GARDENA Power Max 42E: Description, specs and instructions for use

GARDENA PowerMax 42E Lawnmower

Gardena PowerMax 42e lawn mower photo

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Rating is based on the opinions of 21 customers

Manufacturer GARDENS
engine electric
perfomance 1700W
battery operation no
number of wheels four wheels

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Technical features GARDENA PowerMax 42E

General properties

Full information about the product, manufacturer, equipment, technical characteristics and functions can be found in the technical documentation.

product description

21 reviews on the GARDENA PowerMax 42E Lawnmower

Experience: less than a month

Good points, comfortable switches all around the handle, noise level in the normal range, handle folds easily, central height adjustment is also good.

Disadvantages: Mowing is too weak for 1 pass, the grass catcher box is bad, the catcher box is clogged but is empty inside and its volume is small

The commentary was left from comparison with the gas.mower. AL-KO 38e does not have these disadvantages. it has others.

Experience: more than a year

Advantages Really powerful and comfortable mower. Day and night compared to a trimmer. Labor costs are much lower. Mows well both high and wet grass. Only dead wood is bad. I quickly got used to it and learned how to mow uneven areas and slopes and mow grooves. It is a practical tool for mulching. You can mow white grass with it, it can give a shine. It is convenient and easy to take off and put the blade back. Often found both rocks and stumps, in the tall grass was not visible, the knife bent, I had to take it out, bend it, grind it. My wife liked mowing too, she likes to mow flat areas herself.

Disadvantages The grass box window does not perform its function. You can tell when it’s full when the mower starts to choke and lose grass. I ended up breaking my blade. It turned out to be a big problem to buy a new one in St. Petersburg – I called a lot of service stations and found only one, and that was on order.

Comments I am very happy with the purchase. Now I not only mow my land but I also level it and remove stones and stumps to make mowing more convenient.

Experience: less than a month

It burned out on the second day.

Remarks All according to the instructions. Didn’t mow more than 20 minutes without a break. In general, didn’t mow for more than an hour … And burned out. With my last mower (I don’t know the brand) I mowed for 3-4 hours nonstop. This one is crap.

Experience: less than a month

Advantages: wide mower, roomy storage, looks good

Cons: noisy, big

Comments no problem great mower. the grass in the bowl is gathered very tightly. noisy but i wouldn’t expect anything else from a 1700w motor. big and bulky, as usual = 42cm reach.

Experience: more than a year

Cons Design, lightweight, 42cm, big wheels, comfortable

Cons Enemy took it in his hands, everything broke

In the commentary immediately broke the handle (plastic pile on the hull), of course can be repaired, maybe even in a month. Solved the problem by welding the utilization cup in the handle of the housing and the screws connected to the handle. + Bottom part to which the belt fits. + Brushes were hanging in the motor.

Patriot Arizona lightweight gasoline cultivator. Model description, specifications, customer reviews

Experience: more than a year

Advantages: powerful enough, easy to turn on, the container is easy to inflate/remove, the blades do not blunt for a long time.

The disadvantages are that the handle is not fastened! The attachment for the summer was not enough either. Who came up with this mount is not clear, but clearly not an engineer.

Comment ruined the handle, will have to change myself, wise). I would not recommend this mower – I think it makes sense to buy another one.

Experience: less than a month

Advantages, it’s light, convenient mowing height, decent mowing performance in comparison with the trimmer’s speed. , mowing has increased several times

Experience: a few months

Advantages: comfortable, powerful enough, easy to use, not very loud, lightweight.

In season 1 (from the beginning of May to the end of August) worked out the flaws and burned out the engine. Can regularly once a week and a half plot of 8 acres – a level lawn. Engine replacement – 5600 rubles, the repair lasted 3 months (apparently the engine is rare).

Comment lawn mower – nothing if you’re lucky with the engine, but I’m still inclined to think that walking on the plot – a bad idea, I lean towards the gasoline.

Experience: less than a month

Advantages: the merits are great! Considering that I bought it in winter, it looks unusually well on the balcony. I’m looking forward to the summer.

Experience: a few months

The advantages are hard to describe, when it is the first mower.

Disadvantages I think it is better to describe the disadvantages. 1. It was 5 years ago when compared to the neighbor’s one. 2. I often had to grind it out of very soft metal. Chopped once a week – 2 sotka, 2 years of months – burned out the motor or rather a very poor wire to winding ratio. Have to buy a new motor.

Comment in general – heard a lot about this model, but it did not impress us. The money invested, which, by the way, was thrown away, not small.

Experience: more than a year

Mowing is great), the engine pulls like an electric. Mulching the grass, which is very convenient. According to kosba no need to collect the grass, as if dried the location. I have been using it for 3-4 years.

Disadvantages If there is a lot of grass, the grass catcher quickly gets clogged.

The comment on the purchase is fulfilled.

Experience: less than a month

Advantages: I bought this model as soon as it appeared on the market, probably the first copies, which then were still very high quality). It is very powerful compared to the previous one. Put the engine on the market and convenient. The grass catcher is large, easy to remove, carry.

Disadvantages the window to check the grass filling at the first grass becomes green and nothing can be seen, the grass catcher is not filled completely.

The comment is good, but only dry grass. It is impossible. I have worked 4 seasons without problems. Now the place of work has increased, so I will take the petrol.

Daewoo electric chainsaws: Description, features and instructions for use

Experience: more than a year

Advantages I was surprised by the reviews about falling handles – mowed 10 (started) tomorrow three seasons – everything is fine with the handles. Didn’t sharpen anything, tried not to hit any pebbles. The mulch is great. My grass box fills well.

Disadvantages of the dandelion sets. Next to the bed doesn’t mow. Broke at the beginning of the fourth season :(, the motor buzzes, but the blade does not spin.

Comment high grass it mows with three “smooth iron”, but it gets clogged with very juicy thin grass is a pain, yes, but the weeds are okay.

Experience: less than a month

Advantages low noise, practical basket for fishing

Disadvantages cable, loss of performance

No matter who says what, but if there is no grass, it does not cope, suffocates, the grass is mowed only dry, that is senseless to mow in the morning while it is cool, the grass is winded on the knife, the thick lawn should be mowed in several stages, at first on the maximum height, then the second time on the necessary one with 50 meters of extension cable, Therefore, the power is below the stated, also on time of mowing switch off convectors, the pump and the boiler that is not always convenient, after 3 seasons have decided to buy a gasoline mower, this lawnmower is suitable for owners of urban homes in which the grass maximum 2 ha and it is groomed

Experience: more than a year

Advantages in general is lightweight and maneuverable. Possibility to mulch

Disadvantages The knife must be sharpened at least once a month. Uncomfortable basket for collecting grass, which is very difficult to shake out when filled. The fill control window is immediately clogged and no longer performs its function. Unable to disassemble the insides to clean out dust and other unnecessary parts.

In the comments, it has been running for less than a year on a plot of no more than 8 acres. The service said that the anchor burned out and it was necessary to replace the motor, which had to wait two weeks. The amount of the repair is about 6 thousand rubles. Now I think, where is the praised quality of the garden! And I wouldn’t recommend taking an electric one. Always a problem with the cable: then it’s not enough, then tangled, then twisted.

Experience: more than a year

Advantages: 1. Powerful. Take out the plug for mulching, feeding – and you can remove the weeds up to the briar. Just do not forget the rubber boots – otherwise it spits greenery. 2. Lightweight 3. Large rear wheels 4. Easy to disassemble.

Disadvantages Operation 1. The mulch plug falls off easily. It takes a few stems to pop out and it shoots. There is! It is necessary to fix the spring on the valve. 2. To change the height of the handle (as well as folding/unfolding), you have to twist the two latch nuts for a long time. Idiotic system (besides being unreliable, read below) 3. In the second year of use (read the usage mode in the comments), the cutting height lever broke. I don’t use it at all, I like long grass, and the “low” mower hurts the bumps. Corrected the corners in the upper position. 4. As the third year went the surprises in the pole. The starter lever broke. The right handle broke. I pressed the button and there was silence. I even thought the power was off. Then, on my second try, I squeezed the left handle – it started! I looked around and saw that the lever was broken. Why? “I didn’t do anything, Mother Klanus!” – The weak link. Glued it together with heat gun, disassembled it and glued a wooden cooking head inside (tubular hollow stick in the handle) 5. After I was able to loosen the knob nut, it would not turn, it went tight. Clicked, started the screw (it’s square in the socket of the tubular handle there), agonized, agonized, then grabbed the head of the screw and put the carcasses out. Turned out the threads on the nut had died and cut the threads on the bolt. Also, I had to change the pair because (all of a sudden!) the cutter is a centimeter. Good thing I got a long M8 bolt with a nut installed in a plastic stud. Why customs? A German mower owned by a Swedish concern? 6. A week later the cat at the end of the work hour – smoke. Scared, cut. Investigated, nothing jammed anywhere, turned on at idle – O5 smoke. Had to stop working, disassembled. By the way, very easy to understand. Under the cover that covers the engine (it is in the main body), was stuffed with a whole “cap” of hay. And this hay was blackened in the storage area. I did not pay any attention to this and cleaned everything there. By the way, the whole building inside was in hay.

Review of the adapter and trailer to MTZ motoblocks

I use the comment on the mowing area (wild lawn without leveling) 6. 8 acres. Mowing once a week/two. An hour and a half almost nonstop. Running out for the third season. Didn’t live up to it. Brushes in the motor even more than 10mm. And the second blade is all crap. There were rocks and bricks. I use two. I hope to fix it. The complete motor (with belt and idler pulley) costs 4000r… As a last resort. But it can cost 250 rubles for the bearing. Conclusions. The unit works, but is quite delicate. There is no flatness. The 7th final !!! Another time I started mowing – everything is fine, it mows. But after a while I felt the smell. Now no longer hay, but rubber. And began to turn. Camp died (the upper one), type 607, I will try to change it. Even though it is in the shaft in the shaft. In short, it is not German quality, but some crap.

Gardena Gardena 42e. Technical specifications and rules of operation

Gardena 42 mushar is produced by the German brand Gardena. Year of foundation of the company Gardena – 1961, the specificity at the time of foundation – the sale of goods for the garden, the place of foundation – the German city of Ulm.

The company gradually expanded and began to produce garden tools and water supply systems on its own, gaining recognition and respect of the world community. In 2007 Gardena became part of the Husqvarna group of global companies, which manufactured and distributed all kinds of products.

More than 80 countries have shown their markets for high-quality products of the German brand.

Today, the following devices and units are produced under the Gardena brand:

  1. Irrigation systems. .
  2. Sardocks.
  3. Saws.
  4. Hand garden tools.
  5. Sprinkler.
  6. Overalls.
  7. Pumping equipment.
  8. Blueprints.
  9. Cordless garden shears, etc.

Inadequate Gardena Power Max 42E lawn mower is designed so that it can mow grass on flat and uneven areas of up to 8 acres. The power of the operator is carried out. The price in the domestic market varies in the range of 15 000 rubles.

Carver electric saws: overview of the model range, description and specifications

Description of the inadequate electric lawnmower Gardena Power Max 42E

Gardena electric lawn mower is equipped with a powerful electric motor of 1700 W, power supply from 220 V mains. For safety reasons, it has an accidental start protection and an emergency brake. The special shape of the petal blade is reinforced and slightly overcomes a variety of grass, including temporary cultivation.

Electric lawn mower Gardena PowerMax 42E.

The body of the lawnmower is lightweight and made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. The weight of the mowing unit is 12.2 kg. Plastic wheels on metal ball bearings and with rubberized profile have a larger diameter than the front wheels, which improves maneuverability and passability.

The handle is movable, foldable and adapts to the height of the operator. Grass cuttings go into the rigid grass catcher box with a large opening. Grass catcher box capacity is 50 liters. There is no fill indicator, the filling is monitored through a window on the cover of the grass catcher box.

Mulching is possible, the mulching connector is included. The mulch is thrown out through the rear opening onto the lawn.

Gardena 42e lawn mower

The manufacturer has allowed the operator to set the height of mowing the lawn independently. For this purpose, there is a central lever with 5 positions, so that it is possible to choose the optimal cutting height from 2 to 6 cm. The working width corresponds to the diameter of the blade – 42 cm. For delicate work, side nozzles are provided, in order to qualitatively cut the lawn near the curb or fence.

We suggest you read the characteristics of the lawn mower Gardena Power Max 42e:

Manufacturer Gardena
country Germany/UK
Power Source Electric
Motor power 1700W
Cutting strips Central adjustment, 5 steps
Number of blades 1
See working width. 42
Gras collector l. 50, rigid
Cutting height, min-max. 20-60
Weight (kg. 13.9
Self cutting / mulching Without power
frame Shockproof plastic
One month warranty. 36
Recommended area 800 m²
Dimensions in package 785x580x420 mm

pros and cons

The advantages of a garden mower are obvious:

  • Easy operation;
  • Simplified start-up at the touch of a button;
  • Protection against overheating;
  • Protection against unauthorized start;
  • Brake;
  • Reinforced blade;
  • Permanent housing;
  • No harmful emissions and attenuation;
  • quiet operation;
  • clean energy operation;
  • Low weight;
  • 5 cutting ranges;
  • improved wheels (metal bearing and rubberized profile);
  • economical power consumption;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Easy to maintain and operate;
  • Comfortable adjustable handles;
  • affordable price.

Disadvantages of the Power Max 42E:

  • Being tied to a power source;
  • No indication when the grass catcher box is full;
  • Risk of damage to the power cord;
  • Non-self-propelled model.
Champio n-Economs: A brief overview of the model range

Owner’s Manual

The manual contains complete information about the Gardena lawnmower and is divided into several sections:

  1. Electric Lawn Mower.
  2. Assembly.
  3. Safety requirements.
  4. Preparation for use.
  5. Table of features of the Power Max 42E model.
  6. Maintenance of the electric lawnmower “Gardena”.
  7. Error table.

Getting ready to work

The Power Max 42E is very easy to use and requires little attention. The following simple steps are enough to get the machine ready for use:

  • The lawnmower is assembled;
  • The blade is created and secured:
  • The handle is unfolded and set in the desired position;
  • Grass catcher box is installed;
  • The operator sets the desired mowing mode;
  • Extension cable is checked;
  • Control of mains voltage;
  • The device is connected to the cable and plugged into the power grid;
  • Gardena lawnmower is started.


Maintenance must be carried out in several steps:

  1. Daily on the day of use.
  2. Scheduled, in case of malfunctions.
  3. Maintenance – serious problems, preventive maintenance.
  4. Preservation – preparing for a long period of non-use.

Daily maintenance includes:

  • Checking screw tension;
  • Sharpening (replacing) the blade;
  • Cleaning the air inlet holes;
  • Lubricating the spindle;
  • Checking cables;
  • Checking the voltage, etc.

Preservation is carried out as follows:

  • The cutting element is removed and wrapped in oiled paper;
  • Mower is decontaminated;
  • The spindle is lubricated;
  • The handle is folded up.

Possible malfunctions of Gardena 42e lawnmowers

Why the electric motor does not start:

  • Device is not plugged in;
  • No voltage;
  • Broken wire;
  • Voltage is there, but very low;
  • The motor has burned out.

Causes of motor overheating:

  • Clogging of the air intake holes by vegetation;
  • Voltage is very low;
  • Grass is high; Wrong cutting mode.

Device is buzzing, blade does not rotate:

  • Incorrect cutting mode selected;
  • Blade is blunt;
  • Vegetation has wrapped around the blade and blocked it.
  • Lawnmower vibrates during operation:
  • The blade is deformed, out of balance;
  • Fasteners need to be tightened.

Video review

The video shows the Gardena Power Max 42e electric lawnmower in action:

Lawn mower Gardena Power Max 42E, owner reviews

Yuri, 48 years old, Uman.

“The model is not bad, the performance is enough for both lawn grass and weeds. There is a mulching function. It is important to watch the plug when mulching – flies out at a time or two. Second season. The grass basket is easy to install, remove and empty. I am happy with my purchase. “

Igor, 35 years old, Rivne

“I bought the mower 1.5 years ago. At first everything suited me, everything was easy, I took everything in a row. And suddenly the cutting height adjustment lever broke! Of course, I rebuilt it as best I could, but the problems didn’t end there. The camp was out of commission. Started looking in services and stores along with the electric motor – it is there, separately have not found yet. “”

Ivan, 36 years old, Uzhgorod

“Bought a lawn mower a month ago, satisfied. Mows and cuts perfectly. The grass box is practical, although without a hint, but this is a trifle.”

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