Grain harvester Akros 530 RSM 142 – description and properties

Combine harvester Akros 530: Technical properties

Combine Akros 530: Technical characteristics

Since the official launch of the modern fifth-class combine Akros-530 (May 16, 2007), quite a lot of time has passed. At that time it was called for the whole of Russia “iconic”. The beginning of a new life” not only for rustselmash, but also for the entire agricultural industry of the whole country. Today we can say that this model was largely able to justify the epithets that were so generously handed out. Even in the changed economic conditions “Akro s-530” does not take the last place in the market of agricultural machinery, remaining one of the most favorable in the “price/quality” ratio options.

History of the creation of the combine “Akros 530”

Rostselmash – one of the few manufacturers of agricultural machinery, which not only survived the crushing blow during the collapse of the Soviet Union, but also continued systematic development. First, to determine the production of new samples of competitive devices that meet modern requirements and economic realities.

One of these models was the ACROS-530 (project name “RSM-142”) – a representative of the new generation of highly productive harvesters designed for the needs of large farmers with large areas of high productivity fields.

On May 16, 2007, in the presence of the Governor and other leaders of the region the first harvesters of this make came off the assembly line and they were solemnly consecrated and blessed by Archbishop Panteleimon of Rostov and Novocherkassk. Nikolay Boukreev, the first recipient of “Akros”, director of SPK “Voskhod” from Krasnodar region, did not hide his joy before the purchase.

In June 2007, after a personal acquaintance with the Akros-530, V.V. Putin said a well-known saying: “Such harvesters are as important for Russia as rockets”. And three months later the combine was already assigned the 100th place at the factory gates. In the autumn of the same year “Akros-530” completely replaced “Don-1500” at the sponsor of its predecessor.

Vladimir Putin about the combine “Akros 530”: “I will be brief! You can find Sergei Ivanov below.

The ceremonial moments were preceded by three years of development, tolerance and testing of the new model. Vladimir Kulikov, the chief engineer of the project “Akros 530″ found out that he and his colleagues relied on the experience of the development and production of the combined Don-1500, as well as the advanced foreign analogues, first of all German company Claas”.

It was really a big project, in which Rostselmash invested more than 800 million rubles. During the development process 11 new production sections were established and more than 60 units of modern highly productive equipment were purchased. Including laser cutting and bending complexes, welding semiautomatic machines, grinding and turning machines, hydraulic and eccentric presses and other modern devices from world manufacturers. 26 experimental pre-production units of the equipment have undergone serious tests in different climatic zones of Russia.

“Akros-530” was the “first swallow” of the company’s new model range. A qualitatively new combine family, designed to increase the productivity of the shift and reduce the cost of the bunker grain. In addition, it offers the harvester operator unexpectedly comfortable (for domestic machinery) conditions.

Technical characteristics of the combine “Acros-530”

Combine “Acros-530” has a modern layout, as in the Western technique: the cabin in the middle, behind it – the bunker; the engine is located behind. As a result, the noise/vibration level in the cabin is significantly reduced and a spacious engine maintenance area is created. The cab, located in the middle, provides an excellent view of the entire work area.

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The Acros-530 is an Eintrummel harvester. It is designed for direct and separate picking of all ears. And also corn and sunflower (with optional equipment: PSP-8/05 or PSP-10M).

General technical characteristics of this agricultural machine are as follows:

  • Overall dimensions: length 10.5 m plus linkage 6 m; Width 3.85 m; Height 4.01 m.
  • Weight: (without linkage / with linkage): 13740 kg / 15030 kg.
  • Engine: Diesel, turbocharged YAMZ-236bk.
  • Dreschen: Troma registration diameter – 80 cm; Drum length – 150 cm; Speed – 400 to 1045 rpm Angle of coverage – 130 degrees; Concaver area – 1.38 sq.m.
  • Separation: 5-button shakers with seven cascades, 4.1 m long; With a separation area of 6.15 sq. m.
  • Cleaning: 4.74-square-meter sieves plus a six-blade fan with speeds from 335 to 1,050 rpm.
  • Hopper: 9 cubic meters volume, 4.3 meters discharge height, 90 liters per second discharge rate.
  • Tank capacity is 540 liters.
  • Transmission is hydrostatic.
  • The gears are three-speeds.

Engine of the combine harvester Akros 530

The first of the “Akros” is equipped with a V-shaped 6-cylinder four-stroke turbocharged and liquid-cooled diesel engine. Brand – YAM Z-236BK; Manufactured by Yaroslavl Motor Plant (PJSC “Avtodiesel”). The same engines were installed on Yenisei 860 combines from the Krasnoyarskzerno combine, which are “long dead”. The engine capacity – 250 hp (184 kW). Speed – 2000 rpm. Minimum specific fuel consumption, g/kWh (g/hp) – 215 (159). Weight of the engine YAMZ-236BK is 985 kg.

Especially in comparison with the ACROS-530 model, this engine has an additional power reserve of at least 50 “horses”, which shows the potential of the combine and guarantees a corresponding increase of traction in any harvesting situation. The combination of turbocharging and a 240-litre fuel tank means that the combine can operate for at least 12 or more than 14 hours without refuelling!

Harvesting part of the Acros 530

Simultaneously with the market launch of Acros combines, “Rustselmash” company began production of brand new harvesters called Power Stream. The working width of different variants of this unified attachment is 6.7 and 9 meters. Compared to previous Rustselmash harvesters, the Power Stream is much lighter and at the same time stronger.

The harvester is suspended from the catchment area by frontal hinges, equipped with a volute and compensation mechanism; automatic land control in two directions (long and cross) and an eccentric reel with 5 wings. The bale rotation speed is from 15 to 50 revolutions per minute.

Long rabe fingers and motorized paths easily duplicate twisted and light bread. The large diameter of the auger prevents high standing bread from being coiled. Deep protrusions eliminate the need for extra fingers. Aard offers quality rawhide with adjustable heights of 6, 10, 14 and 18 cm.

“Electric” accurately copies the longitudinal and transverse structure of the field, allowing the entire work surface to be used with maximum efficiency. A hydraulic drive is responsible for the operation. It softens the operation of the main components, which reduces wear and tear on the parts. An inverter is used for quick inversion cleaning. All mixed ether control (upward movement, coiler movement in vertical and horizontal planes, coiler rotation control) is carried out by means of electro-hydraulic devices. And in order to start absolutely all functions, the machine operator does not need to leave the cabin. And I don’t want to leave it, and here’s why.

Akros 530 cabinet

When Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov and then Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeev were receiving the new agricultural whale Rostselmash, they called the Akros 530 cabin to reduce the spaceman’s control. In fact, the working conditions for the operator of the home mixer machine have never been so modern and comfortable. The cabin of “Akros-530” (Rostov citizens called it “comfort cabin”) is fully double – for the combine operator and the helmsman. It is hermetically sealed, reliably protected from noise, vibration and dust. It is installed on the lower base on four shock absorbers.

The first signs of spring in the garden

In the cab of the combine “Akros 530”.

The standard equipment of “ACROS-530” includes a cabin, equipped with luxury old-fashioned: climate control, a refrigerator for drinks, a radio with a speaker system! For the first time in the history of domestic production the cabin was equipped with a computer-computer system with the voice announcement “Adviser” (“Adviser”). Steering column is height and tilt adjustable; 5 sq.m. panoramic glazing allows to see the field perfectly, to put a head and an unloaded propeller behind it.

Experience of OCROS-530 operation: pros and cons

Farmers of Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union highly appreciated the first of the Rostselmash family Acros. First of all, from the point of view of economic efficiency of its usage. For each ton produced ACROS-530 spent much less fuel than any domestic harvester of the previous generation. And the fact that it replaces two such harvesters by performance indicators.

OCROS-530 Operational experience: advantages and disadvantages

Akros 530 in the field.

In JSC “Agraria” (Ryazan region, Sasovsky district) agrarians were able to compare “Akros-530” with its nearest competitor in the market – KZS-1218 “Gomselmash” harvester: in 2008 they replaced the old ones. “NIVAM” purchased Rostov and Rostov-Belarus combine harvesters. According to the results of 2009 harvesting season,

  • Seasonal operating time was: on Akros – 1639 tons; on Polesye – 1388 tons.
  • Seasonal fuel consumption: “ACROS-530” -8050 mt, “Polesie KZS-1218”. -8330 т.
  • Average fuel consumption, liters per ton: on “Akros” – 4,9 l/t; on “Polesye” – 6 l/t.

“Appetite” of the combined engine Acros-530 is expressed in the following indicators: fuel consumption on ce real grain crops is 10-12 liters of diesel fuel per hectare; on corn and sunflower – 15 liters per hectare. Not only sunflower varieties are observed, high and clean cleaning of not only the grain, but also of sunflower – not a single species. Very clean seed – I have never seen such a thing in my life. “High praise went to the new cabin. It is easy to set a comfortable microclimate and to work in a shirt both in summer heat and in autumn sunflower operation at the following temperatures.

OCROS-530 Operational experience: advantages and disadvantages

Combine Akros 530 with sunflower harvesting dishes.

Of the disadvantages are determined by the low quality of warehouses and homemade drive belts, which are equipped with a harvester Akros 530. Warehouses often, after a year of work, crumble. You will be recommended to replace them with imported ones.

In addition, a lot of ridiculous, and sometimes just sharp criticism in the naming of nodes and systems harvester “Americanisms”: “Comfort Cab,” “Krafstream,” “Smart Launch,” “Consultant,” etc. Technique for the domestic market. And the countries to which it is exported are far from English-speaking: the former Soviet republics. Why this circus with the name “pseudo-depo” and why is the name of the combine written in English letters?

Prices for the combine “Akros 530”.

To date, the new combine harvesters brand “Akros-530” is no longer sound in the official price list of the plant “Rostselmash”. Because this first model of the brand has been replaced by other, even more modern and productive, with new, more powerful engines Acros with numerical indexes and-550 and-585.

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On the aftermarket, however, there’s no shortage of offerings of earlier Acros 530 combinations. In fact, this model has been in circulation by the thousands and thousands since 2007. Here, for example, are some of the offers for sale:

  • “Year of publication 2008, in excellent condition, no repairs required, definition of 6 meters with machine, production of about 2,000 queens – 2,350,000 rubles.”
  • “Year of publication 2008, in excellent condition, – 4,100,000 rubles, possible negotiations.”
  • “Year of issue 2008, excellent condition, service at the dealer, dealer, does not require investments, production of 2,456 matings”;.
  • “From 2007 in good condition, the production of 3200 uteruses with 7-meter cable tree and 2100000 rubles.

In general, it should be noted that the combine Acros 530 has become one of the most successful agricultural models in the former Soviet Union. Exactly with this harvester began the goals of a number of new agricultural agrofirms with high productivity. In practice, it turned out to be no worse than those who stood far above the German “classmates” Claas and surpassed all indicators for its price, including the modern Belarusian competitors – combine “Polesie”.

Grain harvester Aerros 530: overview of possibilities, technical features


Grain harvesters are machines in which manufacturers combine various technological processes required for harvesting and processing of grain plants.

We will talk about the Russian machine Aeros, which was produced under the brand name Rostselmash, and more specifically the combine 530-series and has the second name RSM 142, which has already been delivered and replaced by a more productive model.

area of application

Grain picker “Akros” is in demand in agriculture. It is used in the separate harvesting of wheat (winter or spring), rye, barley and other spiked crops.

Thanks to the two codes provided by the designers, the Akros can harvest sunflower and corn.

Akros 530

The combine works on any type of soil, moves off the road with confidence, which makes the place of work less expensive. Improved cab and trunk design allows for all-weather harvesting. Productive grippers can absorb stalks pressed to the ground.

advantages and disadvantages

“Akros-530” became the “firstborn” of the renewed family of the company. The new machine seamlessly combined its own experience and developments of foreign companies. The work of the combine operator has become easier, and the yield has increased significantly. In addition, users highlight several other advantages:

  • the low price of the new machine compared to competitors;
  • reimbursement of the ambulance, along with economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • Possibility of grain collection, rowing;
  • Ease of maintenance.

No matter how hard combine operators try to make a combine harvester limitless, there are still flaws in its design. Mechanizers complain about the poor quality of bearings and drive belts. The next season, after commissioning, the parts will have to be replaced. In order not to carry out a revision every year, the owners put foreign analogues in place of full-value parts.

style, features

The layout was copied from foreign analogues. In front of the axle of the machine installed the cab, behind it – the storage hopper and the engine. This arrangement improves inspection and reduces the impact of vibration and noise on the machine operator. In addition, there is virtually no shifting of center of gravity when filling the hopper, which does not affect controllability.

Rostselmash upgraded production to produce combinations. Eleven units were organized, more than 60 units of equipment were purchased to the amount of 800 million rubles.

Table No. 1. Technical characteristics

Name value
engine type YaMZ 236bk
Power, hp (kW) 250 (284)
Weight (without reaper), kg 13740
Type class, TS 5
Technical speed, km/h 27
Operating speed, km/h 0-12
Productivity, ha/h 3,3
Road freedom, MM 350
Fuel tank volume, l 540
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The AKROS 530 grain seeder is powered by a power plant, producing Yaroslavskaya GRES. It is a four-stroke diesel engine with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders.

Engine Acros 530

The engine was designed for operation in Russian climatic conditions. The cooling is liquid and the feeding system is turbocharged with an intermediate heat exchanger. Engine features:

  • crankshaft speed – 2000 rpm;
  • volume of the cylinders is 11.15 liters;
  • torque – 1050 nm;
  • The method of mixing – direct injection;
  • Average fuel consumption – 215 g/kWh (159 g/hp);
  • Cylinder diameter/piston stroke, mm – 130/140;
  • Compliance with environmental standards 1st class of GOST R 41.96-2005.


Rotation to drive wheels is transmitted through hydrostatic transmission. A mechanical two-way transmission with integral differential gearbox is used for selecting the speed mode. It provides 3 speeds.

  • Overcoming of extreme resistance to movement (deep mud, steep rise, work in the fields) with a slope of 4-8°. Travel speed is 0-6 km/h.
  • Basic mode. Possible to harvest in the fields with gradients up to 4°. Travel speed 0-12 km/h.
  • Transport transitions. Combine combine with empty hopper on thoroughfares with solid pavement or on floor roads. Recommended speed is 20 km/h.

The drive axle was equipped with a tapered differential with two satellites. The final gears are transmitted by two level spur gears.

The brakes on the combine are threaded with a separate hydraulic actuator for each wheel. The park position lock is self-contained. It locks two bikes at the same time. The brake is activated by a hand crank in the cab via a two-track cable and force.

Rotation of steerable bicycles on the rear axle is performed by a mechanism from the hydraulic unit type. The hydraulics provide easy maneuverability, which reduces the strain on the machine operator’s hands when frequently changing turns. The working fluid is reheated from the main line.

The front axle of the combine has larger tires than the rear. They measure 30.5 × 32 and 18.4 × 24 inches.


To actuate some of the actuators, gears and steering, the combine has a powerful hydraulic system. It is fed by a tandem of gear pumps NSh28D-10D-10D-3 with a capacity of 28 liters.

The supercharger can produce oil at a pressure of 42 MPa, but it is limited by the adjustment of the valve block. The 16 MPa working fluid is supplied to the main hydraulic system, to the Lenklini and to the undercarriage drive. The oil filling tank contains 50 liters.


The device turned out to be impressive. The length together with the cutterbar is 16.5 m, 6 of which only the working body itself. In width, the combine reaches 3850 mm and height – 4010 mm. With such dimensions, the wheelbase is only 4,028 mm, giving the machine high maneuverability. Wheel track is 3100 mm at the front and 2900 mm at the rear.

Working bodies, operating parameters

Tax module Acros 530

Tax module Akros 530.

In fact, the self-propelled combination is a combination of several mechanisms on the chassis, with which the harvesting and primary processing will be fixed.

Therefore, the RSM 142 was equipped with a harvesting part, thresher, transport lines and hoppers.

Harvesting part

The combine harvester is equipped with a reaper of its own design. Rostselmash gave the improved design the name “current”. If we compare the experience with other similar mechanisms, it has an increased strength at a small weight. The peculiarity of the implement is the possibility of increasing the still burning gatherings, which ensures the efficiency of the harvesting of the charge.

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The company produces experience with a grip of 5, 6, 7, 9 m. The position of the weapon in relation to the machine is regulated by an electrohydraulic drive. It is possible to operate the mechanism in two modes: copying the relief and at a solid distance from the ground.

  • In the first case, you can gradually determine the height of cut in the range of 60, 100, 140, 180 mm.
  • In the fixed position, the cutting bottles are held from the ground at a distance of 180 to 900 mm.

The mechanism takes in 3.3 ha per hour.

The reaper is equipped with a self-assembly function. The process occurs without intervention of the machine operator when switching back on.

Sealed unit

The mechanism is designed to separate grains from the plant mass. The design of the device includes:

  • Dried;
  • beets
  • solo
  • Supporting chamber;
  • The accumulation hopper.

The first is represented by a cylindrical cover with a diameter of 800 and a length of 1485 mm. It works in two speed modes: fast and slow. The speed is adjusted manually by means of a wedge variator with a wedge repophile.

After the hard drum, the collected mass enters the straw walker and separator. There the grain is cleaned with a capacity of 9 m³ and fed to the storage hopper. The latter has 2 filling levels and informs the machine operator when it needs to be unloaded. The auger conveyors empty the hopper at a rate of 90 l/s. This allows the combine to unload quickly and without long unloading times.

Characteristics of the versions

Akros 530

Users immediately liked the machine, even though the RSM 142 is available in only one version. It is possible to install a holder with different recording widths. Regardless, the installation of mechanisms is designed for corn and sunflower harvesting. The popularity of the model can be explained by various characteristics:

  • Low price – the unit costs significantly less than its competitors in the domestic market.
  • Productivity – the combine shows consistently good results in the collection of plants or sunflower crops.
  • Efficiency – this model consumes less fuel than other machines that were produced before.

The cost of new, used, similar models

To date, new harvesters 530-series are no longer sound in the official catalog of the manufacturer – their production was discontinued, and in their place from the assembly line came more productive models. On the secondary market you can find units that do not require repair, for 2 million rubles.

Of similar models with similar properties, you can specify “Agromah 5000”, Claas Tucano 320, KZS-812 “Ples GS812”.


In general, it is worth noting that the device “Aeros 530” became the basis for the development of more productive and reliable machines. After all, it turned out to be no worse than its foreign counterpart and technically surpassed its competitors, which was about equally inexpensive.

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