Herb garden – arrangement and care

Ideas for flower gardens: Herb garden by Ekaterina Voronova

Spectacular compositions for landscape gardens can be created with the help of ornamental grasses.

Flower bed ideas: Garden of herbs from Ekaterina Voronova

Flower bed ideas: Garden of herbs from Ekaterina Voronova

Flowerbeds with grains in France.jpg

Grasses are very picturesque: they form waves in the wind, hang beautifully after the rain, look great in winter under the frost and light snow. They blend well with vines, echinacea, honorific cenotaph, fattenia, and rejuvenile. All ornamental grasses are easy to care for if you choose varieties appropriate for your climate zone.

Planting low-growing grasses is also suitable for rockeries and rock gardens.

Do not be afraid to compose compositions, fantasize, look for harmony – and the picture will arise by itself.

Reed island in a Vienna city park in winter

Lawn garden plan

Grass compositions culminate in late summer and fall. Some plants begin growing in late spring or even early summer. Instead of year-round beauty, you may get a picture of half-dry beds that only come to life in July.

Be sure to add shrubs, needles, or perennials that fill the room to fill in the still voluminous grasses in the composition. If there is a woodland on the property, this is ideal for herbs.

Most herbs are only cut in the spring, as they retain their ornamental value in the winter. Especially the taller varieties, which can withstand snow loads and are perfectly tolerant. Grasses with soft leaves can be cut in late fall.

8 ornamental herbs for the garden

1. In my opinion, ornamental grasses are most effective for the suburbs. They form tall fountains, do not require anthers, grow in a compact tuft and have very decorative panicles. In a small room, you can create a grass island by placing a bush of featherweed on the lawn, whose stems protrude 2-2.5 m high with panicles and run down like a fountain.

Large varieties reach 2-2.5 m: transparent, fontane, Karl Foerster, Skyracer.

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Blitzbrunnen in November

2. Tall picturesque landscapes are obtained from miscanthus. Varieties for the 4th climatic zone are planted in the Moscow suburbs.

Of the tall grasses in our conditions, Kammartina with a bright yellow stripe on sturdy foliage, beautifully falling to the floor, is steadily decorative.

Spartina, miscanthus, and zipline.

4. Use a sandy trellis for the middle tier. This cereal has tough blue leaves, but its rhizomes are very branched, so it should be restrained or planted in a deep container with cut soil.

5. Various species of pike create light clouds during the blooming season, which are used for plants in the foreground.

6. Bundles of short-stemmed reeds with spectacular silvery panicles are planted in the background. Designer Tatiana Koisman suggests planting it along with bergens, rosenum, centranthus, thorns blank, and corolla at the house entrance next to a pretty tree.

An interior garden with short-herb reeds in a French chateau

7. To enliven the composition and early flowering will do fine-leaf crested or keleria, possible mottled falaris with a white stripe on the leaves.

8. For autumn stadia, choose varieties of switchgrass, whose leaves are aged in bright orange and red tones.

Grasses are completely necessary in udolf style flower beds. They create a translucent haze, dilute the colors and undermine the silhouettes of their neighbors. Soft tones of leaves and open workers soften the transition from one color to another, decorate unsightly areas during a break in bloom, dry stems and brooms decorate the garden in winter.

15 ideas for starting your own herb garden at home

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Grow herbs at home.

Grass garden can be equipped not only in the countryside or on the plot near the country house. It is possible to implement such a complex and unusual idea at home as well. Efforts to create a vegetable garden will have to make a lot, but the result is definitely worth a try.

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1. Mini garden

A variety of herbs in a pot.

A wide pot is ideal for growing a small amount of herbs. Plant the herbs in small areas, which, for evaluation, can be marked with small signs with lettering.

2. Tiered garden.

A tiered herb garden on a windowsill.

Some people face the problem of a catastrophic lack of space. To solve this problem, use vertical furniture holders that use pots to create a tiered structure.

3. Strict

A garden on a stepladder.

Grasses require a lot of light in order to multiply. Therefore, the best option is to expand it on an insulated balcony. And an old wooden ladder will help to beautifully place numerous pots with fragrant herbs.

4. cups.

Herbs in cups.

Instead of regular flower pots, you can use tea cups. Make sure a small bush of dill, basil, mint, melissa and rosemary looks charming in beautiful porcelain cups.

5. Glasses

Herbs in jars.

If you do not have the necessary pots, spicy herbs can be planted in small cups, which are decorated with signs with the names of plants, cord and ribbons.

6. Old utensils.

Herb garden in a metal container.

An old trough, pot and bucket are perfect for planting an herb garden. Grow herbs in such a bowl with beds or individual large mono-gardens.

7. Upside-down mini-garden.

Turn plants upside down.

An inverted vegetable garden is an opportunity not only to spend your favorite fresh herbs at home, but also a spectacular element of decor, which is sure to surprise housemates and guests. To implement such an idea will require special purchased or homemade pots with inserts, which means that the comments on the ground can not fail and water.

8. Garden in a palette.

A vertical garden in a wooden tray.

Unnecessary wooden sink would be perfect for growing your favorite herbs vertically on the balcony.

9. Hydroponic Garden.

Grow herbs without soil.

Hydroculture grows vegetables without soil. By choosing the right substrate and artificial light, you can get a great crop indoors, too.

10. The vertical garden

A vertical garden in the kitchen.

Special containers for growing your favorite herbs in your kitchen. Such a garden is not only a bed from which at any time you can pick a sprig of mint or basil, but also a unique element of decor.

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Bottled herbs 11.

Vertical garden in plastic bottles.

The original design of a narrow wooden board and several faceted bottles allows you to grow spicy herbs on the walls of your own apartment.

12. hanging pots

Canned herbs.

Not everyone has wide windowsills, and there is always something to see instead of flower pots, but the space under the ceiling is always free! It is under the ceiling you can hang small tin cups with your favorite fragrant herbs.

13. Garden in a box

Herbs in desk organizer drawers.

Another original and very effective way to grow herbs – in the boxes of a small table organizer.

14. Watering System

A vertical garden with its own irrigation system.

A charming vertical garden made of cut plastic bottles with a unique watering system that will bring a good harvest with little attention and care.

15. PVC pipe garden

Growing plants in a plastic tube.

Plastic pipe makes a great stand for pots or cups of herbs. Such a construction can be installed both on a vertical and on a horizontal surface.

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