Growing Kinelsky grapes

Growing Kinelsky grapes

The popular Kinelsky grapes are distinguished by the large number of varieties in their series. Their main feature is that they all belong to early crops and yield in mid-July.

Arcadia .

This early table variety of Kinel grapes is characterized by a vegetation period of 100 days. The height of the bush is 3-4 m, depending on the conditions of care. The flowers are bisexual. Arcadia variety withstands frosts up to 20 ° C.

Fruits are large, rich green color. The weight of a single berry is 4-6 grams. Cylindrical bunches grow to 1.5 kg. The taste is pleasant. The sweetness is clearly audible. There is no acidity in the composition, so it is not transferable to the taste.


This Kinnel grape is characterized by super-ripening periods. The growing season lasts only 90 days until the fruit is fully ripe. The variety is resistant to both drought and frost, so it is suitable for planting in all areas of the country. The maximum height of bushes is 5 m. The leaves are large.

Kinelsky grape transformation is characterized by the average size of fruits. The weight of the berry does not exceed the index of 4 g, and cylindrical bunches reach a weight of 1 kg. The shell is dense, pink, with a pronounced waxy coating. The taste is dominated by acidity.


Kinel grapes of the variety Jubilee differ in a number of characteristics:

  • resistance to frost and drought;
  • early ripening – only 90 days;
  • the height of the bush (up to 4 m);
  • The size of berries and bunches: the berry reaches 6 g in the weight variety, and the bunch – 900 g;
  • Color – light pink, the rind is dense and not translucent.

Principle of cultivation

Planting is carried out only after obtaining a high seedling of the Kinelsky grape. It is better to buy it in specialized nurseries or from proven private suppliers. A prerequisite is the presence of a grafting site and the optimal height of the seedling – 50 cm. It is allowed to buy taller plants, but you can not buy seedlings below the specified height. Planting is carried out to a depth of 50 cm.

The choice of place and soil

The ideal place for planting this culture is considered sunny and unshaded areas. This variety is considered early, as it belongs to the crops that are sensitive to the sun. If there is a lack of light, the period of fruiting increases.

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The soil must be nutritious, so it is preferable to plant in loamy or sandy soils with low acidity (up to 4%).

The optimal time for planting Kinelsky grapes is the beginning of May. In 2 months begin to prepare a planting hole. Its depth should be 100 cm, and the diameter – 80 cm. If groundwater is close to the surface of the earth, then a drainage system is installed at the bottom. It can easily be made of crushed gravel or crushed silicate. If the nutritive value of the soil is low, 5 kg of humus is also poured on it.

Peculiarities of planting

In May, the seedling is placed in a hole to a depth of 50 cm. All varieties of Kinelsky grapes are characterized by a closed root system. Therefore, it is allowed to plant it in containers, having previously cut the soil. This will protect the young plant from frosts and ensure proper root development.

The roots are covered with the top layer of soil that remains after digging the hole. The seedling is watered with 20 l of warm water and tied to a metal support to a height of up to 2 m. A planter for this culture has a size of 4×5 m.

Care for this variety is simple. Depending on the growing area, they need to be watered at intervals of 10-15 days. Under each bush, 20 liters of warm water is poured. The optimal time for watering is early morning, when the sun’s rays are not so active. Four days after watering, the top layer of soil is loosened to a depth of 10 cm. It is important to remove weeds, as they often have pests that can harm the grapes.

Feeding is not the most important stage of care. This variety is capable of giving a good harvest even with minimal fertilizer.

The next year after planting, in mid-spring, spend foliar feeding with a solution of potassium nitrate (50 g per 10 liters of water). In summer, fertilization is carried out with a solution of superphosphate (40 g per 10 liters of water). In the autumn, 3 kg of humus is added under each bush to prepare the plant for the coming winter.

This variety does not need regular pruning. It is enough to regularly inspect the system for dry and damaged areas. They are removed.

Control of pests and diseases

Kinel grape varieties are highly resistant to diseases and pests, but with poor care, the risk of their appearance increases.

  • Grey and root rot occur due to poor irrigation (excessive). To counteract this helps to normalize the process of watering and regular treatment of the garden plot with a solution of Bordeaux mixture (20 g per 10 liters of water).
  • To get rid of mold, which appears due to viruses on weeds, a solution of wood ash (200 g of ash is poured in 5 liters of water for a day) helps. Such treatments are carried out every 10 days.
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Point out the frequent appearance of wasps, mites, birds and fleas. Get rid of birds helps special lattice fences or shiny elements on bushes. In the fight against wasps – sweet mixtures (jam, jam or honey), which are set near bushes. Mites are fought with a tincture of cayenne pepper (10 g of powder in a day pour 5 liters of water). Fleas are disposed of with a solution of oxychoma (30 g per 10 liters of water). Spraying is carried out every 15 days.


Growing a variety at home is not difficult. The main thing is to learn all the subtleties of planting and care in order to grow delicious and useful fruits.

Kinel grapes – the best varieties: selection, planting, care

The farm “Klimanov”, better known in the Samara region as “Kinelsky grapes”, is engaged in the cultivation and cultivation of grapes on an industrial scale. It is the northernmost industrial vineyard in the country. There are about 140 varieties on the 6-hectare plantation in Kinelsky District. About 30-40 varieties are considered the best for growing on garden plots.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

The content of the step-by-step instructions:

Kinel grapes – the best varieties

Under the table varieties of this grape stand out about 10 of the best. These are such varieties as Viktor, Preobrazheniye, Livia, Jubilee Novocherkassk, Millenium Mordovia, Kodryanka, Arcadia. Of the technical varieties it is Kinelsky-1. The largest variety is Preobrazhenka. The largest berries have varieties Viktor, Jubilee of Novocherkassk, Monarch.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Kinel grapes – the best varieties

Table. Brief characteristics of the best varieties.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Selection of planting material

It is necessary to choose the supplier of seedlings carefully. It is advisable to buy them from reputable grape growers. If a neighbor has good grapes, he can share or sell cuttings. That is, it is advisable to see in advance the plant that you plan to plant at home. You can find a seller at an exhibition. There you will also receive advice on proper cultivation.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

As a side note. The most important thing when growing grapes is to choose the right seedling.

The sapling should have normal leaf plates and a height of at least 50 cm from the beginning of the root system to the top, so it can be sunk to a depth of 50 cm.

Plants that change their color

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

How to choose grape seedlings

When to plant

Grapes should be planted from May to October. Kinel grapes have a closed root system. That is, it can be taken out of the container, cut off the bottom of the container, and then plant the bunches to a depth of 50 cm, so that the root system does not freeze.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Step by step instructions for planting Kinel grapes

It is recommended to plant in a container, as the plastic acts as a heat shield, reducing the risk of freezing of the root system. Moisture should always be around the roots, so crushed claydite is placed. A layer of fertile soil is placed under the roots, and even deeper – 10 cm of expanded clay. The hole can be dug or drilled with a drill with a diameter of 200 mm. This is enough, and the system is accepted.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

  1. First you need to choose a sapling no longer than 0.5 m.
  2. Then dig a hole in the ground with a width of 0.6 m and a depth of 0.7 m.
  3. Fill the bottom 0.1 m with crushed claydite, so that moisture can be absorbed faster. Pour 0.1 m of soil mixture (sand, humus, earth, wood ash) on it.
  4. Put the seedling on it and cover half of it with soil.
  5. During the summer, up to 4 pods (shoots) should appear on the plant.
  6. In the fall, the hole should be filled with soil all the way to the top.
  7. The sleeves should grow horizontally from the floor, not upwards.
  8. It is important to make sure that the shoots grow parallel to the ground, so that later the grapes can be conveniently covered for the winter.

Footage – Planting grapes

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Two-tier trellis on the plot

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

The figure shows the scheme of a two-tier trellis: 1 – polycarbonate roof; 2 – boards, to which the reinforced film is attached; 3 – wire, to which we will tie vines during the season; 4 – young vines growing from buds during the season; 5 – insulated arms with buds; 6 – lattice stands, supports for forming and tying the bush; 7 – fixing the plant to the trellis wire

wasp control

Produced in the spring with the drug “Adamant”. In spring, wasps wake up from hibernation. The womb is preparing for spawning, and wasps fly around looking for food for them. The bait consists of pieces of meat and fish mixed with the drug “adamant” – a poison that works only on insects. It is long-lasting. The wasps feed the queen, she dies.

August in the garden

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care


Italian Valagro fertilizers are recommended for Kinel grapes. Both root and foliar fertilizers are used so that the roots get everything they need, the leaf has good photosynthesis, the vine matures and you can get cuttings. The shoots should be brown with bunches and buds. Such a shoot is already ready for winter, it will make excellent seedlings.

Important: grapes need potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. At the same time, the fruit is very useful for the human body.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Mineral fertilizers for grapes

The earliest fertilization – when the buds burst. At this time give nitrogen (content – 30%).

In June, more phosphorus is added, which gives energy to flower. Boron should also be applied at this time (by the way, it should be applied in May). In total, it is applied three times before flowering. This is done to ensure that the pollen is not dry. Otherwise, she does not pollinate plants, berries are not formed, or they are formed, but very small.

In the second half of summer, nitrogen should not be given. Potassium fertilizer should be included in the feeding. This helps to make the wood itself more dense. Calcium is also used to maintain proper cell formation.

In the fall, the amount of potassium is increased. The treatment is done after harvest. To increase winter hardness, boron, magnesium, calcium and manganese are applied in the fall.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Grapes provide seedlings

After planting grape seedlings, it is especially important to properly care for them. Regular treatments are necessary to produce strong shoots. Care includes careful tillage, proper watering, loosening and feeding, protection from diseases and pests, as well as covering plants for the winter.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Very convenient fasteners for vines

Young plants in the first 12 months after planting are very demanding. If everything is done correctly at this time, Kinelsky grapes will please with good plants from year to year.

The main thing to strive for is the formation of strong shoots. It is better to strive for a stable and strong sleeve than to maintain growth with a few fragile shoots. In this case, you will not be able to bring in a harvest. It is also very important to carry out pruning of bushes. It will be carried out in the spring. At the same time, cut off excess shoots and release the root system.

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Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Remove the steps to the grapes.

Grape bushes do not need a lot of moisture when watering. It is necessary to stop the procedure the moment the moisture is no longer absorbed into the soil. Drying out of the floor near the plants can be prevented by covering them with a layer of sawdust or foil. Mineral fertilisers should be added in summer. In doing so, they should be selected taking into account the composition of the soil. For use in alkaline soil, choose an acidic fertilizer. In this case, neutral fertilizers will also be suitable.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Important! Another important measure is the competent construction of a protective calving during the cold season. This will help him to survive frosts and preserve future high yields.

Kinel grapes are very resistant to cold, but many varieties need winter placement, which is not an easy procedure. The grapes are first fertilized with minerals. It is made in the last days of summer or in early autumn. The composition of the fertilizer is selected depending on the composition of the soil. In autumn, loosening the soil around the plants is carried out. After 2-3 weeks, it is necessary to water and fill the pits across the width.

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

Growing Kinelsky grapes

If the air temperature drops below zero, it is necessary to take protective measures. Do the following:

  • Dig a small ditch the width of the plants (its depth should be about 0.3 m);
  • Connect the sleeves with a rope and carefully lower them into the ditch with water;
  • Spread the bottom (10 cm) on top, then a layer of humus (10 cm) and cover with another layer of soil (10 cm).

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

An example of grape protection

Kinel grapes - the best varieties: selection, planting, care

The covering material covers the vine between the lattice shelves. Very convenient!

Video – Kinel grapes

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