Holiday garden – how to decorate it?

How to quickly decorate the garden for your vacation?

When should you have an outdoor garden vacation, if not in July August, when planting is long over and harvest is just beginning. How do I quickly decorate my garden for the arrival of guests?

Relaxing in the garden

In June-July, when the days are long and hot, it is logical to vacation in the afternoon and prepare bright colorful decorations for it.

Decorating in the classic style

The easiest and most popular way to decorate is with balloons. But remember that in the sun and in windy weather the balloons will not last long. So start hanging them before the guests arrive, otherwise the party will be decorated with donkey balloons from IA. This applies to balloons inflated with both helium and just air. To solve the problem, the compound Hi-Float helps. It is a special agent to increase the flight time of balloons.

Relaxing in the garden

Everyone knows that the summer garden is best decorated with fresh and artificial flowers, balloons or flags of paper, cardboard or ordinary napkins. Those who are familiar with the art of origami, master more complex paper compositions. Involve the children in creating garlands and string them over the table or dance floor. If you’re too lazy to do without paper, just buy some colored ribbons on string or wire between the apple trees. All children love to run between such bundles, and girls also weave them together and play princesses. All of these options are easy and simple to make, but they are only suitable for sunny, slack-jawed summer days.

How do I make a paper pompom myself?

You need paper to make a pompom. You can use wrapping paper or tissue paper in different colors. If you cut out circles of equal diameter using a template, make the edges wavy. Stack 8-10 leaves in an uneven pile and tie them in the middle with rope or wire. If necessary, trim the edges of the pom-poms and give them the desired shape. The last step is to open the pom-pom: smooth out each layer separately and gently stretch the corrugated paper around the edges and in the middle. Attach the ribbon and hang it in the garden.

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Decorating the garden with vases and glasses

Various glassware is interesting and also easy to decorate. Tie ropes and bindings to them, throw in fresh flowers and distribute them around the garden. Kernel glass objects look especially beautiful in the air.

How to make a beautiful eco-style bottle vase

Step 1: Take an empty bottle, preferably with a wide neck, fabric, braid and scissors.

Step 2: Wrap the bottle with the fabric on the braid, gently sew the edges of the materials together or glue them together with a glue gun.

Step 3: If you want to hang it up, tie a braid with edging around the neck. Place the flowers in the vase.

Several ships in the same style and placed in a prepared seating area look very pretty.

Garden design style: Retrosad

In search of interesting artillery installations, you should deal with the attic. Designers suggest hanging old lampshades, chandeliers and even birds for the trees on it.

The shades from an old chandelier can easily get a second life as a base for summer plants. Take for planting traffic light plants and blooming lettuces. Such an unusual composition is more appropriate to place over the table at which you and your friends talk and drink tea. Or make a chandelier “edi ble”, decorate it with your own crops and demonstrate your horticultural talent. Old cages are also used: flowers planted in them look very exotic, such as birds of paradise. To make such a decoration is very simple, and it is sure to please your guests.

Lightweight designs can safely hang on the branches, heavier ones are better placed on the table.

Garden style: Disco party

To create a festive atmosphere, it is enough to hang mirrored balloons. Contrary to the popular opinion that this decoration is only for discos and nightclubs, you also look great in the sun.

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Garden design style: Artist’s garden

Organize a themed party and decorate the garden like an art gallery. Arrange wooden frames of different sizes, including the most beautiful species or plants. This idea will appeal to people with fine artistic taste. This style can be used for music or art gatherings outdoors.

Frame in the garden for decoration.

Garden decoration style: light party

In August the day actively shortens, becomes darker and colder. But in the evening there are no pesky mosquitoes and gnats, so August parties are “overnight” celebrations. And this opens up a huge opportunity to decorate the location with little effort. All kinds of lights, flashlights, chandeliers, bulbs, candles – in short, anything that glows or burns.

The most popular way to decorate is using pre-made Christmas lights. For the street it is better to use special versions. You can decorate the front of the house, gazebo or trees in the garden. Be careful if you use old appliances and models only for indoor use. No risk of fire!

The next idea is to hang street lights. For example, made of sturdy glass and corrosion-resistant metal, which are sold in large quantities in all branches. A few lanterns sparkling in the garden create a cozy and mysterious atmosphere. But if you’re throwing a bonfire party, put torches in ceramic pots or candles in stable candlesticks in the garden to maintain a romantic atmosphere. Decorative buckets, jugs, colored glass glasses, etc. look great in this capacity. This not only helps to maintain fire safety, but also protects the flame from gusts of wind.

Lanterns in the garden

The lamp from a watering can to decorate the garden with their own hands: master class

What only lights of different shapes and sizes do not offer stores, but only they will have a shining watering can, if you find a little time and make it yourself. To make it, you will need a small, pretty watering can, colored glass, copper edging, solder, aluminum strip and rivets.

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For the electrical part, you’ll need a light bulb, cable and socket. For how to make a watering can, see here.

Holiday Table: Secrets of Decorating in the Country

Another special feature will be with the flower festival dishes. In the summer, almost every garden and flower garden has not only beautiful but also edible plants. Invite guests to a tasting. Hafzurtium, calendula, wigella, late lily, rosenum, lavender, monarda, thyme, etc. The center of the composition is an edible bouquet of flowers, spices and various greens: lettuce, parsley, dill, tarragon, etc.

Used material: Julia Kaptelova, Dmitry Korolko (Lake-Lucky), Oleg Kulagin, Olga Petina (photo at the Festival of Festival Dacha)

How to decorate the garden in the evening?

A landscaped garden is the pride of every hostess. But when it gets dark, your garden may lose all its appeal. To solve this problem, there are several ideas for implementing lighting that is particularly suitable for your appearance.

LED garlands.

You can diversify your garden in the evening by using garlands in size and color. This solution will give your landscaping a romantic flavor.

You can place garland on trees, on your porch, on your fence, and even on floating flower pots if you have them.

Girlfriends on trees

Girlfriends on the site

Hanging under lanterns.

If you want to not only highlight the room, but also give it a festive atmosphere, candles, which you can buy in hardware stores, you can also make yourself from improvised means. You can attach such lanterns with wire, cord or duct tape.

Climbing with flowers

Homemade candles

Decorative lanterns

Revitalize the exterior and with the help of special lanterns, which are built LED lamps. Purchase these lanterns can be found in specialized stores.

Lanterns along the trail

Lanterns in a flowerbed


LED track

With the help of LED strip, bought in a hardware store, you can enliven and highlight your path in the garden. It will look very spectacular and, above all, practical.

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Greasing flowerbeds

Do you have many beautiful flowerbeds or flower beds in your garden that delight you throughout the day? Then lighting these items of pride in the evening as well is the perfect solution. Just hide the little lights between the flowers and enjoy the incredible beauty.

Lantern in a flower bed


Flower pots with lamps

Not only can lamp pots solve your lighting problem, but they can also serve as an original flower bed for your beautiful garden.

Pots for glazing

Pots for glazing


Of course, wooden stumps can be an interesting addition to their appearance, not only as chairs, but also as lamps. And you can make such a lamp with your own hands!

Backlit stroke

Light fixture in the stump

Stumps can become a real landmark of your plot, because many people gather around them and become a kind of symbol of home comfort. Such a functional element of the decor will not only warm with its warmth, but also illuminate the area with a pleasant light.


Chums over the stove

Garden LED lamp

You can highlight the outdoor space with special lights. You can also highlight the most attractive areas of your garden.

Spotlight along the fence

Spotlight on the fence

Hardening pools in the garden

If you have a pool or pond on your property, you can make it interesting with lights edging the body of water. Place them around the frame or randomly on bushes near the pond.

Pond light

Pond light

Illuminate the pavilion

Not only can a gazebo be a gathering place for relatives and friendly gatherings, but it can also be a great object to light up the area around it. You can decorate the outside light on the pavilion with LED garland and thereby add a festive atmosphere.

Read also for tips on setting up summer pavilions.

Pavilion lighting

Pavilion lighting

Lighting in the form of garland

You can also illuminate the area of the garden with LED strips, which you can install with your own hands in the veranda: This will not only solve the problem of lighting, but also give external comfort.

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Veranda lighting

Small décor.

Garden design can be filled with various garden sculptures, which create a unique style. These products not only serve an aesthetic function, but can also serve as great lights for the garden area.

In addition, the source of light can be integrated into a variety of garden figures with their own hands. For this, it is enough to apply your ingenuity and imagination.

Decorative stump with lighting

Decorative lighthouse

Cultivation of snails

Glazed stones

Perhaps it will be a discovery for someone, but stones can glow in the dark not only in fairy tales. The principle behind these lights is that the stones accumulate sunlight during the day, and when dawn comes, they themselves begin to emit a soft glow that comes from deep within the stone array. It looks very enchanting.

Stones for glazing


This option is perfect for both flower beds and those who don’t have them. Artificial flowers, which feed on sunlight during the day and give it away at night, fit harmoniously into the arrangement of any garden.



Evening garden lighting can not only give an aura of mystery, but also help to move freely through the area at night. And thanks to the large selection of lighting sources and their rich imagination, it is not difficult to decorate the garden. You only have to make a choice in favor of your exterior and the functional and decorative qualities of the lights.

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