Gardening in autumn – calendar of works for October

Lunar Calendar for the Gardener and Gardener in October 2022

Lunar calendar of influence on the gardener and vegetable grower in October 2022

The summer troubles will end in October, but there is still much to do. In mid-autumn, you need to do agronomic activities that will give you a good harvest for next year. So it’s not time to be lazy – it’s time to get down to business!

Today it’s better to rest because it’s not the best day to work with plants. You can plan your planting for next season.

Also you can feed the plants that are in the active growth or flowering phase with a multi-purpose fertilizer.

A good day to protect house plants from diseases and pests. You can go out of town, shake the snow off the trees and remove it from the roof of the greenhouse.

No plant work! Make a plan for future seed and seedling purchases or just take a walk around the garden.

You can feed the houseplants. And it’s a good time to check on the condition of tubers and bulbs that will be sent to storage in the fall.

A great day for planting microgreens. You can water and feed houseplants and prepare soil for seedlings.

You can grow root crops to bake. And it’s time to sow seeds for stratification. But today you can not sow seeds.

A favorable day for sowing seeds for stratification. You can transplant houseplants.

9 / sun / full moon.

Time to sow watercress, mustard and radish seeds for vitamin greens. Shake the snow off the branches in the garden.

10 / Mon / Sat.

Favorable day for the care of houseplants – you can transplant, water, treat them against diseases and pests.

11 / Tuesday / Downward.

One of the most favorable days of the month – you can take care of houseplants and sow seeds for seedlings.

12 / Wed / Downward.

Today you can make a plan for future planting, buy seeds and garden tools. Plants are best left undisturbed.

13 / Thu / Descending.

It’s time to check the tubers of begonia and dahlias, as well as gladiolus tubers put in storage in the fall. Rot should be removed.

14 / Fri / Descending.

Indoor plants can be transplanted. In the southern regions is a good time to sow flower seeds for seedlings, but seedlings need extra light with phytolamps.

15 / Sat / Decline.

It’s time to visit the garden – whitewash the logs and do some moisture retention watering.

16 / Sun / Descent.

A good day to buy seeds and gardening tools. Plants are best left undisturbed today.

17 / Mon / Descent.

In the garden and in the flowerbeds it makes sense to mulch the soil around heat-loving plants and fill birdhouses.

18 / Tuesday / Descent.

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No work at the plant! But you can go to the store and buy seeds for a future harvest.

19 / Wed / Descent.

Another unfavorable day for plant work. However, it doesn’t hurt to check on the tubers and bulbs you put in storage in the fall.

20 / Thu / Descending.

You can grow root crops for bunting, feed indoor plants and treat them for diseases and pests.

21 / Fri / Descending

It’s time to prepare the soil and seedling containers. Continue snowmaking activities in the garden.

22 / Sat / Descending

Today you can feed your houseplants and treat them for diseases and pests. And don’t forget to put food in the bird feeders.

23 / Sun / Descending.

You can count on the root plants to bake, feeding houseplants – it is best to use liquid complex fertilizers.

24 / Mon / Sat.

No plant work! It’s a good time to make a plan for future planting and a list of necessary purchases for the garden.

25 / wth / newnd.

Another unfavorable day to work with plants. But you can do snow work in the garden and vegetable garden.

It’s a good time to check plants and seed. Check tubers and onions that were canned in the fall, and check seeds.

A perfect day for disease and pest control. But the best period for sowing and planting is not today.

Unfavorable day for any plant work – you can take care of houseplants.

You can prepare the soil for sprouts and transplants to indoor inflorescences.

You can mulch in the garden, and you can mulch your bedding circles.

You can transplant indoor plants and press the tops to the flowers to make a better bush. Planting and sowing is not advisable today.

Garden work in October

It seems that in October there is nothing to do in the garden – the harvest is gathered, the leaves have fallen, the trees and shrubs are resting. But no – this is a misleading impression. It is the garden in October that requires the most attention. And you have to do it.

Water without moisture. That’s the name of the newest watering technique. It’s all about getting moisture into trees and shrubs so they can survive the winter better. It is done when all the leaves have come off the trees.

The main requirement for watering – it should be very abundant, so that the floor was wet to a depth of 50 cm. To do this, it must be poured under each tree:

  • on sandy floors – 4 – 5 buckets;
  • on clay floors – 6 – 7 buckets;
  • on watered floors – 8 – 9 buckets.

And remember the main thing: moisture – free watering must have a place, even if it rains – they usually soak the soil tightly.

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Remove the leaves. Gardeners often argue: should fallen leaves be prevented under trees and shrubs? Followers of organic farming insist that they should stay, because they are great mulch! In nature, no one removes them. And you’re right – leaf fall is great for protecting the floor from freezing in the winter, helps keep moisture in the floor during droughts, and over time becomes a great fertilizer. But all of this only works if the leaves are healthy.

Unfortunately, there are almost no healthy plants in our gardens – they are affected by fungal diseases. And the spores of this pathogen on fallen leaves appear frequently. And in the spring they infect gardens even more. Therefore, there is only one way out – collect and burn all the leaves. By the way, ash can be used to fertilize plants – it is an excellent natural fertilizer.

Plant trees and shrubs. October is the perfect time to plant open root system (ACS) seedlings. The approximate time is the middle of the month. But it is better to be guided by the weather – you should start planting when leaves fall off in mature fruit trees, and the last days of planting should be 20-30 days before the onset of steady cold weather (1).

All trees and shrubs can be planted in autumn, but planting some plants is still better to postpone until spring. For example, stone fruits – plums, cherry plums and apricots. The fact is that in the spring, root necks are often formed. And there is a high probability to warm them up when the seedling really did not cause root formation. This also happens when planting in the fall.

Garden work in October

Dig the beds. Many gardeners are lazy, because this work is tedious and futile. The beds need to dig, which means (2):

  • The garden is fed with moisture – lumps of earth (and no need to break them up) are held in the snow zone in winter, and in the spring the beds remain a supply of water, which means that the seeds germinate and the seedlings will be better;
  • the structure of the soil improves – during the digging of the trench, the soil is saturated with oxygen, the decomposition of organic matter goes faster, which means that the fertility increases and the structure improves.
  • The variegated plants will die – they are buried in the ground for the winter, and after the trench, most of them will be in clumps of soil, and in winter they will die from frost.
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Sow seeds of cold-resistant plants. Subcontracting plants is very beneficial – sprouting seeds in a feather at optimal timing and indicating more plants. In addition, the amount of work will be greatly reduced in the spring, if there is already an urgent need.

It is possible to sow under the winter:

  • Root vegetables – carrots, beets, radishes, parsley and parsnip roots;
  • Green vegetables – leafy salads, chard, borage and sagebrush;
  • Seasoned herbs – dill, parsley, cilantro, and lovage.

Harvesting in October.

Harvest the vegetable garden in October. There are no specific dates here, you have to be guided by the weather – the heads are harvested when the air temperature in the region stably holds from 0 to 5 ° C. And it’s important to have a clear day – it’s not recommended to harvest cabbage under the rain, since it doesn’t keep well.

The heads can be cut with a shovel or knife, with part of the core remaining 2-3 cm long (3). But it is even better to pull them together with the roots and send them directly to the basement – in this form they will last much longer. And even in those minds that are intended for storage, you should leave 3-4 healthy green leaves (3).

An omen for October

  • A warm October is for a frosty winter.
  • From what date the snow unfolds in October – from the same day in April.
  • From what date in April the frost begins from that date in April.
  • The first snowfall in October is 40 days before true winter.
  • If the Moon is often in circles (Halo) in October, the next summer will be dry.

Popular Questions and Answers

We talked about garden and vegetable garden work in October with plant agronomist Svetlana Mikhailova.

Phosphorus and potash fertilizers are applied traditionally – both in the garden and in the garden. They are scattered under the hoeing on the beds. And in the garden, it is better to evenly drill holes under the span of the crown and pour them there, so that they get into the root zone. In addition, you can add fresh manure in the fall – over the winter it has time to decompose to the right state and not burn the roots of plants.

You can even choose a very convenient time for pruning – the leaves have already fallen, the crowns are clearly visible, but at the same time it is still not very cold outside – the wounds have time to stretch out. But remember that pruning in the garden can be done only in dry weather.

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The depth of sowing should be the same as in the spring. But there is a nuance through the seeding rate – it should be increased by 30%, given that some seeds may die in winter. After sowing, it is useful to mulch the beds with humus or dry leaves with a layer of about 5 cm – this is an additional protection from frost, if the winter will be snowless.

Gardener’s Lunar Calendar 2022 – Autumn Garden

The lunar calendar table on this page is a thematic sampling from the Universal Gardener’s Calendar for October 2022 to work with fruit trees and shrubs (work with garden earth berries – in the Garden themed calendar)))

October is golden autumn, leaves and a wedding station.

of October: Folk omens about the weather in October: October will cover the ground with a leaf where there is a snowdrop. Donkey in October will guarantee an upcoming, short and mild winter. If birch and oak leaves are not harvested in October, expect a harsh winter.” width=”” />

Frosts come in October and gradually get stronger. In early October you should prune berries, trim trees and shrubs. If you did not have time earlier, it is worth feeding with phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. There may be many pests on trees and shrubs, so they should be collected and destroyed.

Opinion on autumn pruning of trees: In autumn, it is advisable to limit pruning to sanitary complaints. Image of fruit trees is better to postpone to the spring, especially for large branches: – First, the cut of a large branch will not have time to remove, and the winter has recently passed from frequent thaws and even under the garden warren can inevitably lead from rotting. – Secondly, once every five to seven years, despite frequent frosts, it may even happen that the branch planned for pruning is more survivable than the one intended for growth.

WARNING: Our Gardener’s Lunar Calendar is based on Moscow time. (Calendar can be used on the whole territory of Russia taking into account the difference between Moscow and local time *)

Lunar Calendar

Autumn gardening, measures for caring for fruit trees and bushes

(On our site on the blog “Dacha and Garden” – is entered – only by the lunar calendar)

October 1 (18.09 Old Style) – Irina Arina Gerbst. – “If cranes come to Arina, there will be frost on the cover, and if not, winter will come later”)

October 3 (20.09 A.S.) – Eustathius (Astathius. – “O Astafia, the wind is the wind: the northern cold – the southern to warmth, the western to wetness, the eastern to bucket”).

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October 8 (20.09 Old Style) – Sergius of Radonezh (“On Sergius the Kolya breaks the weather: If on Sergius the first snow, the winter will be on St. Michael’s day /21 November/”). )))

October 9, 2022 23:55 Moscow time – Astronomical full moon (middle of the lunar month, Zodiac signs: until October 8, 2022 18:56 Moon in the sign of Pisces, then in the sign of Aries, from October 11, 2022 00:03 in the sign of Taurus).

October 14 (01:10 a.m. Old Style) – Intercession (“The weather on Intercession is like the winter: if the wind blows from the north or east, the winter will be cold and many-winged; when the winter is warm, it will snow from the west”).

Oct. 23 (10:10 a.m. St.) – Eulampia (“They seem to be in the direction in which the winds are blowing. If you find yourself down – don’t expect an ambulance, there will be mud and slush. “

October 25, 2022 13:49 Moscow ZEIT – The beginning of the lunar month, zodiac signs – until October 25, 2022 10:18 am Moon in the sign of Libra, then in the sign of Scorpio.

Start of new moon phase October 24, 2022 16:35 Moscow time ± 5 minutes (the sun illuminates less than 1% of the visible lunar surface), end of full moon phase October 26, 2022 11:20 Moscow time ± 5 minutes (the sun illuminates more than 1% of the visible lunar surface according to the selenometric model of moon shapes).

The Gardener’s Lunar Calendar was made in this form at the suggestion of one of the active visitors to our location on the forum. We try to take your comments into account. Please contact the forum with suggestions

Additions on the feedback on the forum:

Lunar Calendar 2022 – I suggest creating a table with sections: moon data and date, vegetables, flower garden, garden. And distribute information about these headings.

October: Folk omens about the weather in October: October covers the earth with a sheet, where with snow, where with snow. Donberry in October guarantees an upcoming, short and mild winter. If birch and oak leaves are not clear in October, expect a harsh winter.

On the basis of a rather interesting omen, a weather forecast is made (for Moscow, St. Petersburg and N. Novgorod).

* In order to determine the local time of a lunar calendar event in Kaliningrad you should subtract in Samara: +1 hour; in Yekaterinburg and Perm: +2; Novosibirsk: +3, Krasnoyarsk: +4 hours. Vladivostok: +7, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: +9 hours.

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