Gasoline snow blower – the 5 most important benefits

The best gasoline snow blowers in 2022

Clearing territory from snow drifts is a complex physical activity. Specialized equipment helps increase processing speed and reduce the workload. In 2022, we’re talking about the best gasoline snow blowers to help you tackle snow drifts

The best gasoline snowmobile in 2022

The weather can be unpredictable – sometimes you can’t wait for precipitation, and other times it can be so snowed in that it’s hard to walk around your yard or get into your garage. Fight the consequences of the elements will help the best gasoline snow blowers. We tell you why such units are useful and what they are.

A snowblower is a machine that cleans the territory from snow. There are models that are powered by electricity and work only through a cable, which is impractical for dragging through large drifts. But we will talk about gasoline-powered – they are considered the most popular, because they can work on fuel autonomously and without a power source. The principle of operation of such equipment is the same. After turning on the engine, the rotating auger grows snow with its blades and pushes it into the machine, from where the content is scattered to the sides by an air flow.

Snow blowers consist of the following elements:

  • Metal body;
  • Engine;
  • Controls;
  • Elements for collecting snow, called augers;
  • A graph for consuming the snow.

There are individual and two-tiered methods of handling snow:

Huter SGC 6.5. Photo:

The self-propelled gasoline snow blower attracts not only a nice price, but also good ratings from users online. It is designed in such a way that it can clean small cottage plots, areas near private houses and driveways. The model has compact dimensions: the bucket is 560 mm wide and 420 mm high, and the entire width and height of the structure is 580 and 630 mm – you can clean the example between flower beds and fences.

The snow blower has 4 speeds forward and 2 in front 2. In one circle, the vacuum cleaner can remove precipitation up to 42 cm in height. The device shreds dense snow well and does not slip with ice thanks to the protection of the tires. The direction of throwing snow can be set on the body with a special lever.

Redverg RD-SB56/7. Photo:

Inexpensive gasoline snow blower is well suited for cottages and private estates with a small area. It has a four-step engine with the power of 7 hp It is a self-propelled snow thrower, which is not tied to the power supply and can be used in any conditions (in the parking lot, cottage, around the house).

With the compact and maneuverable gasoline snow blower, you can clear yard areas, paths, small paths and parking lots. It does not push itself and is equipped with a gasoline engine rated at 3.5 hp. The most powerful machine is not suitable for loose, not suitable for clearing snow in the cervix. This is also evident from the bucket size – 46×28 cm.

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Krotof KC653R. Photo:

High-quality self-propelled snow thrower with a manual starter is equipped with an air-cooled four-stroke gasoline engine (a device that maintains the normal temperature of the drive mechanism through air output without the use of anti-freeze protection). Performance (7 hp) and a large fuel tank (3.6 l) are sufficient for quality operation of the machine. The machine is equipped with a large number of gears: 4 forward and 1 reverse gear. The height of the snow shovel is 51 cm, width – 53 cm, and the distance of snow removal reaches 11 meters. The snow cutter also copes well with icy areas.

Brait BR-3046W. Photo:

The non-propelled gasoline snow blower is suitable for cleaning small areas. The device has a four-stroke engine with a capacity of 3 hp. With the help of a rubberized snail, it is possible to remove snow from decorative surfaces. The width of the snow capture is 46 cm, height – 27 cm, the width of throwing snow – 9 meters.

TTSB-7R. Photo:

The manual starter-petrol snow blower is self-propelled and serves for fast and effective snow removal on the homestead plot. The four-stroke engine is air-cooled, which ensures its excellent performance. There are 6 gears: 5 forward and 1 reverse, there is a lever for shifting on the control panel. The gasoline used is A I-92.

The power of the device (6.5 hp), cleaning width (57 cm) and snow capture height (53.5 cm) allow you to effectively cope with a large amount of precipitation. The whole machine weighs 72 kg, but such a large figure is not a problem for self-propelled models. The metal snail can shred, dense or wet snow. Users note that the vacuum cleaner rattles in the company and sometimes has difficulty in cleaning icy surfaces.

key features

MTD Smart M 61. Photo:

Quality self-propelled snow blower is equipped with a drive with tires whose profile does not allow slipping on ice. The device has a plastic shaft, twisted 180 degrees, and 7 speeds (5 forward, 2 backward). The direction and removal of the snow drainage (up to 10 m) can be set independently, the expectoration can be rotated 180 degrees. In addition, this device has a reinforced toothed volute, which allows effective crushing of ice and stuck snow.

The controls of the mechanism are on the body – they are large and easy to use with gloves. The wheels and snail drive can be controlled by handles mounted on the left and right sides of the body. The engine is equipped with air and throttle control and a cold-weather intake system for quick starts in all weather conditions.

Stiga st 5266 P. Photo:

Self-propelled gasoline snowcat with electric start and high engine power (8.4 hp). The device moves on wheels, it is possible to work with it and in the evening (there are lights). Heated grips are a nice bonus.

From the ratings in the network, you can conclude that this device copes well with fresh snow and large drifts thanks to the size of the bucket (66 x 53 cm) and the weight of the machine (96 kg), but it will be problematic to move from place to place.

Kamaz-43114. Technical description and properties of the machine

Daewoo Power Products DAST 1080

Snowblower, which has gathered many positive reviews, is itself a gasoline-powered, but some users are deterred by its price (one of the highest on the market). First of all, it boasts a high build and solid engine power – 10 hp. There is also an electric starter, footrest, heated handles, lightweight throat and a two-stage cleaning system. A trigger is provided for turning to unlock the power tiller.

Cub Cadet XS2 61 SWE. Photo:

The self-propelled, maneuverable gasoline-powered snow blower is designed so that it can remove snow from the area near the house, garage or parking lot. According to the manufacturer, it will effectively cope with sticky snow and small ice, but with a strong icing such a model fights not very well. The movement of the device is due to the wheels, there are also special skis in the kit.

To the advantages of the model can be attributed a two-stage cleaning system, heated handles and headlights. The diameter of the auger used (30 cm) is also sufficient for cleaning snow drifts, although you should be careful with it, because it can break when hitting a hard surface. The parameters of the snow blower here are not bad: width – 61 cm, height – 53 cm – This is enough to work on very snowy areas.

Husqvarna ST124. Photo:

This compact snow blower weighing 79 kg is designed so that you will clear snow from driveways and walkways. The cleaning system is two-stage and allows you to throw snow-covered precipitation over long distances (8-12 meters).

The model is self-propelled, changing the direction of the bell is quick and easy with a lever on the control panel. The manufacturer chooses in his device powerful engine (6 hp) and a wide bucket (61 cm), which helps to cope with large amounts of snow, even with the results.

Expert-Bis 461. Photo:

Inadequate snow blower with a two-stage cleaning system works with a gasoline engine 7-PS 7 hp. It has a roomy 61-cm-wide bucket with 13-inch wheels, which helps the device to move around safely.

The gearbox on the vacuum cleaner is on the right side of the plate, and the lever is on the left side. The right handle also has an allowance for turning the relief auger on and off. The height of the snow can be set (the chute angle varies up to 190 degrees) and the area is 5-11 meters (depending on the moisture of the snow).

Carver StG-3045. Photo:

This gasoline snow blower is suitable for home use and copes well with dry snow, but it does not withstand deposits with ice components. With this model, you need to work on flat and hard surfaces. You can control the snow blower with the remote control on the Remote steering wheel. Small dimensions and weight (30 kg) make the snow blower maneuverable and transportable.

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The power of the vacuum cleaner is 3 hp. The device is easy to control and has a manual start. The rubber auger also removes snow from decorative surfaces. It is attached to only three independent screws and looks unreliable. In addition, users complain about the thin beads, which are only suitable for surfaces.

key features

This disposable, compact Snow Pock is equipped with a spark-ignited engine (2.25 hp). The working width of the bucket is 46 m, with a 180-degree tilt angle and a 90-degree tilt angle. The machine is suitable for use on asphalt and cement surfaces, including paths and sidewalks. The cleaner has two handy handles for adjusting the angle of the chute and deflector.

Zitrek ST5801. Photo:

This petrol-powered snow thrower has 6.5 hp and a high snow throw distance of 10 meters. It also has a good snow grip (57.5 x 33.2 cm) and a one-stage cleaning system. The position of the discharge chute can be adjusted from the control panel.

According to buyers, this snow blower is easy to use: the handle is smooth, the engine starts reliably, and there is no special vibration in the hands when moving. However, according to the reviews of the same owners, during the work, a grinding noise is heard from the gearbox, and to start it, you have to pull the manual starter sharply and widely, which requires a lot of effort.

key features

Master ST655BS. Photo:

Practical and lightweight snow thrower suitable for efficient snow removal in the yard. The engine has a low vibration level and the ignition system is specially adapted for winter operation. Even at low temperatures (d o 20-30 degrees) the device withstands loads.

The unit has an electric starter and one-hand control. The power is 5.5 hp, so the vacuum cleaner copes even with heavy precipitation. Users complain about the thin wheels, which do not allow to pass through heavily snow-covered areas. Also to the disadvantages can be attributed to the handles without heating – a heater must be purchased separately.

key features
snow capture width 56 cm
snow handle height 32 cm
spiral shape smooth
Number of motor cycles 4
engine power 5,5 hp
advantages and disadvantages

Stably works even at low temperatures, copes with large volumes, has little vibration

Rating: 5 most reliable gasoline snow blowers

As a rule, when choosing a particular model of snow blower, not only its functionality, but also reliability is taken into account – hardly anyone wants to buy a new machine every 1-2 years. Due to this fact, we decided to somewhat simplify the task for those who are just faced with the problem of choosing, and choose the 5 most reliable units, relevant for this season.

The promise of reliability

Refrigerator for snow

First, let’s define what longevity depends on. The basis for long life is 3 aspects of production:

  • design, as the inability to continue operation is often caused by the failure of the weakest unit;
  • the material used,
  • quality control.
Snowman - which one to choose?

It should be noted at once that inexpensive “Chinese” snow blowers, produced under unknown brands or bought from some domestic brands, bringing them to our market with minimal cost (you only need to put the appropriate logo on the body and instructions in Russian) in most cases ignore one or more of the above points. This is evidenced at least by the difference in quality between different batches of the same model. In this regard, none of these manufacturers were included in our rating.

Top 5 most reliable snow blowers

MTD Optima ME66

The MTD Optima ME 66 self-propelled wheeled snow blower belongs to the category of semi-professional devices, which are already more reliable than traditional domestic models.

The machine is based on its own 9.5 hp engine, which offers a variety of uses. This snow blower does just about everything. Difficulties can be caused by snow drifts, the height of which exceeds the height of the bucket (53 cm).

Separately, we should pay attention to two features:

  • Although the MTD brand is located in the United States and the devices are installed there, the engines are manufactured in their own factories in China. This does not mean, however, that their quality is somehow inferior – it is strictly controlled and remains at a constantly high level.
  • The slide, through which the snow is thrown, is made of plastic. This is the only model in our selection with this technological solution, but to say that it is inferior to the metal elements is somehow wrong. It can only be damaged by sloppy transportation, and in the work it is often a little more convenient, because the snow is less likely to stick to the plastic.

And the last important point is the 2-year warranty, which is also due to durability.

Husqvarna ST227P

The model of the famous Swedish brand is only slightly inferior to the previous evaluation participant. It has a slightly less powerful engine – 8.5 hp. Otherwise, the advantages of the unit are absolutely the same – it is a handy locking motoblock with a trigger, friction disc transmission and an electric starter.

The engine in this snow blower is not of its own production, but from the company-partner LCT. As in the previous case, it is registered in the U.S., but the production is in China.

The differences are in several other options:

  1. The chute is made of metal,
  2. The handles are heated for more comfort.
  3. The snail axle is attached to the spoon with ball bearings (MTD used a coupling), which greatly extends the life of the connection.
  4. The set includes interchangeable slides for the bucket: 2 of metal and 2 of plastic.

Warranty: 2 years.

Cub Cadet XS3 66 SW

Cub Cadet XS3 66 SWE snow blower already belongs to the class of professional devices. This means that the standard materials and designs are designed for daily and longer term use, not to mention occasional domestic tasks.

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The heart of the unit is MTD engine up to 13 hp It is made in factories in China, and the final assembly of the unit takes place in the United States.

In addition to the already mentioned properties, Cub Cadet XS3 66 SWE has an impressive weight (116 kg), which provides excellent support on any surface. However, the most important distinguishing feature can be considered a proprietary three-stage system of snow suction and ejection. In fact, it is the only solution on the market that can effectively remove not only dry but also wet snow.

In addition, the already impressive shovel is equipped with a snowdrop height of 58 cm, with which you can more effectively cope with more effort.

Warranty: 2+1 years.

Honda HSS655ETD1 (tracked)

The only chain machine in our range that is also part of the semi-professional units. It’s based on “only” a 5.5 hp engine, but the use of a slip clutch instead of a belt drive minimizes the loss of power when driving and rotating the snail.

Return to Track: This option also provides maximum flotation on difficult terrain such as uneven ground or icy crusts.

A metal snail shaft with a signature wave cut is attached to the spoon. The spoon is equipped with supporting slides and a metal slide.

The main difference from all other models is that Honda, as one of the few companies, uses in the technique its own engines, which are manufactured in the home country of the brand – Japan.

Warranty: 2 years.

Kaiman Valto-24s

And the last on our list is a professional snow blower from the French brand Caiman. It is based on the Japanese premium “winter” engine from Subaru-Robin with the power of 8 hp. In fact, this machine is the best example of modern high-performance equipment for the most demanding tasks.

Its design takes into account the smallest details to make the device reliable and very comfortable even during prolonged use. There are two-sided metal skis (which tilt when one side is wiped off) on the bucket, a metal slide, an adjustable snow roller, an electric starter, and a powerful ejection system that ensures throwing snow mass up to 20 meters away.

Special attention deserves:

  • Perfect balance that minimizes strain on your spine and shoulders, which means you can work long hours with little or no fatigue.
  • High-strength, repairable gray cast gears.
  • Aggressively shaped alloy steel snails with ball bearings catch not only regular snow, but also ice crusts on the surface of snow drifts well.

Warranty: 3 + 2 years.

In conclusion, we emphasize again that each of the above machines in addition to the high original quality offers an extended official warranty and availability of spare parts, while the repair (and it will sooner or later need every machine) of inexpensive devices from Chinese companies should occur.

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