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Hitachi CG27EAS.

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Reviews of Hitachi CG27EAS

Pros: Mower for 6 years 14 acres with no problems

Cons: For 7 years the piston was still breaking. Repair about 6,000

Comments: Was comfortable to work with.

Pros: Reliable and simple gasoline trimmer. Easy to start. Moderate fuel consumption. powerful.

Cons: I agree with one user: “The loss of the cutting blade is unfortunate. Some wood doesn’t cut. The blade breaks out easily.”

Comment: I have been using it since 2010 – 8th year. Mowed 3-4 times a season over 20 acres at a time. Mowing and fishing and knives. Haven’t had any of the malfunctions described! Starts with 2-3 jerks without any problems. Very reliable trimmer!

Pros: light, powerful, reliable, sturdy, low. Pleasure!

Cons: Flimsy air filter cover lock that broke the latches in the second year. My own fault, no other flaws.

Comment: Used off hand for three years, stored in a dry unheated room, didn’t can it for the winter, didn’t drain gasoline. Starts with a half-circle. Write. ‘Picked up 1.5 hours, well, boys, 05 max, an hour and three mornings in three hours. Maybe thirty acres, then that’s it. Didn’t change anything in that time except the fishing line and everything is intact and working. You have to be more careful with the line, that’s all. I chop bushes with the discs, and I have more than enough power. I have chosen for a long time, and my choice was not a mistake.

Advantages: – light – compact – high working speed (11-12 thousand against 8-9 thousand at competitors) – rigid shaft – low noise and vibration level – low fuel consumption and absence of smell at work – light and gentle – excellent – basic Summary: Knife, trimmer head, occasional suspension, glasses. – Quality of parts, plastic and assembly.

August in the garden - what do I need to remember?

Disadvantages: – The line cutting blade on the body: gets blunt and requires constant tightening and control. – A throttle lock (cruise control) would be nice for a long run, but it can be purposely not made for safety.

Comment: Shoveled the internet for a very long time. I did not count on industrial scale, but I needed my mower for home use and easy transportation. I decided on the compromise of 27-30 kc, but a good and reliable model.

The collapsible scythe fell away after looking at similar models in stores: it became clear that such a design will not live long. The flexible shaft was also flat: I had to work the cutter with carburetor teeth. This model attracted by the fact that it was produced for a long time and earned the reputation of a reliable unit.

In the car (class C-D) it enters fully assembled without problems with the folded backrest.

The filler: – Trampovochnaya ya-Huskvarna T35 (claims to be a big fish, forgiveness

E at the gas station) – lightweight cutter with a TV. Teeth D230 mm. (perfectly mows small trees up to 5-7 cm in diameter)-for

helmet with a net “Champion” (strongly flies from the scythe, so the net, covering the face to the chest is what you need) – 90 m of fishing line Husqvarna whisper 2.4 mm. (really quieter than the line from the kit and cuts perfectly)-oil Liqui Moli for 2-stroke engines (art. 3958). By the way, maybe just because of the good oil (gasoline 95 ecto Lukoil) at the plant does not smell at all.

On the job: the scythe is completely ready to use. Everything is lubricated, I just have to assemble, fill and go. It starts up without any problems. I don’t take it off the suspension when it’s hot: it jumps easily and immediately. Cozy. Starting (starter) is very soft, they are not in the description. Running sound is pleasant, but earplugs/headphones won’t be superfluous when working for long periods of time.

Disadvantages: This may sound complicated to some. But believe me, a really good, reliable thing, especially when it comes to garden electronics.

The power is enough for everything. The main thing to keep revolutions (this is also necessary for 2-stroke engines, their cooling) The tank is small, but as a scythe with gasoline is better not to store, and always pour a fresh mix Pour it. And it eats very moderately: 0.5 liters enough for an hour of moderate work. The local 3-blade blade is good for weeds and thickets less than one finger thick. Where it’s thicker, the knife does a great job. The mower really likes it.

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Comments: It's a great model, we've been using it regularly for more than 10 years. We have a garden of 8 acres. Whoever has an electric lawnmower has had a Prime.

Hitachi lawn mower – reviews

Disadvantages: Didn’t have time to try it out because I couldn’t solve the screw on the pinion to install the nozzle. When trying to unscrew it, the housing tears. Called the store.

Hitachi ml160ea

Hitachi CG22EAS

Advantages: Lightweight, the blade is wider than a bike track, so it’s easy along the fence! If easy to start, mows everything, even bricks (reviewed). I don’t use the grass catcher inside.

Disadvantages: No normal manual or data sheet, wheels are separate and rigidly adjustable in height, although you can pull them in once and for a long time. The handle is not adjustable in height.

Hitachi CG40EY (T)

Hitachi ML160ea

Advantages: excellent router

Comment: I have been mowing 30 acres once a month since 2011. The feeling is great. Excellent ergonomics, despite the solid weight in the vest you do not feel the strain. The sound.

Hitachi ml160e

Hitachi CG40Y (T)

The advantages: the price, the engine, the Italian assembly.

The commentary: I searched all over the internet in search of a lawn mower, there were a lot of reviews, so I did not decide right away what to give preference to. I have noted that the most important for me is the engine assembly and the mower.

Hitachi CG27EJ (S)

Advantages: The reliability with proper maintenance is a solid 5.

Disadvantages: The output jacks of the trimmer head wear out all the time. I change it once a season.

Comment: Not a single failure in 5 years of use.

Hitachi ML160E

Weaknesses: Made of cheap Chinese components

The commentary: It mows, but soon after the purchase the engine from Holm fell down for some unknown reason. All Tools said we hit it and repaired it on the concrete.

Hitachi EM350

Advantages: not a high price. Good plastic is not brittle easy to handle and weight.

Hitachi cg27ej (s)

Disadvantages: The wheels unscrew and dirt sticks to them when the floor is wet. If container is fully loaded with grass, it stops. (Needs control.

Comment: More than enough for a garden lawn with 8-10 tomorrow. Worked all season. Mowed 3-4 times a month. Very happy with the price quality.

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Hitachi CG47EY (T)

Advantages: it starts up with half a turn. Convenience of work: the corset is excellent. Exceptional power. Profitability: you can walk for two hours on the tank at a decent speed.

Weaknesses: difficult, which is not criminal and understandable. The bar is clearly made in China.

Comment: I bought this petrol bar twice (really liked the characteristics of the model: the engine is a beast and very economical in terms of fuel, not to mention.

Pros: Yes, powerful, ergonomic.

Hitachi EM350

Disadvantages: Noisy, heavy

Comments: After 1 year of use the motor jammed, maybe I was just lucky to buy it ((((((((

Hitachi CG31EBs

Advantages: price-performance ratio

Cons: The trimmer’s native attachment. It is better to throw out at once.

Comments: I installed my Husqvarna head (automatic) – it fit like a real one and I got a great unit!

Pros: Did not figure it out.

Hitachi CG47EY (T)

Cons: In the first half hour the trimmer head fell apart

Comments: Don’t buy this mower. I have been trying to buy a trimmer head for about 10 months now. There are none! No one knows if they will ever show up.

Hitachi CG31EBs (NB)

Pros: comfortable, powerful, reasonable price for its characteristics.

Cons: have not found yet

Comment: I have a little experience, but so far the impressions are only positive – a strong, handy scythe. I use it on hard drive, mowing grass (including super thick burdocks), bushes.

Pros: Couldn’t find the Hitachi name next to it, maybe the price!

Hitachi CG31EBs

Cons: The Chinese assembly and materials, the head trimmer collapsed in the first 15-20 minutes (the warranty does not cover it) had to buy a new one for 1000ré for 3.

Comment: I do not advise to take you or immediately take the replacement head and strap, which makes no sense, because it’s better to buy more reliable things! Will try to return them to the brothers.

Hitachi CG40EYA (TP).

Hammer Flex MTK 31 mower. review, instructions, reviews

Pros: It’s a great professional mower with a good anti-vibration system.

Cons: The muffler is far from the hole in the protective plastic.

Comment: Professional performance, excellent wire harness (compensates well for the not insignificant weight). Sturdy 30mm diameter rod, catalytic converter, made in Japan by a company.

Plusses: Easy to start, mows everything without any problems. For blades of grass, brushwood, bushes, shoots, etc. can be easily cut with the included knife.

Hitachi CG31EBs (NB)

Cons: The kit does not include a trimmer head with a fishing line – it must be purchased separately, but it is not difficult and not expensive. Despite this, the machine itself has a rather high price.

Comment: I’ve spent a lot of time choosing my Motokos, and I am more than pleased with it. It is even easier to get rid of the most clogged areas than I thought it would be. AT .

Hitachi EL340

Pros: Slovenian assembling, Italian engine, good shock absorbers, solid plastic, metal half-axles from the wheels, 6 levels of height adjustment with the lever, neat.

Hitachi CG40EYA (TP)

Cons: Everything about it is good, but. Disturbing is that the lawnmower from under the screw of its internal structural elements is visible technological hole, similar to a transom.

Comment: Needed a small and lightweight lawn mower for difficult terrain with hills. Realized that anything reliable and sturdy is just big and heavy. Before purchase.

Hitachi EL340

Hitachi CG27EAS.

Hitachi CG27EAS.

Hitachi CG27EAS.

Pros: reasonable price, good equipment (fishing line, knife, glasses), sufficient power even for overgrown areas

Cons: The user manual is not very clear, the hands are “buzzing” after a long period of work because of the vibration.

Comment: I bought the mower in an online store for 6850 bucks. Gasoline-92 (Rosneft). Installed directly on the construction site without any prior preparation.

Pros: Powerful light 6 hundredths for two batches.

Hitachi cg27ec (s)

Cons: The starter broke after a year. New one will not arrive until two months later. We need to mow the grass now!

Comment: I liked the process with the mower itself. Powerful and light, what else a girl can do for 10 acres. But the starter broke and there are no spare parts. Apparently, this is a test.

How to take care of a Christmas tree so that it stands for a long time and does not drop its needles?

Hitachi CG22EJ (SLB)

Pros: Starts up from half a turn a-not cumbersome, nothing ever broke! Short-lived (probably won’t be comfortable for tall people) lightweight.

Hitachi CG27EAS

Cons: noisy (such a shrill noise like a moped: ding-dong-dong-dong, noisy rather than not noisy). No belt and fasteners for it, only a fishing line, a knife is not provided.

Comment: I bought my first mower like this 10 years ago. Kicked it for five years until thieves broke in and stole it.

Hitachi cg25eus

Pros: Four-stroke, gimbal drive, not very noisy, powerful, thick burdock stems and nettles-knee-hole-hole chops.

Cons: did not find

Comment: Good trimmer. Sows everything you need. You want an even more beautiful lawn! You are welcome!

Pros: 4-stroke, relatively unpretentious, build quality is good. Glasses included – a trifle, but nice.

Hitachi CG22EJ (SLB)

Cons: Not enough power, recoil spring is weak – you release gas and the blade continues to rotate, although the speed is low. There are forced prints.

Comment: On the whole, I am satisfied. Picked myself with a four speed motor. Should last longer. Just take a closer look.

Hitachi EM390

Pros: Sturdy, very reliable, well built mower!

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