Hammer MTK 28 hammer. review, instructions, reviews

Hammer MTK28


Before you buy Hammer MTK28 at the lowest price, study the specifications, video reviews, pros and cons of the model, customer reviews.

Hammer MTK28 video reviews

Hammer MTK28 Specifications

General properties
Type trimmers
special width 43 cm
Functionality *
mulching no
engine type Gasoline, two-stroke
Engine location Upper, higher
engine speed 8500
performance 1.20 hp
fuel tank up to 0.5 l
working capacity 28 cubic meters
Handle shape J-shaped
Handle height adjustable
dumbbell simply
Wheels no
Anti-vibration system is
Additional Information
gear Shoulder strap, spool with fishing line, disk/knife
Dimensions *
Weight 6.4 kg

* Check with your dealer for exact specifications.

First I bought it, and then I read the reviews. I got scared, because according to some reviews, it was horrible crap. But what was to do, started to use. And was very pleasantly surprised by the excellent and flawless operation! Easy start, stable operation, sufficient power at a relatively low weight and volume of the engine! And given the inexpensive price, it’s just the perfect tool)))) now famous women wanted to buy something like this, but unfortunately it’s no longer on sale ((((((((

Been using this skate for four years now, works great. I just make a fuel mixture for it with 92 gasoline + oil. Besides, I add oil in the ratio indicated on the bottles of the oil manufacturer: 1:50. For half a liter of 92 gasoline 10ml of oil. If the oil is less, it stops every 15-20 minutes. The lack of oil can also cause the engine to fail faster. I usually get two pints or even less to mow my summer six acres if the lot is not started. The first two years I died without a hint and that. The third year I cleaned the fuel and air filters, lubricated the mechanics, changed the fuel tank gasket, a paranite gasket of appropriate diameter. It is now in it’s fourth year of operation. Changed the spark plug. The original spark plug is L8, but I put an L7, these are analogs.

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I bought it for my mother in the garden. Everything starts with half a stunt, if someone had a mower as usual without reading the instructions))), then they had a short fishing line and kaaaklo. First impression is normal. There is no shortage of relicts. But China is China, I think the rest of his life is not enough))))) I recommend Adfreen fans, those looking for cheap solutions. I recommend pontoroznak recreation or eco for 25 TP)). Reading the reviews. Capettes have passed in 2 years and are mowing the scythe). I didn’t do anything at all, didn’t smear or wear. So take it beer boys))))

My first scythe. It worked without complaint for a long 2 years. Now I know I need a higher specification scythe.

Very poor quality and bad product. I rarely find products of such poor quality. First there was a factory error, which the seller fixed (the part was just torn and I could not physically crack the part, and the store agreed with the first inspection). A full year of use, the scythe “works” because you can’t call it “working”. It just won’t start after the first 10 tries. Obligatory tambourine dancing every time, and, of course, no claims can be made, because after 40 minutes of witchcraft with the order of the action, it sucks and tries. But it is not worth it. And the whole process of the system does not depend on warm or cold start, the quality of gasoline, filling the tank or anything else. At some point after 40-50 minutes of experimenting without changing actions, it starts. But such a product should not cost more than 5,000. The red price for a product of this quality is 1,500 on the Chinese market. If I were to buy a noname for 1500 on the Chinese market, I would be ready to fight every time, but to wring my nerves, each time paying more than 5000 rubles. I do not recommend it.

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Hammer MTK 28 hammer. review, instructions, reviews

With the help of a benzokosa hammer MTK 28 you can easily and quickly remove dense vegetation on private estates, in gardens and parks. Difficult areas (near fences, bushes, trees and between flowers) are treated without problems.

It is specially designed for small private gardens and has long been indispensable.

Hammer Flex MTK 28 brushcutter

Advantages of the Hammer MTK 28 lawnmower
  • High-quality spare parts;
  • Sufficient engine power;
  • Excellent factory blade;
  • Convenient double shoulder strap.
Disadvantages of the Hammer MTK 28
  • Poor cable quality;
  • Not the most comfortable handle.
Basic equipment of the Hammer MTK 28

Hammer Tool belt set hammer knife


Type of performance petrol
horsepower 1,3
Engine displacement, cm3 28.0
Fuel tank capacity, l 0,8
Working width, mm 430
Vibration damping system is
Weight (kg 5,2


Gasoline trimmer Hammer MTK 28 has an engine capacity of 1.3 hp. The device is equipped with a universal handle, curved in the form of a letter G. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-vibration system in the form of rubberized handles. The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.8 liters and can run autonomously for up to half an hour.

Hammer handle

The engine is cooled by a high-quality deflector. A high-quality air filter prevents the ingress of dust. When operators work on the trimmer Hammer MTK 28, they must be protected from injury by protective goggles, coveralls and headphones against injuries from burning grass and stones, noise.

Protect your eyes and ears with plastic safety goggles

The HAMMERFLEX MTK 28 brushcutter is capable of carrying two cutting tools – a blade and a line.

Sawmill line knife

The knife should be used in situations where small bushes or trees up to 2 cm in diameter need to be cut. The fishing line is used in more gentle modes of operation: when mowing grass of all types and hardness.

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Instruction manual

This document contains basic information on the Hammerflex MTK 28 gasoline trimmer, its design and purpose of the arms, spare parts and how to assemble them, and instructions for maintenance and repair.

Design of a Hammer Flex brushcutter

Electronic version of the instruction manual Here is how your browser can download the instruction manual for the Motokos Hammer MTK28


The Hammerflex MTK28 chain saw runs on a mixture of fuel and oil. If you have to work for a long time, it is recommended to prepare the fuel mixture in advance. To do this, you need to mix fuel of brand AI-92 and oil for two-stroke engines of small garden tools in a ratio of 1:40.

Correctly preparing the fuel mixture

The fishing line on Hammer MTK 28 gasoline power tillers has a diameter of 2 mm. It mixes the vegetation perfectly, but tends to break often. That’s why you should regularly pull it out of the spool.

Video review

Hammer MTK 28 brushcutter rating

Owners reviews

Below you will find several reviews of owners of Hammer MTK 28 trimmer, who have already had time to get acquainted with this technique:


“In my life it was the opposite, first I bought, and then I read the reviews and regretted that I bought. But there was no way out, I started working on it. And my joy knew no bounds thanks to the quality and reliability. The start is easy, stable. Despite the small weight and engine, it has a beard of vegetation with overkill. To add to that the inexpensive cost, you get a great car in value for money. “


“Bought the car in 2016. Since then, it works properly and had no problems with breakdowns. The only thing is that the knife completely shot out after 6, but this part can be easily found both on the Internet and in the markets. The protective housing has chipped and cracked over time due to the FR becoming a plastic housing. The store said it is the most popular part. Yes, my lawns are not perfectly level, but the machinery is flimsy so far. “

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