Hammer brand chainsaw: Description, properties and rules of operation

Hammer brand chainsaws. Technical specifications and rules of operation

Hammer chainsaws are manufactured by the well-known German company Hammer Werkzeug GmbH, which specializes in the production of the following household appliances in a wide range:

  • Gardening devices;
  • Power tools;
  • Power tools.

More than 120 service centers are opened in Russia for maintenance of the devices. Although the production facilities of the German company are located in China, Hammer brand products are easy to use, reliable and durable, easy to service, excellent quality of components and assembly, and affordable price.

All Hammer products are covered by a one-year warranty.

Hammer saws, popular modifications

Hammerketten saws are tools that are designed for all types of wood sawing jobs: trimming branches, crowns and bushes, felling trees, sawing down tree trunks, etc. Hammerketten saws can be used in construction, both in households and utilities.

Under the brand Hammer are produced the following modifications of benzotrennyh tools:

  1. Hammer BPL2512B chainsaw.
  2. Hammer BPL4518B chainsaw.
  3. Hammerflex BPL3814 LE chainsaw.
  4. Hammer BPL4518A chainsaw.
  5. Hammer Flex BPL3816B chainsaw.
  6. Hammer BPL 2500 chainsaw.
  7. Hammer BPL4116 chainsaw.
  8. Hammer “Hammer” BPL5220B chainsaw.

German chainsaws Hammerflex have the following features:

  • compact size;
  • low weight;
  • ease of handling;
  • mobility;
  • no ties to the power supply;
  • presence of primer, which pumps the fuel mixture into the carburetor;
  • contactless ignition system;
  • presence of a chain catcher;
  • Membrane carburetor;
  • built-in chain brake;
  • Anti-vibration protection;

The chain is lubricated automatically.

Learn more about these Hammerflex chain saws:

Hammer BPL2512B chainsaw

This is the largest model of Hammer flex saw, it belongs to the domestic class of gasoline tools. It weighs only 3.8 kg. The capacity of the two-stroke gasoline engine is 1.4 hp, air-cooled power plant. The chainsaw is started with a manual starter. The fuel mixture is fed to the membrane carburetor with a primer.

Hammer BPL2512B chain saw

To increase the safety of the owner, the unit is equipped with: a chain brake, chain catcher, hand protection, anti-vibration protection. The chain is automatically lubricated, but the oil supply cannot be adjusted. The unit is equipped with a small 12″ leash and a 45-member saw chain.

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warranty 3 years
engine capacity 25.0 cc
Engine output max. 1,4 hp
Weight 3,8 kg
Electronic engine control no
Boom length 12 inches
Chain division 3/8 inch
Rod slot width 1.3 mm
Number of chain links 45
Vehicle class Domestic
primer Да
Decorative no
Feather compensator no
Notch metal
Anti-vibration grip Да
Heated handles no
Tire lubrication can not be adjusted
Fuel tank capacity 0.23 l
Fuel indication no
Oil volume 0.21 l
Oil stand indication no
Chain brake Да
Engine type 2-stroke
Dimensions 32 x 26 x 26 cm

Hammer chain saw BPL4518B

It is a professional tool that weighs 7 kg. And is equipped with a carburetor with two strings with a capacity of 2.5 l. С. The surface of the cylinder is coated with chrome plating to improve performance. The saw is started by an inertia starter to improve starting in any weather, and after a long downtime the chainsaw was equipped with an easy start system: decompression valve, spring on the starter, fuel pump.

Hammer Flex BPL 4518 B

Increased safety was achieved due to the chain fire, zipper, hand protection and anti-vibration protection. The manufacturer supplied the saws with a 45.5 cm hammer and a 72-link chain. Chain lubrication is automatic.

Device type chainsaw
Engine capacity (cc) 45
Maximum bar length (cm) 45.5
Fuel Tank Capacity (l) 0.55
Oil Tank Capacity (L) 0.26
Chain pitch (custom) 0.325
Number of links (PCS)/thickness of link (mm) 72/1.5
Power, kW) 1.84
Anti-vibration system да
Chain brake да
color orange
Weight (kg) 7
warranty 1 year
Production Country China

Hammer Flex BPL3814 LE

This is a garden modification, which is used for the care of trees and shrubs, woodwork, etc. the weight of the chainsaw is 4.5 kg. Carburetor power unit with two liters produces 2 hp. С. Manual engine start, air-cooled.

Hammer Flex BPL3814 LE

The fuel pump pumps the KV carburetor mixture so that you can start the chainsaw without any problems. Anti – vibration protection, chain brake. Hand protection, chain entry – all this makes working with a chainsaw as safe as possible. For 52 links 14 custom guide bars and chains are used. Automatic lubrication mode.

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Household-grade Purpose for garden
Power (wattage) 1500 watts Power (hp) 2
Working volume 37.2 cm3 Revolutions (speed) 11500
Tire length (custom) 14 “ Length of bar (mm) 350
Warranty 60 months. Number of chain members – 52 pcs.
Chain pitch 3/8″ Thickness of chain 1.3 mm
Oil tank 0.39 l Oil tank 0.21 l
Candle for the torch Primer +
Vibration damping system + Gross weight 6.2 kg
Net weight 4,5 kg Brand origin Germany

Hammer BPL4518A chainsaw

The mass of the tool is 7.6 kg. Nominal power of the gasoline engine – 2.7 hp. С. The device is started manually. The saw is equipped with systems: easy start (decompression valve, spring on the starter, primer to pump the fuel mixture), brake (chain brake), anti-vibration, auto-lubrication (the chain is lubricated automatically).

Hammer BPL4518A chainsaw

This model is suitable for 18-inch instructions and 72-link chains.

Household-grade Purpose for garden
Power (wattage) 2000W Power (hp) 2.7
Working volume 45 cm3 Speed (RPM) 12000
Busbar length (customs) 18 “ Tire length (mm) 455
Warranty 60 months. Number of chain members 72 pcs.
Chain pitch 0.325 “ Thickness of chain 1.5 mm
Tank 0,55 l oil tank 0.26 l
Spark plug Easy starter +
Primer + Vibration damping system +
Gross weight 7.6 kg Net weight 5.4 kg

Hammer Flex BPL3816B chain saw

Chainsaw has a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a rated capacity of 2 liters. C. The mass of the saw is 6.2 kg. The gasoline tool is started manually and has a light start system. Fuel combustion in the membrane carburetor is performed by a fuel pump (primer). Safety is ensured by an anti-vibration protection, a zipper and a brake.

Hammer BPL3816B chainsaw

Lubrication is automatic to increase the service life of the saw. This modification received a sixteen-inch guide bar and a 56-station chain.

Household-grade Purpose for garden
Power (W) 1470W Working volume of 38 cm3
Speed (RPM) 11000 Tire length (custom) 16″
Busbar length (mm) 400 Number of chain members – 56 pcs.
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Chainsaw “hammer” BPL 2500

This is a small tool weighing only 2.5 kg. The single-cylinder engine provides 1.36 HP of power, which is enough for pruning branches, sawing wood, etc.

Hammer Flex BPL2500

The chainsaw, in which the combustible mixture is pumped, is started manually by the primer.

There is an anti-vibration system, no chain brake and no lubrication. A 30 cm guide bar and a 44 link chain are recommended.

HAMMEMENTSAGES (hammer): Features and specifications of popular models

The popular manufacturer Hammer are unpretentious and very high chain saws. The company has developed a large selection of quality tools that can be used in different conditions.

Each Hammer is powerful performance, reliable features and affordable cost. Products cope well with the sawing of bulk wood, preparation of material for construction and preparation of firewood for the winter. Depending on the technical parameters, surfactants are selected. It can be operated independently, and all spare parts for the tool are publicly available.

Hammer BPL3816 chainsaw

Hammer BPL3816 chainsaw

Hammer household saw is used for trimming dry branches, working with shrubs in the garden and handling building materials. It efficiently makes firewood for the winter and handles large trees.

Saw features

  • Easier starting and in cold weather.
  • Anti-corrosion coating on the cylinder.
  • Robust body and ergonomic design.
  • Effective vibration navigation.


  • Engine power of 2 liters. С;
  • Oil tank size is 0.21 liters;
  • Gasoline tank size is 0.39 liters;
  • Chain length – 40 cm;
  • Weight – 4,2 kg.

Hammer BPL2500 chainsaw

Hammer BPL2500 chainsaw

The model is designed for private use and work in the garden. It quickly cuts branches, makes firewood for the winter, removes limbs, and can also work in hard-to-reach places. The saw has a small size.

Features of the tool

  • Convenient start system
  • Inertia brake, which the saw presses on.
  • Lightweight.
  • Rowliner technology.


  • The power of the model is 1.36 hp;
  • The oil tank volume is 0,16 l;
  • Volume of the fuel tank – 0,23 l;
  • The length of the tire pila – 30 cm;
  • Weight – 2,5 kg.
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Hammer BPL4518A chainsaw

Hammer BPL4518A chainsaw

Professional tool is used for working at the sawmill, cutting firewood and processing construction materials. It has high-quality components, so it has good durability.

Hammer 4518 chainsaw has a number of features

  • Durable and wear-resistant carburetor.
  • Fuel treatment system.
  • Cylinder body with chrome taper.
  • Vibration suppression technology.


  • Engine power 2.7 hp. С;
  • Oil tank capacity: 0.26l;
  • Fuel tank – 0,55 l;
  • Chain length – 45 cm;
  • Weight – 5,4 kg.

Hammer BPL3814 LE

Hammer BPL3814 LE

A versatile product for handling branches, protocols, boards. It can be used when cutting firewood or felling. Thanks to the high performance of the device you will easily cut hardwood trees.

Features of the hammer saw

  • Improved performance.
  • Dual thermal insulation system.
  • Quick fuel system.


  • Engine power of 2 liters. С;
  • Volume of the oil tank – 0,21 l;
  • The volume of the fuel tank – 0,39 l;
  • Weight – 4,5 kg.

Hammer brand saws are effective in all sawing jobs. They cope with complex tasks, they are effective in the production sphere as well.

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