Garden equipment – to buy or rent?

Rental of garden equipment: profitable or not?

Year after year, the service of renting garden tools is becoming more and more popular. Recently, it has become especially important: not everyone can afford to buy expensive equipment in the crisis.

The garden tool rental service is becoming more and more popular

The service of rent of garden tools becomes more and more popular.

And if it is necessary? To replace a cheap alternative of worse quality with something cheaper or step on the neck of your own song and completely abandon the idea? Which of the evils will be the lesser: a one-time edition and tool or a small fee for use, unfortunately, with a subsequent refund? What might be the tricks of the rental company? These questions are most often asked by gardeners with a small garden “arsenal”, who ponder what is still better for the nerves, the wallet and the work process.

Who rents garden tools most often and why

Among the products offered by garden rental outlets, you can find just about everything from plastic furniture to a walking tractor. The wide range is dictated by the needs of gardeners.

You can find almost everything at rental outlets

At the rental shop, you can find practically everything

As you know, we are all different, such as our requests or the level of “agricultural skills”. However, underneath all this diversity, we can identify several groups of dacha owners who rent garden equipment:

1. New

As a rule, these are those who have just bought a dacha and are setting up on it and then planting a garden. Construction is very often done on their own, and the equipment is required professional. Therefore, companies that work in the rental industry also offer construction along with gardening equipment. At the beginning of summer, tenants have something to buy, and it is unlikely that the budget “pulls” for such editions.

Here are the words of a participant of one of the forums on rental: “Last year we built a house from scratch, and all the construction work was done by hand. It was very difficult, especially when mixing concrete. I really wanted to rent a concrete mixer, but we didn’t rent one. If we have to rent one, it won’t hurt” (Danet user).

2. I would like to buy one, but there is no place to store it.

There are also such options. If the area of the homestead is so small that you can not place the desired equipment. There is no place to store it for the winter. Or vice versa, in winter the equipment is needed several times, and in summer it is no longer there. For example, a snowman.

The Snowman

Therefore, the snow broker should have only the most necessary category of dacha owners, and take everything else to the temporary use of the neighbors. Well, if you do not have a friendly relationship, then to the cashier.

3. if you don’t have a constant need for inventory

Here it’s simple. Even if a person in the dacha is rarely there is still a helicopter in the barn, a shovel, a rake – in general, the little things. But what to do when it comes to “heavy artillery”? A clear example: you bought a cottage, went year after year only for kebabs on weekends, and suddenly had the desire to open a flower garden, to have a garden… And there is no certainty that this desire will not disappear in the next season. One person begins to think about the purchase of a cultivator: is it not necessary? They think it is expensive, but they want it. In this case it is possible to boldly rent and lease the desired equipment.

Acute pruning or garden care in August

4. those who want to test the tool before buying

To avoid investing in an expensive model without having a clear idea of its features, you can also go to a rental center.

5. For those who want to work with professional tools

It is no secret that it is much easier and faster to achieve a quality result with professional equipment. But not everyone can afford to buy and wait. Mostly, veterinarians offer inexpensive “amateur” options that are not designed for heavy loads. Of course, there is also professional equipment, but the price chills enthusiasm.

Useful or not useful?

It is impossible to clearly define specific criteria for the usefulness of rental inventory and equipment. In any case, they will be different.

What tools is reasonable to rent? It depends on the occasion

What tools are worth renting? It all depends on the specific case.

1. Complexity and neglect of the site

If we are talking about a one-time use of exclusively professional equipment, which is “more reliable” and durable, but very expensive, then renting is more profitable than buying (especially with tight deadlines). After treating the site with such equipment, you can maintain the achieved result with a slightly lighter budget.

Rarely do you have to clean a tree site. Does it make sense to buy an expensive chainsaw?

Clearing the site from trees is often not necessary. Does it make sense to buy an expensive chainsaw? For example, a professional Husqvarna 350 e chain saw helps clear virgin land much faster and more painlessly than an amateur chain saw. It costs about 140,000 rubles. It is expensive at once! While a similar model Husqvarna 435 for 400 rubles can be rented. for a day (with a deposit of 5,000 rubles).

2. Regularity of use

For regular work, it is not profitable to rent tools and equipment. The costs of “worn-out shoes” will be higher. For example, you do not conclude a contract to rent a trimmer every Friday, check its condition, complete it, take it to the rental station and try to have time to return it every Sunday at the agreed time. The cost of renting is 800-1000 rubles. Deposit of 1000 rubles. a day. A decent new trimmer is available for a price of 8,000 to 12,000 rubles.

A decent trimmer can be bought for between 8,000 and 12,000 rubles

A decent trimmer can be purchased at a price of 8,000 to 12,000 rubles.

The gardener must decide whether it is worth it or not by comparing the rental price and the purchase price with which the device/tool should be carried out.

The most important advantages and disadvantages of renting

  • Paying for one-time use is only a small fraction of the total cost of the tool;
  • There is no need for regular tune-ups and waiting for instruments;
  • There is an opportunity to work with expensive professional equipment;
  • No need to find storage space.
  • Its overpriced for some types of tools and equipment;
  • It is possible to confront unscrupulous landlords who offer obviously damaged equipment to blame the customer and get compensation.

What to look out for when renting

  1. Determine in advance what and how much you will have to rent. This is a rental station, not a supermarket where you come for equipment and leave with a bunch of what else you like. You should understand exactly what kind of equipment you need: domestic (amateur), semi-professional or professional.
  2. You can also pore over the Internet beforehand, or talk to friends to gather reviews about the company you want to go to.
  3. Before you sign the certificate of acceptance, carefully inspect the device (it is better to eliminate all deficiencies, so as not to be guilty later) and check its performance in the presence of a consultant.
  4. If you carry expensive gardening equipment for a long time, you can invite an independent expert to determine its condition.
  5. Interested in the amount of the promise and the scheme of its calculation (festival or ship), as well as the amount of fines for damage to equipment. If the amount is astronomical, it is better to refuse renting.
  6. Check the return time to the hour.
  7. Find out if you also have to pay for refueling and setting up the instrument, or if it’s already ready to go.
Electric lawnmower Greenworks GLM1240: description, characteristics and rules of use

Approximate prices for rental equipment

Approximate prices for rental equipment

Approximate prices for rental equipment

  • Snow blowers: from 700 to 900 rubles per day with a promise of up to 10,000 rubles.
  • Trimmers and lawn mowers: from 550 to 1000 rubles per day with a promise of 4,000 to 7,000 rubles.
  • Gasoline-powered saws: from 350 to 800 rubles per day with a promise of 5,000 rubles.
  • Cultivators and power tillers: around 900 rubles (the simplest model) per day with a pledge of 5000 rubles. : from 500 to 700 rbl. a day at pledge from 3000 to 6000 rbl.
  • Cars: 1500 rubles per day with a pledge of 19 000 rubles. : 1000 rub. per day at a pledge of 1000 rub.
  • Garden with a lawn: from 100 rubles per day with a promise of 1000 rubles.
  • Printing Rabitzka: from 300 rubles per day with a promise of 1500 rubles. : from 1500 rbl. per day with a promise of 4000 rbl.
  • Mini-salt: 800-900 rbl. per day with a promise of 8000 rbl. : from 350 rubles per day with a promise of 4000 to 7000 rubles.

I think it’s more profitable to buy a snowman. Of course, winter is different, sometimes with an abundance of snow and sometimes without. We often have snow for several days in a row, like today: not a day without blizzards and snow-ediths. It was like this yesterday, and it’s been snowing again. It snowed in the morning and then the new day morning it’s all battered away again. We can’t make an appliance for one day. But we also have to choose to make all sorts of ways (approaches) to the garage where the car stands, we have to clean by hand, and this is already an important part of the snow removal job. It is more profitable for us to have a snow blower at home. If you look at the amounts, it’s not profitable at all. Rent plus gas plus transportation and the price per snow mower is less than renting for the winter.

A lawn mower should always be on hand if you’re not just grooming your lawn. I have a lawn mower that has a lot of work in the passages between the trees in the garden where there is no lawn. Hence my option – I have this equipment in my household.

Generators are usually needed in case of some kind of breakdown if there is no electricity in the area. Then you can’t rent one, because everyone who found out about the trouble earlier will come to the rental place. The price of a simple generator is not so great to choose to rent, because the generator is also on the farm.

Renting an engine block is not profitable. It is much easier and cheaper to rent a tractor for the owner to plow a potato field or vegetable garden. That’s exactly what everyone does in our village. The owners of “Belarus” plow for potatoes, where they give a field of more than 2 acres, the owners of power tillers small plots. Last spring the price per hundred square meters was 300 rubles. Leave the same 900 rubles for three acres, but do not have to go twice to the rental shop and buy your own gasoline. The saboteur will arrive at the agreed time.

Minitor Belarus MTZ 112N. Overview, characteristics, instructions

Let me add to the list of equipment under consideration concrete mixer (common name – concrete mixer) and a profound vibrator for compaction of the concrete mixture in the formwork.

The concrete mixer in my household is a very important thing. In addition to the occasional construction job, we make a broiler mixer in the concrete mixer. So I got the idea to make a mixture of sawdust and nitrogen fertilizer for the beds in it. In the summer, this technique works every day.

Vera, I remember our conversation about the concrete mixer and even used its photo in the profile article. Can I ask how many years you use it and if there were any technical complaints about its work? Do you encourage your neighbors to “rent” your universal “mixer”?

I had to change the belt once. The paint is peeling in a few places, but not severely, in small areas inside the tank. six years in operation. No, the neighbors don’t ask. Only some of them do construction work, but they don’t need our baby. They have their own, a huge one, I don’t know the brand. You hook up a concrete mixer to a truck to move it to a new place.

Never used one. I think it’s handy for someone to rent nearby. Going to town for a tool and then giving it back is twice the cost of renting. It’s easier for me, the lazy guy, to walk over to the closet and get my own. ))) So we bought everything we needed. Not right away, but gradually we bought a lot of tools. We love to build. And I don’t like to be responsible for other people’s stuff. And I don’t like to give my tools to anyone. I’m greedy))) First we bought a concrete mixer. We use it every year, we pour poles, poles, and walkways. The latest purchase was a power drill. Concrete all the fence posts on the perimeter. Soon we will be doing an outhouse – there is something to drill under the posts. We have nothing to do in the garden with a walking tractor, narrow beds. We bought a mower and a trimmer. Maybe we should take a vibrator with us in the spring, when we water the piles. It makes absolutely no sense to buy one ourselves.

Good morning Irina! Regarding the choice of a depth vibrator. If so (choice), I recommend to take the device with the smallest diameter of the tip. In your case, it is the small size of the piles that makes it most effective. And one more nuance, for those who have never touched this machine. Basically, two types of vibrators are made. They are made near you – at the Yaroslavl plant “Red Lighthouse”. So, some of them have the so-called pendulum (or leash) design. Why am I writing this to you? And to clarify the moment of start. When turned “into electricity”, the vibrator turns itself on, but does not create vibration, because for the time being, the pendulum just rotates. And that’s it! In order for it to run in the headband and create vibrations, you have to hit the headband with something hard in the heart. I don’t have your wolf-loving neighbor. To the baby. After the blow, the line goes out of balance and begins to generate vibrations. You will hear it by the characteristic hum. Again, only part of the existing deep vibrators are made according to this scheme. I write this because it is known of the cases when the beginners in this business lowered the buzzing (BUT NOT VIBRATING) vibrator tip into the concrete mixture and waited in vain for the concrete mixture to be compacted.

When can I remove the winter cover from trees, shrubs and perennials?

Thank you very much. I would do exactly that and put the buzzing tip down. As far as I know, you have to disturb the alignment of the inner pendulum to get it to go “hysterical”)))). Don’t they make nozzles with a vibrator function, like for a punching machine ?

I agree with Irina…it’s easier to get my own in the closet…luckily there is a garage, i.e. x. storage space…. I once pointed out to my husband that I should try renting a trimmer and decide if it’s even necessary… What if I don’t like it and the money is already spent on it… What a categorical PF we get! It’s someone else! No! We’ll save up and buy it… No, that’s how I’m going to disperse the weed, hands where I’m at. “We don’t have many rentals within walking distance, and it’s not clear what quality the tool was rented … I once went to such a place, just to ask how much it cost … and the models were so awful in appearance… … but you can’t tell that from the working condition.

I also think that if you can, you should have your own, but there are exceptions to renting if it’s easier. For example, they used an ordinary hammer, but as soon as they needed an extra large and powerful one – then it was more profitable to rent one.

Once they rented one for fifteen years. They rented a power drill to make holes for fence posts. It turned out very fast and without stress at a depth of one meter or so. When they let me out on the market, launched a few motobuilt, and I decided to get an auger. I asked around, started it up myself, when I started it up, it started fine. The next day I picked it up fine. For 1000 P a day without a deposit, but two documents did not have to leave, the documents did not allow them to conclude what the contract, as the documents show. When created another document I accepted and have no claim in double simpson.

The article, prepared exactly 4 years ago, retains its relevance and even enhances it. Last week, our readers heartily discussed ways to unload a rootstock that is planned to be used as a garden table stand. This article and discussion.

Most participants in the virtual meeting agreed that the easiest way to accomplish the task at hand is to use a high-pressure car wash. And wherever you get it, you really need to buy it for the rootstock. Certainly not for the rooter. That’s exactly what the “institution” of the rental agreement was invented for. Work with the washer for half an hour, an hour at most, and it’s gone forever. Of course, renting is a great help in a responsible multipurpose household.

Read more about tool rentals. I’ve been thinking for a long time about what to rent… given the current state of affairs in the country, probably don’t need anything. Everything has to be your own. If you grow your own fence, then of course the gasoline drill. In an hour you can twist all the holes for the posts.

Rental of garden equipment: profitable or not?

Renting garden tools: profitable or not?

Not all owners of a country site can afford to buy expensive garden equipment for the care of the plot. Many prefer to rent devices from a company, for the time of work and after returning the equipment. Thus you can significantly save the family budget and maintain order on the site.

Cultivation of the maiden grape

If you have to think about buying equipment all the time, you can buy a cheaper analogue. In any case, you should not give up on the idea, the main thing is to weigh the professionals and buy it in advance. Those who decided to use the services of the lease should also be aware of the pitfalls of such transactions. Below we will consider all the nuances of the garden equipment rental agreement in more detail.

Why rent garden equipment?

Companies offering garden equipment rental services, such as, offer customers a wide range of services. The customer can rent garden furniture or more serious equipment for garden work. Customers’ needs are growing every year, so the list of offerings is expanding.

Garden equipment rental services are used by different categories of gardeners. You rent devices if:

  • Owners have purchased only one plot and would like to equip it. All the work can be done independently, without involving experienced professionals, but in this case, you can’t do without equipment. The company rents out gardening and construction equipment, which is very convenient if the owners want to build a house.
  • There is no way to store appliances in the house. Not everywhere there are separate buildings for storing garden tools, especially if the space is small and the area is limited. In this case, it is more profitable to rent the devices, do the work and return them immediately.
  • Technique is required for the season. Most often, garden equipment is needed to perform seasonal work. Therefore, it does not make sense to purchase equipment. The owner can choose the necessary tools and rent them at an affordable price.
  • It is necessary to choose a tool. Many buyers practice renting equipment to study its functions and acquire the properties to buy the right tool. This way you can choose the optimal model from a huge range of equipment.
  • Professional equipment is needed. If in the first place is the quality of the work done, it is better to use professional devices. Garden equipment is often taken for rent to create landscape design and decorate the territory. Ordinary tools do not give such stunning results.

Here are just a few popular reasons why site owners use rental equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting.

Before making a deal, owners should weigh the pros and cons to decide how much equipment is needed and why. Renting units is beneficial if:

  • The website is already represented and professional equipment is needed. To put something on the site, you need a special tool. It will take a few weeks to work, after which all that is left is to maintain order. In this case, renting is the most profitable option, because the rest of the time it is idle.
  • Owners rarely use the devices. Many dacha owners come to the site only with the onset of spring, so the tool is used only a few months of the year. It is more profitable to rent devices and not overpay for the purchase. If the owners live in a country house and maintain the site regularly, it is more profitable to buy the necessary tools.

It is profitable to buy garden equipment only if it is needed for constant work. If the equipment is rarely used, it is better to rent the tools.

Before renting a tool, you should choose a reliable company and carefully examine the rental conditions.

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