Grain harvester RSM 101 Vector 410 – description and characteristics

Vector 410 combine harvester: technical characteristics

VECTOR 410: Technical data

The modern line of Rostselmash “Vector” was created specifically to meet the needs of medium and small farms, which in today’s economic realities in Russia are the majority. The Vector 410 model is a ready-made and optimal solution for a small area. With an average seasonal capacity of 750 hectares, low cost of ownership, decent performance indicators, today this agricultural machine is the most effective and relevant tool to meet the challenges of small and medium agricultural businesses.

The place of “Vector-410” harvester in the product line of “Rostselmash”.

Combine “Vector” can be called a “little brother” of another modern Rostov combine – “Akros”. Both families belong to the same russified type of agricultural crops. Akros” is a new harvester of the fifth class, and “Vector” – the fourth. Modification “Vector-410” is a harvester with almost the same equipment as “Akros”, but much more compact and economical in operation.

Generally, “Akros” in terms of economic efficiency requires a larger scale and larger areas per season than “vectors”. Vector has a less powerful (but also more economical) engine, a smaller hopper volume and less power. Its element is small farms, it is optimal and cost-effective.

The first serial production at Rostselmash was AKROS-530 in May 2007. It was followed by Vector-410 in 2009. This development of Rostselmash design bureau was also a completely new project created from scratch, which took into account all modern trends of the world combined construction.

“Vector-410” (design name RSM-101) was first developed according to paper drawings in the history of domestic agricultural machinery construction, but in the electronic passage system. This approach helped create a truly modern creation of a competitive agricultural region. Not the least of the factors in the launch of this model was a clear and conscious focus on market needs.

In this sense, it should meet the needs of small and medium-sized farms. For the purchase of more powerful and productive equipment, especially imported ones, it is too “expensive”.

On the other hand they still use “NIVA”, “Yenisei” and other harvesters of the Soviet era, which have many times worked out their resource – which means constantly investing money to repair the long and pretty “worn out” agricultural desires. And these funds are not only monetary, but also temporary. And in the time of harvest every day and even hour has a special meaning.

Technical characteristics of the combine “Vector-410”.

The overall dimensions of the cutterbar “Vector-410” are a little bit smaller than those of “Akrosov”. In the transport position without cracking they are:

  • Length x width x height (in mm): 7938 x 3559 x 4010. The length with the mixer is 12 meters.

Unloading a full hopper on the “Vector” takes only 2 minutes.

The hopper can increase in height directly behind the cab and has a volume of 4.5 cubic knives, each of which expands to six “cubes”. The hopper element is opened by means of an electromechanism. The machine operator does not need to leave the cab for this.

  • The volume of the hopper is from 4.5 to 6 cubic meters.
  • Discharge speed of grain from the hopper into the body – 42 liters per second.
  • The height of the grain unloading from the hopper – 3475 mm.
  • The weight of the combine harvester “Vector-410” (without the reaper) is 11075 (+/- 300) kg.

The important advantage of combine “Vector-410” (as well as other “vectors”) is that such a variety of working schemes in its class it can create only with non-grain part of the crop.

Straw can be not only roasted, scattered on the field, but also to collect cattle for harvesting, both in good roles and in shock. Since the Vector-410 can be equipped with an educational agreement, its capacity is 12 cubic meters. This device collects straw into tight chocks and automatically unloads it on the move.

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Combine “Vector-410”

Combine harvesters “Vector-410” is equipped with a diesel turbo-engine of Yaroslavl Motor Plant, brand YAMZ 236-N. The product is in operation.

It should be noted that these engines were developed and included in the series for installation on Rostov combines of “Vector” family within the framework of long-term cooperation of Rostselmash with Yaroslavl engines.

  • Power of the engine YAMZ 236-N is 210 hp or 154.5 kilowatts.
  • Total dimensions of the engine (length x width x height) in mm: 1210 x 1045 x 1100.
  • Weight of the engine is 985 kg.
  • Speed of rotation, min-1: 1900.
  • Max. torque, Nm (kgf.m): 882 (90).
  • Maximum torque, rpm: 1200-1400

Turbocharged diesel engine YAMZ 236-N.

An important feature of this modern economical diesel engine is an additional power source. You will be able to provide all necessary technological processes under any conditions. At intensive and maximum loads this engine provides an additional performance gain of fifteen to twenty percent.

Fuel Consumption, Efficiency, Ease of Maintenance

It is common knowledge that fuel consumption is the main and most important expenditure for a combine harvester. In this regard, Rostselmash positions the vector 410 as extremely economical with one of the lowest operating fuel consumption in its class of 1.8 to 2.5 liters of diesel fuel per ton.

Combined with the “capacious” 540-litre fuel tank, it achieves an excellent “operational logistic” result of at least 16 hours of continuous operation, without the combine. In this way, two full eight-hour layers of the Vector 410 run without refueling.

Vector harvesters are also equipped with an air compressor with a 110-litre receiver. It can be used to combine the combine harvester directly in the field if necessary. The system provides compressor runtime of five minutes when the engine is dry.

As in the case of “Akros”, the engine is located in the back of the “Vector-410”, directly behind the hopper, and is located so that the maximum accessibility of all necessary parts and assemblies is provided during maintenance.

Vector-410 gearbox and chassis

Vector combines are equipped with hydrostatic transmission “GST-112”, which allows infinitely variable adjustment of the speed of the agricultural machine on each of the three courses. The range of operating speeds is large enough to optimize the load on the MLU (threshing and separating device).

“Vector-410” at harvesting.

The hydrostatic gears switch passages exceptionally gently, which contributes to better harvesting of difficult and problematic areas of grain fields. The speed of the combine “Vector-410” is up to 25 kilometers per hour.

  • Type of tires of driving wheels is 28L/R26.
  • Tires of driving wheels – 18,4/R24.

As an option harvester “Vector-410” is offered in all-wheel drive version and can also be equipped with interchangeable semimounted equipment. All-wheel drive and tracked chassis is a good help and a real help when working on marshy and swampy soils, as well as when working on rice.

Vector-410 Harvester Hydraulic System

The hydraulic pumps of the three systems (main, steering, chassis) are combined on the Vector-410 into a single pumping station unit. The working fluid for all the systems is the same and is poured into a common 50-liter hydraulic tank.

Hydraulic lines are characterized by a variety of cuts and exhibited on well accessible sites. In contrast to Akros which uses imported hydraulics (made in Germany), all elements of Vector’s hydraulic system are supplied by domestic companies, including some aviation and defense systems.

The manufacturing technology of hydraulic systems for Vector-410 provides for careful backward connection of internal surfaces of pipelines with special devices. To increase reliability of the Vector’s hydraulics, soldered joints were abandoned. Instead of them, pipelines with split rings were used. Controls were also changed. The hydraulic system of these harvesters uses fluoroplastic seals, which have less shrinkage and are much more durable than conventional seals. And instead of cast blanks for hydraulic fittings, stamped blanks were installed.

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The cab of the combine “Vector-410”

Combine operators of the past even in their wildest dreams could not imagine more convenience and comfort at work, which offers a modern ergonomic comfortable cabin from the companies “Akros” and “Vector”.

The combine operator’s workplace is reliably protected from noise, vibration and dust penetration. With the help of modern systems of microclimate, heating and ventilation in the cabin you can create an extremely healthy and comfortable microclimate regardless of the outside air temperature.

By default, the cabin is equipped with audio equipment. Namely: a sound system, antenna, ready-built seat for a radio (you only need to connect the regular plugs). Comfortable, outboard work chair is equipped with a number of necessary adjustments. You can set the chair to suit your individual needs and concentrate fully on cleaning. There is also a full (padded) reclining seat for the helmsman.

Ramzan Kadyrov at the wheel of the Vector-410 combine harvester.

The steering column, adjustable in height and tilt, helps you to “adjust” the workplace yourself. The huge glazing area of the cabin provides an excellent overview in all directions. Nearby, at arm’s length, there is a cool drink – a special cooling compartment is provided for this purpose.

The main control element of the combine consists of a multifunctional joystick-manipulator located on the handle, which is “sharpened” for natural palm grip. As standard, the cabin of the “Vector-410” is equipped with a special voice system, designed to control threshing and the entire technical process in general, the voice signals to prevent failure of parts and components of the combine.

The “Vector-410” combine harvester

Combine harvester “Vector-410” as well as “Akros” is equipped with universal unified rosselmash cutterbar for grain crops “Power Stream”. The width of this series cutterbars is 5, 6, 7 or 9 meters.

All Power Stream cutterbars come standard with the simple and reliable Level Glide hydromechanical ground following system. The Schumacher planetary knife drive ensures high cutting quality. This gearbox has proven itself perfectly at Akros, where it was originally installed only as an option, but is now included as standard on Vectors.

According to Rostselmash, the high-inertia threshing drum has the world’s largest diameter at 800 mm. It is distinguished by its gentle treatment of grain, almost complete (95%) separation and unsurpassed adaptability to difficult and problematic bread: twisted, moistened, clogged, etc.

The proven residue separation system consisting of a four-stage, seven-stage straw walker and an efficient two-stage cleaning system with an autonomous final threshing mechanism ensures minimal grain loss in straw and soil as well as grain purity. Grain that ends up in the hopper has excellent indicators in terms of purity and number of cuts. With normal moisture content, it is already ready for sale.

Experience of operating the harvester “Vector-410” according to the reviews of owners

Reviews about combine harvesters “Vector-410” are mostly positive. These agricultural machines have shown themselves from the best side and worked off their warranty period without serious breakdowns and unfortunate misunderstandings. And they continue to work on it, requiring only replacement of consumables and bearings, in a word, minimal intervention and investments. Of great importance is the following: “Dealers and necessary spare parts are, as they say, more or less within walking distance.”

Especially rave reviews have those who have moved behind the wheel of “Vector” from “Niva” and other outdated Soviet harvesters: instead of a pile of levers here is a convenient manipulator, to which you quickly get used to! (In general, you get used to everything good very quickly: the absence of dust, comfortable cab temperature and excellent visibility in all directions, as well as the ability to perform all major operations from the workplace without leaving it, etc.) )

According to the owners, Vector-410 proved to be excellent not only for cleaning grain crops, but also for cleaning sunflowers. The end product – both grains and seeds, leave the hopper incredibly clean, ready to be sold. The language alert system is not only a toy, but a really useful thing, which signals the occurrence of various kinds of emergencies (for example, around what is in the straw).

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From the shortcomings we can note various gears about the good impression of the little things. For example: the hopper filling sensor sometimes does not work; The air filter gets clogged very quickly (which is facilitated by the cooling system fan); The pump, which is under the cooler, discharges the tool into the toolbox (to extract it, you need to fix the air channel below). Grain in the hopper is often gained from the right side and begins to overflow over the edge, although the left side of the hopper is half-filled (it is necessary to increase the right apron of the funnel); The bracket on which the pipes for drainage of oil from hydraulic system and engine are fixed, touches the left rear wheel and is felt. and so on.

The interior “escort blows only at one point. The antenna does not work. Which, however, is very natural: the radio waves, especially the FM-band, are well received only in cities, near them and on the big streets. In the field, even Radio Russia and Radio Mayak can be “caught” far and wide.

The operator’s workplace in the cab of the Vector-410.

It is often expressed that “Vector-401” is a harvester for the fields with low and average yields. With a yield of more than forty hectares it becomes difficult to work, it is difficult for the combine to grow grain losses.

There is also such an interesting opinion: “And above all, “Vector-410” is exactly the technique, which is corrected on the ground in the younger generation. The old combinations, which have a lot of levers, will no longer surprise. Here the levers have been replaced by electronics, a computer that makes the work much easier. So not only me in our farm on the “vector”, but also my son sat down. ” (head of the peasant farm in the Zernogradsky district of the Rostov region).

The price of the “Vector-410” harvester on the Russian market

The cost of a new harvester “Vector-410” at dealers Rostselmash begins with 4 million rubles without taking into account the harvest). As for the belt.

“Vector-410” with straw during work.

In general, the combine “Vector-410” became only that agricultural equipment, which was necessary on the domestic market: productive, economical and having no imported analogues. And at the same time – preferable to them in price and cost of ownership.

The vector 410 harvester

Combine harvester Vector 410

Vector is a company that manufactures devices for fields with a small area.

The Vector 410 combine is an effective solution if you meet the following conditions:

  • Seasonal development up to 750 hectares.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Business.

A little bit about the history and location for the model plot

Combat “vector” was released as a younger relative of another device of the same manufacturer – with the name “Akros”. Both families are a single machine start for agriculture, which is used in the harvesting of crops. The “Akros” is one of the fifth combination and the “Vector” is the fourth. The Vector 410 series is equipped with the same equipment as the Akros. However, this equipment has its own advantages in the form of economy and compactness in direct operation.

Compared to Vectors, Acros needs a large scale area. There are other characteristics that differentiate one series from the other:

  1. Vectors have smaller engines. But their economy is greater.
  2. The hopper is smaller with a smaller volume.
  3. A smaller capacity level.

The Vector is the ideal solution on farms with a small footprint. The economic advantages for them are obvious.

Vector 410 was released in 2009 immediately after the Akros-530. When developing it, the manufacturer tried to take all the trends characteristic of modern mechanical engineering, which the field of agriculture represented.

In the development of the vector for the first time used not paper, but electronic systems to create an end-to-end design. It is a competitive machine with modern stuffing in every sense. The main reference point was the needs of real consumers.

Garden path.

The modern Russian Vector 410 is designed to meet the needs of medium and small farms. Often they cannot afford to buy more expensive and productive machinery. Moreover, it is imported. On the other hand, the use of old devices, still Soviet-made, requires constant investment related to maintenance.

About the most important technical characteristics

In comparison with Acros, Vector has larger dimensions. Without harvesting while maintaining transport, the characteristics are:

  • 7938 – 3559 of 4010 millimeters. This is the length with width and height. When you add the harvest, the length reaches 12 meters.

Immediately behind the hut “Vector 410” is part of the bunker. Its volume is 4.5 meters in a cube. If desired, the construction can be increased in height. The volume can be increased to six cubic meters. There is a special mechanism that allows opening the high-rise container. The machine operator does not even need to get out of the cab.

  • The hopper has a volume of 4.5-6 cubic meters.
  • 42 liters per second is the speed at which grain is unloaded from the hopper into the back of the neighboring vehicle.
  • 3,475 millimeters is the maximum height to which grain is unloaded from this equipment.
  • Without the header, the combine can weigh up to 11075 kilograms.

Combine harvester Vector 410

Under the important advantages of the Vector combine harvester is that it gives a variety of choices to the user, if he works with the part of the crop that belongs to the non-grain. Shredding straw and spreading it across the field is no longer the only action available. It is possible to collect the material in individual containers to prepare as fodder. To do this, the materials are stacked as regular rolls and smoked.

It is easy to purchase a form of strata as an optional equipment if needed. This supports the covering function. The container in this equipment is 12 cubic meters. The main task of the equipment is to collect straw in tight shoes. Unloading is automatic, right on the move.

How does the engine work in combination?

Standard configuration options include engines with a diesel engine and turbocharger. The brand is usually “YaMZ 236 ND”. The design is in the form of a V-shaped engine with six cylinders and four superchargers. It supports the following options:

  1. Charge air intercooling in an air-to-air heat exchanger.
  2. Ability to mechanically adjust the frequency at which the unit rotates.
  3. Heat exchanger in which fluid and oil also circulate.
  4. Fluid type cooling.
  5. Turbocharger.

The engines were specifically designed for the Rostov Vector series plant. Specifications in exact numbers are as follows:

  • 1200-1400 frequency, while maintaining maximum torque.
  • 882 N. m. – value of the torque itself at the maximum value.
  • 1900 is the speed parameter under normal conditions.
  • 1210-1045 and 1100 millimeters are the dimensions of the device, represented by length, width and height.
  • The weight of the engine reaches 985 kilograms.
  • The power output is 245 horsepower or 154.5 kilowatts.

The additional power supply is one of the most important features of a modern, economical diesel turbo engine. Under all conditions, there is no doubt about providing the necessary process modes. Even heavy loads do not prevent an increase in output of 15-20 percent.

Further technological advantages

With all the costs of maintaining the combine, the most important item is often fuel, its cost in consumption. It is for this reason that vectors are produced as machinery with an operating fuel consumption figure that is recognized as one of the lowest for this class. About 1.8-2.5 liters of diesel is consumed for each ton with a wet grain.

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An important advantage is the capacious fuel tank, which can hold up to 540 liters of fluid. The machine can run for up to 16 hours continuously and does not need any further service. That is enough for two full layers of 8 hours.

Among other things, the surface miner is equipped with an air compressor with a collecting tank of up to 110 liters. This makes the harvester service accessible for any terrain. The compressor continues its company for up to five minutes even if the engine has stopped.

The engine is located right after the hopper. It provides access to all necessary parts. An actual solution if maintenance is required.

About powertrain and chassis features

Standard on combinations is a transmission called the “GST-112.” Some models are known as “101.” It is necessary to provide basement speed control for each of the three available gears. Due to the fact that the tresperator is optimally loaded, the operating speeds have a fairly wide range.

Speed shifting in the hydrostatic transmission occurs only smoothly. In this way, even difficult fields are harvested better. The combine moves at a speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour.

They also make a separately available four-wheel drive version of the combine as an addition to the basic features. If desired, it is possible to purchase interchangeable half-chains. The all-wheel-drive version, together with the tracked chassis, will be indispensable helpers when cultivating swampy and marshy soils. Or when harvesting rice plants. Technical features contribute to this in many ways.

Operating principle of the hydraulic system

The power hydraulic pumps of the three systems are combined into one control unit:

  • Chassis.
  • Steering.
  • Basically.

All systems use the same working medium, as the description says. It is poured into a common tank of 50 liters.

Combine harvester Vector 410

The large number of sections distinguishes the hydraulic manifolds in this working system. Each of the sections is aimed at the location of an area that is easy to reach when needed.

Acrosov installed foreign-made hydraulics. Only companies from Russia are suppliers of the elements in the Vectors. Some parts are specially manufactured in defense and aerospace factories.

Thorough cleaning of internal pipelines before laying them directly into the harvester is a must. What special equipment is used, for example, for PKM. Soldered joints have been completely abandoned, which allows to increase the reliability of hydraulics many times over. As one of the alternatives, the so-called split rings were chosen. The wiring has also been changed.

The use of fluorocarbon seals in a combine harvester is typical. Compared to conventional solutions, they are much more durable. They also have less shrinkage. Pressed billets for hydraulic fittings have replaced conventional castings.

About the cab layout in a combine harvester

Ergonomic combine harvester cabs are the solution to maximum comfort and convenience. The combine operators of the past couldn’t even imagine it. Dust, vibration and intrusive noises barely penetrate. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are provided by modern high-performance systems.

This allows everyone to create a comfortable microclimate that does not depend on the weather conditions inside the room.

Vector audio system is also an integral part of the standard equipment. This system consists of a ready place for the radio, antenna and speaker system. All you have to do to connect is to connect standard plugs. The workstation is equipped with many adjustments that make it even more convenient to use. Even the seat can easily be adjusted to suit the individual driver.

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