Hitachi cg22eas. Technical specifications. Features of use and operation.

Hitachi trimmers: popular models, features, characteristics

The Japanese company Hitachi supplies its products to the world market for more than a hundred years. During this time, the company has succeeded in the development, production and distribution of industrial, air conditioning, electronic, household appliances, many types of garden equipment, including power tillers. The manufacturer uses quality materials for its products, cares about the comfort of consumers and the environment.

Reliability, durability of the tools is confirmed by a long reputation and a long warranty service. In case of wear and tear all the parts of the mechanism are easy to replace, because the original spare parts are supplied free of charge.

Features of Hitachi brushcutter

Hitachi brushcutters are suitable for working in different conditions: on uneven ground, in limited or hard-to-reach places, in thick and tough grass or bushes. Whatever the model, Hitachi brushcutters are small and lightweight, with a well-thought-out and balanced design. Choosing a Hitachi brushcutter for your personal plot of land, pay attention to such points, so the tool is best suited for the conditions of use:

  1. Engine. On gasoline cutters, they come in 2 types – two-stroke or four-stroke. The first one is quite small, at the same time productive. The second type is quite bulky, but very economical, less noisy, costs a little more expensive.
  2. Power regulator. All semi-professional or professional models are equipped with such a regulator. The mode is selected depending on the upcoming work.
  3. Engine power, maximum speed.
  4. Mowing system. This can be a fishing line, more suitable for young grass, and different types of blades, more suitable for shrubs or trees.
  5. Belt. The most comfortable for work are considered zone belts, which evenly distribute the load.
  6. The shape of the beams. It can be straight or curved. With a straight beam it is easier to work on flat areas, in places with obstacles, on uneven areas. The folding beam also increases the ease of storage and transportation.
  7. Weight, tool dimensions.
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Let’s take a closer look at some of the brand’s most popular models.

Hitachi CG22EAS-NB gasoline trimmer

Gasoline Hitachi CG22EAS-NB

Gasoline trimmer Hitachi CG22EAS is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with increased motor life and efficient air cooling. Power and performance is enough to serve the area of 7 acres. Environmentally friendly operation is ensured by the clean fire system, which also contributes to fuel economy. The engine is reliably protected by an anti-suggestion housing. If necessary, it can be disconnected from the pole and used as a power unit.

The Hitachi CG22EAS brushcutter is very light and compact – its weight and dimensions are comparable to similar electric trimmers. At the same time, its power is enough to combat dense grass or brush thickets. A fishing line or a 4-blade knife is used for nobility.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine power 0.85 hp;
  • Engine displacement – 21 cc;
  • Mowing width (line/blade) – 45/25 cm;
  • The diameter of the line – 2.4 mm;
  • Tank capacity – 0,45 l;
  • maximum engine speed per minute – 8500;
  • Tool weight – 4.3 kg.

Hitachi CG25EUS petrol brush

Gasoline mower Hitachi CG25EU

Model with 4-stroke engine. Quite durable and efficient. Balanced design and practical handle facilitates comfort during operation. In addition, this trimmer has the lowest vibration level among other models in its class and very economical fuel consumption.

Technical specifications:

  • engine power – 0.81 kW;
  • working volume – 27 cc;
  • tank capacity – 0,52 l;
  • maximum engine speed per minute – 8500;
  • weight of the tool – 5 kg.

Gasoline trimmer Hitachi CG27EAS-NB

Gasoline trimmer Hitachi CG27EAS-NB

Hitachi CG27EAS petrol trimmer is designed for heavy loads and frequent use. It has a low noise level and is equipped with an easy start system. Engine is two-stroke. The boom is straight, the drive shaft is rigid, non-disassembled.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine power – 1.2 hp. С.;
  • working volume – 27 cc;
  • Mowing width (line / blade) – 45 / 25,5 cm;
  • The diameter of the line – 2.4 mm;
  • tank capacity – 0,52 l;
  • maximum engine speed per minute – 8500;
  • Dimensions – 1765*730*525;
  • Weight of the tool – 5.1 kg.
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Trimmer Hitachi CG47EY-T

Trimmer Hitachi CG47EY-T

One of the most productive and powerful models in its class. Equipped with a reliable 2-stroke engine, the body is protected from shock and corrosion. Handle is adjustable in different positions. Depending on the type of work, either a line or a knife is used.

Hitachi cg22eas. Technical specifications. Features of use and operation.

Recommendation: 100%



Hitachi is a Japanese company that manufactures gardening equipment. Their devices are characterized by quality, reliability and long service life. One of the most popular products of this manufacturer is lawn care equipment, and in particular the trimmer Hitachi CG22EAS.

Trimmer Hitachi CG22EAS

This lawn mower model is equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine rated at 0.83 hp The trimmer Hitachi CG22EAS is ideal for mowing different types of vegetation: small and hard grass, dead wood and large weeds. Distinctive feature of these machines is the ability to cope with large plants on lawns and flower beds of medium size.

basic configuration

The factory delivery of Hitachi CG22EAS gasoline lawn mower includes the machine itself, bicycle handle, trimmer head and knife, fuel mixture preparation tank and operating instructions.


Manufacturer Hitachi, Japan
engine type Gasoline single-cylinder four-stroke
engine power, hp 0,86 hp
engine power W 0.63 kW
Gasoline tank capacity 0.45L
cylinder capacity 21.1cc
Stem version only
rod diameter 24 mm
lever “bicycle
starting system Manual starter, soft starter
power gasoline
cutting width 440 mm
blade width 255 mm
weight 4,7 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1745x730x525 mm
package dimensions 1000x1000x108 mm
cardan shaft warranty service life

application features

Before operating the Hitachi CG22EAS brushcutter, the operator must read the instruction manual in order to use the trimmer safely.

When operating the Hitachi CG22EAS trimmer, the operator must wear protective clothing: coveralls, closed shoes, gloves and goggles.

The Khitachi CG22EAS lawnmower can be operated with a knife and a blade. The choice of cutting tool should be based on the type of surface to be mowed. If you only have to work with grass, you can use a fishing line. The knife is used for trimming shrubs and trees up to 3 cm in diameter.

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Trimmer Hitachi CG22EAS

  • The new carburetor is fitted to the new CG22A fuel tank.
  • Bicycle handle comes in handy in the work of the left and right defenders.
  • The large trimmer, the Hitachi CG22ASE trimmer, is convenient to push, even with gloves on.
  • Thanks to the installed S-Start system, starting the gasoline mower is as smooth and clear as possible.
  • The new Purefuel system not only reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere but also saves 30% of the fuel used.

Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual will tell you how to set up your trimmer, carry out servicing, and troubleshoot any malfunctions. When purchasing used models, ask the previous owner for the owner’s manual.

If lost, an electronic version of this document is available here:


Hitachi CG22EAS trimmers run on a fuel mixture. For its preparation it is necessary to mix gasoline AI-92 and engine oil for two-stroke engines. The fuel mixture is made in the proportion of 1:50.

When working on the Khitachi CG22ASE with a fishing line, it tends to break out periodically with wear and tear. To remove the fishing line from the reel, tap lightly on the bottom.

Pros and cons of Hitachi CG22EAS gastropods

Below are the positives and negatives that owners of the Hitachi CG22EAS gasoline-powered power tiller will note:

  • low weight;
  • ease of starting;
  • high power capacity;
  • Excellent quality components.
  • Rapid engine overheating;
  • The gas tank plug wears out quickly.

Video review

The video review shows how the Hitachi CG22EAS trimmer works:

Reviews of owners

Here is what the owners of gasoline trimmer Hitachi CG22ASE write on special forums:


“Bought this model at the beginning of last year. It has been in use all summer. The engine runs smoothly, starts up with a half-pin without stress. My wife tried the work, she buys it without any problems. This lawn mower uses high-quality Japanese parts, as evidenced by the two-year factory warranty.

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