Gasoline trimmer Hitachi CG27EAS. Parameters, technical properties, purpose of the device

Hitachi CG27EAS


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Specifications Hitachi CG27EAS

General features *
Type Trimmer
Knife speed up to 9900 rpm
Mulch no
Fuel tank 0,52 l
Engine speed 12500
Engine location Upper, higher
performance 1.10 PS
Engine type Gasoline, two-stroke
Working volume 27 cm3
dumbbell easy
Handle T-shape (bicycle)
Wheels no
More info *
equipment Shoulder strap, spool with cord, disk/knife
Dimensions *
Dimensions (BXTXH) 73 x 177 x 53 cm
Weight 5.1 kg

* Check with seller for exact specifications.

Last year the trunk arrived, the scythe accelerated to maximum speed and mowed, without slowing down, the whole area. Well, that’s it, I thought. After that, the trimmer never started again. This year I took it for repair, because I’m tired of running around with a tip. It turned out that there were rings stuck on the piston. Master cleaned it, now everything works, don’t repeat my mistakes, don’t start any nonsense.

The machine is a beast, there is a hex yellow line 2.4 mows everything, cutter is not needed. Weak spot – the spring in the starter 500R stretched over 6 years, changed

I have been using it since 2010, it’s my 8th year. Mowing 3-4 times a season, more than 20 acres in a row. I use both line and knife. Didn’t notice any of the described errors! Starts with 2-3 jerks without any problems. Very reliable trimmer!

The Stihl 55 Hitachi worked exactly the same as these prog. It’s almost on par with the Stihl130, only the Hitachi needs less fuel. I need 3 liters of fuel per 0.25 ha. With a shaft thickness of 0.2 – 0.3 m. I am satisfied with the equipment.

I’ve been shoveling the Internet for a long time. Since I did not count on the industrial scale of the Poyses, and the scythe was needed for domestic needs and easy to transport, I leaned towards a compromise of 27-30 cc, but a good brand and reliable model. The collapsible scythe fell away after looking at similar models in stores: it became clear that such a design will not live long. The flexible shaft was also flat: I had to work the cutter with carburetor teeth. This model attracted by the fact that it was produced for a long time and earned the reputation of a reliable unit. In the car (class C-D) it enters fully assembled without problems with the folded backrest. Attachments: – trimmer head Husqvarna T35 (holds more fish, easier to refuel) – light grinder with TV. Teeth D230 mm. (perfectly mows small trees up to 5-7 cm in diameter) – protective helmet with Champion mesh (flies are strong from the mesh, so the mesh covering the face to the chest is 90 ( really quiet compared to the line from the kit) – liquor moth oil for 2-stroke engines (part number 3958). By the way, it can be exactly the same thanks to good oil (gasoline 95th Ectos from Lukoil) does not smell at all during operation. To work: The scythe is completely ready to work. Everything lubricated, assembled, put together and drove. Started up with no problems. I don’t take the suspension hot: it starts easily and immediately. Cozy. Starting (starter) is very soft, lie They are not in the description. The sound of operation is pleasant, but when working for a long time, earplugs/headphones will not be superfluous. The power is enough for everything. The main thing is to keep the revs up (besides, for 2-stroke engines you need to use their cooling ng). The tank is small, but since it is better not to store the scythe with gasoline, and pour a fresh mixture, so it is. And it eats very moderately: 0.5 liters enough for an hour of measured work. The native three-blade blade works well on weeds and overgrowth that are less than a finger thick. Where the thickness comes out more, the cutter does an excellent job. Really liked the scythe.

Viking in 340 review of electric shore mower. Description, features, video and reviews

It was convenient to work

I have been using the scythe for 4 years now, I bought a plot of 20 acres for mowing. Very satisfied, the feeling of using it is only positive. Start-up is easy and elastic, starts up with 1-2 times even after winter. Vibrations are minimal, mowing for up to 2-3 hours straight is comfortable. Calm F55, loses in all the parameters (though Calm is a little more powerful) In general, I recommend to buy this model. And now I will tell you how to get rid of the problem of spring twist: this year I myself faced with the fact that the spring in the starter is twisted (the cord stopped returning). A trip to the service did not solve the problem. They confirmed that this is a mass wound of this model. They suggested just to replace the spring and wait for a new connecting rod. After researching on the internet the solution was found, or rather two: 1. METHOD: A cheap solution to the problem. We throw out the spring, glue the ratchet to the drum with glue. Degrease and sand with sandpaper and glue. The glue should be epoxy-based. For example, Poxipol or Mannol are two-component. Everyone who has done so, no longer noticed problems with the starter. The only disadvantage of this method is the difficulty of subsequent replacement of the lanyard. In general, I don’t consider the lack of Elastostart a problem. 2. METHOD: More correct, but requires straight hands and 600 rubles. We buy for 600 rubles. A set to repair the ratchet/pulley. Here is its number: 6699691 (number easy to find in the search engine). Take out the old, put in a new and use! No more problems with the spring. I don’t know why services don’t know about this repair kit and install it, but I can imagine ;) P/S Also, don’t forget to grease the gearbox a bit before each season. If vibration occurs, check the bearing backlash. If so, replace it (it will cost pennies at any store that sells gasoline equipment). Mower starts to choke, doesn’t pick up revolutions – screen in muffler is clogged. We remove it. Only fill in oil for two-stroke engines with JASO FD marking (JASO FC is acceptable) in a gasoline can. Your machine will serve you for a long time without any problems.

The first signs of spring in the garden

A good, reliable trimmer. I bought it and forgot, with proper use and care it will serve for a long time. It does its main task 100%. I would like to add that after 4 years of use. I found a way to prevent the rubber hoses from cracking due to frost in winter. Last fall I treated them with silicone automotive grease, I did not spare the grease. The result is hoses like new. Addendum after 3 years. Sixth year mowing! Filled it up, started it up and no problems. Three neighbors, having seen enough, bought the same)))

Lightweight, durable braid. In one day, completely mow a plot of 45 acres. But then my hands suffer from vibration. Have to take breaks. ALWAYS completely drain fuel from tank and carburetor. will eat everything up, I had to buy a new filter and choke!

Had two repairs in 3 years, gave up on a third. Bought for 9 thousand last year engine overhaul with replacement pins cost 3000 rubles, this summer ripped out 3 ears from the cylinder head – replacement of 800 rubles. Broke the trimmer head, replaced. No longer starts – in the workshop, after diagnosis, for the ring and the cylinder asked 4000 rubles. Goodbye, Hitachi.

HITACHI CG27EAS brushcutter

Hitachi CG27EAS mower

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Cutting width for line

Cutting width for blade/disc

36 months

trimmer type gasoline
horsepower) 1.3 hp.
power, kW) 0.88
engine 2-stroke
Working volume 26.9 cc
tank 0.52L
Cutting width for line 430 mm
Cutting width for blade/disc 250 mm
dumbbell easy
collapsible dumbbell no
drive shaft difficult
Trimmer handle U-shaped bicycle
Cutting tool type Cord/blade
Max. Cable diameter 2.4 mm
Noise 98 dB
primer no
Easy start да
Vibration damping system да
Specialist да
Handle no
Net weight 5.1 kg
Trimmer spool thread M10X1.25 left
Seating diameter 25,4 mm
Belt included да
Gross weight 9,5 kg
Country of Origin China
Instruction manual
Chainsaw Carver Promo PSG 45-15: description, properties and rules of use

HITACHI CG27EAS brushcutter

Motokosa Hitachi CG27EAS is a powerful garden unit for mowing dense, tall grass and small bushes in hard-to-reach places. Motorikosa or gasoline trimmer removes excess vegetation around trees, near fences, trims the edges of the lawn, that is, does the work not available for conventional lawn mowers. Mowers are compact and maneuverable because they do not have bicycles and bulky grass baskets, allowing them to easily reach the back corner of the garden.

Technical features of Hitachi CG27EAS lawnmower (gasoline trimmer):

  • Power – 900W;
  • Type of engine – two-stroke, petrol;
  • The cylinder volume – 26.9 cm3;
  • Boom length – 1.76 m;
  • Boom diameter – 2.4 cm;
  • Maximal speed – 11 000 rpm;
  • Cutting tool – knife and trimmer head;
  • Gasoline tank capacity – 0,52 cm3;
  • Weight (without fuel) – 5,1 kg.

Description of Hitachi CG27EAS lawn mower (petrol trimmer):

In addition to its low weight, the Hitachi CG27EAS model lawnmower has excellent features in terms of performance and ergonomics. The S-Start soft-start engine provides an easy start. In this case, it is enough to pull the starter rope, and the start is smooth, without jerks and additional effort. The device has low fuel consumption and reduces exhaust emissions by 50%. Since the tank is made of transparent plastic, the operator can easily monitor the fuel level during operation.

The design of the mower allows the operator to work long hours on the construction site without feeling tired or fatigued. The U-shaped handle is designed with separate settings for each hand. The control buttons are located on one of the handles, so you can operate the motor with one hand. The buttons are wide and easy to use when wearing gloves. The shoulder straps securely fasten the motor-sense to the operator’s body without restricting freedom of movement. Special mower silencer technology lowers the noise level to an acceptable level and makes your work easier. All-metal forged shaft provides strength and durability of the mower and significantly reduces vibrations at the handles.

Ornamental grasses in the garden. How to plant them properly and take care of them?

Cutting parts of Hitachi CG27EAS mower are four-blade blade and semi-automatic trimmer head with a fishing line. The mower has a number of design features that provide protection from overload and prevent damage to obstacles in case of impact.

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