Hammer Flex MTK 31 mower. review, instructions, reviews

Hammer MTK31.

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Disadvantages: Worked for about 10 minutes, began to float, took it to the service and run again, after the second service started the engine. Had already disassembled myself to roll it from the village to the city. Fractured on the piston, tried to cut it off with a dare, bullet aside, piston walks, current compression is already more than significant. Won’t start and not even a sign, after long attempts to start the spring in the starter crumbled. Do not want to repair, killed so much time to think that it is scary. At work long ago and without the excitement would have earned money for a new one. I tied everything with a “hammer” technology.

Advantages: quite a powerful network for its money

Disadvantages: difficult to buy parts

Comment: The grid worked for three seasons. The main drawback – delicate starter, then breakage of the cable, the return breaks down (there were two visits to the SC during the warranty period). In general, a decent net, worked its money, has. It is possible to mow without problems and fishing cords and knives. If the grass is too high, it is better to go through with the knife first. For the company were replaced almost all the oil seals around, clutch, primer, ignition coil (the fault – several hours in a row in the heat with too few breaks in the fuel mixture) and the crankcase cover (not a very good design If the cover ripped out the scythe, then pressed the mating part for screwing the upper housing. When assembling/disassembling the scythe on your own for the screws fixing the carburetor, carburetor deposits, the crankcase cover and the clutch, it is desirable to use a threadlocker, because usually in the process you have to turn the scythe, which leads to unstable operation of the network, it is impossible to start it. Also, when assembling pay attention to the silumin that most of the flywheel If the flywheel does not sit tightly on the shaft, this key will cut it. For the current price of 600 rubles. For a new flywheel, not including work. In general, a good network, but better in advance to ask if there are SCS or stores selling spare parts for Vertu in your city, otherwise you will have to wait for weeks.

How to prepare the orchard for winter?

Comment: I will start with the disadvantage I noticed. The vibration appears at about 30 minutes, when it starts to tan, but on the other hand it is clear that it is time to cool down, in general it is recommended to work 20 minutes. I mowed 15 acres of tall and dense grass + small bushes. Neighbor’s TR was mowing nearby.

AVU is lower than mine, same goes for the drive, so he puts it in, I don’t. Loud, starts to get a headache all day long, but this is the case with all lawn mowers. So far I am completely satisfied! It is worth its money. Plus it has a 3 year warranty.

The commentary: I bought it and never regretted it, I use it for the third season, it works like clockwork, the T.O. does it in time, and you’ll

Those are satisfied. In my opinion, any technique likes care and proper use.

Advantages: there is a disk, folding boom. Mows everything.

Disadvantages: Not allowed to work more than 30 minutes continuously. Didn’t work even one season. Dam.

Comment: You have to respect the time limit. Not allowed to work continuously for more than 30 minutes. Follow this rule like idiots :). In principle, it is justified to burn the tank and smoke for 20 minutes. It’s normal for a cabin. Bought in May 2015. cork in August :(. There is a warranty, hope to repair it. Expected more. Although for 6000 rubles it’s hard to find better.

Advantages: 3rd year and it works.

Disadvantages: Never learned how to properly unwind the cord =)

Comments: I’m reading the angry comments, I’m shocked, what are you doing with this mower that it crashes and jams, I bought this mower 3 years ago to cut the grass on the property, everything is still there and working, both the starter motor and the engine. It’s not a Husqvarna to mow the streets for you, the grass for mowing 6 acres is enough for good measure

Minitractor MTZ-082 - description and properties

Advantages: 6 years of faithful service. Even mows young birch wood on 30 hectares. Dual shoulder strap with thigh protection.

Disadvantages: Poor starter. Be careful with starter, you won’t have to pull it out of the swamp like a hippo. Get a replacement coil right away.

Comment: After 30 hectares of Birkenwald with 2 fingers, had to change the 600 O gear in stock. No reel, but standard. Get a CHAMPION type 29 or 31 after the aboriginal dies.

Disadvantages: Started working after three seasons, although it has not been serviced, scratched and abandoned until the next season.

Comment: With regular fishing line strikes and thick plants, with the cutter cuts powerfully, but you have to be careful. I am completely satisfied. Headphones and glasses are a must.

Pros: cheap and happy, a straight rod and disc in this price tag is rare. Sufficient displacement.

Cons: cheap and annoying :) With a period of significantly less than 100 hours, in the engine appeared suspicious grinding, preparation showed a collapsed crankshaft support cage. Warranty – one year (actually it turns out – 1 season – just a few winters, right?), And it has already expired, because the scythe was used gradually.

Comment: Differential waste was dangling in the crank chamber. External inspection of the piston and cylinder level showed that I was still very lucky: nothing had failed, otherwise it would be + 300r piston, + 700r cylinder. I failed to squeeze the tubes myself (wrong tool base) – I’ll go to the service, let’s see. At the same time and see how much service. UPD: Was in the service center in St. Petersburg today – refused to repair at all, indicating that I broke it myself. Well, I had no warranty, and I wanted to repair it, I can say I have all the work done for it. They mumbled something about diagnostics for 650 rubles… and the subsequent repair. I show you the bearing, they tell me about the diagnosis. Thanks, at least they sold me the necessary tubes (which are not available at retail now).

Soil in the garden - how to prepare it for winter?

Disadvantages: terrible quality, a waste of money

Comment: I bought the scythe in May 2015 for 7,799 rubles, and now (since July) for 3 months the scythe 2 times in the repair! After repairing the spring (starter wires were not pulled) the scythe worked for 2 minutes and stood up and did not start anymore! I drive to the service like I go to work, I remember usually having to stand around for 30 minutes. Also at the service they start threatening that if you come in with a breakdown three times we will take you out of warranty. Filling – it’s just fresh fuel, oil they also have a hummer (apparently the oil is also soup. Oh), measured with a syringe, in general, all would be fine, a lot of nerves in general. All in all, if you want problems, choose Hammer.

Pros: Good marketing (seller praises 100%).

Cons: 1. After 1 hour of work the starter broke – repaired under warranty. 2. After 1 hour of work (after the first repair) refused to start – autopsy revealed that the mating part of the crankshaft support is completely broken (turned out to be plastic), no warranty.

Comment: Not intended for direct use.

Pros: value for money, seems to have spare parts

Comment: I bought it a year ago in June. Worked for 2 seasons, mowed a little on the potatoes – dust and piles in all directions. At the moment I went to the countryside – turned it on and it rustled suspiciously somehow, the native still left.

Pros: it works, does not break.

The downsides: on the second day of use I have to change the starting conditions, I have to use the choke.

Comments: Took it to mow 25 acres that haven’t been mowed in 4 years. I cut all the trees and bushes with trunk diameter up to 5 cm when I installed the circular saw. The neighbors are uncomfortable – everything is visible. When working with the fishing line – knocks out the stems with a circular saw from below – the main thing is to take the right fishing line, which will not break, a very powerful rotation, the line is simply sawn off. Got what I wanted + Kosari physical exercises for the office worker – in the free app I remembered that the body has muscles. Satisfied with the purchase. My neighbor has a Shtil 38 just for grass!

Feeding hungry plants after winter!

Disadvantages: does not develop speed.

Comment: I have suffered with it.

Pros: Can be wished to the enemy.

Hammer Flex MTK 31 mower. review, instructions, reviews

Hammer Flex MTK 31 mower. review, instructions, reviews

Hammer Flex MTK 31 brushcutter. review, instruction, reviews
  • This is a fairly powerful petrol mower, designed for personal and public use with heavy loads. It is capable of clearing grass covers, dense weeds and small bushes. A distinctive feature of this model is the high traction and torque.
  • Pros and cons of the Hammer Flex MTK 31 brushcutter
  • organic design;
  • value for money;
engine power;
  • Cheap small repairs.
  • Disadvantages of Motoko’s Hammer Flex MTK 31
  • Not the most reliable starter;
When working for a long time without headphones begins to get a headache because of the strong noise.

If you hit a rock, there is a high probability of breaking the protective plastic housing.

Basic configuration Motoko’s Hammer Flex MTK 31

Hammer tool step hammer Features
lawnmower type 1,6
petrol 34
Power, hp 0,8
Engine capacity, CM3 170
Fuel tank capacity, L Boom length, cm
Mowing width, mm 23-43
Vibration damping system 6,4


Weight (kg



Hammer Flex MTK31 petrol tiller is fitted with a 1,6 hp engine. The cutting width of the blade is 23 cm and when a fishing system is fitted it goes up to 43 cm.

The Hammer Flex’s injury-free tank can hold up to 0.8 liters of fuel mixture at a time, enough for about an hour of continuous operation. With the vibration-removal system, you can reduce the harmful effects on the operator’s hands.

This model has a better bicycle handle with a starting system on the right side. It contains two buttons that must be squeezed simultaneously. This keeps the chance of starting the engine to a minimum.

Hammer Flex MTK 31 brushcutter

Owner’s Manual

Before starting the Flex MTK 31 petrol engine, you should read the owner’s manual to understand how to operate the tractor safely.

Treatment of grapes with copper sulfate

While working on Hammer Flex MTK 31 gasoline-powered power tillers, owners must wear proper protective clothing: gloves, overalls and ear muffs.

Protective coveralls headphones plastic safety glasses

If necessary, gas shock Hammer Flex MTK31 works with a fishing line to make a patch of grass, and the knife is put in those cases where you need to cut bushes or young trees with a diameter of up to 2 cm.

The electronic version of this document is listed here. Your browser does not support frames download Motokos Hammer MTK31 instruction manual

Hammer engine


The Hammer MTK31 trimmer is powered by a mixture of fuel and oil. If you have to work for a long time, it is recommended to prepare the fuel mixture in advance. For this purpose it is necessary to mix fuel of mark АI-92 and oil for two-stroke engines of small garden tools in the ratio 1:40.

When working on MTK 31 with a fishing plant, it regularly falls into the result of wear and tear and has to be removed from the spool.

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Overview of the Hammer Flex MTK31 chain saw work:

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