Gasoline mower McCulloch – review of the model range, reviews of the brand

Overview of trimmers, lawn mowers and lawn mowers from McCulloch. Applications and performance

A lot of different high quality devices are produced under the McCulloch brand name. This company has a lot of experience in designing and producing high quality equipment. The first McCulloch models rolled off the production line in 1949 when the world saw the first chainsaw. The tool was then indispensable for woodcutters for more than 20 years. The first gardening tools were launched in the late 1970s.

Now McCulloch is part of the world-famous Husqvarna group. And it produces first-class trimmers, combining experience and innovative technology in its machines.

The main advantages of McCulloch lawnmowers and trimmers are as follows:

  1. High-quality engines and components;
  2. Ergonomic handles;
  3. Large assortment;
  4. Wide range of accessories.

Let’s take a closer look at McCulloch lawn care products.

McCulloch Trimmer

Lawn trimmers can easily manage up to 10 acres of lawn. These machines feature a soft-start easy start system so starting is smooth and smooth.

A wide plastic deflector shield protects the operator from grass and stones flying around.

The McCulloch line of petrol trimmers not only delivers good performance but also looks modern.

The anti-vibration system reduces vibrations to a minimum so operators won’t feel uncomfortable in their hands.

McCulloch T22 LCS Trimmer

This machine has a 0.8 hp gasoline engine.

McCullock T22 LCS

The recommended engine speed is 7,200 rpm, and the maximum speed can reach 7,800 rpm.

Without the trimmer head, the weight of the mower is 4.6 kg. The fuel tank has a capacity of only 0.6 liters, which is enough to work for 40 minutes off-line without refueling.

McCulloch B28 B trimmer

This is a more advanced model of gasoline lawnmower, which is equipped with a 1.2 HP engine. It also comes with a Grass 200-4 bush and young shoot trimmer knife.

McCullock B28 B trimmer

  • The tank capacity of this trimmer model is 0.45 liters.
  • The bicycle handle, along with the lightweight and sturdy shoulder strap, provide comfortable operation.
  • The McCulloch B 28 B weighs 5.4 kg without the spool.


If you need to work on large plots of up to 40 acres, the McCulloch lawn mower is the recommended choice.

You can work in three different modes:

  1. Collecting grass in the grass catcher box;
  2. Shifting vegetation to the side;
  3. Mulching.
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While the operation of the first two modes is clear, the word mulch is new to many. In this position, the vegetation can be shredded and tossed onto the lawn for fertilization. This eliminates the collection of vegetation, as with normal side discharge, and stopping to empty the collection basket, as well as collecting in that basket.

While there are only two trimmers, there are several lawn mowers:

McCulloch M40-125 gasoline lawn mower.

McCulloch M40-125 gasoline mower

  • This compact lawn mower has a width of 40 cm. The engine power of the McCulloch M40-125 is 2.17 hp.
  • The fuel tank is designed to fill 0.8 liters of gasoline.
  • The McCullock M40-125 mower must be powered during operation.
  • The grass catcher box has a volume of 50 liters and the mowing height can be set between 20 and 75 mm. in 4 positions.
McCulloch M46-125R petrol lawnmower

This is the first self-propelled lawn mower model with a single-speed transmission. The McCullock M46-125R is equipped with a reliable 2.9 hp Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine.

McCulloch M46-125R gasoline mower

  • The grass catcher box with a capacity of 50 liters will provide a capacity for a large amount of vegetation.
  • The McCullock M46-125R has a single catch of 46 cm and the height can be adjusted with one lever from 30 to 80 mm.
McCullock M46-190AWREX petrol lawn mower

This lawn mower is designed for professional use. The McCullock M-46-190AWREX has a variable transmission with the ability to set the desired speed. The size of the rear wheels on which the drive is mounted has been increased to improve cross-country capability.

McCullock M46-190WREX gasoline mower

The McCullock M-46-190Awrex lawnmower gasoline engine has 3.3 hp and is powered by an electric starter.

  • The power height can be set in 6 positions from 30 to 80 mm.
  • The McCullock M-46-190AWREX lawnmower weighs a solid 36.5 kg, so it can be difficult to transport.
McCulloch M51-150WRPX gasoline mower

This is another lawn mower for professional use. The McCulloch M51-150WRPX gasoline engine has an output of 3 hp. The working temperature of this element is maintained by air cooling.

McCulloch M51-150WRPX gasoline mower

  • The McCullock M51-150WRPX gasoline lawn mower is a self-propelled model, the drive is mounted on the rear wheels.
  • The central mowing height ranges from 30 to 90 mm. There are 6 corresponding positions.
McCulloch M51-150R Classic petrol lawn mower

This lawn mower is designed primarily for private use.

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The McCulloch M51-150R Classic has a 3.3 hp four-stroke gasoline engine.

McCulloch M51-150R Classic gasoline mower

Although it is a self-propelled lawnmower, the transmission has only 1 speed.

The height of the McCulloch M51-150R Classic is adjustable separately for each wheel and can range from 30 to 80 mm.

The McCullock M51-150R Classic has a 50 liter grass catcher box and 51 cm mowing width.

The best McCulloch lawnmower models

For private use, the McCulloch M51-150R Classic or McCullock M40-125 models are the best. They are economical, have enough power to keep medium-sized lawns in order and are reasonably priced.

However, for utilities, we recommend the more powerful McCullock M51-150WRPX or McCulloch M-46-190AWREX, capable of handling large parking areas.

Lawnmower Operation Manual


Built in America, McCullock lawn mowers are all about quality components and long-lasting durability. In order to extend the life of the machine, regular maintenance should be performed.

Only high quality and fresh fuel grades no lower than AI-92 should be used as fuel.

The recommended oil for engine lubrication is SAE 30 or Sae 10W-30. The lubricant should be changed after 25 hours of operation.

When you have finished work, be sure to free the McCulloch lawnmower of dirt, grass, and dust.

Instructions for first start-up

It is important for every owner to start the McCulloch lawnmower correctly. To do this, first read the operating instructions, then assemble the machine, pour in oil and fuel, and let the engine start.

During the run, run the machine at minimum capacity to allow the engine parts to lubricate and rub against each other.

After the run, change the engine oil.

When working with McCulloch mowers, it is recommended that you wear protective clothing: a tight-fitting suit, gloves, goggles, and closed-toe shoes.

Major disturbances

McCulloch lawn mowers are made of high-quality materials, but sometimes minor malfunctions occur that can be quickly corrected with your own hands.

If the engine does not run:
  1. There is no gasoline in the tank (refueling);
  2. The terminals are loose from the spark plugs (connect them);
  3. Spacing of spark plugs is incorrect (set to correct position);
  4. Croofing or air filter clogged (clean).
McCulloch lawnmower locks up during operation:
  1. Dirty spark plug (clean or replace);
  2. Little or bad fuel (refill or replace);
  3. Dirty fuel or air filter (clean);
  4. Incorrect carburetor setting (contact service).
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Video overview

Below is a video overview of how the McCulloch lawnmower works:

The following video review shows an example of a private McCulloch lawn mower application:

Owner reviews

On forums about McCulloch lawn mowers write the following:


“I’m amazed at how well-designed these machines are. There’s a tube for cleaning. The hose connects to the water and everything! The gasoline lawnmower is clean and beautiful. It doesn’t use much gasoline. The handles are soft and easy to operate. The grass is mowed even near the curb and walls. For the dachaist it is simply irreplaceable!

McCulloch lawn mower – the powerful lawn mower with instant start

Features, specifications and design of the popular McCullock lawn mowers

Gasoline lawn mowers are more powerful and mobile than electric mowers – they can work at a sufficient distance from the house. And if such a device belongs to a reliable brand, such as McCulloch, even bumps with bumps and tough stems of tall weeds are not an obstacle. Everything is mowed without problems and the area remains neat and tidy.

McCulloch petrol lawnmower

When this company was founded, it was called McCulloch Motors Corporation and dealt exclusively in chainsaws. It appeared in America in 1943. Today, more than seventy years later, the range of products includes almost all kinds of garden tools. Among them, of course, are trimmers with lawnmowers, as well as blowers and shears with gasoline engines. Since 1999 the company is part of the famous Husqvarna group.

McCulloch gasoline lawn mowers are equipped with American Briggs & Stratton four-stroke engines that are economical, easy to start and durable. The wheels of the mowers have a soft ride and can also move slightly on uneven terrain, as they have good ball bearings.

The steel body makes the units durable, and the presence of a mulching function makes them functional. Many models are equipped with a rear wheel drive and walk themselves.

The advantages of such devices:

  • Wheels with tires of sufficiently large diameter and with bearings that are not afraid of punctures.
  • Handle that can fold and change height, which is equipped with a soft rubber coating.
  • Powerful engine with low fuel consumption, which starts with a bang (thanks to the “Ready Start” function).
  • Soft cover for grass clippings, which allows you to slightly tilt the device.
  • Most modifications have the ability to work in three modes, including mulch preparation.
  • The presence of the branded nozzle Gardena, which easily and easily cleans the deck of grass.
Freshforex types of work


  • The road mounts (51 centimeters or more) are not great for close shrubbing with trees.
  • The steel body makes the units quite heavy – it’s hard for a child, an old person or a frail woman to glory with them.
  • The rear wheels are not too stubborn.
  • Because of the gasoline engine, the units can not be called environmentally friendly.

Design and function of the works

The internal combustion engine, which is inserted by hand, is located at the top of the unit. Below are two pairs of wheels that hold the powder-coated steel housing. In most models, the rear pair of wheels has an undercarriage that allows you to move at a single speed. The sharply sharpened swivel blade, which rotates when the motor is running, is made of durable steel. It is manufactured using special PX3 technology, which makes the product virtually indestructible.

During normal operation, the grass cut with this blade is discharged into a soft, bulky container. If it is removed, the mass of grass will fall under the mower’s legs. Using the mulching plug (usually included), you can shred the grass again and make a valuable fertilizer that will be thrown on the plot. Using the central lever, several levels (five or six) of mower handle height can be set.

After work, cleaning the device from the clumped grass is easy – for this purpose, the manufacturer has provided a special device, on which the hose for washing is attached. A very convenient feature, and not every brand can boast with it.

The main changes


This is the only non-self-assembly shown – however, it is the simplest. The mower has five levels of cutting height adjustment and not very big wheels, the same rear and front.

Technical data of the M40 125 lawnmower:

Specifications figures Measurement units
Powerful petrol engine 1,6 week
fuel tank 0,8 л
Cylinder capacity (working) 0.125 л
Working width 40 см
Minimum cutting height 2 см
Maximum cutting height 7,5 см
wheel height (front) 17 см
wheel height (rear) 17 см
Weed container capacity 50 л
Weight 23.8 кг
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Properties and characteristics of the McCullock M40-125 lawn mower

McCulloch M40-125 lawn mower photo


The lawnmower, like all subsequent models, can move independently. It has six grass levels that are centrally adjustable. The wheels are taller than the aforementioned variation, and the rear pair of wheels has larger-diameter tires – it’s handy.

Features of the McCullock M46 125R self-powered lawnmower:

Specifications figures Measurement units
Powerful petrol engine 1,6 week
fuel tank 0,8 л
Cylinder capacity (working) 0.125 л
Working width 46 см
Minimum cutting height 3 см
Max. cutting height 8 см
wheel height (front) 19 см
wheel height (rear) 21 см
Grass tank capacity 50 л
Weight 30 кг

Video shows the McCulloch M46 125R McCulloch lawnmower at work:


The self-propelled device can be set on five levels (three to nine centimeters) on five levels. There is a mulching option. The front and rear wheels are the same, quite large.

Technical features of the lawnmower M51 140f:

Specifications figures Measurement units
Powerful petrol engine 1,8 week
Cylinder capacity (working) 0.14 л
fuel tank 0,8 л
Working width 51 см
wheel height (front) 20.3 см
wheel height (rear) 20.3 см
Weed container capacity 65 л
Weight 33.6 кг

Properties and characteristics of the McCullock M51-140F mower

McCulloch M51-140F mower photo


Self-propelled type with a powerful engine, large beeks of different diameters (larger after) and six settings of the height of cut stems. There is a mulching function.

Properties of the gas mower M51 190WRPX:

Specifications figures Measurement units
Powerful petrol engine 2,4 week
fuel tank 0,8 л
Cylinder capacity (working) 0.19 л
Working width 51 см
Minimum cutting height 3 см
Max. cutting height 9 см
wheel height (front) 19 см
wheel height (rear) 28 см
Weed container capacity 60 л
Weight 34.6 кг

Properties and characteristics of the mower M51-190WRPX

Photo McCullock M51-190WRPX


This self-covered variation has the widest pointer and largest weed container. It also has extra-large rear wheels (over 30 centimeters in diameter), which greatly increases the continuity of operation.

The grass can be mowed on five levels, and there is also a mulching function. The declared area of the manufacturer is up to six acres, but in fact it is possible to treat larger areas.

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