HAMMER chainsaws: Description, properties and work rules

Electric chainsaws of the Hammer brand. Specifications and operating regulations

Hammer electrical bars are produced at Chinese production locations, although they belong to the renowned German company Hammer Werkzeug GmbH. The manufacturer has taken such a step to reduce the costs and make its equipment as accessible as possible.

Quality and assembly of the power tools were not affected by the relocation, the company is responsible for its products. There are around 120 service centers in Russia in which hammer devices are serviced, the influx of spare parts and consumption materials is constant and regular.

Hammer currently specializes in the production of:

  • All types of electric tools;
  • Power plants; .

Equipment and tools “hammer” have proven their competitiveness and established themselves as:

  • reliable technology;
  • decent assembly;
  • Availability of spare parts and accessories;
  • Acceptable costs;
  • Excellent maintenance.

Chainsaws hammer, model list

Electric saws “hammer” are intended for sawing wood of all kinds: boards, stems, branches, removal of trees, etc. The manufacturer offers us the following modifications of chainsaws:

  • Motor see Hammer CPP1800A.
  • Chainsaw hammer Flex CPP1800D.
  • Electric saw chain hammer CPP2200C Premium.
  • Chainsaw Hammer CPP 1600.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the functions of the hammer electrical saws:

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Ease;
  • Persistence;
  • Durability;
  • Chain tension instrumental;
  • Chain lubrication;
  • buil t-in inertia engine brake;
  • Chain brake;
  • Slope button before unplanned start;
  • Handles are rubberized;
  • Protection;
  • The position of the electric motor is transverse;
  • Affordability;
  • Availability of spare parts and consumables;
  • The thermostat protects the engine from overheating.

Model series chainsaws hammer.

Electricaw Hammer CPP1800A

The cost of this modification of the electrical saw vary between 5 and 5.5 thousand rubles. The weight of the electrical saw is 7.5 kg. An electric motor with an output of 1800 W is accommodated in the longitudinal direction in a shockproof plastic housing.

Thanks to the buil t-in thermorelais, overheating the electric motor is completely excluded. A blocking button is installed to prevent the electric saw from starting accidentally.

Chainsaw Hammer CPP1800A

In order to increase safety when working with a tool, the device received a brake system that stops both the chain and the electric motor. The clamping system for the chain is simplified as far as possible. The tax rate is automatically lubricated. Use 16-inch tires and a chain with 59 limbs.

Performance 1800 W Revolutions (rpm) 660
Stang length 16 » Stang length (mm) 400
Number of chain members 57 pieces. Chain division and strength 3/8 ″ -1.3 mm
Chain division 3/8 “ Motor position lengthways
Guarantee 60 months Total weight 6.92 kg
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Chainsaw Hammerflex CPP1800D

The electrical saw has a weight of 5.5 kg. The power of the electric motor placed across the housing is 1800 W, the start takes place at the push of a button, there is a lock key.

Chainsaw Hammerflex CPP1800D

power supply networks. Temple Vorplement Toment, automatic chain mechanism lubrication. To strengthen safety, an electric motor brake is provided. The handles are rubberized. There is an upper protection. The 14 inch (35 cm) saw hoop and 52 link chain are recommended.

Electric Saw Hammer CPP2200C Premium

The cost of this electrical unit varies from 7-7.5 thousand rubles. The case is reinforced with fiberglass. This is a compact professional modification with a longitudinal engine that offers 2200 watts with a saw.

Chainsaw Hammer CPP2200с Premium

The weight of the electric saw is 7 kg. The chain mechanism of the electric saw is without a regulator. The revolutions are supported by electronics, the performance is constant. There is a random inclusion lock button. A chain brake and an engine brake are installed for safety reasons. Replacement of graphite brushes is carried out through a special window. Magic centimeter tires and gears for 57 teeth are used.

Power 2200 watts Stang length 16 »
Stang length (mm) 400 Number of chain members 57 pieces.
Chain division and strength 3/8 ″ -1.3 mm Chain division 3/8 “
Motor position lengthways Oil tank 0.13 l
Guarantee 60 months Clos e-free chain tension adjustment +
pro + Gross weight 8.1 kg

Hammer CPP 1600 electric saw

The price of this model varies within 6,000 rubles. The mass of the electric saw is 5.7 kg. The power of the electric motor is 1600 watts. The power pack is placed across the case.

Chainsaw Hammer CPP1600

The spread of the start button is created, there is a circuit voltage regulator, the supply of chain lubricant is automatic. The control of the fullness of the tank is carried out through the observation window. The 14 inch guide and a 53 tooth chain are used.

Power 1600 watts Revolutions (RPM) 840
tire length 14″ Tire length (mm) 350
The number of chain links is 53 PCs. Chain division and strength 3/8 ″ -1.3 mm
Chain division 3/8 “ The position of the motor is transverse
Guarantee 60 months Oil tank 0.27 l
Clos e-free chain tension adjustment + Gross weight 5.7 kg
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operating instruction

The manual is included in the packaging of each modification of Hammer electric chainsaws. The instructions contain all available information about the power tool:

  1. The device of the chain electric saw hammer.
  2. Completely.
  3. As seen, what to see.
  4. Safety measures.
  5. Technical characteristics of electric chainsaws.
  6. Preparation for the first launch.
  7. Maintenance of the power plant “Hammer”.
  8. Identification of malfunctions.


The configuration to the electric saws of the hammer brand includes:

  • saw a headset;
  • replacement carbon brushes;
  • protective cover;
  • Instructions.

Introduction to the operating mode

Hammer Electric Saws are fickle and very easy to use. To prepare the power tool for the first start you will need:

  • collect the saw;
  • Mount a headset on it, pull the chain;
  • season the oil tank with oil;
  • Check the voltage in the network;
  • Ensure the integrity of the network cable;
  • Plug in the power tool;
  • run the saw;
  • Check the operability of the braking mechanism.
  • Make sure the lubrication is in the chain.


To ensure the performance of the power tool, the owner of the equipment is required:

  • Pull the saw chain in time;
  • Lubricate the leading star;
  • Change brushes in time;
  • control the oil level in the tank;
  • Clean Tyrsa and dirt from the power tool.

Malfunctions of the hammer power plant

The electric motor may not start for the following reasons:

  1. The cable is not connected to the power source.
  2. No power.
  3. The wire is broken.
  4. The brushes worn out.
  5. The engine failed.
  6. The brake is involved.

It is recommended to eliminate all other malfunctions in the country’s service centers. The original instruction for the Hammer Electric Chain Saw is shown here:

Video review

In the video you can see how the Electric Saw “Hammer” blade works:

Reviews of Chain Electric Saw Hammer owners

Ilya, 25 years old, Sumy

“As a beautiful saw, the manufacturer did not disappoint. I work in the country, clear the thickets, put the garden in order (I bought a cottage a year ago). The tool is light, unpretentious, no special knowledge is required for work. He sang everything in a row.

Pros: inexpensive, unpretentious, everything sang everything.

Cons: Cable – Sometimes there isn’t enough of its length. “

Sergey, 31 years old, Kirov

“Hello, I have 2200 model, very powerful, unpretentious, no problems with the launch. Everything works in winter and summer.

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Pros: Current, starts at any temperature.

Cons: Oil leaks. “

Oleg, 29 years old, Rostov

“You bought a saw in June – I can’t get enough. Of course, I had to get used to the cable. But in general, the impression is positive. China with German roots is power! SAWS boards, logs. Branches …

Description of hammer chainsaws. Technical data, service and reviews

Hammer chain electric saws are produced by the German company Hammer Werkzug GmbH, which has a history of almost 40 years. Choosing a well-known brand has tools for household, garden and power technology: chainsaws, mill grinders, perforators, benzo, power plants, generators. The brand’s products are characterized by the optimal ratio of good quality and affordable price. Hammer Electric Saw assembly is carried out in PRC.


Description of the lineup

The Hammer Electric Saw family is represented by several models with a capacity of 1.6 kW – 2.2 kW. Electric saws are characterized by a simple design, easy maintenance and convenient operation. The main motto of the Save Your Energy brand means to save your energy, and this is the best characterizes Hammer Electric Saws, which can repeatedly ease the tiring manual work.

The advantages and features of Chain Electric Saw Hammer:

  • Automatic lubrication of the circuit, control of the oil level through a transparent window.
  • When needed, easy access to quick-release carbon brushes to replace them.
  • Safety for the operator thanks to the automatic brake of the gearshift.
  • The presence of a lock button from accidentally turning on the electric saw.
  • Fast cooling of the electric motor thanks to the holes on the tool body.
  • Reduced vibration and noise when working with a saw.
  • Security at the inside, inaccessible places.
  • The ability to repair the cable at work on a special hook.
  • High environmental friendliness of the electrical devices.
  • Due to the light weight, increased ergonomics of the Electric Saw Hammer, it is simple and easy to work with.

Electric magic hammer SRR1600

Motor see Hammer SRR1600

The younger modification of 1.6 kW is designed to see small trees, harvesting firewood, the simplest construction work. The length of the saw tire is 35 cm, the mass is 5.5 kg, the speed of the circuit is 840 rpm.

functions and possibilities

Chainsaw Hammer SRR1800A

Chainsaw hammer SRR1800A

A heavier tool weighing 7.5 kg with a capacity of 1.8 kW. Tire length 40 cm, rotation speed of a saw chain 660 rpm.

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Type of: electric chain
Draft: Manual
Perfomance: 1800 watts
Number of speeds: 1
chain step: 3/8 inch
tire length: 40 cm
Functions and possibilities: The chain brake
The weight: 6.5kg
Shine Groove Width: 1.3mm
The maximum speed of the chain (m/s): 14m/s
Engine location: across
chain brake: There is

Hammer Flex Electric Spoom SRR1800D

Hammerflex CPP1800D

The popular model is equipped with a 1.8 kW engine, a 35 cm saw with 5.5 kg. The built Thermallan works when the sawing overheating overheats. According to other technical parameters, the saw is mainly identical to the previous version.

Electric magichammer SR2000V

Motor see Hammer SRR2000V

The engine power is 2 kW, the tire 40 cm, there is an additional electronic emergency brake switch, a protective cover for the saw bus. The tool is able to see thick tree trunks, wood with different hardness.

Power 2000 watts Revolutions (RPM) 816
Tire length 16 Stang length (mm) 400
Number of chain members 57 pieces. Chain division and strength 3/8 ″ -1.3 mm
Motor position lengthways Gross weight 6.7 kg
Net weight 6.7 kg

Model Hammer SR2200C Premium

Hammer CPP2200C Premium

The version is the most perfect in the Chain Electric saw line: engine power 2.2 kW, tire length 40 cm, weight 7 kg. Due to the improved technical properties, increased comfort, effective protection against overheating of the electric motor, improved lubricating and cooling systems, this modification is a top model and is highly in demand.

Power 2200 watts Tire length 16
Stang length (mm) 400 Number of chain members 57 pieces.
Chain division and strength 3/8 ″ -1.3 mm Chain division 3/8 “
Motor position lengthways Oil tank 0.13 l
Clos e-free chain tension adjustment + pro +
Gross weight 8.1 kg Net weight 7 kg

Operating instructions, characteristics of the use of chainsaw

Reviews about the Hammerketten electrical saws are mostly positive, although there are complaints about poor Chinese meetings. In order to ensure the stable operation of the power plant, the manufacturer recommends that the instructions for the operation strictly keep the maintenance in good time and only use the electric tool in accordance with its purpose.

Motor saw hammer

Let us meet some of the main moments specified in the user instructions. When working with a hammer with a chain electrical saws, the owners should take some characteristics of operation and maintenance of the saw into account:

  • In the event of a new saw, the chain is offered for sale without lubrication, so that it has to reduce butter in a container before operation.
  • To operate the chain, it is advisable to work with a new chain with a new chain with a new chain.
  • In order to avoid outbursts, Hammer Electric Saw has to lubricate the saw chain with hig h-quality oil. It is necessary to systematically test its level through the observation window.
  • The chain voltage is adjusted by turning the controller in the saw housing.
  • The presence of a double insulation reliably protects the functioning elements and parts of the equipment, which the operator cannot free the operator when working with an electric tool from strict adherence to the safety rules.
  • Maintaining the saw is to sharpen the timely cleaning of dirt, the sharpness of the chain, the lubrication of the tire, the replacement of coal brushes.
  • The presence of an extensive service network, inexpensive spare parts and components enables you to perform the economic service of the hammer saw.
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The main disorders of chainsaws and repair types

Electric chainsaw Hammer CPP1800D” width=”1280″ height=”720″ />

Hammer electrical saws can give rejections. The most common malfunctions:

  • The saw is not started – check the presence of voltage in the network, the condition of sockets, forks, extension cables, cable.
  • The saw does not get any force – maybe the brushes have worn out; Also check the condition of the winding, regardless of whether the Jamming has occurred.
  • The bad saw is mainly manifested due to a blunt chain.
  • The chain does not move when the engine is executed – the circuit jumped or the circuit brake is switched on.

Video review

Electric Spike Hammer SRR 2200c

Electric chainsaw Hammer CPP1800D

Owner reviews


“The hammer 2 kW electrical kit has been working for me for 2 years. I expected more, but in principle the housework will pull. The extension cable must be chosen correctly with less resistance so that there is no loss of performance when the socket is removed from the socket.


“The Hammer SRR 1800 electrical snow saw is a good tool. Works well. I mainly use the tool in the store. Vibrations are low, low noise, the price is affordable. “

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