Harvester New Holland CX 6090 – description and specifications

New Holland CX 6090 combine harvester

The New Holland CX 6090 is a middle power harvester. The technique is a universal machine with the best characteristics of quality of harvesting and productivity. The machine is recommended for farms with a seasonal production of 1000 hectares.

New Holland CX 6090 is designed with the latest achievements in the field of world combination harvesting. The model is ideal for contract organizations performing various agricultural services for small farms and giant agro-industrial companies. The New Holland CX 6090 is a professional machine for harvesting different types of crops with a modern separation and threshing system, a high level of working comfort and a long service life. It is reliability that is considered the main advantage of this model.

The New Holland CX 6090 is characterized by a non-standard solution of most problems. Thus, the cab of the combine is made in the Cerent area that allows to control the work of equipment. The machine is equipped with a 4-barrel progressive wrapping scheme, which ensures the highest quality of grain cleaning.


New Holland CX 6090 features:

  • Full computer control of the combine, transmission and powertrain;
  • Gentle threshing mode which allows to do without crushing and losses of the final mass of grain;
  • Automation of important work processes;
  • Copying relief function, which increases the quality of threshing and harvesting of low-growing and light crops with a minimum degree of losses.
  • Simplified suspension of the jet, which allows a quick change of the devices, taking into account additional parameters.
  • Safety system in areas with difficult terrain.

New Holland CX 6090 is well-proven throughout Russia and the CIS countries. The technique is actively used in Western and Eastern Europe (its popularity is particularly high there).

The combine harvester provides high accumulation of fine seeds and grain crops, regardless of agroclimatic conditions. Depth, high humidity, lushness, abundant condensation and roughage are not a problem for the machine. The New Holland CX 6090 is equipped with a precision farming mechanism which includes a moisture meter, a counter and special software. Thanks to the universal threshing system, the combine can be easily reconfigured for rape, corn, rice, legumes and other crops.

The New Holland CX 6090 is unsurpassed reliability and high efficiency.

Technical characteristics


  • length – 8760 mm;
  • Width – 3500 mm;
  • Height – 3990 mm.
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Weight of the combine harvester in the basic configuration – 13400 kg. Maximum speed of the machines – 30 km/h.

Technical characteristics:

  • volume of the grain hopper – 9300 l;
  • angle of rotation of the discharged auger – 105 degrees;
  • unloading speed – 100 l / s;
  • grain width – from 5180 mm to 9140 mm;
  • threshing drum width – 1560 mm;
  • Diameter of threshing drum – 600 mm;
  • Rotation speed of the drum – 400-1140 rpm;
  • Total separation area – 6.45 m².


The New Holland CX 6090 is equipped with a heavy-duty Iveco Cursor 9 turbocharged diesel engine with Common Rail starting system. Advantages of the engine include:

  • 25% torque reserve;
  • efficient operation of the starter mechanism and cooling lubrication;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • controllable supercharging power;
  • liquid cooling system;
  • availability of intermediate air cooling;
  • Self-cleaning radiator guard.

Engine emission level corresponds to “animal category 3”.

Iveco Cursor 9 unit properties:

  • Working volume – 8.7 liters;
  • Rated power – 220 (299) kW (PS);
  • Number of cylinders – 6.

Combine’s fuel tank holds 580 liters of fuel. Fuel consumption at load (80%) is about 49-55 l/h.

Design and service functions

The New Holland CX 6090 is a robust and well designed machine. Transmission is a 3-speed hydrostatic transmission with electronic control. A differential lock is available for versions with the Smart SIV system.

The most important working elements of the combine:

  • Dresh and separation system. The main threshing drum has a width of 1560 mm and 8 bands. The system uses a 5-stage straw walker and separation rotor. Multi-Thresh (changing the angle of the separating rotor) and Opti-Thresh (changing the angle of the dreshing drum reconnection) systems increase the efficiency of the equipment. The trommel has 3 sections and the trommel angle is 121 degrees;
  • Cleaning system. Weed seeds and chaff are removed by strong air flow from a winged turbofan blower whose performance is controlled from the cab. Fine and coarse stitches in the sieve pan increase the quality of cleaning. This working mechanism ensures high efficiency of threshing with minimum losses of the final product. The New Holland CX 6090 uses a two-stage cleaning system with opposite sevens. The basic equipment is equipped with the Opti fan system and the mechanism for returning the unprotected material to the threshing drum;
  • Chamber. Accessories: hydraulic return, cutting height control, auto flotation function, volumetric stone trap, large viewing window with stabilization function, quick connection of hydraulic connections;
  • Enlarged grain hopper. Funnel is equipped with hatch for sampling and condition monitoring, snail emptying at high speed, level indicator, light indicator for opening and lighting;
  • Variable cutters with sturdy design;
  • Harvest residue management system including spray spreaders, 4-row straw chopper complete with double-edged knives and adjustable regulating sheets that distribute chopped straw.
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Optional equipment includes running and clearance lights, three all-around vision markers and a fire extinguisher.

The New Holland CX 6090 is equipped with a modern Discovery III cab, which has been raised up. It has panoramic glazing and is located directly in front of the operating elements. Such a layout allows you to effectively monitor the work process. The cabin is characterized by increased protection from vibration and good sound insulation, which reduces the load on the operator during operation. Most of the cabin systems and elements can be adjusted to a specific combinator (armrests, steering column, seat and other devices). The cabin is also equipped with an assistant, heater and air conditioner. The mechanisms are controlled by the jam of the command knob. Main parameters are displayed on Intelliview III control monitor. The combine has an automatic setting for work and crops; the main parameters are adapted.

The advantages of the New Holland CX 6090 combine:

  1. Universal Varifeed codes, with which you can harvest different plants;
  2. Increased productivity (due to the enlarged mandatory gumming zone);
  3. Tax automation;
  4. Compact layout of units and systems, easy access to equipment elements and adaptation;
  5. Automatic adjustment of the fan speed and high quality grain cleaning.

The New Holland CX 6090 is one of the brand’s most reliable products. It has no problem areas, and the main requirement is regular maintenance, which must be done after each long harvest. It is very difficult to repair the combine after a serious breakdown, as the purchase of components, especially during operation, takes a lot of time and is very expensive. This disadvantage does not affect the properties of the device.

To buy a CX 6090 new Holland harvester in Russia is problematic. The cost of models without mileage starts from 220 thousand euros.

Delivered versions are no less popular with domestic consumers. When buying it is important to look at the condition of the combine harvester and its work, as repair of New Holland CX 6090 is very expensive. The ideal option is the 2011-2014 models with up to 1,000 hours of operating time. Their cost starts at $70,000.

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New Holland CX 6090 harvester is the highest level

Grain harvesters capable of harvesting crops in a short time, without losses and with significant consumption of fuel and lubricants are highly valued in the agricultural sector. The CX-Series Combine harvester range meets these requirements.

Grain harvester equipment developed in the company’s design bureau has unconventional solutions to many problems. For example, we can offer a progressive four-section threshing machine and the cab can be moved into the cutterbar area to visually monitor the operation.

The New Holland CX 6090 combine harvester

Photo: New Holland CX 6090

New Holland CX 6090 – what to do

This comfortable equipment is designed to meet the requirements of existing agricultural standards and the wishes of the owners of previous models. The CX series includes combined harvesters, in which the technical and operational developments have been successfully realized.

The New Holland CX 6090 Combine belongs to the medium power zone. This versatile machine is characterized by its category-highest productivity, efficiency, and the quality of grain, seed, and oilseed harvesting.

The advantages of this combine include:

  • The type of gentle threshing without loss and crushing of the final product;
  • high degree of automation of the main working processes;
  • computer-controlled operation of the power unit, combine and transmission;
  • relief copying system, with which you can harvest and thresh dead or stunted grain to the desired quality almost without losses.

The New Holland CX 6090 is equipped with a hydraulic reel drive, automatic cutterbar compensator with preset cutting height adjustment.

There is a system that ensures the safety of the combine on difficult terrain. The simplified suspension of the head allows you to quickly change the device, taking into account the additional investment.

control features

The New Holland CX 6090 cab

Photo: New Holland CX 6090 Elevated cab with large display and additional functions

The two-seat cab on the Discovery III combine features an enhanced comfort of the driver’s seat with adjustable air suspension, conveniently located controls, tinted panoramic windows, and full air conditioning.

Most of the controls, including speed and direction of travel, cutterbar lift and reverse, auger discharge and emergency stop, are operated by multifunction joystick.

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The automation independently adjusts the equipment for the harvesting and threshing of a specific crop. The Intelliview III touch screen with a function self-diagnosis mode displays the status of the systems and implements, as well as other informative information.

Technical and performance features

At only 13.5 tons the CX 6090 is extremely compact. Measuring 8.76 meters long without the header, it is 3.5 m wide and 3.99 m high.

Model New Holland CX6090
engine 6-cylinder IVECO Cursor 9, 8,7 l
Power, kW / hp. 245/333
fuel tank capacity, l 580
Grain tank capacity, l 9300
discharge rate, l/s 100
Grain head width, m 5.18 – 9.14
Threshing drum width/diameter, m 1.56 / 0.60
Number of straw walkers 6
Dimensions, m length x width x height 8,76×3,5×3,99
Weight (without walker), kg 13 400

engine and gears

In standard version, the machine is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine Iveco Cursor 9, turbocharged 8.7 liters in volume and a maximum power of 333 hp.

The advantages of the engine are:

  • economical fuel consumption;
  • 25% torque reserve;
  • variable boost power with intercooling function;
  • Efficient operation of lubrication, cooling and starting-starting systems.

This model uses an electronically controlled 3-speed hydrostatic transmission. Differential locking option is available on machines equipped with Smart Siev.

Threshing and separation systems

The main threshing cylinder with a width of 1.56 cm and a diameter of 60 cm rotates between 400 and 1140 rpm. The same speed is achieved by the 1.3-cm-wide, 39.5-cm-diameter four-winged threshing rotor.

The size of the separating rotor is 1.3 x 0.50 m each, the number of revolutions is 460-700 rpm. The threshing mechanism includes a 5-step straw shaker with an area of 6.45 m2.

New Holland CX6090


Removal of chaff and weed seeds is provided by directional air flow from the turbo-fan with adjustable blades with coarse and fine mesh, placed in a double-action shaking box.

Such scheme provides high-quality threshing of straw of any density practically without losses of the final product.


  • The design of the separator rotor and increase of the forced threshing area enabled to increase the productivity of the combine by 20% on average.
  • The versatile Varifeed cutterbar can be used for grain and oilseed rape harvesting.
  • The automatic fan speed adjustment ensures perfect threshing of the threshed crop on difficult terrain.
  • In spite of the compact arrangement of the systems and components, access to the adjustment and filling points of the machine is very convenient.
  • The location of the cabin enables visual control of the cutterbar operation, and the automated control system enables the operator to pay more attention to controlling the work processes.
  • The autonomy of the harvester is increased by increasing the volume of the fuel tank to 580 liters, saving working time by instantly unloading the grain tank of 9000 liters.
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In the reviews, you can find many complaints about the low efficiency of the delivery service of ordered spare parts and consumables. There are problems with troubleshooting in the field.

Video: 6090 in action

The cost of a new New Holland CX 6090 harvester is 6.4 million hryvnia ($250,000), so there is an increased demand for more affordable used machines in the price range. A 3-4-year-old machine in good technical condition can be bought for 3.5-4 million ($135,000 – $155,000).

analogues .

In the domestic market of combine harvesters there are medium-performance combine harvesters from other leading manufacturers. In Ukraine, the brand models John Deere W-Series, Case IH Axial Flow 5140 and CLAAS TUCANO 570 are in steady demand.

By price, productivity and other performance characteristics, these machines are largely identical.

owner reviews

The first acquaintance with the New Holland combine was more than three years ago. After 6 years of operation abroad the CX-series impressed me with its comfort in the cabin, the wide range of automatic settings, the high quality of threshing and the moderate fuel and oil consumption. Many of the skills learned while working on the Kolos harvester found practical application. During the three harvesting seasons there was not a single downtime due to failures and malfunctions of the material part. Valery

Last year our machine park expanded with a 330-horsepower New Holland combine harvester, model year 2011, purchased in Poland. Despite the operating time of 3.5 thousand motor-hours, the machine is in excellent condition, the entire harvest season worked without downtime, without grain loss and with significant savings in fuel. Training of our specialists allowed us to avoid expensive maintenance of the relevant services. One more reserve of economy is possible transfer of tractors and grain harvesting machinery to the locally produced biofuel. Lev Nikolaevich

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