Greenworks GLM-1232 lawnmower: description, characteristics and rules of use

Greenvor lawn mower GLM-1232. Technical specifications and operating rules

Lawn mower Greenworks GLM-1232 is an idea of the famous brand Greenworks Tools ™, which is part of Globe Tools Group. Globe Tools Group production facilities and representative offices are located all over the world, including such states as Germany, Canada, USA, Russia, China. The products manufactured under the Greenvors brand number more than 1,000 items of power tools and garden tools. We have listed the most well-known products:

  • Power tillers; ;
  • Bispoops;
  • Snow cutters;
  • Batteries;
  • Charger;
  • Drill;
  • Hand tools;
  • Saws; etc.

Electric lawn mower GreenWorks GLM-1232 is not self-propelled and is designed so as to mow lawns and lawns on small plots of up to 6 acres. In addition to high reliability, lightness and maneuverability, the mower is also notable for its affordable price – about 4,500 rubles.

Description of the electric non-self-propelled lawn mower Greenworks GLM-1232

This is a household garden tool, which is powered from 220 V and is able to cover small areas in front of the house with vegetation (open to the power source). The GreenWorks GLM1232 lawnmower consists of a lightweight and durable plastic body, four plastic wheels, a removable, folding, adjustable handle and a combined 25L grass bin (fabric + plastic frame and cover). Greenvor lawnmower weighs only 6.9 kg. The electric motor has a capacity of 1200 watts.

Electric lawn mower Greenworks GLM1232

Moving the machine forward on the plot is due to the efforts of the lawnmower operator. The width of the surface to be mowed is 33 cm. There are three cutting height adjustment positions (axial) from 2 to 6 cm rear – and back. In normal mode, crop residues are collected in a grass bag.

With the Greenworks GLM-1232 lawnmower, you can mow and sensitive fences, edges, etc. as you would do on a normal lawn. There is an emergency motor brake and device protection against accidental starting.

Specifications and instructions for the Greenworks GLM-1232 lawn mower:

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advantages and disadvantages

Let’s define these properties of the Greenworks mower, which are decisive when choosing a technique for lawn care:

  • Lightness;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Convenience;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Quality of construction;
  • durability;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • Shockproof plastic housing;
  • affordable price;
  • quiet operation;
  • functionality (mulching).

Along with so many advantages, there are only a few disadvantages of this garden equipment:

  • Dependence on the mains;
  • Constant monitoring of the location and condition of the mains cable.

User manual

The Operator’s Manual is a document that is a must-have for any lawnmower model. It is a kind of pass, which acquaints the new owner of the device with the device itself and its functions, as well as with the methods and techniques of safe operation and maintenance. The manual describes the following sections:

  1. Safety requirements for working with the Greenworks lawnmower.
  2. The device of the electric mower, its characteristics;
  3. Technical features of the model GLM-1232.
  4. Preparation of the lawn mower for work.
  5. Maintenance of the mowing unit.
  6. Possible malfunctions and their causes.

Electric lawn mower Greenworks GLM1232

Preparation for work

On how properly the actions of the operator of the lawnmower will be carried out, depends on the duration of its service life. We describe the algorithm of actions that ensure the correct preparation for the work of garden equipment:

  • The voltage in the Internet network is checked, the causes of voltage loss are eliminated.
  • The mowing unit is assembled, the cutting element is mounted, the bag with a grass catcher is installed.
  • Check the fasteners;
  • The lawnmower is connected to the mains cable and mains.
  • After assessing the condition of the lawn, the operator determines the desired mowing mode.
  • The lawnmower is started according to the instructions.

Electric lawnmower Greenworks GLM1232: Power supply GreenWorks GLM1232: GeneenWorks GLM1232 Switch-on button for electric lawnmower Greenworks GLM1232: Labour counter: Labour counter


There are several maintenance phases in which proper lawnmower care and operation are guaranteed for a long time. We’ll list these phases:

  1. Daily maintenance.
  2. Scheduled maintenance.
  3. Preservation of equipment when not in use.
  4. Service center inspections.
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Daily maintenance includes the following steps:

Inspecting the cutting element, sharpening or replacing it;

  • Checking tension of fasteners;
  • Air cleaning work;
  • Cleaning the Greenvor lawnmower of impurities;
  • Checking the mains voltage;
  • Checking the integrity of the mains cable.

In the event of work, malfunctions or other uncharacteristic conditions of the lawnmower, a routine inspection is performed. At the end of the operating season, the owner leaves the equipment in long-term storage.

  • The handle is removed and folded up;
  • The cutting element is removed, cleaned. Lubricated and wrapped in oiled paper for storage;
  • The lawnmower is thoroughly cleaned and washed;
  • The assemblies and mowing mechanisms are lubricated with suitable substances.

Problems with Greenworks GLM-1232 electric lawn mowers

We will list the most common problems:

The electric motor won’t start:

  • The lawnmower is not plugged in;
  • No mains voltage or lower than normal;
  • The mains cable is damaged;
  • Electric motor burned out;
  • Brushes need to be replaced.
  • Line voltage is very low;
  • Absorber is clogged with plant debris and air is not getting through;
  • High grass, wrong cutting mode; Motor overloaded.

Appliance vibrates a lot when working:

  • The fixing screws are loose;
  • The cutting element is unbalanced or bent.

Lawnmower is humming; cutting element has stopped rotating:

  • The blade is blunt;
  • Incorrect cutting mode, grass is too high;
  • Grass clippings or foreign objects (cloths, wire, string, etc.) are wrapped around the blade.

Uneven mowing of the lawn:

  • Cutting element needs sharpening or replacement;
  • Select a suitable cutting mode.

For more information, see the Greenworks GLM-1232 instruction manual.

Video review

And now we offer to look at the work of the Greenworks lawnmower in our video:

Greenworks GLM-1232 electric lawnmower, owner reviews

Valentin, 52 years old, Odessa

“Hello. I bought this mower 2 years ago for my wife. The purchase was very happy. The body though plastic – contact with the border and other violations. Minimal movement, the spouse does not exert much effort during work. Mowing every 2 weeks, there was no destruction, I undermine the knife regularly. The plot is small – 4 acres, manages. “

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Rostislav, 28 years old, Rostov

“Bought Greenworks GLM-1232 this spring. I work by myself, the plot is about 7 acres. The power is enough, the disc is flat, confidently goes over bumps and on a level surface. At first it was difficult to mow, but it is also understandable, the grass was about half a meter high. Now I closely monitor it, and I mow every 1.5-2 weeks. Mulching is satisfied twice, the grass collector was used only in the first mowing, now I fertilize everything. “

Oleg, 34 years old, Kherson

“Bought my mom this lawn mower. Works quietly, does not roar all over the yard, mobile and great to listen to. Easy to operate to the point of screaming – turn it on and go. Mom is happy with the purchase. “

Greenworks GLM1232 1200W mower 1200W 2502207 (33 cm) electric mower

Lawn mower Greenworks GLM1232 1200W 2502207 (33 cm) electric

A 23 0-V mower for areas with coiled grass. It has a deck width of 33 cm and 2 cutting modes. Equipped with a 120 0-volt brush motor, a grass bin and a 25 liter folding bag.

Free delivery when buying from 5 000 rubles

3 years warranty

Service center network

Convenient payment

Buy Set

Lawn mower Greenworks GLM1232 1200W 2502207 (33 cm) electric

Front blade for lawn mower 32 cm 2922207

  • Set price:
  • 11,279 rubles.11,279 rubles.


Electric lawn mower Greenworks 1200W 33 cm – lightweight, powerful and maneuverable lawn mower is great for winding areas.


This model has a powerful 1200W motor and the cutting width is 33 cm. It combines 2 functions – mulching and grass collection in the grass catcher box. The 25-litre grass catcher box is a hybrid construction – a robust frame and a folding bag. Therefore, it is comfortable for you and at the same time does not take up much storage space.

The main advantage of this mower is its small size and low weight of only 6.9 kg. Therefore, you can work on small variable areas with maximum comfort.

Lawn mower Greenworks GLM1232 1200W 2502207

The model is equipped with an axial 3-level mowing height setting of 20/40/60 mm. To save space during work, the handle folds down. Of course, the obligatory element of safety is a thematic button from the accidental start.

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Note that the GreenWorks technique has an extended warranty – 3 years, unlike many other manufacturers!

Advantages of the model:

  • Compact size, light weight, easy maneuverability;
  • Mowing width of 33 cm;
  • Mulching function;
  • Grass box with a frame and a folding bag 25 l;
  • 20/40/60 mm axial mowing height adjustment;
  • Folding handle for easy storage;
  • 3 year warranty.

Kit Contents:

  • Greenworks 1200W electric lawnmower, 33 cm, part number 2502207;
  • 25L grass box;
  • User manual;
  • Warranty card.


Most garden plots are located in summer houses and garden associations, and usually the area of the plot does not exceed 10-15 acres.

There is a perception that plots of 5 and 10 acres do not lend themselves to any landscape design, they are too small, and so on. We want to dispel this myth and offer you options for arrangement and decorating of your property, to help create a unique style for your space of 15, 10 or even 5 acres.

Almost all of us have a dacha. Some of us use it for gardening, and the plot is a source of fresh, ripe, and most importantly, handmade fruits and vegetables. And for someone the plot is a vacation or a meeting with relatives or friends.

Lawn is very important because it sets the character of your plot. And the whole appearance of the countryside depends on the well-being of the grass cover. So let’s find out and answer the most pressing questions.

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