Hinges devices for engine blocks cascade

Review of hinge devices for cascade engine blocks

Motoblocks Cascade has gained immense popularity thanks to the large workload. Their versatility is achieved by attaching devices. As they minimize labor costs to perform specific tasks.

Motoblocks cascade

Motoblock Cascade was developed in the Soviet Union. Its design is simple, reliable and time-tested.

The main factor when choosing a towbar is its coupling. The cascade has a walk-tractor hitch with mounting equipment similar to the Neva and Oka. Therefore, you can easily use equipment and purpose for these machines.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of hinge technique for Cascade Walk behavior.

This mechanism is used for plowing land after harvest or before sowing. The main purpose is to turn the top fertile layer of the soil to increase its fertility, finish off weeds and give evenness to the topsoil.

Previously horses and wooden plows were used to complete this task, now there are motblock in the industry that can handle it.

There are several modifications of plows. For example, they can be one-, two- and three-row. It all depends on the power of your walk and how many plows can set in motion at once.

Plow standard with a hitch plow is a double hand

There are standard plows and flip.

  • Standard is submerged in the ground and throws the earth to one side when driving
  • The revolutionary plows improve the quality of plowing, since the earth is not just thrown to the side, but rises along the plough, mixes it and only then steps aside.

When working with the engine block, make the first bed as even as possible, then put a wheel in this door and continue plowing. This will greatly facilitate the work.


If the plow does not handle, and it works with harsh virgin lands, where a large number of weeds and solid objects are found, it is better to use grinders to mix the soil. They delved deeper into the ground, and during their operation the top layer of soil is much better mixed.

The standard form of grinding is sable. This is considered a classic option. 2 special cutters are attached instead of wheels. A big plus of this model is considered high strength and maintainability. If the milling cutter broke or failed, you can buy a new one and replace it easily.

Cutter’s sabe r-computed mill of goose legs

A new version of the cutter is Goose Legs. They work the soil to a greater depth than sable-cut.

Their design consists of a shaft and legs welded to the end with triangles with triangles. Outwardly, they are very similar to the paws of geese. However, they are less durable. In a collision with a hard heavy object, they break off. They can simply be welded into place. However, this design lasts until the first solid stone.


Potatoes need careful care. One of the main factors in caring for potatoes is their hilling.

Hyundai Motoblocks. Review of the list, properties

A cascade engine block will help to carry out this work with cakes.

They can be disk, rotary or made in the form of a plough.

The last option is the easiest hiller. The principle of operation is that the plow simply throws the earth out of the space between the rows on two sides.

Okuchnik Disc Okuchnik Rotary Okuchnik Standard (Plow)

Disc hillers allow you to hill better. They look like two discs mounted on a pole. During the movement, the discs rotate, picking up the soil from both sides of the bed and pouring it onto the potatoes.

Rotary Hiller models are more advanced than disc models. Outwardly, they resemble them, but only have teeth on the edges.

Thanks to these improvements, rotary tillers not only dump the soil onto the potatoes, they pre-shred them. With this technology, potato stalks are not damaged when chopping, but remain intact.

potato planter

Before potatoes are spit, they must be planted. It’s hard to do it by hand.

Cascade walk behind tractor potato planters help carry out this work.

This is a whole mechanism for planting potatoes.

In front of the potato planter there is a plow that makes a furrow for further planting of potatoes. Behind is a tank with belt feeding for fruit.

Baskets are installed on this belt at regular intervals to catch potatoes and feed them into the furrow. That is, the supply of root crops goes through an equal interval.

And behind it are two discs (according to the Hiller principle) burying a furrow with potatoes.

potato digger

Vibrating screen potato harvester KM-1 potato harvester

Dig potatoes with ease with this Cascade walking tractor attachment.

The simplest version of a potato harvester is a plow. He masters this task without any problems. However, it cuts a large number of tubers.

Vibrating potato harvesters allow you to do this more efficiently. This device, buried in the ground with its front part about 15-17 cm (potato tubers are located higher), cuts the soil and feeds it to a special sieve. This in turn vibrates, sifting through the soil and leaving the roots at the top of the surface.


Cascade walk behind mower decks allow you to clear areas of weeds and small shrubs. They often find application not only in garden plots, but also in public institutions.

There are two types of mowers: rotary mowers and segment mowers.

Types of mowers for walk-behind tractors

Rotary mowers for Cascade walk behind tractors cut grass with rotating blades. The rotor spins them and they cut the grass. In the event of a collision with a solid object, the knife rotates in the opposite direction and does not break. If it is dull or broken, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

Due to their maneuverability, rotary modifications are efficient with small and medium-sized weeds on any surface.

Small tractor rusich T21 overview, properties, advantages of the model

Segment mowers are heavier devices. They cut grass like a saw. In the horizontal position, two rows of tines are installed close together, which can cut large weeds and shrubs.

However, they only work on flat surfaces. Since the length of such a mower is more than 1 meter. When working on an inclined surface, it cannot cut. The segmented mower for the Cascade walk behind tractor is not suitable for working with young, thin grass. Because such weeds simply crawl under the mower without mowing.

Rotary mower at work in the following video:

snow removal equipment

In the winter, most walk-behind tractors sit idle in the garage as the earthworks are finished.

With the help of snow clearing equipment, the Cascade single-axle tractor can also be used for clearing snow in the cold season.

The device is an auger that picks up snow, directs it into the rotor, where it spins and is thrown aside. At the same time, the owner must be careful not to get foreign objects into the drill, because if they get into the rotor, the stones can fly out much further than snow, causing harm to health or property.

Snow clearing device for the walk-behind Cascade tractor

Such a prefix can not only cope with fresh snow, but also get stuck, because before it hits the rotor, the auger crushes it.

The ejection range of a snow plow with a Cascade two-wheel tractor can be 7 to 15 m, depending on engine power and wind direction.

Snow removal equipment is simply essential in a rural or suburban area where there is no hope of utility companies and you have to do the snow removal yourself.


A cheaper option for snow removal equipment is a blade. This is just a slanted shovel that is placed in front of the walk-behind tractor and allows you to throw snow aside and clear the passage.

The main feature of the blade is the breadth of capture. This will determine the area of ​​territory that can be removed at one time.

Stockpiles are also used during construction and when leveling bulk materials (sand, fine gravel, etc.).

track modules

In winter work, the main problem is adhesion to the surface. Ordinary wheels often slip, and the Cascade tractor slips. Therefore, to enhance the effect, you can replace pneumatic tires with caterpillars.

They allow you to safely make contact with the ground and drive the walk-behind tractor along with snow plows.

When choosing the tracks, you need to pay attention to their width. The bigger it is, the better the grip will be. However, this makes it more difficult for the motor to propel it as the chains are very heavy equipment.


The main inconvenience for the operator when working with the Cascade walk-behind tractor is the fact that you have to operate the device while standing and constantly move behind and steer it.

To make this process more comfortable, the designers have come up with adapters.

Review of the Walk behavio r-tracto r-Keimgt 715 SK. Description of the model, operation, video work

Front adapter for Motoblocks Cascade

They are a frame with a built-in seat. Then all attachments are attached to the adapter. That is, the adapters are an intermediate link between the hitch of the Cascade walk-behind tractor and the hitch on it.

Such attachments significantly increase the speed of work and reduce the physical load on the operator.

trailer hitch

The main factor for the correct use of attachments with the Cascade two-wheel tractor is the correct pairing with the implement.

Most often, a universal hitch is used, which fits 90% of the official manufacturer’s hitch.

If for any reason you decide to purchase equipment from another manufacturer, be sure to check with the seller to determine if an additional hitch is required if the equipment will work with the Cascade walk-behind tractor.


The main problem with using walk-behind tractors with powerful engines is their speed.

Because most jobs do not require high speed and the operator has to walk behind the equipment all the time. And often these actions lead to injuries.

Special drivers reduce the speed of the gear and enables the operator to keep them under control.

Due to the fact that the speed decreases, the performance of the cascade motor block increases. With the help of a driver, it is possible to carry out hig h-quality work with the heaviest soils.

Buy new or do with your own hands?

Many owners of motor blocks Cascade ask this question. A factory consoles are more reliable, qualitatively high and with a guarantee. On the other hand, however, they are quite expensive.

Almost all attachments can be made independently of one another. There are also a large number of different drawings and assembly in various forums where you can do everything yourself.

It must be understood that you are all responsible for the quality and further use of the prefix.

Video reviews

The video shows the work of the engine block cascade with different attachments:

The next video shows the work of the engine block cascade while grinding the floor with a saber mill:

And goose paws:

But the work of the walk tractor in winter with a dump:

Reviews of the owners

The main town where people share their opinions on a specific topic are forums. Here people give advice on the solution to many topics and advise you how they work on the basis of their experiences. Some of them are below.

Hanging equipment for motor blocks cascade. Properties, application, video reviews

Motoblocks “Cascad” in the method of adhesion are similar to many Russian, Belarusian and Chinese motor blocks. For this reason, both brand and third participants can be used for you. Next follows a more detailed description of the hinge devices for the Cascade.


It is recommended to use a universal perch, for example, for the Cascad motor blocks with TL-6030. Some farmers prefer disc hats, they are adjustable and fixed.

Rolled turf, i.e. lawns for the more impatient

Okuchnik Arrow-2 adjustable Hill Rogue-3 discount plate

Examples of Cigns: Arrow-3, flower sheet, arrow-2. Some products have an improved design, so they take longer.

The plow is one of the most popular hinge weapons for the walk tractor. You can install a plow of any model on the “cascade”, but it is better to prefer simple designs.

PNM Pflug 1-20 Pflugmole Pflug Wip Pflug PN-1-20MB

Possible models of plowing for the cascade engine blocks: reinforced universal plow, universal PNM-1-20 plow, plow with a waist, a 2-clip, with a support wheel and others.

track modules

A module or a console with caterpillars enables you to make a heavier and powerful structure from the tractor for the walk.

The Caterpillar prefix recommended for the “cascade” should have approximately the same total dimensions: length 95 cm, width 22 cm, size 40 cm. The average weight of such a module is 50 kg.

The prefix for the “cascade” is also suitable for the NEVA or OKA motororn note.


The clutch is required to connect protective appliances to the tractor of the walk behavior. The average weight of the clutch is 5 kg. Product dimensions: length 43 cm, width 13 cm. If you use a copper of the cascade engine block, you can attach a cake, a plow, a Harrow and other devices.

Double universal reinforced coupling


Cash cutter for the Cascade Motor note can be equipped with fastenings on bolts, which are equipped with plugs, “daisies”, without waves or waves. The milling mills usually include knives, sockets, connecting rollers, stoppers, bolts, nuts and creepy washers.

Cutter crow’s feet

Depending on the performance of the hand-held tractor, a one-piece cutter, e.g. B. Fighter (length 140 cm), or a Centaur brand cutter for 6 knives with protective cover can be installed.

potato planter

The Cascade engine block potato planter has the following parameters:

  • track width 40-50 cm,
  • planting depth adjustable from 10 to 15 cm,
  • permissible tuber size up to 6 cm in diameter.
  • The width of the Cascade potato planter is 45 cm,
  • length – 70 cm (without handles),
  • Height – 60cm.

Potato planter KP-1 Expert Potato planter KSC-1 Potato planter KS-12 Potato planter K-1L

The weight of such a device is 22 kg. Some more models of potato planters: KP-1 Expert, KS-12, KSTs-1, K-1L and others.

potato digger

Recommended models of potato harvesters for “Cascade” engine blocks: KM-3, KMT-3, KMT-1, A5. You can use a conveyor excavator with an active knife “Premium”. Suitable potato harvester for Centaur models weighing more than 100 kg.

Potato digger Zirka-61 vibrating potato digger KMT-3 Potato digger for Motoblock KKM-1

It is allowed to use excavators from Zirka, Intertul, Volodar, KM-2, K-30 and others. Consider the weight of the unit and the dimensions of the excavator; attachments that are too heavy are not suitable for light walk-behind tractors.

Overview of Patriot Chicago, a slight moto r-grubber for the processing of new territory. Application, maintenance, owner reviews, video work

Attachments for snow removal

Winter operation of the Cascade walk-behind tractor involves the purchase of attachments for snow removal. These devices include snowblowers, such as augers, from any manufacturer.

Snowblower Neva snowblower CM-0.6

Snow blower models suitable for Cascade engine blocks: WM1050, GN (width 50 cm), GRUNFELD ST360, AL-KO SnowLine 560. It is permissible to use snow removal modules from the manufacturers Korund, Neva, Skiff, Patriot, Volodar and others.


The bucket bed used for snow removal with the Cascade walk-behind tractor can be regular or reinforced, with or without rubber lining along the bottom edge.

Shovel Dump Engine Block Shovel

The standard for the width of a shovel dump for motoblocks is 1 m. Shovel dumps are made by such manufacturers as TM Yarilo, Zirka, Korund, Volodar, Buff, Brigadier and others.

Read more: Overview of the Viking mini tractor range. Properties, attachments, instructions


Many mower models are suitable for the Cascade walk-behind tractor, for example: the SHIP rotary mower, the Motor Sich rotary mower, the Forte belt mower, the Centaur KR-02, K-1 from Zubr, Zirka, Patriot and others.

For more delicate work than simple lawn mowing, the manufacturer recommends using segment mowers.

Rotary mower Zarya Rotary mower KR-02 Rotary mower Patriot KKR-4


The adapter is a traveling structure attached to the walk behind tractor. It is equipped with a seat for the machine operator. Models of adapters suitable for use with Cascade: motor tractor adapters from TM Yarilo, But, AU-1, BUM-3, universal adapters for motor blocks Zirka, Neva, Patriot, Motor Sich AD-2V.

Front motoblock adapter Adapter for motoblock


Creeper is designed to increase the pulling power of the unit by increasing torque. For the Cascade walk-behind tractor, as well as other units, the crawler gear is selected based on the power of the unit itself.

So to a 6 hp two-wheel tractor. You will need a device that says “for machines with a capacity of 6 hp”. For the Cascade walk-behind tractor, you can use Circa creepers – 105-135 (width 50 cm, length 24 cm, weight 17 kg), Pubert, Solo, Husqvarna, Viking, Robix, TM Yarilo and others.

Video review of work

Video about the work of “Cascade” with a plow

Reviews of the owners


“I have opted for a walk behind tractor for a long time. I bought a cascade with a Honda engine, model MB61-22-02. His power is 6 horses, there are definitely more pluses in work than minuses.

Pros: uses about 1 liter of gas per hour, pulls loads well, I use a small Neva wagon with it. I transport grain, earth, sand, building materials. Never deaf, never let me down To loosen the soil, I used 4 cutters. I really want to buy him a snowblower. Now I use a harrow.

Disadvantages: does not always start from the first factory.

The overall impression of the car is positive, I recommend the Cascade to all my friends, some friends have already bought this device and are very satisfied!

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