High pressure laundering – why can it be used?

What a minimum and how to select it

The first minimum appeared in 1950 when the inventor Alfred Kerher patented his famous “water cleaning apparatus”. But it was not until 1984 that the invention was modified by Kerher and made figurative. Today a compact minimum is an indispensable assistant in the country. It successfully fulfills the duties of Moidodars and leads to cleanliness and order. Let’s take a look at why minimums are needed in the country and we familiarize ourselves with their types and basic characteristics.

How do you choose a minimum?

How do you choose a minimum?

What are the minimum minimum in the country?

For washing sidewalks. For many summer residents, garden paths and terraces are paved with paving pieces that quickly become dirty. A white plaque appears on the surface, similar to a scale (salt deposits). It not only looks ugly, but also destroys the tile. The minimum quickly and efficiently eliminates this pollution.

For cleaning facades and windows. Would you like to “wash” your house, garage, pavilion, fence, garden sculptures? The tireless minimum comes to rescue and is ready with the cleaning of stone, wood, glass, siding, polymers and other materials.

For the transport. A minimum helps easily and without great effort to clean any kind of transport. This is exactly the case if the “Mini” prefix means no limited possibilities at all – it only shows the compact size of the unit with its good functionality.

For cleaning the pool. With a minimum for cleaning the pool, you can avoid expensive services from a cleaning company. Use cleaning agents for minimal that are based on phosphoric acid to efficiently remove the entire pollution from the floor and the walls of the reservoir. In general, special systems such as Foam Maxi are used for professional cleaning pools, but are very expensive. In the article you can read about other cleaning tools how you can clean the clouded and green water in the pool. A number of drugs “Aquatoria”.

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For cleaning sewage and water systems. Unfortunately, problems with sewage pipes and water supply in the country are not unusual. Here too, a minimum comes to salvation. For example, the models of the Kärcher HD or HDS series have additional high-pressure hoses for the high cleaning of narrow water and sewage pipes. The hoses are equipped with long tips with holes, from which a water current puts pressure on. The position of the holes is so that the water moves the hose into the pipe removal, swept dirt and destroy the blockade in its way.

For plants. It is very comfortable to use a water mini lane for spraying and watering large plants: trees, shrubs, hedges.

In addition, the minimum of street furniture, garden inventory, bicycle, toys and dishes will clean. It will help clean the carpets and paths, and some summer residents use them in the role of the soul and even wash “our smaller brothers”.

Minimum in the role of the shower

Minimum in the role of the shower

Which minimally to choose

How do you choose a minimum for a summer residence that will be finished with all types of work? First decide which minimum is more convenient to use for you:

  • with power supply from the network 220 W;
  • autonomous, operated in batteries or by a cigarette lighter (portable);
  • Autonomous petrol (gasoline).
  • Autonomous car washes using batteries and gasoline are much more expensive than electric ones. There is no point in buying an autonomous mini sink if you have electricity in the country.
  • Would you like a hot water sink? It washes, of course, cleaner, but costs more than its counterpart without heating.
  • Estimate the size of the growing areas and the frequency of their cleaning. Based on this, select the performance of the device. For example, if you intend to use the sink rarely and only for washing dishes, children’s toys, tools and other “little things” in the garden, then a model costing up to 5,000 rubles will do. For example, Casper K 2 Basic perfectly copes with “little things” of the country.
  • If you plan to regularly wash garden paths, terraces, cars, house walls and other large areas, we recommend purchasing more powerful models – such as Huter 135 or Kärcher K 5.20M.
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Remember that the average time of operation of a household sink is 2 hours a day at intervals of 20-30 minutes, and the pump pumps water from water pipes (in electric sinks) or from containers (autonomous sinks) – buckets, barrels , the nearest pond and other .

When buying an autonomous car wash (gasoline or battery), consider the location of the water tanks and their capacity. For example, washing a car with a medium-power portable washing machine requires 40-50 liters of water. Some standalone models have a special filter that allows you to purify water when using a reservoir as a reservoir. This will help greatly extend the life of your compact assistant.

Pay attention to the length of the cable (it should be 6 meters). Consider the weight of the unit. If you are a fragile woman, is it worth taking a model weighing 20-25 kg? Appreciate the comfort of the handle: it is better if it is telescopic (sliding) than stationary.

Buy a pressure washer or not?

It is necessary? Ask yourself – what do you associate with washing a car, windows or the facade of a house? Probably with discomfort, dirt, and also with a lot of time and effort spent on this procedure. Not many people want to take the time to wash their car with their own hands. A set of water in buckets, a long thorough wash with a sponge. A dubious pleasure, especially in the cool and cold season. Some people prefer the “easy way”: stop by a stationary car wash, stand in line, pay a lot of money by the way and after 45-90 minutes go about your business. With a house, paths, a garden, a garage and other objects, however, this is no longer so easy. I decided to write a useful material on how to use a pressure washer to turn washing into an exciting and easy process. To do this, just read our article and buy a pressure washer. Previously, such professional devices were made exclusively for specialized service stations. Now budget versions for every taste can be purchased at an affordable price. Without a doubt, buying the device is a profitable acquisition. Buying a pressure washer is not difficult, you can do it in many places. But before proceeding to the choice of device, let’s take a closer look at what kind of “beast” it is, what it is for and how it works.

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Where and how can you use a high pressure sink? For the most part, car owners acquire high-quality printed matter. Especially with conspiracy house or garage. The device is connected to the network, a high-pressure hose – to the water supply, and the sink is ready for use. In summer it is indispensable to remove dust and dirt from bodies and wheels, in winter – to remove dirt, ice and numerous chemicals. In addition to caring for a vehicle, the sink can be used in completely different works: cleaning the walls of the building, washing, removing moss from houses, preventing an asphalt or tile path, removing dirt from doors, garage and other items, vegetation . An extremely convenient and affordable device that greatly simplifies routine tedious work. A distinctive feature of high-pressure washing is the simplicity of the device and the use of the device. A woman can wash the car on her own and not be afraid to get dirty or spoil the manicure. The task can be entrusted to children who will be happy to play around with a stream of water until they clean the car. But I’m sure using a high-pressure pool is worthwhile and won’t take you away from this lesson.

Which sink parameters should you pay attention to? When buying a sink, you should first pay attention to the maximum pressure of the current produced. For normal use, 120 bar is sufficient. Such a high-pressure wash in Minsk can be purchased, for example, in our online store. The higher the pressure, the better the dirt is cleaned. However, action is required in this matter, since the opposite effect can be achieved. If you do not want to damage the paint on the body of the car or tear off the molding, remember our recommendation, and do not chase the very high values ​​​​of the bar. The amount of water consumed per hour is directly linked to the first parameter. The average value is an indicator of 350-450 liters. Basically the use of warm water in certain types of work. Most units operate with a water temperature of 40º-50º. In the event that you intend to use the sink frequently under the parameters of the unit, pay attention to the supply of resources. It is desirable that it lasts at least 200-250 hours. This is enough for several years of periodic washing of the car and performing other work in the house and garden. Of course, you don’t have to mark the number of minutes and hours in a notebook every time. The only thing to remember is that after the specified time, the device requires maintenance. Often pay attention to the material from which a pump (pump) is made. I recommend that you really don’t bother with this topic. In the case of plastic, manufacturers usually use high-quality multi-layer plastic, which can serve for a long time and is less prone to corrosion formation. There is no need to overpay and buy the device solely with aluminum or brass pump.

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What if there is no water supply? Do not forget that a significant part of the budget models of the sinks in the water supply works from the water supply, through which the uninterrupted supply of water water is carried out. However, if the sink is bought for a country house, then it is not at all necessary that there be a water supply with constant and stable water pressure. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the devices on which the function of pumping water from containers is built, for example, Bosch AQT 42-13. Lay the container (barrel) over the sink literally 35-50 cm. This difference is usually enough for the convenient operation of the device.

My final recommendations before buying high pressure washing. Manufacturers do not always supply a flushing gun in a set of the device, other accessories and a high-pressure hose of the desired length. If you liked the sink sold with no items listed, be prepared to pay for it. Still, it is most profitable to buy an apparatus in which there is a gun with adjustment of pressure and pressure resistance, a high-pressure hose of at least 8-10 meters and other necessary accessories. You can purchase a high pressure wash from the Vega Prime Tools store depending on your preferences and anticipated work. I will help you choose a really suitable option for the device that will last, and also save a lot of time, effort and money. The rights to this text belong to the Vega Prime Tools Store

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