Get ready for spring and choose cordless devices!

How to choose the best sprayer

Warm days are approaching, and with them – the traditional gardening, it’s time to prepare for it thoroughly and buy the necessary equipment. Especially relevant is the question of how to choose a sprayer. If there are at least a few fruit trees and shrubs in the yard, it is impossible to imagine the spring work without this device.

The market for agricultural equipment is simply oversaturated with supply. Many well established companies (Forte, Sadko, Lemira, Grunhelm, Marolex, etc.) offer the largest selection of models in different price categories. Eyes are simply confused by the abundance! All you have to do is to choose one. The one that you can work with comfortably.

On what sprayer to choose for the garden depends not only on the efficiency of your work and the future harvest. But also your well-being and mood. And to work with pleasure – this is the most important thing!

We will leave the choice of price and manufacturer to our own discretion. And the technical side of the question “Which sprayer is better: battery-powered, gasoline or manual” we will analyze in detail.

Types of sprayers

To understand which sprayer to choose for the garden and vegetable garden, it is necessary to understand what he is. According to the type of “engine” used, sprayers are divided into:

  1. Manual;
  2. electric;
  3. Motor sprayers (with a gasoline engine).

Let’s get acquainted with each type separately.

Manual .

This category is characterized by a variety of volumes and designs. They are suitable for the smallest areas. At the same time require the most physical loads. Variant “H E ADELES”.

To further analyze the advantages and disadvantages of hand-held sprayers and understand how to choose a sprayer for your purposes, it is advisable to divide them by the type of carrying. Hand-held sprayers are presented by category:

Hand-held. When used, it is held directly in the hand/hands. There are pump-type (spray guns) and pump-type. They consist of a reservoir and a spraying mechanism. Standard capacity: 0.5-2 liters.

If you have fairly large seedbeds, you should not choose a larger spray in the hope that you will have to reload less. A container of more than 1.5 liters is difficult to hold in your hand and take a long time to spray. It is better to go straight to the “adult” modifications.

Choose the type that stands:

  1. Garden on a windowsill;
  2. Garden on the balcony;
  3. Home greenhouse (hard to maneuver there);
  4. Camm and garden in a small area;
  5. Spot treatment of plants when detecting diseases and pests.

Shoulder sprayer. Carried over the shoulder. Usually comes in pump-retractable and pneumatic type. Consists of a tank, flexible connecting hose, spray lug and nozzle. Standard capacity is 3-8 liters.

Minitor Belarus MTZ 112N. Overview, characteristics, instructions

Handheld sprayer from Foreta

You should not buy overly bulky appliances – this type of carrying creates an additional bending load on the spine if you are overweight. Before buying, pay attention to the utensils. It should be wide, soft and not absorb moisture. Such a design can be put on and undressed compared to a backpack more conveniently. This may be important for the elderly and people with limited mobility.

This type is suitable for:

  1. small beds and gardens;
  2. small gardens with shrubs and dwarf trees;
  3. local spraying for diseases and pests;
  4. People who have difficulty putting on back sprayers.

Back sprayer. Carried on two shoulders behind the back. This is the most popular option for medium-sized models to wear because it is the least traumatic to the spine. It comes in pump type and lever type. It consists of a reservoir, a flexible rubber hose, a spray lug (telescopic or regular) and a spray nozzle. The usual volume is 10-16 liters. Backpack models with a lever mechanism are more convenient because you don’t have to take them off your back to pump.

If you do not have the strength of Hercules or have problems with the back, do not choose large carriers – carrying heavy satchels is easy enough, but putting them on and taking them off yourself can be very difficult, up to various dislocations and pinching.

Such modifications usually have removable straps. Before buying and using the backpack, be sure to check the reliability of the strap reinforcement mechanism (especially with very cheap products). Throwing a 10-20-liter backpack on your back and determining that the strap that holds it in place is not fastened is below average pleasure. Otherwise, the device could be damaged.

Lemira 12 liter pressure bag sprayer

Choose devices with wide, orthopedic straps made of synthetic material that don’t cut into your shoulders.

With a more comfortable and spacious design, backpack handheld sprayers can be used longer, which means you can cover more area than shoulder sprayers. Recommended choice for:

  1. Small to medium sized beds and gardens;
  2. A small garden with shrubs and stunted trees;
  3. Topical plant treatments for diseases and pests.

Electric sprayer (also known as a battery sprayer)

Cordless (battery-operated) sprayers are usually available in the medium-volume segment – 12-18 liters.

Cordless models have a higher working pressure than manual models, allowing better treatment of plants at a greater distance from the operator.

They are easy to use and require no extra effort – the built-in electric motor does the hardest work. Suitable for people who are not used to constant physical exertion.

Forta cordless sprayer

The cordless sprayer consists of: a tank, a flexible connecting hose, a spray lug and a nozzle (one or more) for spraying.

Komatsu D65 E-12 - description and properties

In answering the question of how to choose a cordless sprayer from a catalog of criteria, you should discard the degree – it’s clear here – most cordless sprayers are backpack sprayers.

Concentrate on metrics such as:

  1. Tank size;
  2. The intrinsic weight of the device;
  3. Ergonomic straps;
  4. The presence of a telescopic tube;
  5. Number of nozzles or types of jets.

Simple logic says that the bigger the property, the bigger the tank required. And when it comes to battery pumping devices, it becomes even harder to resist the temptation of the “big tank” – because it doesn’t even have to be inflated, they know. But it’s not all that easy. Don’t forget the warning above and persist: focus not on “how much you can spray,” but on “how much you can lift yourself.” No harm done to your health.

The larger the cylinder volume, the more important it is to choose a device with a strap lock – it helps to evenly distribute the load on the back during work and reduce fatigue.

It is important that the straps are made of synthetic material – they do not absorb moisture and dry out very quickly when wet. This creates a pleasant working environment. Finally, solutions for treating gardens and orchards are made with water, and belts are almost always wet – getting wet and not drying for a long time creates an uncomfortable feeling. Especially in cold weather.

If you have a question about choosing the right tree sprayer, we will answer right away: When choosing, it is important that the set has a long telescopic tube. This will allow you to fully treat fairly tall crowns. It can be purchased separately. But why look for a long time, if it is easier to choose a suitable design.

The choice of a cordless sprayer is practical for:

  1. medium-sized beds and gardens;
  2. A small garden with low to medium sized trees;
  3. seasonal pest and disease treatments.

Motorized Sprayer.

This is the most powerful and versatile device in the category of professional and semi-professional devices. Thanks to its high working pressure, it allows you to spray objects away from the operator to a large extent. Both horizontally and vertically. It has additional customizable functions (e.g. useful print control).

Gasoline Pressure Sprayer

The sprayer is suitable for:

  1. Large area:
  2. Garden with medium to tall trees.

In amateur and small business, they are used in two forms:

The backpack motor sprayer presents medium volumes – from 14-25 liters, the mobile – large, up to 80 liters.

Answering the question “Which sprayer to choose for the vegetable garden?”. it is necessary to proceed from the size of the plot and its “passability”. And also from the desire to treat the garden equipment “professionally”.

Excavator Hyundai R220LC-9S - description and features

If you plan to buy a mobile motor sprayer, pay attention to the access routes to the places of treatment. On paths and even lawns, the wheels move pretty fast, but on cropland and on rough roads get stuck. Pulling a 90-100 kg machine by hand on the loose soil is not for everyone. If there is no way to pave the roads, it is better to choose a mobile backpack version.

Devices with a gasoline engine are as simple as the electric ones, they cannot be thrown into the power unit for the winter. It requires “preservation”. Before storing it must be drained of fuel and preventive cleaning according to the instructions. Otherwise, it will not be able to start until the spring. Are you ready for this type of work? Do you like the smell of gasoline?

We hope that reading this article has helped you to answer the question “Which sprayer is better to choose: Cordless, gasoline or manual”. Because there was and is no general recommendation. And the right answer is the one that best suits their conditions, capabilities and current needs.

7 Myths About Cordless Gardening Equipment You May Not Know: What Tools You Really Need for Your Summer Home

Cordless garden tools are very popular among users because they run on batteries and increase freedom of movement. Unfortunately, a forest of myths and misunderstandings has formed around them. We are happy to dispel them and at the same time tell you what battery technology can not do without.


The age of technology does not stand still, but many gardeners still believe rumors and doubt the performance of battery-powered garden devices. In this article, we will debunk these myths and misconceptions so that they can effectively use quality tools and ultimately enjoy gardening.

7 myths about cordless garden tools

1. cordless garden tools are not powerful enough

One of the most popular myths is that supposedly cordless devices don’t have as much power as their electric or gasoline counterparts. But most cordless tools are just as powerful as any other tool.

2. battery efficiency

Over the past five years, cordless tools have transitioned from nickel-metal hydride batteries to lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are lighter and last longer because they store more energy in a smaller volume.

The development of lithium-ion batteries has had a significant impact on torque-even to make practical machines for gardeners and landscapers, including lawnmowers and power tillers. While chainsaws were largely developed for the commercial market and then adapted for the home user, the opposite is true with cordless devices: they started out as consumer products and are now “growing” into commercial models.

Cordless garden tools - which one to choose?

The more volts the better.

More volts isn’t always better, it’s the balance that counts. More volts are important for power tools like rotary hammers and circular saws, but a lawn mower may not need as much voltage. An important aspect of cordless tools is the torque and the number of amps/hours in the battery, as they provide significantly more torque, run time, and power.

4. Cordless gardening tools need a long charge.

Modern chargers and batteries have unusual features. Fast charging of tools is possible in a few minutes. Whereas it used to take 10-12 hours to charge batteries, it is now done in just 30-40 minutes. Users who want to save time by operating their devices at a higher speed may find that the battery will drain faster than specified, since the timing is usually calculated at the lowest speed.

The Kärcher HGE 36-60 Battery Hedge Trimmer Battery Set runs for 85 minutes with a battery charge and charges to 100% in 78 minutes.

5. You can use any charger and not waste money.

It is just a misconception that all chargers are the same. Some chargers are more powerful, others can measure the resistance, volts and amps of the battery. These chargers use this information to provide the best possible load. Therefore, you cannot use the charger for your tool, but only according to the manufacturer’s information and requirements.

6. Cordless garden tools will soon replace electric tools.

That’s not true at all. You can use cordless tools; their main value is portability. But there are some applications where it is still better to choose electric or gas tools. You can use all kinds of tools according to your needs.

7. Old technology was more reliable

Nostalgia is a good thing, but not in the case of technology. Older people especially often think that their old tools are reliable and very easy to use. You may be comfortable working with an old cordless tool, but a new cordless tool has advanced features and improvements as well as advantages. In addition, reputable and trustworthy manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty on cordless garden tools, which can be said to be very decent for this segment.

What’s true: Batteries don’t last forever. After a few years, they need to be replaced and disposed of. Specifics vary by region; to find an affordable way, you should contact retailers, local authorities and public waste collection points.

What cordless garden tools are needed at the cottage

The constant need for help and attention from gasoline-powered machines makes many people bitter and resentful, and the limited movement caused by the cord length of electric models simply ties their hands. With the new cordless gardening tools, you can finally look forward to a happy future of gardening with peace of mind. With a light pull of the trigger, the engine starts much more quietly and smoothly than its gasoline counterparts. When the battery runs out, you can simply replace or recharge it and get back to doing what you love.

The first lawn mowing in the spring - how and when is it done?

Cordless technology is very quiet, so nothing rings in your ears, even when working for long periods of time.

Cordless tools are slightly more expensive than built-in cordless versions, but offer more power and longer run times (up to an hour or more, depending on the tool). Although it requires brand selection, a variety of tools have interchangeable batteries (so you always have a spare).

So it’s a good choice:

  • For cleaning in the car, on stairs, in back rooms, blowing off leaves and grass clippings, the Kärcher WD 1 Compact Battery Set is an entry-level cordless household vacuum cleaner;
  • For mowing dense lawns, mowing weeds and small areas that cannot be reached by a lawn mower, mowing flower beds – trimmer LTR 36-33 Battery Set and mobile lawn mower LMO 36-40 Battery Set for large areas. This duo takes comprehensive care of any lawn. New batteries and technology have made cordless mowers a viable option, with decent power, adjustable cutting height and speed to take care of large lawns that were once the domain of gasoline engines. No more gasoline problems and no more fuming machines.

The LTR 36-33 Battery Set trimmer and the LMO 36-40 Battery Set mobile lawnmower help you manage your lawn efficiently.

  • For trimming bushes that leave hedges and trimming large branches, the HGE 36-60 Battle Set and TLO 18-32 Batty Battery. Spring pruning will be an easy task after you have tried this practical tool.

The HGE 36-60 Battle Set batteries are appreciated by all gardeners who have to take care of hedges.

  • Chop firewood, remove fallen wood, cut dried out branches – a cordless chainsaw. The Karcher CNS 36-35 Battle makes quick, clean cuts.

The Karcher CNS 36-35 Battle is light and easy to use and does a great job with hard wood.

Kärcher has a wide network of service centers, which means that you won’t have to search long for a handyman and carefully select a replacement board for each “newbie”.

Once you see how easy it is to bathe cordless equipment, you’ll become a fan. Prices have come down and options and features have increased, which contributes to the popularity of this category.

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