Grimme SE 150 60 potato digger – description and properties

Grimme SE 150 60 potato planter

The Grimme SE 150 60 is a powerful self-propelled potato tedder with a lateral undercutting. It is very popular in the farming world, thanks to its easy operation, its high degree of automation, its user friendliness and its reliability. The machine is a product of a well-known brand from Germany, which supplies its equipment to different countries of the world. In the segment of potato harvesters no machine of Russian or foreign production today can not compare with Grimme models in terms of quality and properties.

The first modifications of Grimme SE 150 60 appeared on the market at the end of the 1990s. Over the last 20 years the model has undergone several serious improvements, and is still the flagship of the two-row potato harvester class.


The main use of the model is to dig out the potatoes planted with the potato harvesters at a given inter-row spacing, and then to separate the tubers from dirt and tips. At the final stage the Grimme SE 150 60 brings the tubers into the hopper and unloads them into the transport. Functionally, the installation of an automatic pressure adaptation mechanism on the weir, which prevents the formation of clumps when working on wet soil. Such a system, in turn, reduces the process of damage to the potatoes. Self-propelled shredder SE 150 60 is used on difficult plots of large areas, where it shows high efficiency. The device is available with additional attachments, with which you can harvest celery, onions, carrots and other vegetables. Spare parts and maintenance are also quite democratic in price, for example, a double-row ball bearing on the clutch for harvesters is always in stock and can be ordered.

Modifications and functions

The Grimme SE 150 60 has been in production since 1998. During this time, the combine has gone through several upgrades, as models of different years have certain design features:

  • 1998 – First generation;
  • 1999 – appearance of drive axle as an option;
  • 2000 – modernization of drawbar;
  • 2001 – improvement of the main drive. Replacement of drive chains with driveshaft;
  • 2003 – appearance of new MDA computers and VC 50 terminals;
  • 2004 – expansion (functional) in the form of 7500 kg hopper, increased track width (3300 mm) and new SB separator with 2 needle conveyors;
  • 2005: introduction of the reloading hopper as an option;
  • 2006 – addition of a hydraulically driven receiving belt (option) with reinforced hopper brackets;
  • 2008 – extension of drawbar by 400 mm;
  • 2010 – new XXL separator as an option. Drive shaft and frame upgraded, loading height increased, cone conveyor and loading judge reinforced;
  • 2011 – the possibility of assembling large-diameter tires (800 / 45-30,5);
  • 2012 – appearance of stone box with starter conveyor and control lever (option);
  • 2014 – introduction of the Speedtronic mechanism, which detects the percentage of filling of transport bags with potato mass to illustrate the speed of transport.
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The Grimme SE 150 60 Global changes has survived 20 years of production, so the first versions differ considerably from today’s models. This affects both the technical properties and the cost of the machines.

Combine features:

  • Automatic adjustment of the position of the reel, taking into account the demolition;
  • Swiveling wheel base which increases maneuverability and agility;
  • Special stone containers with the possibility of displacement;
  • Multifunctionality (a variety of vegetables can be harvested);
  • Branded hopper equipment with rubberized distribution window for even filling of the stockpile;
  • Bixes with auto-reverse for easy operation on wet and loamy soils;
  • Maintains lowest hopper drop height;
  • Minimum impact on the ground;
  • Availability of an observation table with good visibility and the possibility of contact with the machine operator;
  • Lower height between levels, which reduces the risk of damage to vegetables when falling.

The main disadvantage of the machine is the gravel device, which in combination with the tilt compensation mechanism can cause the combine to oscillate from one side to the other.

Technical features


  • Length – 11650 mm;
  • Width – 4000 mm;
  • Height – 3000 mm.

Weight of the combine – 9500 kg. Maximum operating speed – 5.4 km/h.

Productivity report:

  • Productivity – 0.58 ha/hour;
  • Row spacing for harvesting – 750 mm;
  • Working width – 1500 mm;
  • Depth of the grave – 160 mm;
  • Aggregate capacity – 2 TF;
  • Number of rows to be cleaned – 2;
  • Hopper capacity – 6000 kg;
  • Removing height – 1500-4200 mm;

Tire size – 600/55-26.5.

Grimme SE 150 60 can be operated with tractors class 2-3 (MTZ-1221, MTZ-1523, etc.).

Design and operation features

The design of Grimme SE 150 60 is represented by the following main elements:

  • Runner equipment;
  • Moeller with damming drums and disconnecting discs;
  • Main sponsor;
  • Milling racer;
  • Screening Conveyor;
  • Screening Conveyor;
  • Contamination Conveyor;
  • Stone trap;
  • Sorting table;
  • Charging belt;
  • Storage tank with flexible ground.
The purpose of the Kamaz 63501: model modifications, applications, functions

Since the end of the 20th century, the manufacturer offers this model in 2 versions of the chassis: with driving wheels with a hydrostatic drive or with steering wheels. Modifications without a drive are more popular. Since the beginning of production, the chassis has been upgraded several times, the latest versions received a wider axle. A high-speed pant is available for both chassis variants. The standard tires for the combines are 600/55-26.5, but 710/45-26.5 and 800/45-30.5 are also available.

The combine is hitched with a K-80 ball hitch. The drawbar behind the hitch has been upgraded and enlarged several times. Since 2012, the model is equipped with a PTO shaft made by Bondioli and Pavesi, previously a Walterscheid PTO shaft was used. Installed pinion with 3 gears is functional. Since 2001 the axle drive is no longer equipped with drive chains. The inspection table and the separation mechanisms are hydraulically operated.

The standard pick-up section is 1500 mm wide and does an excellent job of digging out vegetables. The side channel has a robust design and is used for primary sorting.

After the first and second elevator there is a needle conveyor, which receives the vegetable mass. This element has been standardized for all models of the brand since 2010, so there are no problems with its replacement. For the Grimme SE 150 60 different types of Semip Hingastik are available:

  • Type UB is made in a finger feed format with a cleaning roller and stepless hydraulic adjustment. It is used on soils with limited stones and lumps.
  • Type SB is a brush conveyor with infinitely variable hydraulic adjustment and a transfer conveyor used for trash. This separate device is recommended for use on soils with a large number of stones.
  • The NB type is a hydraulically adjusted, reinforced cleaning vault. Such a device is used on light soil without lumps and stones.

After performing basic operations, the plant mass enters the hopper, which is functionally equipped with a rubber gasket to optimize filling. With the addition of the 6,000 kg factory hopper, up to 6,300 kg can be received. There is also an elevated hopper with a capacity of up to 7,500 kg. Since 2005, the manufacturer offers a special hopper for reloading. In the standard version, the hopper is equipped with lever handles.

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The combination is controlled with a bidon, and the Isobus control is defined on request. In the basic version, the model can be controlled with CCI200 and CCI100 terminals. However, the most common is the VC50 terminal, which is equipped with a touch keypad. It is a direct mode with free programming capability. The GBX860 with 2 transverse levers is used to operate the balancing system and the bridge. The GBX870 is used to control the hopper on the left side. The Visual Protect option is very handy, which automatically switches the monitoring screen to the appropriate camera if there is a problem with the equipment.


When buying a new Grimme SE 150 60 combine harvester, the consumer may have problems. The model must be purchased with a fairly large calculation. The cost of equipment without a barrel starts from 13.7 million rubles.

Options brand Grimme SE 150 60 Again, relatively few. Machines are usually imported from abroad, their cost is much lower. Versions in normal condition are offered at a price of 3.2-7 million rubles.

Grimme SE 150 60 potato digger – description and properties

See to learn more

Harvesting equipment – 2 – row | SE 150-60

2 row side slope with up to 7.5 ton hopper for high productivity per unit area

The SE 150-60 potato harvester is designed to achieve the highest possible productivity per unit with the same amount of crop processed. The machine is available in four different versions, which differ from each other by the type of separating unit. So there is a suitable separator for all soil conditions. You also have a choice of three tray options: Standard 6 t, Large 7.5 t and Transfer 5.8 t. The machine is easy to use and wait for, and provides good rodent visibility. A variety of optional equipment, such as video systems, makes it easy to use the machine.

  • Please make a choice.
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Versatile separator

The UB separator is a 4-row toothed conveyor belt with the best separation ability on lumpy soils with low rock content.

For stony soils

The SB separator is a 6-row brush conveyor with better separation ability on stony floors.

2-Phase Cleaning Process

For the 2-phase harvesting process, the machine can be left with a pick-up roller. Hydraulic pick-up depth and infinitely variable brush conveyor speed contribute to minimum ground recording.

Straightforward overloading

A 5.8 ton overloading belt hopper for transferring product directly to the trailer while digging the trench.

Variety of applications

It is not only suitable for harvesting potatoes, but also for different kinds of vegetables like carrots, celery, beets or spring onions.


  • Gentle handling of the product
    • Ribbon profile with high tunnels on all sieve belts for optimal protection of the product
    • Low fall performance throughout the machine ensures gentle handling of the product
    • Active side strips on the 2nd sieve chain, frictionless transport of the product over the sewer walls
    • Gentle hopper filling due to low box level
    • Soft hopper floor belt with good transport effect due to pockets in the hopper fabric
    • Gentle product transfer when emptying the hopper, optionally with a potato hopper for filling containers, which also ensures gentle product handling
    • Long first sieve belt with effective strainer
    • Tanks for coarse grass through a coarse-mesh grass belt, tubers are shaken off the floor along the entire length of the belt and pass through low drop levels
    • 1. Drop-off: Park belt with double scratch roller to separate soil and fine grass
    • 2. Difference: Needle belt with double scraping roller to separate earth and fine grass – alternatively, a combination of smooth and spiral rollers is available to increase funding capacity and reduce the risk of jamming.
    • The machine can be equipped with an XXL separator for a 40% increase in throughput and a
    • Continuously adjustable finger conveyor for optimum setting of the interfering material separation
    • Optimization of the hopper filling increases throughput
    • With the BreitachSoption it is possible to select a 7.5 ton hopper instead of the 6 ton hopper
    • Support hopper: Higher productivity due to gentle transfer of material when digging
    • Machine with lateral underhangs: Tractors with wide tires can be used to improve traction
    • Hydrostatic wheel drive with wide-angle cardanic assistant provides additional traction
    • Digital control panel with color display, touch screen and diagnostics for high ease of use
    • Video system provides reliable monitoring of belt conveyors and separators and enables optimum machine settings
    • Reduced wear due to maintenance-free 2nd screen belt drive and grass belt
    • Speedtronic-SEP: load-dependent, fully automatic speed control of intermittent equipment and inspection belts improves site performance and ease of operation
    • Clean Control System: stores and accesses cleaning parameters
    • Visual security: automatically activates a camera that detects a critical condition (e.g. risk of blockage in the separator), so the operator can take appropriate action in advance
    • The machine can be equipped with a pick-up swath for two-phase harvesting
    • Not only can it be used for potatoes, but also for different vegetables


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    Technical features

    Here you will find information about the standard equipment of the machine. All information is approximate and is not binding.

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