Hedge trimmers – which should you choose?

What should I pay attention to when choosing a hedge trimmer? Check!

What should I look out for when choosing a hedge trimmer? Check!

A house with a garden is a great convenience, but also a lot of responsibility. So that a garden looks nice, it has to be properly maintained. One of the tools without which it is difficult to maintain a wel l-groomed appearance are free cutter. What kind would be the best? We give a hint in our article!

What shape can have a rear saw?

Before you buy scissors, you should first pay attention to their type. Manufacturers offer many solutions that are designed for different tasks. Let us check which hedge trimmer models are available on the market and how to differ.

Handlingers – garden scissors

It is a small adjustment tool. Handshore is also suitable for cutting small bushes. The advantage of garden scissors is also a low price, especially compared to other more progressive models. They are usually small, which enables a s o-called clean cut without damaging the shoots, but can be a problem with large gardening.

Battery hedge trimmer

This type of scissors is equipped with a battery with which you can automatically cut branches. Scissors do not need a constant power connection and are therefore very convenient to use. Unfortunately, their disadvantage is the length of the operating time. Scissors can usually work for a little more than an hour, after which they have to be connected to the socket for charging.

Electrical hedge trimmer

In contrast to the previous one, this model requires an electrical connection. This has its advantages and disadvantages. The cable limits the distance, but the scissors are constantly charged. They do not generate exhaust gases and have a moderate noise level. They are also suitable for trimming very large hedges as long as they have a sufficiently long extract.

Petrol scissors

These scissors are most frequently used for professional use, for example by municipal green services. You need sufficient fuel supply and unfortunately your big disadvantage is the formation of exhaust gases. The work volume is high enough that only a few choose this type of model. However, if you plan frequent and more complex gardening, you definitely need this type of equipment.

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Hedge trimmers – what blades choose?

With automatic scissors, you have to choose the blades. You can be on e-sided or both sides. The former have a longer cut, which significantly shortens the operation time. They are used most frequently to work with flat and wide hedges. Doubl e-sided blades are ideal for no n-standard and often more complex work. It is also worth mentioning that you do not vibrate as much as on e-sided when used. This is an extremely important aspect that you should take into account, especially if you plan to work in the garden for many hours.

Hedge trimmers or short hedge trimmers?

When choosing scissors, you must also take into account the length of the blade and trade. Models with a bar are as comfortable as possible for work near a high hedge. They are also suitable for trimming trees. On the other hand, short secreteurs are well suited for more detailed work. A comfortable handle is also very important. Many ignore this problem and it can significantly increase or reduce work comfort. The best are mobile handles that you can use to perform vertical and horizontal work.

What force should wireless scissors be?

When choosing automatic models, the problem of the device’s performance is extremely important. Depending on the type of work, it should be chosen. If your hedge has large thick branches, for example, select 700 watts of a hig h-performance device. Unfortunately, this value affects the price and sometimes the weight of the equipment. So if you don’t need hig h-performance scissors, it is better to choose a little less powerful.

Garden scissors and torque

The torque is the same important value as the power of the device. It shows the power generated by the engine motor. The higher the torque, the more difficult the work. For example, you can enable 70 Nm (Newton meters) to easily remove thick tail branches.

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Security when using garden scissors

You cannot underestimate security considerations when choosing a tool. With manual garden scissors, the only protection is most common a mechanism with which you can close the blades if they are not used. Automatic models should have somewhat more advanced mechanisms. Please note whether the selected equipment is a brake and a rubber tip. It protects the equipment from damage and fragments, for example in contact with the stone. The housing of the blade, which can be created after the end of the work, is also important.

The choice of suitable garden scissors can be a difficult task. We hope that after reading our article you already know when you buy what you should pay attention to.

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Hedge business – which is to be voted? Review of the popular trimmers models

hedge trimmer


A hedge – decorates a summer house and delights the eye and at the same time is isolating our personal territory of neighbors and noise as well as this is a barrier for the wind. So we take care of the condition and cut the hedge. So which bushhores to choose?

Electrical bush

Electric bushes – these are products that are adapted to all conditions – you can use the office office without fears in the home garden and in the care of green rooms. These are durable trimmers that are ready for many years.

Collector motor with a voltage of 230 V. The engine power is regulated according to the needs. Binus cut off branches of different diameters, so they are suitable for both small shrubs and large plants. The cutting beam is sharpened with a laser, and the knife also differs in length, which offers effective operation.

Boater are designed in such a way that the haircut of the hedge is comfortable. Electrostareszes weigh up to two kilograms, with an adjustable inclination of the head and a soft grip.

Mildew on roses and other colors

Take into account the technical properties of the Japanese electrical trimmer Makita UH4861

Weight (KG 3,0
The length of the cut, mm 480
Lifting frequency, speed 1600
Power, W 400
The width of the cut, mm 18
Total dimensions, mm 871x194x194

Hedge trimmer petrol

The price of petrol hedge trimmers is higher than that of electric models due to the parameters – inside the device is installed a two-stroke engine, which achieves high power density.

Petrol trimmer with a diameter of 28 mm. It is easy to use as it has an angle-adjustable head and is equipped with an anti-vibration system. The design of the hedge trimmer ensures a clean cut both vertically and horizontally, so there is little chance of damaging the plant.

Consider the technical characteristics of the German gasoline trimmer Stihl HS 82 R

Battery hedge trimmer

The last available product group are the cordless hedge trimmers. These are devices with different technical parameters that provide comfort of work.

Cordless hedge trimmers are not limited by the cable and do not emit any fumes that are unpleasant for the user or the environment.

Cordless trimmers come in three categories. As the name suggests, micro shears are small tools designed for grass and shrubs. Micro scissors cut branches up to 8 mm in diameter, so they are suitable for household plots.

The advantage of scissors is maneuverability, even with one hand, and the small size simplifies storage. Standard size cordless models are used to cut branches with a diameter of 20 mm. Scissors on the telescopic boom – a solution for people with high hedges. The 2m boom means you don’t need to use a ladder and can reach hard-to-reach places.

Note the technical properties of the cordless shears Makita DUH523Z

Idle Frequency, RPM 1350
battery voltage V 18
speed control no
Total dimensions, mm 885x195x193
blade length, mm 520
Weight (KG 3.3
Battery capacity, Ah 1.5-4.0
battery type Li-Ion
Smooth start no
max. cutting diameter, mm 15
MTD-46 smart po lawn mower. Parameters, technical characteristics, purpose of the device

Brush cutter Makita DUH523Z

Comparison table of characteristics of hedge trimmers

type hedge trimmer power, v weight (kg Average RPM
Rechargeable 7.2 – 10 2 – 2.5 2200
electric 500-550 3.2 – 3.5 3000
petrol 750 – 850 5.2 – 5.5 From 5000 to 9000

A well-tended yard is a motivating place to spend more time outdoors. Maintaining a green hedge in a neat condition will make the space around the house attractive.

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