Garden tools to help keep the house tidy in winter

10 cool ideas to help keep garden tools tidy

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Example of storing garden tools

The dacha is an outlet for many city dwellers suffering from routine work and a noisy metropolis. But here, as in a city apartment, it’s important to properly organize storage systems. We have prepared 10 practical and stylish ideas that will allow you to keep your garden tools in order.

1. old fence

Organizer for garden tools from an ordinary fence

In the countryside, old things get a second life. Like this piece of fence, for example, which has served well. You can no longer use it as a fence, but it can turn into an organizer for storing garden tools. At the same time, it will successfully complement the exterior.

2. railings

Rails can be used not only in the kitchen

The traditional place of use of tires is the kitchen. It turns out that in the cottage they can act as holders of small garden tools. They are good because they can be fastened in a utility room or shed, in a closet or even on the fence by the door.

3. Pallets

Wooden pallets are famous for their versatility. They are used to make coffee cookies, beds, tables, heads, and decorate the interior with them. You can also find them at the cottage, especially for oversized tools. It is enough to stack the tray vertically and place shovels, hoes and rakes inside. To ensure that such a storage system does not collapse, it is best to fix it with nails on the wall.

Old pallets come in handy at the cottage

The palette as a storage system for garden tools

Enough to secure the pallet to the wall, so that it accidentally does not turn over

4. Organizer board

The so-called peg board has already taken its place in home offices, kitchens and garages. It is convenient because it has many holes, and small garden tools are easy to fix on it. The board does not take up much space, it is easy to repaint in any color, and it is also lightweight and weighs little – just remove it from the wall and move it to another place if necessary.

The clothespin is convenient for storing small garden tools

Mobile and worthy organizer for garden tools

5. Hook

Hooks – this is probably the easiest and fastest option, which does not require much cost and effort. It is enough to install the required number of hooks on the wall and hang the inventory on them. Buying hooks for the household, you should pay attention to special double holders for garden tools. So rakes, hoes, shovels and other tools will always be on hand and in order.

November in the garden: a calendar of work

Versatile storage for garden tools

You can install the hooks in several rows

Hooks look neat

6. Door

If the garden tools are used very often, you can take a place right outside. An unused fence or door is handy for this purpose. In the upper part equip one or more shelves for flower pots and all sorts of little things. On the middle level, organize the storage of small garden tools (primus, scissors, shovel). To fix them, it is enough to hammer a couple of nails instead of hooks. You can hang several common scoops at once or lower them to a level below.

Garden tools on the door

7. Bag-bag

When decorating apartments, special textile or plastic organizers are often used to store small items. Usually they are hung on the door or in storage rooms. This handy device will also come in handy at the cottage. It will hold gloves, scissors, secondary items, scoops – everything you need to take care of flowers.

Textile organizer for small items

8. Plastic and metal containers

Plastic and metal containers will not be superfluous at the cottage. It is most convenient to repair them on the wall or hide them under the table. In them you can neatly distribute tools and household items of medium size.

Plastic and metal container on the wall

9. Ladders for flowers

There is a handy device with which it is impossible to lose small tools in the garden (and then not waste time looking for them). This is a flower pot with sand or gravel in it. You just need to fix shovels or a secondary room in it, and they’ll always be in plain sight.

Flower pot as an organizer for storing garden tools

10. Rake

If you have a rake that is no longer used for its intended purpose and just lies in the shed, you can make a rack for small garden tools. For convenience, you need to fix it at elbow level, so you don’t have to bend too low to the tools or grasp them.

You can hang a shovel and a secondary level on an old rake

With the summer season in full swing, it’s time to explore some brilliant solutions for the cottage in our special review, in which we’ve rounded up 15 impressive small houses.

7 kinds of outdoor vacuum cleaners for trash removal

While setting up my workshop, I did a little reading about the cyclone separator, which is where the heavy debris particles go when your vacuum cleaner cleans.

I wanted to make the wall construction with my own hands, but I didn’t want to spend the money and take care of building the individual parts. So these instructions were born after I bought (almost all) the parts.

How to care for your car after winter?

Blower, garden vacuum cleaner and sweeper – general information

The following types of devices are used for effective cleaning of leaves on garden plots and lawns: – Blowers – manual or feldsher, which are designed only to disperse dry, are not coded air lines, which are coded electric or gasoline engines with low and medium flows Created – garden vacuum cleaners – are divided into several subspecies according to design features. Unlike blowers, garden vacuum cleaners collect fallen leaves in special pockets or containers, but some models can be used as acting elements for blowing – sweepers – rotating brushes (page, rotation or combinations thereof)). In most models, small debris is collected along with leaves in the containers or pockets. these problems.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning leaves outside: Zuzako Certification.

The Ope n-Air cleaning assistant must meet the following important features:

  • The volume of the collection bag. The larger the container, the less often you have to interrupt your work to empty it. In this case, a fragile woman is better to stop at the medium, so that its weight is filled with it;
  • When buying, it is important to clarify the set, which is offered at a specified price. Some models of florists can be connected to a vacuum cleaner unit, which, however, you will have to buy separately.
  • When evaluating the performance is not as important motor power, as the speed of air flow. Optimal is considered 80-90 m/s. However, the other type of ground cover has different requirements. For clearing footprints, 50 m/s is sufficient, while grass requires an increase in power of 20-30%.

The most important criterion should be not only the quality of the debris, but also the area requiring constant maintenance. After all, some models are only able to blow away leaves and small objects, while others fallen apples or small stones can effectively master.

What kind of after-school garden vacuums are there?

A garden vacuum cleaner can be easily identified based on its intended use. The larger the size and performance of the device, the higher its class and cost.


The list of household vacuum cleaners includes both cordless and lightweight electric models. They are particularly popular in the household. However, when cleaning exposed floor surfaces, only dry or frozen leaves are effective.

Phytophthora of berries, strawberries and other berries

Powerful units that not only collect large organic waste, but can also shred and press it. This class includes electric models with good performance and devices with a gasoline engine. Because of the increased noise level, safety goggles and headphones are precautions when working with such devices.

Assessing the amount of territory to be regularly cleaned, it is worth focusing on areas with a cluster of trees and shrubs, since it is they that produce the most biological waste in the fall. A plot of 10 acres can have a garden area of about 2 hectares and is perfectly cleaned by a lightweight cordless model.

What are street vacuum cleaners after the mode of operation?

Such devices can have many functions (and the price will be appropriate), so it is worth answering the two most important modes of operation.


The simplest devices belong to the category of household garden devices. They are divided into three main types:

  • Manual – lightweight and convenient, but energy-saving. They come with batteries and power cables. The only tangible disadvantage – all the time the device has to be carried by your hands.
  • Tornister – consists on the principle of a backpack, which is put on the back. The main weight of the mechanism is redistributed over the shoulders, and the hands remain free for manipulation with the bell. Negative assessments of gasoline-powered basses often describe the significant weight (from 7 kg), loud noises (which make you wear headphones) and the smell of burning oil (with prolonged use requires a protective mask for breathing);
  • Mobile devices are often called “garden animals”; they resemble industrial cleaning vacuums. Their power is enough to clean branches, plastic parts and even glass.
Vacuum cleaner with shredder

The dirt-shredding feature takes the simple garden vacuum cleaner to a separate rung in home gardening. All biomaterial isn’t just collected in a bag. The contents are shredded and pressed before they go into the container. Such dense briquettes can be sent immediately to the compost pit for self-production of fertilizer. The container loading volume is greatly reduced due to the shredder built into the leaf cleaner, and filling is slower.

Cleaning leaves with a leaf vacuum cleaner is by no means the only useful function. Such devices are often used during repairs (to remove dust and dirt), to clean the trunk, a small snow cover in winter.

Before buying a vacuum cleaner or blower, check the warranty period, as this equipment is used in harsh climatic conditions and the risk of failure is higher than that of conventional household appliances! The same goes for service centers in your area. Often a breakdown can be fixed simply by replacing one of the parts at the tech center.

DIY Clean Leaves.

Nov 15 – without a heading – 41 Views – Comments to the post Leaf blower is not satisfied

Chainsaw Carver Promo PSG 45-15: description, properties and rules of use

Autumn has arrived, and it’s time to prepare the garden and the household for winter. And that’s why we’ve prepared a selection of 10 unique gardening tools that will help you prepare your home for a long winter and keep leaves under control.

Hand shovel for the garden

This shovel is perfect for compiling fallen leaves because it doesn’t take up much space in the house and helps you pick up leaves and debris in half the time.

Wheelbarrow Holder

Use a special wheelbarrow holder to pass leaves and tools at the same time. And you won’t have to go to the house anymore.

Mop with water supply in the imprint

Another tool that makes cleaning your yard much easier.

Cleaning Inventory.

Inventory that removes leaves without damaging the floor.

Harvesting leaves

Put the nozzle on a garbage bag and pick up any remaining fallen leaves.

The following device is for l.

With a device that pulls grass and soil from the ground, you can plant bulbs at your favorite dumpsters much faster.

Gutter Brush.

You no longer need to climb a ladder to remove the leaves on your roof – just use a brush.

Equipping your garden tools

To keep your gardening tools sharp, use a special accessory that also protects your fingers from damage.

Gardener’s apron

Own one and your garden tools will always be within easy reach!

3-in-1 rake

Another interesting gadget for easy leaf removal.

If there are not a lot of leaves in the yard right now, such gadgets seem uninteresting, but many private homeowners with the arrival of cold weather and falling leaves become confused, because they are more efficient and easier. Here are 10 gadgets for cleaning leaves.

1. Leaf Picker.

This leaf picker makes it easy to pick up leaves with ease, keeping your back straight and uninjured, and all the work helps ten times faster. The leaf collector has special attachments that collect the leaves in a special bag. And when the season is over, the device is easily folded for storage.

Carver chainsaws: reviews of owners, review of the model range with a description and technical characteristics

2. Larger leaf claws

Oversized leaf claws are special devices for collecting leaves, which is enough to put on your hands. You can use them to collect leaves much faster and in larger quantities.


The leaf transporter is a leaf picker which you can load up to five times the amount of leaves in a normal car. It measures 25 x 55 cm, is made of thick material and easily folds up for storage.

4. Leader

The leader is a funnel-shaped leaf collection sheet measuring about 120 cm. Thanks to the convenient extension, you can easily collect the leaves and unload them into a bag.

5. Leaft transporter – holder for the planter

Leaf transporter – tarpaulin holder – This handy device, collects lightly fallen leaves and moves them to the right place. This device consists of a thick tarpaulin and practical holders with which it can be easily stretched.

6.Leaf Nets

A leaf net is a 2.4 m x 2.4 m canvas. Simply thread leaves through it and simply pull the string to turn it into a bag.

7. Versatile rake.

An amazing rake is a rake, a ball, and a pliers.

8. Three-sided plastic trough.

This three-sided plastic trough just needs to be placed in a paper bag where the leaves are unloaded so that they stay open and upright. You can put the bag on the floor and collect the leaves directly into the pocket.

9. Snapbagger

The Snapbagger is a device that you need to attach to a 33-liter garbage bag, and you can keep it open to get a bright leaf collection.

10. Blattlugger

Leaf coast – with this device you can easily move a large number of leaves: Just roll up the leaves with a rake, just tie them with a special thread and get a nice bag, suitable for transportation.

The process of cleaning at the cottage begins in early spring and can only end in winter. You have to constantly sweep up dry leaves and grass, pick up trash, keep the lawn in proper condition and much more. These manipulations determine how neat and healthy our garden will be. For cleaning to be effective and not require a lot of effort and time, you can get special tools as “helpers”. Let’s see what we will need at each level of cleaning.

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