Gardena Power Max 1200 electric lawn mushroom: Description, features and rules

Electric lawn garden Mäher: Description of models of the popular brand, prices and reviews

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The company Gardena (Gardena) since 2007 is part of the concern Husqvarna (Husqvarna). Therefore, its products extend to Husqvarna products, including electric lawns.

During the development of lawns Gardena – engineers try to make them not only the most reliable, but also comfortable and functional, while their cost is slightly lower than that of other brands Husqvarna.

Gardena makes the only Powermax Electric series of electric lawns.

Why choose Gardena electric lawns?

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Here are the reasons why customers choose Gardena lawn mowers:

  1. High quality of their production – all companies in the Husqvarna group do not skimp on materials.
  2. Reliability – if used properly, the service life of such a lawnmower often exceeds 10 years, as they have very reliable and stubborn synchronous motors, as well as temperature and power protection, which goes out of power when overloaded.
  3. Survivability – It’s not always possible to use a legislator solely for mowing lawn grass. Sometimes they have to mow or as a meadow revelation, and if this does not happen often in small quantities, the power tiller is slightly reduced.
  4. Repairability – due to the design of the lawnmower, you can change not only the nodes in the assembly, but also individual parts.
  5. Reasonable cost – the main competitors of Gardena lawnmowers are devices of European and American brands, which are much more expensive. Although the Gardena analogues can not compare in price with cheap Chinese lawnmowers, because they are superior not only in cost, but also in reliability.
  6. Low weight – the housing of the garden lawnmower is made of plastic, due to which its weight is significantly less than that of models with a steel housing.
  7. Current and synchronous motor – co-induction motor, so it weighs less for the same performance. The only downside is that too much load increases the electricity flowing through the windings, which can lead to intermittent shorting, but the protection fights electricity and temperature effectively.
  8. The double-hardened Duraedge knife is more efficient to weed thanks to the sharp, durable blade, and is also required less often.
  9. Comfortable ergotech plus handle with ergonomic control and simple length.
  10. Special deck design on which any device can cleanly mow grass near obstacles.

The most popular models

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Every electric lawn mower garden is in particular demand, because it combines:

  • Efficiency;
  • reliability;
  • low weight;
  • Ease of operation.

Efficiency is guaranteed by the special design of the deck and blade, thanks to which each model mows the grass faster and cleaner than most peers, and more mowed vegetation remains in the grass catcher box.

Tractor Agromash 30TK - description and properties

Reliability is achieved through motor protection systems against overheating and overloading, as well as double hardening of the blade, which makes it lose its sharpness slower.

The low weight is achieved by making the housings from all-plastic spots and installing synchronous motors, which, with less weight, provide noticeably greater performance than their asynchronous counterparts.

The company’s convenience is due to many factors, so that even the lack of drive on bicycles is not a serious problem. For this reason, Gardena does not produce self-propelled lawnmowers, as they are at least a little more complex, and it is the relatively low price that is one of the main advantages.

They also increase grip comfort by adapting to length and height (not in all models), which makes it easy to adjust to a person of any height.

However, some lawn mowers are in higher demand, so we will talk about these devices in the following.

Powermax 1100/32

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This is the smallest mower with 1,1 kW and a working width (mowing, cutting etc.) of 32 cm.

It is designed to mow small, well-made lawns and other landscaped areas with grass up to 10-15 cm in height.

The device is equipped with Gardena’s unique Quickfit system, which makes adjusting the mowing height easier than most peers – just press the control knob and move it to the desired position.

The Power Max 1100 32 only works in rear discharge mode with an optional grass catcher basket.

Thanks to the well-designed basket and the increased size of the discharge opening, the mowed vegetation in the basket is stacked more firmly, so it fits more than in similar baskets from other manufacturers.

Here are the advantages of this model:

  • Due to its small size, the device proved to be very maneuverable and suitable for mowing grass in narrow or winding areas.
  • Low weight allowing even women or the elderly to not only mow the grass effectively, but also to load the device into the car by themselves for transporting it over long distances;
  • The practical quickfit system makes it easy to adjust the mowing height.

Here are the disadvantages of this device:

  • Not suitable for mowing large areas due to low performance caused by insufficient working width;
  • not suitable for cutting grassland vegetation or lawns taller than 15 cm, as the engine is not powerful enough.

Powermax 1200/32

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This mower differs from the previous model only in the bigger engine power.

This makes it more suitable for mowing tall (15-20 cm) or heavily vegetated areas.

Not eaten by mosquitoes, meaning the garden is free of pesky insects

Also, the Gardena Power Max 1200 32 is a little more complex, but women or older people can load it into or unload it from the machine on their own.

Here are the advantages of this device:

  • Its small size makes it very maneuverable and suitable for mowing grass in winding areas.
  • Loading into a vehicle allows for a relatively low weight;
  • Due to the increased power engine, the device effectively mows even relatively tall grass.

The main disadvantage of the device is that it is only suitable for small areas, as its recording width of 32 cm significantly reduces its performance.

Powermax 32e

This is a further modification of the basic Power Max 1100/32 mower, and the scores of the Power Max 32E are every bit as good.

It differs from the basic model:

  • Less efficient engine cooling system;
  • Height of mowing adjustment with one lever (5 positions);
  • Notches for mowing grass in obstacles on both sides of the deck.

Here are the disadvantages of the device:

  • Because of the less efficient engine cooling system, this mower is inferior to mowing tall or neglected vegetation.
  • The way of adjusting the mowing height is less convenient;
  • The volume of the grass catcher box is reduced so that its filling coincides with the moment the engine is running before the protection is triggered.

Here are the pros:

  • Ability to mow grass near obstacles on both sides;
  • Due to the increased number of settings on the cutting height adjustment lever, this parameter can be set more accurately.

Powermax 1400/34.

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This lawnmower is designed for well-maintained lawns smaller than four hectares (100m2).

The 34 cm working width increases the efficiency compared to previous models and the 1,4 kW motor allows an efficient mowing of 10-15 cm of lawn grass.

The volume of the grass catcher box is increased, while the filling time and the engine running time before the temperature protection trips are about the same, so the basket can be emptied during a process stop to cool the electric motor.

Here are the advantages of the Powermax 1400/34:

  • Increased working width speeds up lawn mowing;
  • The more powerful engine handles even relatively tall grass.
  • The enlarged grass catcher box doesn’t need to be emptied too often;
  • 10 positions for setting the mowing height allow you to more accurately adjust this parameter.

Here are its disadvantages:

  • The lack of mulching takes away their versatility;
  • It is not used for mowing lawns larger than 4 hectares.

PowerMax 34e.

This modification of the Gardena PowerMax 1400/34 model differs from the basic device:

  • A more efficient engine cooling system;
  • Slots for cutting hair near obstacles on both sides of the deck;
  • Height adjustment on the rear wheel (5 positions);
  • More comfortable handle with two synchronized engine levers.
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Here are its pros:

  • A more comfortable handle with synchronized levers also allows you to operate the unit with one hand.
  • Thanks to its special design, the deck can mow grass both to the left and right of obstacles.

Here are the cons:

  • Less precise control of the mowing height control provides a less accurate setting for this parameter.
  • The mowing height control lever is noticeably lower, so you’re leaning more than you are setting the desired value.
  • The weight of the Power MAX 34E is noticeably heavier than the starter.

Powermax 1600/37.

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This most powerful and productive of Gardena’s popular models has a 1.6 kW motor, which is good for grass that is less than 20 cm high, and a 37 cm wide grip ensures quick mowing of the lawn.

The telescopic handle with variable height allows more efficient adjustment for people of all heights.

Slots on both sides ensure that the grass is efficiently cut both to the left and right of the obstacle. The QuickFit Plus system allows you to adjust the mowing height at the push of a button, which is noticeably easier than the same operation on other models.

Here are the advantages of the lawnmower:

  • The lawn is mowed quickly thanks to the increased working width;
  • Mows relatively tall grass thanks to the high power of the engine;
  • Due to the increased volume, the grass catcher box needs to be emptied less often.

Here are its disadvantages:

  • Performance is lower than the strongest models in this series;
  • No mulching function.

Powermax 37e

The Gardena Power Max 37E is a modification of the PowerMax 1600/37 and differs from it:

  • A different handle shape with a synchronous motor drive hub, which can be used to operate the mower with one hand;
  • Slightly less cooling of the engine;
  • Changing the cutting height with a lever on the rear wheel;
  • Slots on both sides of the mower allow you to mow grass near obstacles;
  • The 3-in-1 system we talked about in this article, that is, in addition to rear discharge and collection in the grass catcher box, the mower can also process grass into mulch.

Here are the advantages of this model:

  • The ability to operate the mower with one hand can come in handy if you need to get to your phone in a hurry;
  • Slots on both sides of the deck allow you to mow grass to the left or right of an obstacle;
  • The mulching feature makes the power max 37 E more versatile;
  • Noticeably lighter weight, which makes it easier to load the device into a car or lift it onto a shelf.
Backhoe-loader Hyundai H940S - description and characteristics

Disadvantages of the model include:

  • Adjusting the cutting height through a deep lever, for which you have to bend heavily;
  • Due to less efficient engine cooling, this model is less suitable for mowing tall or dense grass.

A comparison of key features

We have compiled a table summarizing the most important features to help you evaluate your skills more objectively and choose the most appropriate model for your specific situation:

model Engine power kW Cm Weight (kg) Mulching mode Mould volume, l Price thous.
1100/32 1,1 32 7,5 no 30 5,5
1200/32 1,2 32 8,3 no 30 7
32e 1,2 32 8,3 no 29 8,5
1400/34 1,4 34 9,7 no 40 12
34e 1,4 34 10.6 no 40 10.5
1600/37 1,6 37 13.7 Check out 40 15
37e 1,6 37 11.8 no 50 12


Owners of Gardena electric lawnmowers often discuss their devices in forums and post reviews about them online. These reviews and discussions help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of individual devices, since descriptions in specialty stores or technical information do not reflect the full picture, as some problems or advantages only become apparent during use.

Here are these links:

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Here is a review of two Gardena models: the Power Max 34E and the Power Max 42 E:


The Gardena electric lawn mower is a good and relatively cheap device for mowing well-maintained lawns. They can’t replace a trimmer or gasoline lawnmower, but they are very effective when used correctly and have good reliability if the operating conditions are followed.

Gardena Power Max 32 electric lawnmower. Technical specifications and instructions for use

Electric lawn mower Gardena Power Max 32 is a product of the famous German brand Gardena, which since 2007 is part of the Husqvarna Group of Global Business. Gardena was founded in 1961 in Ulm, Germany. At that time this organization was engaged in selling gardening equipment, later it began to create various gardening tools and aggregates by itself.

It has gained popularity all over the world and fills the markets of more than 80 countries with its devices and tools. Today the following products are produced under the brand name “Gardena”:

  1. Pumping stations and systems.
  2. Irrigation systems.
  3. Sprinkler systems.
  4. Gardening tools.
  5. Planter.
  6. Planter.
  7. Blower vacuum cleaner.
  8. cordless pruning shears.
  9. combination systems. . etc.

The GARDENA Electric Lawnmower Power Max 1200 32 is a non-self-propelled lawnmower for cutting lawns and front lawns in areas up to 3 ha. The main driving force is the operator himself, who pushes the device on the lawn with his pushing movements (the weight of the mower is light, only 8.3 kg). The cost of the lawnmower varies in the range of 7-9 thousand rubles.

Keeping gardening equipment in working condition before winter

Detailed description of the electric lawn mower “Gardena” 1200 32

The mower is equipped with an electric motor with power of 1200 watts. The electric motor is powered from the 220 V mains via an extension cable, which is not included with the GARDENA Power Max.

The manufacturer has also equipped it with an anti-failure start protection and an emergency brake button. The blade blade acts as the operating device. The deck and body of the lawnmower are made of durable and lightweight ABS-plastic, not shockproof.

The wheels are on ball bearings, also there is a rubber tread. For better maneuverability and passability, the front wheels are smaller than the rear.

Gardena” lawnmower has a convenient rubberized handle, which is adjustable in height, adapting to the height of the operator. If necessary (transportation, storage), the handle can be folded and does not take up much space. There is no mulching option. The grass cuttings are thrown out through the rear opening into the rigid grass catcher box of 30 liters. Level indicator.

GARDENA Electric Lawnmower Power Max 32

The cutting height can be adjusted for better results. The GARDENA Power Max 32 has 10 settings from 2 to 6 cm, centrally adjustable. The cutting surface has a cutting height of 32 cm.

brand gardener
cutting height (cm) 2,0 to 6,0
lawnmower type electric mowers
driving system non-self-propelled
grass catcher box there is
housing material plastic
power, W) 1200
cutting width (cm) 32
number of wheels 4
type of grass catcher complex
weight (kg) 8,3
wheel material plastic
handle type Ergonomic handle
handle height adjustable folding handle
Grassbag capacity (l) 30
cutting height (mm) 20-60
Recommended lawn area 300 sq. m
grass discharge into the grass catcher box
Number of cutting height settings 10
cutting height adjustment yes, central
warranty 1 year
Installation possibility for mulching nozzle no

The GARDENA brand has launched another lawnmower model – the Power Max 1200 32E. The main distinguishing features of the GARDENA Power Max E32 are the greater weight (8.5 kg instead of 8.3 kg), the smaller grass catcher box (29 l instead of 30 l), the absence of level indicator and the 5 cutting modes. Externally, these lawnmowers are also different:

GARDENA Electric Lawnmower Power Max 32E

We suggest you read the full characteristics and instructions of the 32E lawnmower:

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