop abruptly, the lawnmower shaft clicks. Therefore, it is wise to respond to pre-start, check all positions, remove foreign objects, show hidden obstacles and work carefully near curbs.
  • It is forbidden to modify the design or change the settings to make it possible to operate at a good speed.
  • If the Honda lawnmower engine does not start, check the presence and quality of fuel and the condition of the spark plugs.
  • A drop in performance is often due to a clogged housing and a dirty air filter.
  • Mowing or vibration problems can be due to improper settings, an overfilled grass catcher, blunt blades, or improperly installed blades.
  • If breakdowns occur, use only genuine replacement parts for repairs.
  • Do not use the mower on slopes with a slope greater than 20°.
  • When turning on slopes, it is recommended that you use caution, work only across the slope, do not climb/lower or climb/lower.
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For more information, please refer to the Honda Lawnmower Owner’s Manual here: Download the instruction manual

Honda model evaluation video

Honda HRX 476 C1 lawn mower

Honda HRX Series Lawn Mower

We suggest you read the reviews of owners


“I bought the Honda HRE370A2 PLE lawn mower last year. I like it very much to work. From the pluses I would highlight the low weight, the cutting height is easy to adjust with one hand, the machine does not heat up at all. It works well with bumps, during the summer I managed to clean my 25 acres.

The advantages: It works quietly and accurately, also mows tall grass.

On the downside, if I had a garbage can sensor, it would be perfect. But all in all a good device, I recommend it.


“Since the third month I use the Honda HRG466 SKEA lawnmower with its own drive. I am very happy with it. The salesman consulted me well and chose exactly the option that suited me in terms of price and purpose. The functionality is great: captures a strip of nearly 0.5 meters, of course, I still work with overlap. The cutting height is also neat – up to 75 cm can easily be adjusted in 6 positions. There is a speed, the mulching system is set immediately. I did not notice any disadvantages. “

Honda lawnmower

Our lawn mowers are ideal for small areas, they are powerful enough to effortlessly cut the grass in your garden, and are easy to handle due to their lightness. With three different blade lengths, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


The HRGs are light, robust and easy to handle, and they can go through the narrowest and most curved sections, making them indispensable for small to medium-sized lawns. This series includes machines without wheel drive and self-propelled machines with speed or intelligent drive.

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HRG 466 KE


From non-wheel-drive to self-propelled, with variable speed and multiple mulching modes, the high-tech HRX Series lawn mowers have a specially designed high-tech polymer housing that is lightweight, UV and corrosion resistant.

HRN 536 VK

HRN 536 VY




HRX 537 Hye


Our self-propelled lawnmowers are equipped with reliable, innovative systems that maximize mowing and collecting efficiency and make work a pleasure.



HRG 416 XB (package 1)

HRG 416 XB

HRG 466 XB

HRG 466 XB (package 2)

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