Gravel discount – how to set up?

Gravel garden discounts: How to landscape and maintain your own …

Gravel garden discounts.

If we want to have an original garden that does not require constant maintenance, we do gravel discounts. Light gravel accentuates the beauty of the plants and gives the garden a dignified and elegant look. Learn about the benefits of gravel discounts and find out how to customize a gravel garden discount.

Gravel, which covers the surface of the ground between plants, improves its shape and color. It looks good in small front gardens in a small town, where there is often no room for lush vegetation and where a simple flower arrangement is more desirable. Gravel offerings can be installed in very sunny areas of the garden, such as to replace an exchange in Mediterranean gardens, as well as in shady corners, as the bright color of the stones will illuminate it. Kies can be bought at garden stores that specialize in the sale of stones – there is usually a large selection of its colors there. However, if you need more and want to save money, it is better to order it directly from the gravel pit.

Place grooves on the unexpected material

Gravel offerings are best placed on an unweighted material. This is a dense synthetic material that keeps water out and allows gas exchange between the floor and the air, but keeps out weeds. We begin the work of digging and leveling the soil, removing weeds and any contaminants from it. After a few days, when the soil has settled, the concession plot is covered with a lightweight material. Instead of it, a film can be spread out. Nevertheless, it should be pierced so that the roots of the plants can breathe freely and water can flow to them. It is enough to make five holes per 1 m² of foil. On the prepared floor we put the plants in containers and each one is placed in a non-perforated material or film, with a sharp knife we make an intersection to make a cross, which is wider than the diameter of the pot. Having discarded the corners of the cut, we dig a hole and fill it with fertile soil. We can buy it at a garden center or mix it in the garden with organic fertilizer, such as compost, composite fertilizer or composted bark (part garden bark, part fertilizer). It is worth adding a multi-component mineral fertilizer in the dose recommended by the manufacturer. After preparing the soil, plant the plants, remove the material or film, lay a layer of gravel and water the curbs.

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Gravel discount on asphalt

If the gravel driveway in the garden should also serve as a path or area on which we often walk (recreation area, place for a barbecue), it must be strengthened. At the location of the future sidewalk remove the fertile soil, clean and level the area. Then apply a 15 cm layer of clay or sand, mixed with cement, and thoroughly compact it. On the foundation, prepared in such a way, we apply a layer of gravel 3-5 cm thick (preferably of different fractions, as then they are better pressed) and also compact it. For example, the sidewalk should be surrounded by a rim of plastic tape.

Gravel offerings near the lawn are separated by wooden peaks, plastic curbs or granite cubes. This prevents stones from hitting the grass and shading the lawnmower.

Gravels as trash.

If there are already plants in the garden and we do not want to overdo it, the gravel can be treated better than any other mulch, that is, after thorough planting of plants in the ground, sprinkle the stones with pebbles and work the surface with a rake. However, it should be taken into account that weeds break through the layer of gravel (especially if it is less than 3 cm), and they need to be systematically pulled out.

Taking care of gravel

Gravel is best laid in the fall or spring, when the floor is wet enough. In the summer, the soil should be thoroughly irrigated before work begins. For frost-sensitive plantings (cypress, Japanese maple, rhododendrons) a slightly thicker layer of gravel (an additional 2-3 cm) should be designed. Gravel supply is limited to occasional weed removal, ras and surface leveling, and irrigation systems. Plants must also be brought in every year. It’s best to use liquid fertilizers (such as Flovit) – dilute them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and water the system with their solution.

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Which plants are suitable for gravel?

Gravel is pretty much everywhere, but there are some plants that especially like its company.

How to set discounts on goods in 1C: ERP

The 1C: ERP system offers a feature to set discounts on the sale of goods. Discounts can be used for retail sales and for wholesale sales.

This instruction describes 2 options for setting discounts: manually and automatically.

Before launching the discounts functionality, you need to make settings in the system.

Configuring the system

For manual and automatic discounts for section of the NSI and marketing management CRM (screenshots can be clicked).

NSI and administration in 1C

Figure 1 – Section “NSI and management”

The user has the ability to select the sales discount option. Bonus programs can be enabled at the bottom of the window.

CRM and discount management in 1C

Figure 2 – Form of CRM settings and administration

Manual discounts setting

Manual discounts are set by the user when creating the sales document (entered separately for each item of goods or services).

The user responds to customer orders of the Sales section.

Sales Department in 1C

Figure 3 – Sales section

Creates a new order.

Documenting customer orders in 1C

Figure 4 – Documents “Sales orders”.

Next you need to fill in the product and specify the discount.

Documenting customer orders in 1C

Figure 5 – “Customer Orders” Documents

If the user tries to place this document, the system will display a warning. This error is not related to prices and you should get rid of this message. We’re talking about the maximum allowable discount.

Warning about the current discount in 1C

Figure 6 – Warning about the maximum allowable discount

This surplus is configured in the “NSI and Administration” section – User Settings and Permissions.

Information Systems and Management in 1C ERP

Figure 7 – NSI and Administration section

The user must be selected.

Settings of users and rights in 1C

Figure 8 – User settings and rights

Next, the user needs to find the point manager in the sales department.

Settings of users and rights in 1C

Figure 9 – User and permission settings

Then click the “Sales Rules” button.

Sales manager form in 1C

Figure 10 – Sales Manager form

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Here the user can see what restrictions are in place. These can be changed to the desired discount value.

Manual discount limit in 1C

Figure 11 – Manual discount limit

Now you need to go back to the customer order document, set the discount percentage, and execute the document.

Sales Order Document in 1C

Figure 12 – Customer Order Document

This way you can manually set the discount.

Setting an automatic discount

Automatic discounts are discounts that the system can calculate and use certain conditions on its own.

The user enters the “CRM & Marketing” section and selects discounts (markups).

1C CRM and Marketing section

Figure 13 – Section “CRM and marketing”

Here you can see the discount tree, in which each group is not just a group, but a group of total discount usage. Next, you need to create a discount (margin) with a percentage.

Discount document in 1C

Figure 14 – discount document.

The user fills out a form with the name and amount of the discount, which takes them to the terms and conditions tab.

Discount creation in 1C

Figure 15 – Creating a discount

Next, it is necessary to specify the purpose for which the discount will be used. You must specify the terms of granting. As an example let’s specify for the job.

Specifying the conditions for granting a discount in 1C

Figure 16 – Link to Discount Conditions

The user fills in the discount condition. It appears that the discount applies to all types of goods (note that you can specify the discount action for a specific item or limit the condition to a selected nomenclature).

Condition for granting discounts in 1C

Figure 17 – Condition for a discount

Now you must return to the first tab. The discount is ready, but it is not yet granted. In order for the discount to take effect, the recipient must be specified.

The user clicks the hyperlink to change the recipient in the field.

Condition for granting discounts in 1C

Figure 18 – Condition for the discount

In this example, the discount is provided in camps. It is necessary to select the warehouse where the product is located and specify the status.

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Forming a promotional discount in 1C

Figure 19 – Discount Campaign form.

Enter the data in which the discount applies. Then press the application key.

Discount validity term setting in 1C

Figure 20 – setting up the discount.

Notice the screenshot below, which shows on the right side, from which user and on which number the discount works. This discount works on all shipping documents, including customer orders.

Discounts in 1C

Figure 21 – Discounts (Margen) Form “

Next, the olzer proceeds to the customer order, which is in the “Sales” section.

Sales Department in 1C

Figure 22 – Sales section

Next, we will create a new order to check the effect of the discount. When filling out the basic information, remember to specify the warehouse where the discount is valid. Once the user has filled in the “Haupt” tab, they fill in the next “Goods” tab.

Sales Order Document in 1C

Figure 23 – Customer Order document

To test, the user sets a few and clicks the price and discounts button and selects the calculation of discounts (markups).

Sales order in 1C

Figure 24 – The document “Customer’s order

The discounts are automatically filled in columns.

Sales order in 1C

Figure 25 – “Customer order (creation) “

You can also see what discounts are valid for the current row. To do this, click on the list of discounts in the current row.

Discount information in 1C

Figure 26 – Open information about discounts

The discount tree is displayed here and you can see that the discount has worked. If there were more discounts in the regular folder, the system would select the maximum discount from the possible list.

Discounts applied in 1C

Figure 27 – Form “Applied discounts (markups) for a row”

Thus, we have seen how to manually define discounts and configure automatic discounts.

The cost calculation is successfully completed, and now you can get the financial result both with and without taking into account intra-group resales.

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