Get ready for fall in the garden

Fall Gardening: How to Prepare Your Garden for the Winter Cold

With the beginning of autumn, the summer season comes to an end. And the owners of the plant are still up to their ears. After all, at this time the crops are harvested, the land is prepared for wintering, and the bushes are either planted or dug up. In a word, autumn work in the garden and vegetable garden is quite stressful. It’s good when the weather is kind and gives Indian summer for a few weeks. But more often it happens that prolonged rains begin and gently turn into a cold. Therefore, not a single garden deal should not be postponed, otherwise you may simply not complete it on time.

September suffering – harvests

We relieve fruit trees: We remove the fruit

At the beginning of September, the main focus of the owners is on the orchard. Apples and pears are poured there, which must be removed in time, so that winter varieties can lie until spring. But how to understand that the fruit is ready to be harvested? Externally not at all. It is necessary to pick and cut an apple (pear) from each tree. There are seeds in the fruit. Their color determines the degree of ripeness of the fruit. If the seeds are still white, it’s too early to harvest. Completely brown seeds indicate that the owner missed the moment. The fruits are fully ripe and cannot be stored for long. But light brown grains are the most successful moment for collecting. As a rule, these dates fall in mid-September, but in dry summers it is better to start seed control from the beginning of the month (every 3 days).

apple harvest

It is impossible to determine what stage of ripeness an apple is in by its appearance. It is necessary to cut it and examine the color of the seeds

When deadlines are delayed, some apple cultivars can fly around in a night when heavy rain or strong winds set in. A ripe apple is too loosely attached to the stalk, so don’t be late with the harvest or you risk being left without fruit for the winter.

The shelf life of fruit also depends on correct harvesting. You should not cling to the apple with your fingers and pull it down with all your strength. On the one hand, it is difficult to remove because you collect the fruits before they are fully ripe, i.e. they are firmly attached to the stalk. And as you pull, your fingers point to the dented mush, which after a while begins to rot. Second, by violently pulling a branch, you can cause neighboring apples to collapse.

How to properly remove the fruit: Gently grasp the underside with your fingers and give an upward tug while rotating the apple. This way the fruit will be much easier to tear off and will not be damaged.

If the tree is large, then the role of the fingers should be performed by a special nozzle attached to a long stick. You can simply cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle, nail it to the end of a stick, and use it as a removal bowl.

Distance between grapes

From the second half of the month, they begin to fertilize the trees by scattering ash around the circles near the trunk. Over the summer the rains have put too much nitrogen into the soil and the ash will be able to restore the balance.

At the end of September, pruning of the garden and planting of young fruit seedlings begins. True, heat-loving trees (peach, apricot) are still best planted in spring to avoid freezing of the roots.

We hide potatoes, tomatoes and cabbage

In September, the autumn work in the garden begins with a general collection of potatoes. All varieties should be removed before the rainy season because the wet harvest is not kept. The signal for the beginning of the trench is a dried top. When cleaning, seed potatoes are sorted immediately to keep them a little in the light. It is most convenient to lay out in the barn for a few days in the barn so that they are green. Such seeds are better stored by fungal infections and not damaged. The rest of the potatoes immediately after cleaning is hidden in a dark basement. It is impossible to allow your green because the tubers become poisonous.

seed potatoes

Potatoes that land in spring are immediately collected in a separate container and after a few days they are kept in the light so that it is green

All uncontrolled tomatoes must be removed from the bushes before the night is cold. Already at +5º the sensitive skin of tomatoes experiences a shock and bursts, which means that the vegetables do not ripen healthy. All distant tomatoes are created in the boxes without complaining to each other.

crates of tomatoes

It is desirable that the boxes were nearby, but if there are no containers, there is no more than two in height. So they protect the lower row from pressure and the mature tomatoes do not begin to burst

Motoblocks Centaurus - reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

The condition of the heads is checked at Kohl. When many rains have passed, the heads can crack. A small trick helps to avoid this: you have to pull every cabbage out of the ground to tear down the connection of the roots. The food is broken and moisture will stop.

harvest cabbage

Kohl is not afraid of frost, so it is removed in the last one. But so that it does not come from moisture, you have to undermine the roots

The last feeding of strawberries is carried out in the middle of the month.

October – time for cleaning

Transplate the trees and bushes + cleaning

In October, young trees and bushes continue to transplain and share thickened landings. It is necessary to plant raspberries, goosebumps and currants in a permanent place.

The leaf fall begins this month and all fallen leaves should be removed in good time. Farmic harms are loved to hide in winter so that the garden has to be cleaned completely. Time collected all leaf waste in humus, where it gradually turns into fertilizer. Before inserting the frost, the trees are easily fed with potassium and phosphorus, and then the trunk circles are loosened. With loose soil it is more difficult to get to the roots because it does not leave any air.

leaf harvest

You can not leave the leaves in the garden

whitewash the garden

In October you will surely turn the garden to destroy the pests that become winter in the bark and the stamps will protect against sunburn

To avoid young trees with fields, they wrap the lower trunks with roof material, a metal network or another material by the end of the month that cannot damage rodents.

Garden in October: We remove everything tidy

Garden autumn work in the country ends in October. For this month you have to clean everything that is still expected in the ground: beets, carrots, radishes, trough, dike, etc. Strong frosts come to the end of the month that can spoil the upper part of the root plants. So try to remove it before inserting.

Rules of vine protection for the winter in Siberia

After the beds were cleaned, the tops should be removed in winter and dig a garden. No need to break the earth blocks increased by a cultivator or shovel. So you freeze deeper and destroy pests with frost.

plant garlic

Garlic is planted at the end of October if the weather will be on the street for more than a week (approx. +5 degrees)

As soon as the air temperature is in the range of +5˚, it is time for winter seeds. Plant garlic, plug onions, carrot seeds, beets, celery. Simply increase the number of seeds in the expectation that some of them freeze.

Main work in November

Prepare the garden for hibernation

Staring cold begins at the beginning of November. As soon as the first frost announces, according to the weather forecast, it is necessary to cover the circles close to the stem with compost or peat and to form a layer of 5 cm so that the tree can survive the winter.

Look for tracks in the first snow. If you are still found, search for nerzes under the snow and pour poison into it.

You also have to think of snow clearing devices in autumn. For example, you can make a snow shovel yourself, read about it:

We create a “fur coat” for planted seeds

Until the snow falls, all seeds that hibernate in the ground, including cloves of garlic with onion heads, must be mulched. They can be covered with straw, a peat layer, compost or leaves collected from the garden.

Hide all compost heaps under one film so that no mice storm into your garden to spend the winter. Under the hermetic coating, there is an active decomposition of plant residues, and rodents do not live in such a stench.

When the autumn work is complete at the summer house, the garden and garden wish sweet dreams and you can safely leave your summer house.

Autumn. Autumn entertainment scenarios

In this section we collected the most popular holiday events, such as “Bunter Herbst”, “like Princess Vitaminka Half”, “Autumn leaves”, “onion tears” and many others. All materials in this section are published by professional educators who have extensive experience in working with small children.

Myths about gardening.

Contain in sections:

Contains sections:

Scenario of the autumn matinee in the preparatory group “The magician of the emerald city” “Magician of the emerald city” scenario of the autumn holidays for children of the preparatory groupFaces: Adults – moderator, autumn children – Ellie, Totoshka, scarecrow, lumberjack, lion, bastinda, goodwin, rain, monkey, munchkins.landscape: 3 zones – blue country, field, forest. On the.

Scenario of the autumn matinee in the middle group “Autumn League” scenario of vacation in the middle group “Herbstlaub”target: Colow the children’s knowledge of autumn.tasks: Consolidate knowledge of autumn signs, phenomena that occur in nature in autumn; Teaching children, expressing poems, singing, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments;

Autumn. Scenarios of autumn entertainment – scenario of musical entertainment for children of the second junior group “Thank you, autumn, for the gifts”

Publication “Scenario of musical entertainment for children of the second younger group. »” Thanks autumn for the gifts “Musical entertainment scenario for children of the second younger group children enter the hall for the soundtrack. They became a semicircle. Leading. So the leaves have become yellow, the birds flew south, the harvest has matured into the beds – autumn has come to us, people. (M.Mishakova) Leave us Fr.

Autumn entertainment on the street with preschooler Autumn entertainment: “Autumn calls us to visit, let’s go camping” Time: autumn 2022 participants: older children aged 5-7 years. Responsible: Sports teacher Protasova e.V. Purpose: In children to form the first ideas of a healthy lifestyle. Tasks.

Photo reportage about autumn entertainment

Photo report Autumn entertainment Autumn can be different: sunny bright, calm deciduous, gloomy rainy. Children like all autumn outfits and moods, they always look forward to the cheeky autumn visit. Today the Golden Autumn came to the kindergarten “Ryabinushka” – a beauty and called the children to her fairy tale.

Autumn holidays in kindergarten. photo report

Autumn holidays in kindergarten. Photo report In our pre-school educational institution we spend the autumn holidays together with educators and children of all ages. I choose a scenario that fits the autumn theme, musical numbers (2-3 songs, 2 dances: mass, thematic or dance game; orchestral music. For the holiday.

Autumn. Scenarios of autumn entertainment – additional general development program for children 5–6 years old “Rhythmika”

Article “Additional general support program for children aged 5-6. » Additional general development program for children aged 5-6 “Rhythm” 1 target section Explanation Musical and rhythmic movements are a synthetic activity, therefore any program based on movements to music also develops musically.

Rationing the number of brushes on grapes

Matinee “Hallo, Goldener Herbst” The children enter the hall to the music of a waltz and, after several conversions, stand on the decorated wall. Vedas: Autumn has gilded everything, everything is golden all around, and birches and aspens burn with a golden fire. The whole village dressed in golden lace, Golden leaves whirled like a dance.

Entertainment scenario for the second youth group “Autumn Teremok” Autumn holiday scenario for youth groups “Autumn Teremok” Presenter: Visit the Golden Autumn, invited us, To her on a fun train We will go now! The children stand up like a “train”, the leader is in front. SLIDE. 0-engine Everyone moves with a stomping step to the music of “Engine”.

“Autumn holidays” scenario for children in the preparatory group of the kindergarten OH, WHAT AUTUMN! Holiday script for children of the preparatory group roles: presenter, autumn – adult Vanya, rooster, watermelon, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, carrot, potato – children’s music sounds. Children with autumn leaves enter the hall and perform rearrangements: Lead: autumn on the edge.

Scenarios of the autumn holidays

For children, holidays are a true sea of ​​fun and boundless happiness. And although autumn is called “a boring time”, who, if not children, is most happy about the colorful variegated leaves that have fallen from the trees and the rain, after which you can walk enough in rubber boots. That is why autumn entertainment in kindergarten is one of the most popular among children. In such scenarios there are always a lot of songs, dances, competitions and various games. In addition, not only children take part in children’s events, but also their parents as well as educators and teachers.

For almost all of these holidays, children need to prepare in advance. They collect rowan leaves, viburnum, oak and maple leaves, together with their parents make interesting costumes, draw thematic drawings. All this is necessary so that the holiday is not boring, but fun and unforgettable. Such scenarios are based on all sorts of puzzles about autumn and its gifts, poems, songs and stories about autumn.

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