Grinder chainsaw. Tips

Chainsaw from a grinder: attachments, homemade, modifications

You can find different user opinions about modifying and installing various attachments on the basic tool to expand its functionality. And while with regard to some homemade products there are quite loyal opinions, with regard to making a chainsaw from a grinder, opinions are sharply opposite.

A group of device owners welcomes the installation of various adapters on the angle grinder and turning it into a chainsaw. At the forefront is a significant saving of money when making homemade products. Many believe that it is quite possible to make a versatile, effective tool with their own hands.

Another group considers such conversions not only unnecessary, but also dangerous for the life and health of the operator.

In the reviews and comments to the video reviews, you can find ironic remarks: “Is there such a great device for a smartphone to chop firewood during a picnic in the woods?” Or wishes to send an insurance policy along with the factory nozzle.

Therefore, so that our readers can make a real need to make a chainsaw from an angle grinder with their own hands, to understand them in detail and make a decision on their own, we will tell you about the attachments and homemade ways to create a chainsaw from the angle, the front and downsides and the feasibility of such conversions.

Transitional attachment “chainsaw” on the grinder

The idea of the Chinese design concept Chain Saw – the attachment “chainsaw” – can be ordered on Aliexpress together with the Chinese angle grinder or separately. The standard package consists of: Image instructions, chain (can have different sizes), guide bar, chain wheel, bar mount on the angle grinder and other fasteners, handle, wrench set, fore-end, chain guard.

To mount the adapter to the grinder, first remove the flange from the grinder, install the chain wheel from the kit and secure it well with materiall. The base unit is attached to the gear with a coupling, then with screws on both sides.

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Then the guide bar with the chain, the hand guard and the safety guard, and the handle are installed. Don’t forget to check the chain tension and oil the chain. You can watch the installation of the device to convert the grinder into a chainsaw in the video:



Compared to the Makita electric chainsaw, the chain saw from the chain saw conversion device looks quite tiny.

According to the owners, such a device works in normal mode, sawing thin boards, tree trunks and wood up to 10 cm copes with the absence of a full-fledged chainsaw. However, the operation of such devices can be dangerous, so you should carefully weigh all the advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages and caveats when converting a chainsaw from a grinder with an adapter

  • A chainsaw is a high-risk tool; neglecting precautions when using it can have serious health consequences for the operator and others.
  • The construction that occurs after the chainsaw has been installed on the grinder is not safety compliant.
  • The main unit consists of an alloy whose composition is not specified by the manufacturer. Therefore, their technical properties are not known. You should not count on a certain water tour of the motorcycle.
  • Due to the lack of a rational lubrication system, non-standard dangerous situations are possible.
  • Wrong switch position in the adapter.
  • There is no lock for accidental activation of the electric saw from the mill.

Homemade electric saw from the mill

Some craftsmen decide to remake what they think is standard equipment.

Homemade dream

In order to replicate UNEM, you need a saw glider, a comfort bolt, a pinion, a metal leak, steel bars, metal terminals and a set of tools. Before assembling the device, it is advisable to make drawings to calculate the gear ratio, taking into account the parameters of the gear wheel.

The cutter motor becomes the power plant for the created panel saw. First, remove the disk from the power saw. The new disk with teeth is tightened with a metal clip. The terminals are tightened at the bottom with the body of the machine – a double sturdy metal tape.

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Next, a hole is made in the gearbox to install the handle bracket and drill holes in four places for screws. Metal rods are shaped 6 cm, then the handle is attached to the body with an electric motor. Sometimes such a saw is mounted on a base of plywood or chipboard to create a stationary circular saw.

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How to create a circular saw from a 2.4 kW cutter, you can see in the video:



Chainsaw from a mill

For the homemade sawdust (chain + tires), sprockets, a set of screws, a metal profile and tools will be required. First, a disc is removed from the mill, the prepared bracket is screwed on the sign. The chain wheel is installed on the motor shaft. Then by the ties of the bracket. Install the chain and adjust the voltage.

The video overview shows a step-by-step diagram of creating an electric saw from a mill.



Advantages and disadvantages of a saw created at home from a mill

When developing machinery, the designers, along with functionality and high performance, pay great attention to the safety of the tool. Volksmeister does not always dwell on this rule in homemade devices, as the usual economy of money often comes to the fore. And all the pluses are mostly limited to these low costs.

In addition to the low cost, handheld electric saws Volksmeister, upon closer examination, have many disadvantages both technically and in terms of safety.

  • Fragile construction due to the lack of a lubrication system.
  • High probability of overheating of the electric motor due to unbalanced load.
  • Extremely low level of protection and safety when working with the cutter saw.

Video review

Electric chainsaws from the cutter with their own hands

Reviews of owners


“If you create a saw from the mill with their own hands, then, of course, you do not have to count, it is a complete replacement for, for example, the Makitov saw. I, for example, urgently had to repeat UHM into an electric saw, because it was necessary urgently to cut boards and burned out a chain saw. In the process, I reassured myself a hundred times to make sure everything was okay. “

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“Factory devices have been tested on pads for years in a variety of conditions. The protection becomes a “fool”, and here is such a device with crazy speeds and no brakes without lubrication without basic protection. In my opinion, it is better to buy a normal tool or not work at all.

Advantages: cheap, you can make your own hands.

Disadvantages: dangerous to health. “

On our site you can also read descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline) of such brands: Bosch, Oleo Mack, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Forester, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Union , Union , Union , Union, union, trade union, trade union, hammer, storm, parma, Coste, Champion, Huter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Friendship, Kruger, Kalibr, Stihl and Reviews give chainsaws these brands, If you have something to say about the quality of build and experience with certain models of these brands of chainsaws, write your evaluation in the comments, it will be very useful for our readers.

Base and electric saws from stan. Jet, at home – homemade, modifications. Tips and instructions

Bulgarian chainsaws: attachments, at home, modifications

The desire to improve the existing tool arises for a certain reason. The main purpose of such an experiment is to save money. Why buy several tools, if you can use different attachments and create a multifunctional tool.

The grinder is known to every householder, because with its help you can cut metal and stone, polish the surface. However, it is impossible to cut trees with such a device, difficulties arise because of the small diameter of the disc. Therefore, masters have a variety of attachments, which greatly facilitate the work in the garden.

Why it is worth retreating to the homemade version?

Often it is homemade tools implements or improvements are made because of the desire to save money. Using improvised tools and parts left over from appliances or equipment that have fallen into disrepair, artisans masterfully make various devices, such as a chain from a mill.

Creating a garden

The second reason can be considered a desire to have a multifunctional tool that will help facilitate many tasks in the economy. An indisputable advantage of such a device is to save space. After all, an additional attachment takes up much less space in the shed or garage than a full-fledged device.

Absolutely any brand from Mühle can be used for remodeling. The only point to pay attention to – the factory nozzles may be suitable only for a limited series of models. Therefore, when buying, clarify whether your grinder is suitable for the selected nozzle.

Factory nozzles

There are now additional cutter nozzles on sale in addition to these carriers. Included on the cutter is a fixture that can be used to turn it into a chainsaw in a short time. The kit comes in two separate boxes, in which the mill and chainsaw are packed.

The approximate cost of such an offering is $83.

Power saw from the mill

Anyone who comes to work with wood should have a saw in their arsenal of tools, with which it is much easier to do sawing work. Below is a schematic diagram of modifying an electric saw that can be made from a mill

To replicate the cutter in an electric saw, you need to have with you:

  • A welder;
  • A pipe adapter;
  • A metal roller of small thickness;
  • Reduction;
  • Part visible.

The first thing to do is to weld a movable bicycle to the end of the rod. It is very important to make sure that this wheel and the contour match. If this nuance is not taken into account, the chain will fall off or be severely stretched. Then the cutter adapter is attached to the wheel. The adapter should not be fixed permanently, it must be removable, otherwise there may be difficulties in the work of the enterprise.

A simple and reliable option for refinishing is the following method. We take a tire from an old chainsaw, a sprocket and a chain. We twist two perforated angles. We cut a hole for the mother in the hole. Use the sprocket to fasten the angle to the body.

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Attach the tire to the remaining corner. Then attach the sprocket and connect the chain. That’s all the manipulation, which means we get an effective saw.

Video reviews

The presented video review shows how to make a chainsaw from a grinder

Another clear video review demonstrating homemade things


The most important tip that should not be neglected is to follow safety procedures when working with such tools. A chainsaw or chainsaw in a homemade interpretation can be dangerous and injurious. If you decide to take such a step, follow all the recommendations, drawings and schemes that are given in the instructions to the device.

Reviews of owners


I do not consider myself a craftsman, but circumstances forced me to try to make a chainsaw out of a grinder. I needed to cut trees, and even a hand saw couldn’t cut them in a month. So, after studying the information on the net, I decided to buy a suitable adapter on AliExpress. I am not very enthusiastic about everything Chinese, but after I assembled the device in accordance with the drawings in the Chinese manual, I was surprised that it works and saws well.

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