Gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-1380: description, specifications and rules of use

Caliber trimmers

Caliber brand gasoline and electric trimmers are in demand due to their excellent build quality, high endurance and significant torque. Each of the models of this brand is equipped with a reliable engine and permanent gearbox that withstands considerable loads in difficult operating conditions. Low prices for scythes from the Russian brand make them affordable for most gardeners.

Kalibr Company – the basis and popularization of the brand

The Russian company Kalibr was founded in Moscow in 1932. From the very beginning, the company was focused on the production of high and low-cost household and industrial equipment. During the war years, the company was engaged in production services: sharpening tools and spinning, grinding and heat treatment of parts for Soviet weapons.

Today the Russian company’s product line includes electric and garden and machine work machines. Gasoline and electric trimmers are very popular among the products of the Russian brand. They are characterized by high reliability, modest fuel and power consumption, as well as stability when working in difficult conditions. Another important advantage is the low prices of the brand garden equipment. The right price point of the company allows almost everyone to buy its products.

Trimmer Kalibr ET-1500V+parameters and devices

Trimmer caliber ET-1500V +

This model is designed for regular care of small garden plots, in which it is successfully combined with mowing dense growth, mowing small weeds and removing old wild bushes.

The Kalibr Electric trimmer in this configuration has a rigid engine in the upper part of the body. The motor is equipped with 2-stage surge protection and a long-lasting dust filter. You can use a fishing line and knife to work with the mower. The line feed is semi-automatic and is done by pressing the spool to the floor.

The main features of the trimmer are:

  • The power of the standard motor is 1500 watts;
  • The maximum possible diameter of cutting the grass when using a fishing line is 42 cm;
  • Grass diameter when using a knife is 25 cm;
  • Weight when assembled is 6 kg.
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The model is equipped with a straight, inexperienced boom that is highly resistant to falls and impacts.

Benzoboda caliber BK-1500 decrement model

Gasoline and vacuum trimmer caliber BC-1500

This power tiller is characterized by a good selection of components, reliability and impressive torque. Caliber is equipped with a 2-stroke 1-cylinder engine that can withstand prolonged use in bad weather conditions.

Technical features of the model include:

  • Standard engine output of 2 hp. С;
  • The volume of the standard ice drill is 43 cm3;
  • The maximum possible diameter of grass mowing when using a fishing line is 44 cm;
  • Grass diameter when using a blade is 25.5 cm;
  • Weight when assembled is 7,5 kg.

The mower is equipped with a U-shaped bicycle handle, which can be adjusted in height. In order to control the trimmer, the manufacturer has provided in its configuration multifunctional rubberized handle.

Benzosa BK-1800-kalibr Features and Benefits

Gasoline and vacuum trimmer BK-1800

The gasoline trimmer in this configuration has proven itself when working in medium and large garden areas. The brushcutter successfully copes with mowing dense tall grass, bush numbers and cutting old dry weeds.

The main features of the model include:

  • The performance of the standard engine 2.4 hp. С;
  • The volume of the standard ice drill is 43 cm3;
  • The maximum possible diameter of grass mowing when using a fishing line is 44 cm;
  • Grass diameter when using a blade is 25.5 cm;
  • Weight when assembled is 7 kg.

Benzosa “Kalibr” is equipped with a branded J-shaped handle, which improves stiffness and increases control when working with it.

The “Kalibr” BK-1380 Benzocosa. Specifications and rules of operation

Benzocosa BK 1380 “Kalibr” is assembled at a domestic factory from components that are made in China. In Russia, the brand “Kalibr” came not so long ago, in 2001, and managed to gain popularity. The main assortment of the brand is power tools and garden garden, which also includes chain saws.

This is a household appliance for processing small and medium-sized plots (up to 25 hectares).

Characteristics of the BK-1380 chain saw

Gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-1380 is a household garden tool. With its help, you can dig over small and medium-sized lawns, garden plots and parking cresses.

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Trimmer caliber 1380

The weight of the petrol cutter is 7.8 kg. Two-stroke power plant 1E40F-5 provides a trimmer power of 1.86 hp. Engine placement is on the top of the rigid boom. The starting system is manual, from the inertia starter, there is a protection against accidental start.

The brushcutter can be easily trimmed with grass, weeds and even a single shrub. However, the main purpose is to cut the grass and neatly cut the lawn – along curbs, fences and in hard-to-reach places.

Electronic non-contact ignition, Japanese membrane-type carburetor. The carburetor uses a manual primer to prime the fuel mixture. Cup is automatic, centrifugal. Bicycle handlebars, folding, vibration protection and controllable controls.

Corsett-type shoulder straps help the brushcutter operator when working. Used as a working tool:

  • 3 blades leading;
  • Sawtooth extractor with 2.4 mm filament diameter.
  • The recording width varies depending on the cutting attachment selected:
  • 25.5 cm when working with a blade blade:
  • 43 cm when working with a fishing line.

Trimmer caliber-1380: trimmer caliber-1380 with three-blade blade: caliber-1280 power tiller: ball with fishing line caliber-1280: shoulder straps

For safety, the cutting elements are covered by a durable plastic cover.

Properties of the gasoline trimmer Kalibr BK-1380

Rated engine power 1,38 kW. / 1,86 hp.
Cutting equipment Field / metal knife.
Trimmer class Farmer (semi-professional)
Type of bar Straight collapsible
Disc wave Tough steel.
Handle (handlebar) Bicycle handlebars (two manuals).
Handlebar mounting Horizontal and vertical.
Special width (maximum) 420 mm.
Engine start Manual starter.
Easy engine start no
Type of fuel Gasoline AI-92 + additive.
Fuel tank capacity 1,0 л.
Engine displacement 42,7 cc.
engine model caliber.
engine type two-stroke
engine cooling air.
Possibility of installation of additional equipment no
tackle – Reel with fishing line. – metal knife. – shoulder strap. – Set of wrenches. – User manual.
packaging Cardboard box.
Country of production Russia-China.
Weight 7.8 kg
Guarantee 1 year.

The configuration on the Kaliber filling station includes:

  • 3 blades leading;
  • Bullet with fishing line;
  • tool kit;
  • protective cover;
  • fuel mixing tank;
  • shoulder straps;
  • Manual.
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Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Let’s talk about the advantages of the gasoline trimmer:

  1. High performance of the two-stroke engine.
  2. Mobility.
  3. Independence from the power source.
  4. Protection against accidental start.
  5. Economy, easy fuel consumption.
  6. Versatility, ability to work both with a fishing line and a knife.
  7. For small and medium sized spaces.
  8. For working in hard-to-reach places, on curbs and fences.
  9. Long service life.
  10. Uniformity, easy operation and maintenance.
  11. Vibration protection for operator.
  12. Affordable price.

Now let’s consider the disadvantages of the Motoko BK-1380 caliber:

  1. The large weight of the chainsaw.
  2. Intoxication when working.
  3. Work with explosive liquids.

User’s Manual

When purchasing the BK-1380 calibrator-trammer, make sure that the instruction manual is included in the kit. This document describes all the information about your motorcycle:

  1. Caliber BK-1380 Gas Trooper.
  2. Mower assembly manual.
  3. Table with the characteristics of the model BK-1380.
  4. Safety requirements for the operation and maintenance of power tillers.
  5. Preparation for the first start.
  6. Running in of the trammel.
  7. Maintenance of the mower.
  8. Malfunctions specific to the “Caliber” Dräger BK-1380.

Preparing the Motoco Calibre for work

On the correct actions of the mower operator before the first start-up depends all further “working activity” of the mower unit. It is enough to properly prepare for start-up – and the service life of the trimmer will increase:

  • Assembling the trimmer, strictly follow the descriptions from the manual;
  • Prepare a fuel mixture (ratio 40/1) of unhealthy gasoline AI-92 and engine oil for two-stroke engines.
  • Install the cutting element (fishing line, knife) on the spindle;
  • Attach the blade guard to the spindle;
  • Check that all fasteners are in place.
  • Connect high-voltage wire to spark plug:
  • Check for contact;
  • Pour the fuel mixture into the fuel tank;
  • Tighten and adjust the position of the Ranger corset;
  • Start the trimmer according to the instructions;
  • Check that the controls are working.
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Immediately after the first start, turn on the trimmer.


The duration of the approach is 5-8 hours. During this period all mechanisms are engaged, so the procedure is carried out half-heartedly, without loads. The operator checks the performance of the trimmer and learns how to operate it.


Technical maintenance of the gasoline trimmer consists of several stages:

  1. Daily maintenance.
  2. Scheduled inspections.
  3. Daily maintenance and routine inspection.

Daily maintenance of the trimmer is as follows:

  • Cleaning the trimmer of grass residue, dust and dirt;
  • Servicing the air filter (every 10 hours);
  • Clean air intake ribs;
  • Checking tightness;
  • Check fuel level in tank;
  • Replacement of implements, sharpening of blade.

Scheduled inspections are performed:

  • To check and set the gap on the spark plug;
  • check the serviceability of the spark plug (after 50 hours of operation);
  • to replace the used spark plug with a new one (if the plug is burned out or after 100 hours of work).

Preservation of the unit is carried out as follows:

  1. Drain the fuel mixture.
  2. Start the engine and spit out the remaining mixture in the carburetor.
  3. Remove the blade and wrap it in oiled paper;
  4. When the engine is cold, disconnect the high voltage cable.
  5. Unscrew the spark plug.
  6. Pour 15 ml of quality two-stroke motor oil into the cylinder.
  7. Slowly pull the starter rope to circulate the oil inside the engine.
  8. Screw the spark plug back in.
  9. Also clean the surface of the lawnmower.
  10. Lubricate the gears.
  11. Store in a dry place.

Problems with the “Kalibr” BK-1380 lawn mower

We offer you to get acquainted with the problems inherent in the trimmers of the brand “Kalibr”.

The engine does not start, stops:

  • ignition is switched off;
  • tank is empty;
  • pump up fuel with the manual pump button (5 times);
  • fuel overflow;
  • spark plug is defective;
  • carburetor settings are out of order;
  • air filter is clogged;
  • bad fuel mixture;
  • primer does not pump the mixture;
  • high voltage cable is disconnected;
  • the seals are worn;
  • magneto is out of order;
  • cable is not pulled out;
  • no compression in cylinder.
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Mowing head does not feed the line:

  • line has run out;
  • the head is blocked by grass;
  • the line on the spool is tangled;
  • the mowing head is not feeding enough line.

The blade does not rotate:

  • the fastening screws are loose;
  • blade or blade guard blocked;
  • drive is broken.

Motor does not turn off:

  • Damper connector not plugged in;
  • Electronics have failed.

Grass has stopped cutting

  • Blunt blades;
  • The line in the cutting head has run out.

Trimmer vibrates strongly during operation:

  • fasteners are loose;
  • blade deformed;
  • cutting element is out of balance.

More information can be found in the full instruction to the gas trimmer Kalibr BK-1380.

Video review

We propose to evaluate the Kalibr BK-1380 lawnmower in operation by watching a short video review:

Gasoline mower “Kalibr” BK-1380, reviews of owners

Vladislav, 39 years old, Odessa

“Bought the trimmer in the spring, when assembled – the tie on the coupling broke, hex heads do not hold, break. I returned it without getting to work! And I recommend it to others.

Volodymyr, 25, Khmelnitsky

“The engine is good, the quality of assembly is disgusting. I immediately replaced the shoulder straps, shroud, caught in the bushes, scrolls, broken head for another. The grips didn’t last long either. What the price is, so is the quality. I repair more often than I work. If I knew that, I wouldn’t have bought it… If it breaks down, I’ll be glad, but I’ll be sure to adjust the motor, that’s the most valuable thing in this trimmer.

Andrey, 44, Kirov

“My lawnmower has been working for the second month, put it together without any problems, started it up. Mows both grass and bushes. The belt is uncomfortable, the starter is a bit sticky. For the price it is an excellent model.

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