Garden sprayer – which one to choose?

The best garden sprayers of 2022

The best garden sprayers 2022

Finding the right garden sprayer isn’t too difficult – you’re very similar and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one in the store. However, you need to know which models to look out for, so you don’t make a mistake when buying one. KP presents the top 10 best garden sprayers from 2022.

KP’s top 10 rankings are

1. the Patriot PT-12ac.

Patriot Pt-12AC.

This garden sprayer is our favorite in this ranking. It is equipped with a 12-liter liquid tank and is ideal for watering plants. It runs on an 8 Ah lead-acid battery. The set includes nozzles for even spraying of the solution. It also has a belt clip for comfortable carrying.

key features

Storm! GS8210B.

The advantage of this sprayer is its compact size and light weight. It is pressure-proof and capable of spraying continuously. The device will last them for years to come – its spray lug is made from stainless steel 0.35m long.

key features

Palisade Luxe 64787

This spraying device provides bicycles with which you can easily carry them in any area. It uses a tube with a tapered brass nozzle for irrigation – a reliable material. The sprayer is equipped with a solution tank of 16 liters. The model uses an automatic valve. This allows to reduce the pressure in the tank. There is a rod on the handle, which provides continuous watering.

key features

Oregon 518769

The device has a large open tank with a capacity of 16 liters. The volume of the pressure chamber is 0.9 liters and the maximum working pressure is 1.0 MPa. The kit includes a tube and a spray nozzle. The total length of the flexible hose and spraying lug is also impressive – about 2 meters.

key features

Makita PM7650H

This device is usually used by people who have to deal with various plantings on a regular basis. The spraying area in the sprayer is 16 m. The volume of the liquid tank is 1.8 liters. It is very easy to operate the chain saw – it does not cause the owner absolutely no difficulties and is easy to check.

key features

Ryobi OWS1880

The Ryobi OWS1880 sprayer is equipped with a tube for long jets – this means that it is suitable for large areas. The tube is made of stainless steel and has a convenient handle for use. The tank has a capacity of 3.5 l. The flow rate of the solution is not high and amounts to 0.03 m³/h. The delivery of the model, in addition to the belt, includes a convenient and clear use.

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key features

Patriot PT-5AC

For power is used a battery with a capacity of 1.3 A / h, the reference voltage of 12 V. Patriot PT-5AC uses a 5-liter liquid tank, the solution to the solution is 0.2 m³/h. The sprayer weighs 4 – kg, when transporting the device can be equipped with a mounting strap over the shoulder. With the help of a tube with a narrow nozzle you can spray the solution at a distance of 1.5 m.

key features

gauge ACC-12

The Kalibr ASO-12 sprayer weighs 3.08 kg and has a handle that makes it easy to carry from place to place. The device has a 1.5 Ah battery, which allows you to work comfortably. You can recharge the battery at any time without having to wait for it to be fully discharged. The sprayer is equipped with a 5-liter tank, which is filled with solution or water, depending on the work. For watering, the model uses a tube with a narrow nozzle, the kit includes nozzles.

key features

Storm! GS8216BM

Storm in the garden with spray! The GS8216BM is equipped with an 8 Ah battery with manual charging function. It is comfortable to carry on your back and use for everyday spraying. It’s perfect for taking care of garden plants, lawns and flowers.

key features

Patriot PT 415WF-12

Designed for fertilizer spraying, insecticide application, insect control and irrigation, and can also be used for seed dispersal. The unit can be conveniently carried over the operator’s shoulders. The motor speed and solution delivery is controlled with the left hand, without stopping to work with the handle on the body.

key features
type of carry carrying case
device type petrol
tank capacity 14L
solution flow 0,11 m³/h
Pipe type (nozzle) long-range spraying
power supply no
battery capacity no
weight 12 kg
pros and cons

How to choose a garden sprayer

Eugenia Chalykh, seller of the store “Nature”, told us how to choose the right garden sprayer.

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If you have a medium or large garden, it is better to buy a backpack sprayer, which is easier to transport. Hose or hand-held sprayers are suitable for smaller gardens.

If your garden is on level ground, there are also wheeled sprayers that are easier to roll on the ground or grass.

You should also be concerned about the durability of a garden sprayer. Make sure that the right sprayer is made of durable plastic that is resistant to chipping and UV rays.

Type of garden sprayer

There are 3 main types of garden sprayers – hose sprayers, tank sprayers and backpack sprayers. Although all of these sprayers do the same thing, they are suitable for different types of spraying. Let’s talk about their pros and cons in more detail below.

Hose sprayer.

Hose sprayers are the simplest and cheapest garden sprayers. They are designed to be attached to the end of a garden hose. Because of their simple design, hose sprayers offer a number of advantages:

  • They don’t need to be pumped – the force of the water flowing through the hose pulls the selected amount of product from the container.
  • There is no need to premix the pesticide with water – this is done during spraying.
  • Hose syringes are very inexpensive.

tank sprayers

Tank sprayers (also called compressors, pumps, or pressure sprayers) consist of a tank, pump, and nozzle tube. This type of sprayer uses compressed air to push the pesticide out of the tank.

Compared to other types, hose sprayers are definitely more flexible. You can move them around freely, and also, sprayers with a tank usually have more spray settings.

Backpack sprayers

Finally, there are backpack sprayers, which are essentially a subtype of tank sprayers because they are very similar in operation. However, these sprayers are slightly different from each other. In terms of convenience, backpack sprayers are much better than tank sprayers – by having the sprayer on your back, you don’t have to drag it forward when spraying the ground. On the other hand, you have to be more or less physically strong to cover large areas with such a sprayer. And the bigger the backpack, the more difficult and tedious the process will be.

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tank volume

If you spray your garden a few times a month, it’s probably worth choosing a larger volume sprayer to avoid frequent refills and save time. But if you spray your garden once a month or less, it’s better to save money and choose a smaller volume sprayer. You may have to refill it several times in the process, but since spraying will be relatively infrequent, this should not affect your efficiency too much.

Evaluating Chemicals

If you plan to use garden chemicals that are highly corrosive, be sure to buy a garden sprayer with components that can withstand this. Also, if you plan to spray pesticides, find out if your garden sprayer parts can withstand them.

Ease of maintenance and repair

It is also important that a garden sprayer is easy to maintain and repair. With a good garden sprayer, you won’t have to do a complete disassembly just to replace the seal. You should also check to see if there are replacement parts for the garden sprayer you need. It would be great if the manufacturer itself offered replacement parts.

How to choose a garden sprayer

A garden sprayer comes in handy for spraying flowers, spraying fertilizers and chemicals, disinfecting attics and basements, loosening the soil before planting root crops and doing other garden work.

In order not to make a mistake when buying a sprayer, you need to pay attention to the design features, characteristics and functions. Read more about them in the article.

telescopic sprayer

types of sprayers

The design affects the performance, weight and price of the sprayer. On large farmland, it is convenient to work with gasoline, using manual pump or lever models in small personal actions.

pressure sprayer Pump sprayers work on the principle of a hand pump: in order for them to spray the liquid, you need to periodically pump the plunger. A safety valve diverts excess pressure and prevents the tank from cracking. Some models have a trigger lock – no need to press the button all the time, so your hand gets less tired.
sprayer Lever sprayers are another type of manual sprayer. They are larger than a pump and usually climb on their backs. The pressure is not applied by a piston, but by a lever, so you don’t have to take the device off your back. Some models have a lever that can be mounted on the left or right side of the body – they are suitable for both left- and right-handed people.
cordless sprayer Cordless models pump air through an electric motor. They require a battery (lithium-ion or lead-acid) to work. There is no need to pressurize with a pump or handle, so it is convenient to work. These sprayers are more productive than manual sprayers, but the price is higher.
petrol sprayer Gasoline-powered sprayers are the most powerful. They are suitable for working on large areas: gardens, parks, farmland. They can be used to disinfect barns, basements, livestock and birds. The disadvantages – they are expensive, noisy and not environmentally friendly.
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types of designs

Small sprayers for 1-2 liters are convenient to hold in your hands. They will be useful for the care of indoor plants, shrubs and small flowerbeds in the garden. But for the treatment of garden trees or plants in the greenhouse, they are not enough.

Depending on the amount of work for the cottage and garden, it is worth choosing shoulder, random or wheel sprayers.

  • The shoulder models hang like a bag. You have a long Bar-A rod with a spray nozzle. You can use it to spray crowns, get into hard-to-reach places and treat the underside of plants without bending over. The average volume is up to 7-10 liters. To keep the strap from cutting into your shoulder when filling, look for models with padded liners.
  • Racks are carried on the back. The weight is distributed evenly, so your shoulders and upper body are less tired. When working in one place for a long time, the sprayer can be removed and placed nearby. The tank has a capacity of 10-20 liters.
  • Sprayers on wheels do not have to be self-supporting. They are not overloaded even with a full tank. Suitable for anyone with a lot of work, back or joint pain.

key features

  • The volume of the tank affects the duration of work without refueling. When choosing, it is worth considering the size of the area, the front of work and your own physical abilities. On average, for potted flowers, a sprayer with a tank of 0.5-1 l is enough, for shrubs – 1-2 l, for a fruit tree 7-10 l.
  • The size of the spraying tube is responsible for maneuverability and “aiming” of work. With tubes 30-50 cm long it will be convenient to work in greenhouses, with measuring devices, processing tree crowns. If you need a universal tool, choose telescopic tubes – you will be able to adjust them to the task yourself.
  • The material affects the durability of the sprayer. Models with polypropylene tanks are inexpensive, but sensitive to frost and ultraviolet light. ABS plastic is more durable: These tanks will withstand accidental bumps and falls, and they can be left on the road without consequences.
  • Pressure is a measure of power and spray area. The higher it is, the higher you can spray branches. Most tools have a pressure setting for precise adjustment to the task at hand.
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Additional Features

  • The translucent reservoir helps you monitor the residual liquid.
  • The measuring scale allows you to mix fertilizer right in the tank.
  • Wide neck makes filling easier. No funnel is needed for operation.
  • The Stream setting helps you change the shape and intensity of the spray. The standard modes are Directional Flow, Fine Cloud, and Fan. If there are no modes, you can choose nozzles for the tool.

Rating of garden sprayers

Technical experts “220 Volt” compared sprayers on the characteristics and additional functions, and then chose ten models that are most suitable for dacha and garden.

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